Male Organ Problems - Can Exercising Reverse Member Dysfunction



Male Organ Problems - Can Exercising Reverse Member Dysfunction
Male Organ Problems: Can Exercising Reverse
Member Dysfunction?
Member dysfunction (MD), is a typical male organ problem for men, and it
can affect men in many different ways. MD is the inability to achieve or
maintain a hard-on. A host of things can cause it. The root can be physical,
such as issues with low androgen levels, heart disease, or obesity.
Psychological issues like depression, performance anxiety, or sensual trauma
can cause a temporary or permanent hard-on hiatus. Even emotional issues
like relationship problems can cause a man’s love dart to be bullseye
adverse. There are many ways to treat and even reverse the condition. Little
blue tablets, pumps, and other modalities are popular, but researchers have
found that getting physical in the gym could lead to getting very physical in
the bedroom. Get ready to increase member sensitivity by pumping the
member up.
Get Daily Cardio
It’s no surprise that heart-healthy cardio is a must for men to restore member
function. A study printed in The American Journal of Cardiology shows that
aerobic exercise may help improve MD. That should get the heart pumping!
MD is most commonly caused by complications with blood flow to the
member. Diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and vascular disease can
negatively impact blood flow, leading up to an MD diagnosis for many men
at some point in their lives. When a man adds aerobic exercise to his daily
regimen, not only is he adding years to his life, but he is also boosting blood
flow, adding powerful hard-ons back into his intimate life.
While at least 30 minutes each day is recommended, start with three to four
days each week. Do something enjoyable like hiking, biking, or swimming
to ease into the habit, and then increase the number of exercise days and
even minutes spent exercising, when it feels right.
Kick up the Kegels
It’s a well-known exercise for women, but it’s just as good for men, too. A
study by the University of the West in the United Kingdom discovered that
pelvic exercises helped 40 percent of men who experience dysfunction of the
member regain the same function they enjoyed before their male organ
problem started. Another 33.5 percent saw improvements in member
function. The pelvic floor exercise they used? The Kegel. The mighty Kegel
promotes sensual health and urinary continence in addition to giving men a
member boost.
The Kegel strengthens many areas, but especially the bulbocavernosus
muscle. This is the muscle that helps the member engorge for the hard-on. It
also thrusts during seed release and helps empty the urethra after peeing.
Find the muscles needed for performing the Kegel exercise by stopping midstream when urinating. Once successful, remember the muscles because
these are the ones a man needs to strengthen. Perform a rep of Kegels by
squeezing those muscles, holding for five seconds, and then relaxing. Repeat
10 times and perform twice each day, eventually working up to 20 reps, 3
times each day.
Kegels can be performed in any position, so feel free to get creative. Most
men find that starting in a lying position at first helps them learn the
muscles. Focus more on form than reps since isolating the proper muscles is
so important for strength.
Enhance Results to Reverse This Male Organ Problem
In addition to exercise, a man can also use a daily oil to put a little more
oomph into his Johnson. Try a male organ health oil (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and
mild for skin) to boost blood flow and reinvigorate the member. With
unique ingredients like L-arginine and vitamin C, this special oil gets blood
pumping to a man’s sensual center. It’s a great way to hit MD from all