See you in the air


See you in the air
See you in the air !
YJ-1000-QC Multi-rotor Unmanned Aerial Photography system
Gang-Yu Corp.
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YJ-800-QC with easy removable protective frames.
Artificial Intelligent flight with GPS / INS
Self-holding the altitude and position, realize
the safety flight.
Strong wind tolerance to fly against the
unstable climate.
High payload to satisfy different purpose.
Auto back home when lost connection.
Got Taiwan 2012 Best
Innovation Award .
 Features :
 FPV (First Person View) and simple
buttons easy to control the throttle and
 Enable to store 100 historical points for
 Real-time display the image and flight
data on the high brightness panel.
 Graphically present the flight attitude
 Keep warning for low battery, and one
button to back home.
 Specify the safety parameters depending
on need.
Professional Remote Control
 Features :
 Plan and store multiple flight paths
and waypoints in advance.
 Setup the camera activities.
 Easily take the panorama.
 Rotate around the target to get
- from different angle.
 Specify the overlap rate of an area
to generate waypoints automatically.
 Estimate the flight duration.
Portable Auto Pilot System
Public Constructions Inspection
Security Control and Emergency Rescue
Disaster Exploration and evaluation
(Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan)
Geographic Map Data Capture
Environmental Survey.
Ecological and Environmental Survey.
Real Estate and Sightseeing.

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