How to remove Flight Booking Email virus



How to remove Flight Booking Email virus
How to remove Flight Booking E-mail
Virus from your system?
Guide to Remove Flight Booking E-mail Virus Flight Booking Email Virus is the recent threat to the computer users around the
world. This nasty virus is currently being used by the cyber-criminals to distribute
the infamous Agent Tesla Malware on the internet. Spam E-mail Campaigns are
the best used propagation medium used by this virus to spread its infection.
Cyber-criminals behind this spiteful virus infection are using spam e-mails
containing malicious executable files at a massive scale to spread malevolent
programs like flight booking email virus. A mere click on the attached malicious
files leads to the download & installation of the aforementioned email virus
without the user’s consent.
Other spam campaigns that are currently spreading variety of malicious content on
the internet are KNAPP EQUIPMENT Email Virus, Transfast Email Virus and
Managing Director Email Virus.
These spam e-mails are typically marked as “important”, “official” or “starred”,
depending on the e-mail design terminology. This way, the hackers swindle the
innocent computer users.
Therefore, computer users are suggested to avoid clicking on the suspicious emails to prevent flight booking email virus from infecting the system.
Threat Summary
Flight Booking E-mail Virus
Targeted OS
It can make your system sluggish & deteriorate system’s performance &
It can record & gather sensitive information such as logins & password of
banking & social networking sites.
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Threat Behavior of Flight Booking E-mail Virus The Flight Booking Email Virus is a vicious spam campaign that infects the
systems via malicious e-mails attachments. Cyber-criminals associated with this
email virus send out massive number of spam emails containing malicious files.
The email claims to be a fight ticket confirmation from MDW (Midway
International Airport) for 17th September. It contains all the fight & transaction
The e-mail also contains an archive that contains an executable file for the
infamous Malware, Agent Tesla. One click on the infected attachment leads to the
installation of this devious malware on the targeted system. This malign file
hijacks you system & allows automatic operations on it, making it exposed to other
Once infected, the virus grants the hackers remote access to the targeted system.
This virus is capable of recording the keystrokes (the data entered/typed with
keyboard) with a technique known as “key-logging”.
Using this technique, the cyber-criminals can gather personal/ sensitive
information of the users such as logins, usernames & passwords for various
banking, e-mails & other vulnerable accounts.
Here’s a list of the information that Flight Booking Email Spam Virus is capable of
recording & tracking:
Login Credentials to social networking sites/accounts
Credit card & banking information
List of contacts in your e-mail & social media accounts
Technical information of your system such as IP address, OS Version,
browser & version.
The hackers can use gathered/stolen personal information to gain illicit access to
your accounts; hence it can lead to severe privacy issues, financial losses &
identity theft.
In addition to that, the cyber-criminals can send malicious links to the contact list
of the hijacked e-mail accounts; hence it leads to a wide-spread propagation of
In case you suspect Agent Tesla Malware or a similar malware is present on your
system, we strongly recommend you to remove all the suspected programs by
using a reliable antivirus.
Distribution Techniques of Flight Booking E-mail Virus -
How to remove Flight Booking E-mail Virus infection from the systemSTEP A: Start your system to Safe Mode with Networking
STEP B: Remove the malicious program from Control Panel
STEP C: Remove Flight Booking E-mail Virus from Task Manager
STEP D: Delete the suspicious file from registry key
How to prevent Flight Booking E-mail Virus from infecting your system-