Hypnotherapy and Male Organ Dysfunction - Savior or Snake Oil



Hypnotherapy and Male Organ Dysfunction - Savior or Snake Oil
Hypnotherapy and Male Organ Dysfunction:
Savior or Snake Oil?
Male Organ Dysfunction (MOD) is a sort of plague upon men. It seems like
it comes out of nowhere and there is no hope in sight. This is not the case for
most men, but it can feel like it. There are many purported treatments out
there, promising a rocket-ready dong, from organ pumps to little blue
tablets to special lotions and potions. The new kid on the block of this rising
(no pun intended) industry is hypnotherapy. Let’s explore how, if at all,
hypnotherapy is helping men get rid of this member problem.
What is Male Organ Dysfunction?
Male organ dysfunction is when, at least 25 percent of the times it’s
attempted, a man cannot get or sustain a hard-on. MOD is a chronic
condition, meaning it cannot be cured, but can be effectively treated. Men
who experience occasional male organ dysfunction should monitor it, but
it’s usually a result of stress, diet, or sometimes illness. MOD also looks
different for every man.
What Causes Male Organ Dysfunction?
In order to ascertain if hypnotherapy might be an option for MOD treatment.
While there are no 100% known causes for male organ dysfunction, there
are many conditions and issues related to ED. These include:
Mental distress
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Heart Disease
Body Issues/Dysmorphia
 Cancer
The Brain and Male Organ Dysfunction
All shown above, there are several mental and emotional health issues which
have been related to MOD. In fact, hard-ons technically begin in the brain,
so mental or emotional issues can stop the process in its tracks. Some mental
issues that have been linked to male organ dysfunction are:
Lack of intimacy with a partner
Past negative sensual experiences, up to an including rape
Feelings of shame and/or guilt in relation to intimacy
Daily life stressors
Recalling a past incidence of MOD
Hypnotherapy and Member Problems
According to Psychology Today, hypnotherapy is “an adjunct form of
therapy, used along with other forms of psychological or medical treatment,
there are many applications. Hypnotherapy can be used to treat
anxiety, phobias, substance abuse including tobacco, sensual dysfunction,
undesirable spontaneous behaviors, and bad habits.” It has been used to treat
male organ dysfunction that has a root in mental or emotional health. The
truth is that most people can experience a range of benefits utilizing the
stress and relaxation techniques used in hypnotherapy.
Men who believe there may be an emotional or mental root cause to their
MOD should find a trusted, licensed hypnotherapist in their area. It can be
done in person and via video-conferencing. Often times, the therapist will
teach self-hypnosis exercises for the patient to use on his own.
DIY Hypnosis
DIY guy? Here’s a quick technique to do some self-hypnosis:
1. Close the eyes and relax them. If that’s a struggle, use an eye
tabletow to keep them weighted.
2. Do five minutes of even, relaxed breathing. Focus on the sound of the
breath and pushing out stress on the exhale.
3. Imagine your partner in an intimate way. Hold that thought.
4. In tandem, imagine you have a magical lever you can pull to increase
blood flow to your member. Just keep slowly turning it up while
engaging in your partner fantasy.
5. Visualization is the key to making it work. Hold the vision and after a
time, recognize how your member has reacted.
Next time you are in a sensual situation, relax, breathe, and mentally pull the
lever to engage your hard-on. Like all things it takes practice. It’s also
advantageous to see a doctor to rule out other common factors.
Healthy Member, Healthy Hard-on
In addition to dealing with the root cause of MOD, men who struggle with
male organ dysfunction should be sure to engage in positive reproductive
health strategies. These include such things as a healthy diet full of a wide
array of vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy fats, as well as perform at
least 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity each day to keep blood flow
moving. Adequate sleep and stress reduction are also important elements of
reproductive health. Finally, a proper hygiene regimen is key to keeping the
member in great shape. After washing and drying, use a specially formulated
reproductive health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man
Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to promote
blood flow for stronger, long-lasting hard-ons. These special creams are
created precisely for member problems and include vitamins such as A, B,
D, and E. In addition, men should use a product containing vitamin C as it
boosts blood flow to the member, increasing the chances of a hard-on.
Additionally, look for crèmes with L-Arginine, a powerful vasodilator
stimulating increased blood flow, leading to a rock-hard hard-on.