Procedures for Air Navigation services -Airspace Design


Procedures for Air Navigation services -Airspace Design
Procedures for Air Navigation services
-Airspace Design and Evaluation System
Toyosu Center Bldg., Annex, 3-9, Toyosu 3-chome,
Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8671, Japan
E-mail: [email protected]
PANADES is a trademark of NTT DATA CORPORATION, and is used with its product or service only in JAPAN.
Implement PBN procedure with PANADES
PANADES is an integrated software
package for Flight Procedure Design
that provides an innovative manmachine interface and high level of
automation throughout the design
Flight procedure design function
• Conform to ICAO PBN concept as well as PANS-OPS
criteria (ICAO Doc. 8168)
• Provide a high degree of usability with user-friendly interfaces
→ Complete procedure design in “one window” from the initial approach segment
to the missed approach segment.
→ Provide capabilities of
“what-if” scenarios for
procedure design.
→ Enable users to re-draw the
protection area by simple
mouse dragging.
Design support functions
• Provide a variety of tools for manual drawing and area
→ Draw lines, shapes, area geometries, wind spirals and primary/secondary
→ Perform a user-specified area assessment for the areas created by user.
• Enable integrated parameter
administration for procedure design
→ Version-management function of
procedure parameters to accommodate
criteria update.
→ Parameters for each flight procedure (e.g.
turn parameters) can be flexibly changed
to support trial and error in procedure
design process.
• Implement high level of
automation with advanced
• Add important information to plan
view or profile view
→ Automate complicated
calculations for
procedure designs.
→ Design protection areas
and assess obstacles
with minimum
→ Useful information such as
coordinates/altitude at certain points
can be added to the designed
protection areas in order to
support flight inspection or
other post-design
Aeronautical data management
Display capabilities
• Manage AIP data, obstacle data, terrain data and
procedure design data efficiently
→ Each data includes user authority and data type information to enable
data administration.
→ Support AIP data update based on AIRAC AIP Amendment.
→ Enable temporary data management to support trial and error operations.
• Provide import/export functions to exchange data with other database or
• Display “on/off” of the data in plan view and profile view
→ Each Navaid/Obstacle/MAP data can be displayed on/off to visually
check the interference of the designed areas.
• Switch map display according to the user needs
• Change colors and line types of each data and geometry

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