BLUE AIR has developed a transparent and dynamic business model addressed to its partner Agencies, by
offering support and flexible conditions, based on the existing needs.
Taking into consideration that by being informed we can grow our activity together, we created a dedicated
Agency Support department which stays at your disposal as follows:
- E-mail – [email protected]
- Call center – (004)021 208.86.00, normal tariff ( M- F/ 10:00- 18:00, local time)
Also, for each country where BLUE AIR is represented by a GSA (General Sales Agent), you have at disposal a
local Call Center number. The information is displayed accordingly on Blue Airs website  Information Call
Center .
Blue Air Company is using an internet reservations system – Open Booking, which is remarked for its
simplicity, the easiness in utilization and reliability. Also, driven by the desire of having successful
collaboration with the travel agents, BLUE AIR offers you the possibility of using this online reservations
system, which allows a better distribution of our services and a richer offer of your agency.
To access Blue Air’s reservations system, you will have to register your agency on our website. Open an
internet browser window and type . On this webpage select from the main menu the
category BLUE AIR AGENCIES. Herewith, you will find the special button for AGENCY REGISTRATION.
Following your registration, you will log in to the system by introducing the Username and Password received.
On BLUE AIR AGENCIES page on our website, you will find a link named LOGIN that you have to access.
A new page will open where you will have to fill in the identification data (username and password).
Blue Air’s IT Department recommends for security reasons using both AVG antivirus and Spybot, thus to
protect your computer and the safety of the data transmitted on the Internet from eventual attacks of the
Spy programs or potential viruses, offering you in the same time the possibility to access the reservations
system in maximum secure conditions regarding the secured protection of the financial transactions and also
regarding the credit/debit cards.
Blue Air is not responsible by any means of eventual frauds that might occur as a result of an inappropriate
usage of the reservations system or related software that doesn’t assure an optimum security.
By the time your access to the reservations module has been checked, the main page of the system will
appear to you.
On the left side corner you will be able to see your credential.
In the box you have 3 links: Search flights, My bookings and Profile details. If you click the link Profile details
you can reset your password. Once you choose a new password, that will be the password you will login with,
in the future.
On the left side of the screen you will see two buttons: Search Flight, from where you can make a booking
and My Bookings were you can view your booking and where you can make name, route, date changes etc
for the already issued tickets.
By the time your access to the reservations module has been checked, the main page of the system will
appear to you. Here you can create a booking.
For selling a ticket you shall follow 6 easy steps:
In the first part choose origin, respective the destination. Likewise, in the left side you can choose the type:
Round Trip or One Way. Fill in the travelling period, departure and return dates. You can choose the currency
to view the price of the tickets (RON, EUR, USD, GBP, SEK). Fill in the number of the passengers that wish to
travel in the boxes according to their age as Adult, Child, Infant. The difference between Adult, Child and
Infant will be reflected in the ticket’s fare.
For groups bigger than 10 persons, please contact BLUE AIR at the phone number 004 021 208 86 30 or by email at [email protected] .
Click the Search flights button to search for flights and receive the results.
From the Departure and Coming back chart choose the appropriate flight, depending on the date or fare class
After you choose the flights from the Departure and Coming back lists, you will find below a resume of the
information regarding the chosen tariffs and taxes, as well as the fare rules.
The next field is Payment Type, where you can choose your credit card type you wish to pay with.
Very important, before going further, you must read the Travel Conditions and tick the box according to
whom you agree:
On the left of the page you will be able to see information about the tariff and applied discounts, specific to
partner Agencies
Within step 3 the flights are being presented and you can choose special services like hold luggage, taxi pets
and hold booking (for 24 h). At this step you can also choose the seats in the airplane by clicking on them.
When using the hold booking option, please bear in mind that you have to keep a separate record of your
reservations, because they will not be listed in My Bookings. In order to confirm a hold booking you have to
retrieve the PNR by filling in the reference number and email address.
In case you wish to mention Special Services , tick the box “I need to specify additional services” and a list
will appear from where you can choose, like the one below:
First you need to fill in your agency’s contact details and the contact numbers of the clients that will be flying.
Following this, you will fill in client telephone and the passengers’ details:
The details of the passengers will be filled in correctly and complete, observing the mandatory fields: full
name, birth date an nationality.
Attention! For London flights there will be mandatory fields which include information about the identity
card that will be used by the passenger and destination address.
At the end click the button “Continue”.
If the passenger has a MyBlue card, at this step you can also add the MyBlue Card Number, in order for the
fidelity points to be added automatically to afferent account. For more information about how this program
works, please check the regulation .
Within this step you will find all the flight details and final price. To make the payment you can choose one
of the payment methods that you see on the Payment Type.
Next step, fill in cardholder’s name, its number, the expiring date, the CVC of the card, then click Yes, I confirm
my payment.
After the completion of the process, a new window will open containing all the details of your reservation,
of the itinerary and the passengers.
With the option My bookings from the menu on the left side, you will be able to find and view a booking by
adding some filters: record locator, passenger’s name, etc.
You can also view your booking by completing the menu Find Booking, as shown below.
If you wish to modify a booking you will find in the menu on the left 4 options: Contact Change, Edit
Passengers, Flight Change and Modify Services:
If you choose to change flight dates, click the button Flight Change on the left and from a page like the one
below, you can change the Departure or Coming Back dates. To choose a new date you have to check the
box “Check this box to search for a new flight” and then press on Search flights.
You can change the traveling date, the flight route or the passenger’s name and the costs will be automatically
updated by the system.
If you wish to add an SSR (Special Service Request, e.g. baggage, sporting equipment, etc) you will click the
Modify Services button on the left.
IMPORTANT: After you made the changes, don’t forget to click Finalize button and proceed with the payment
in the next step.
For any kind of information regarding the use of the system, please contact BLUE AIR at the phone number
(004)021 208.86.00 or by e-mail at [email protected]‐ .
It is not allowed modifying or trying to modify the reservations system.
BLUE AIR reserves the right to modify the fees and taxes based on its own strategy.
Thank you for choosing our services!