making changes to your flight


making changes to your flight
A quick reference guide to
making changes to your flight
Step 1
On the homepage,
click on ‘Manage bookings’
to access your My easyJet
account. You’ll need the email
address and password that was
used to book the flights.
Please note that online changes
are possible only if the original
booking was made online, via the
app or through a travel agency.
Step 2
In My easyJet, select ‘Transfer to
another flight’ next to the flight
you want to change
Step 3
Tick the box to indicate which flight
should be changed. Select the route
and date of travel for the new flight
and click ‘check availability’
Step 4
You can now see the available
flights for the 3 day period.
Select the new flight you want
and click on ‘continue’.
Please note that the prices shown
are the fare difference excluding
the change fee.
Step 5
The next step will show your
current confirmed booking and
underneath it, the amended
booking details are displayed.
Click on ‘confirm’ to proceed
with your changes and view the
cost breakdown
Step 6
At this stage, you can choose to
cancel the changes or make more
changes if required.
Step 7
Complete the payment
details to proceed, and select
‘confirm changes’.

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