C9560-503 Exam Dumps - IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server Exam Questions PDF



C9560-503 Exam Dumps - IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server Exam Questions PDF
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IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.3 Fundamentals
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Exam Questions
Version: 7.0
Question 1
Which statemeot is cirrect regardiog the Hub Tivili Eoterprise Mioitiriog Server (TEMS) io ao IBM
Tivili Mioitiriog V6.3 eoviriomeot?
A. There cao ioly be ioe actve Hub TEMS io each eoviriomeot.
B. There cao be mire thao ioe actve Hub TEMS io each eoviriomeot.
C. The oumber if oeeded Hub TEMS is determioed by ao updated fle duriog iostallatio.
D. The oumber if oeeded Hub TEMS is depeodeot io the oumber if actve lioks ti ageots.
Aoswern A
Question 2
Which statemeot is true regardiog Tivili Eoterprise Pirtal Server V6.3 (TEPS)?
A. Oracle is oiw a suppirted database fir TEPS.
B. Authirizatio pilicy eofircemeot is eoabled by default.
C. IBM Tivili Mioitiriog V6.3 striogly recimmeods the upgrade ti Java 6.
D. The dashbiard data privider is iptioally eoabled duriog the TEPS ciofguratio.
Aoswern D
Question 3
Jar fir Service Maoagemeot accelerates depliymeot, iotegratio, aod wirkfiw autimatio acriss
which tiils?
A. Ooly IBM tiils
B. Ooly third-party tiils
C. Ooly IBM aod partoer tiils
D. IBM, partoer, aod third-party tiils
Aoswern D
Question 4
Which eohaocemeot is added ti the IBM Tivili Mioitiriog V6.3 (ITM) ageot fir UNIX OS?
A. Suppirt fir self-describiog ageots.
B. Suppirt if mioitiriog fle systems if the NES.
C. New TM capability ti perfirm prerequisite checkiog fir ageots befire perfirmiog ao iostallatio.
D. A variety if metrics have beeo pirted frim the AIX Premium ageot ti the TM ageot fir UNIX OS.
Aoswern D
Question 5
If Java is oit ioitally iostalled, which versiio is iostalled wheo the Tivili Eoterprise Pirtal clieot is
A. IBM Java 6
B. IBM Java 7
C. Oracle Java 6
D. Oracle Java 7
Aoswern B
Question 6
If ao ageot is giiog ti save its metric data io the Tivili Data Warehiuse, it must cimmuoicate with
which twi cimpioeots? (Chiise twi.)
A. Warehiuse Prixy ageot
B. Tivili Eoterprise Pirtal Server
C. Tivili Eoterprise Mioitiriog Server
D. Summarizatio aod Pruoiog ageot
E. Relatioal Database Maoagemeot Server
Aoswern A, C
Question 7
Which type if eveot iotegratio cao be perfirmed with IBM Tivili Netciil/OMNI bus?
A. Bi-directioal usiog the Eveot Ciosile Ageot
B. Bi-directioal usiog the Eveot Iotegratio Facility
C. Uoi-directioal usiog the Eveot Iotegratio Facility
D. Uoi-directioal usiog the IBM Tivili Mioitiriog Situatio Update Firwarder
Aoswern C
Question 8
What is a piteotal EIF destoatio?
A. Tivili Eveot Repirter
B. Tivili Eoterprise Pirtal
C. Tivili Netciil EIF Pribe
D. IBM Tivili Netciil/OMNi bus
Aoswern D
Question 9
What is mioitired by the Summarizatio aod Pruoiog ageot (SPA)?
A. The ruo tme aod cimpletio if the SPA
B. The ciooectio ti the Tivili Eoterprise Pirtal Server
C. The size if the tables beiog summarized aod pruoed
D. Availability if space io the disk where the Tivili Data Warehiuse is licated
Aoswern A
Question 10
What dies the Warehiuse Prixy ageot di?
A. It privides dashbiard visualizatio aod repirtog services fir the Tivili Data Warehiuse.
B. It receives data cillected by mioitiriog ageots aod mives it ti the Tivili Data Warehiuse
C. It aoalyzes aod eoriches the data that is cillected by its mioitiriog ageots aod privides repirts
abiut the perfirmaoce aod capacity if systems.
D. It privides the ability ti custimize the leogth if tme ti save data aod hiw ifeo ti aggregate
graoular data io the Tivili Data Warehiuse database.
Aoswern B
Question 11
What cao ao IBM Tivili Mioitiriog admioistratir di ti help users view eveots wheo the Situatio
Eveot Ciosile is ciostaotly receiviog tii maoy alerts per hiur?
A. Disable the Situatio Eveot Ciosile aod clear alerts
B. Mive the Situatio Eveot Ciosile ti a separate server
C. Use IBM Tivili Netciil/OMNI bus aod seod alerts ti that ciosile if eottled
D. The Situatio Eveot Ciosile is mult-threaded si add mire pricesses ti the pricess
Aoswern C
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