The Kamasutra - 5 Positions to Avoid for Member Safety



The Kamasutra - 5 Positions to Avoid for Member Safety
The Kamasutra: 5 Positions to Avoid for
Member Safety
The Art of the Kamasutra is an ancient text that instructs in love and
intimacy and is known the world round for its acrobatic and flexible
positions. While trying new things is always fun, there are some positions
that should be approached with caution or completely avoided because of the
damage they could cause to the member. Here are five positions men should
seriously consider before trying.
Kamasutra No-No Position #1: The Cowgirl and Lean Back
Okay, so the man is laying on his back with the woman astride in typical
cowgirl fashion. Feels good, right? Okay, but then comes the lean back,
which deepens penetration and may lead to a little G-spot stimulation for
her. The lean then increases.
So, as that lean goes all the way, the member is forced to hyperextend from
the pressure and weight on the shaft of the member. Over time, it creates
scar tissue, which creates a plaque buildup that can lead to Peyronie’s
disease, or a significant and potentially painful bend in the member.
Kamasutra No-No Position #2: The Kitchen Quickie
In this position, the woman is sitting on a counter and the man is standing on
his tiptoes. Thrust and repeat. Seems like a fun, spontaneous way to play
naughty housewife, right?
This position is really risky and can lead to a member fracture. Because it is
such a highly sensual position, thrusting can get a little imprecise, and the
member can slam into the counter or the woman’s pubic bone if he goes too
high or too low. Also, if the man is on tiptoes and gets a leg cramp, he could
slam the member at an unforgiving angle.
Kamasutra No-No Position #3: Pogo Stick
Okay, this is another standing position that most people would think of as
standing missionary. The man holds the total weight of the woman, who will
sometimes wrap her legs around his waist. The man then flexes his knees
while literally bouncing the woman on his shaft.
This position has a lot of injury potential. Back pain, strain, knee buckling,
knee injury, and if he bounces wrong, the member can poke into another
area that denies entry, causing a bruise or fracture. Proceed cautiously.
Kamasutra No-No Position #4: Standing Wheelbarrow
Noticing a theme here? This position looks like what it sounds like. The man
stands and enters the woman like he would for doggy style, but then lifts her
up by her pelvis. She then wraps her legs around the man’s waist and puts
her hands on the ground. It’s like summer camp, but hotter.
There are several possibilities for injury here. She keeps moving and he
stops, and upon re-entry the member bends uncomfortably. His arms give
out and he drops her with his member still in. Back strain from leaning back
slightly and tripping over shoes while wheelbarrowing through the house is
another potential consequence.
Kamasutra No-No Position #5: Exercise Ball Blitz
So, the first question must be, why an exercise ball? For the bounce, of
course! However, think about it. Remember bounce houses – did everyone
who was bouncing stay up? Did they go in the directions they intended?
In this position, the man sits on the ball with the woman astride, facing him.
Then bounce. It seems fun, right? Well, if the bounce is too high, the
member can slip out, and every time the member comes all the way out in
any position, there is an increased chance of a member break. It can also
really hurt the woman involved. Double ouch!
No matter which Kamasutra positions a man chooses, he should always
rejuvenate his member with a little tenderness. After cleansing, massage the
member with a specially formulated male organ health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically
proven safe and mild for skin). Chock full of member-specific vitamins
and amino acids, the crème will rejuvenate and protect the member, while
hydrating and sealing in moisture so the guy downstairs is ready to plow
through the Kamasutra.