Landscaping Tips for Small Space



Landscaping Tips for Small Space
Landscaping Tips for Small Space
There are good numbers of people who do not have large space to get the landscape of their choice. While on
the other side there are people who take it as challenge and transform the available space into a beautiful
landscape or garden using their skills and technology.
As Landscape Architect San Jose with limited space, you have to be very careful in utilizing the space. So, it
gets important that the space is analyzed and then consider how it will be used. You need to pay close attention
on what you want your landscape to be looked like and what you want to include so that the space turns into a
very pleasing, comforting and welcoming zone.
Among other key components, the first is to consider by Landscape Architect Los Gatos is the one central
point in the garden. It can be a beautiful piece of art, a planter bed or some water facet. Thereafter make sure
that surroundings plants and design etc are chosen in a way that they do not overpower the central piece instead
complement it. In this, way you will save your space from being cluttered and enclosed.
Second things that Landscape Architect Saratoga to consider are color palette. Don’t go overboard but choose
a few selected colors that restrict the range of colors in the garden. You have liberty to choose colors but limits
it to the few by choosing vibrant colors or mix of colors so that it gives the illusion of large space. If possible try
to bring vibrant colors to the front and keep back with light colors and also plant larger planter. However, keep
in mind that larger plants are in front while shorter are in back.
The next thing that Landscape Architect Los Altos should do when landscaping your small space is to
consider the species that you want in your garden. Since you have small space you have to be very careful in
choosing the species as the space can be overwhelmed if you choose larger species and place them randomly.
Here the Landscape Architect Cupertino need to implement well planned strategy. In small garden you have
good opportunity to make use of dwarf species of plants. You can have them in your nearby nursery.
When choosing plants, consider the types of leaves, green tones etc that is offered by plants and how they will
contrast with your designed landscape.
Often most of the plantings are done by Landscape Architect Palo Alto near or around the patio area as these
areas offer a better flow if they are broken into pieces making the landscape chopped. Near the patio area, plants
with intricacy should be placed while container plantings can also be placed there.
Last but not the least, you have small space available but you can use it to the max by using multi layering
planting methods such as elevated planting or rockery wall plantings. With the help of a professional
Landscape Architect Atherton you can get a beautiful landscape design for your garden or patio.

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