David Garcia 1 oct



David Garcia 1 oct
An entertaining music feeds the soul – and nothing goes better with a live band than a cocktail
or a cold beer. In case you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy a live music and grab a
cocktail you should check out the Haswell greens beer hall, Haswell greens bar is the latest beer
hall in times squares that has everything you need for a breathtaking experience. When it
comes to the craft cocktails, the Haswell greens pub offers you delicious craft cocktails such as
the curtain call, Bourbon and other popular choices. If you are looking to explore the signature
cocktails you will discover tasty craft cocktails prepared with a twist.
For the live music session the Haswell greens bar offers an entertaining live music scene where
you will get to discover some of the best music performances from top music artistes, you
could make arrangements for the entertaining live music in Broadway while you grab that
special craft cocktail on the menu. Asides providing you an entertaining Broadway live music,
the Haswell greens bar also offers Broadway karaoke games, you can enjoy during your stay at
the beer hall.
Haswell greens beer hall also provides you with the best food in times squares, they offer
delicious dishes which covers top delicacies from the mainstream culture to locally inspired
cuisines. You could choose a delicious meal on the menu while you grab that tasty craft cocktail
to complement your dish. If you are interested in hosting a midtown bachelorette brunch you
can also make reservations or host your favorite bachelorette bash at this spectacular beer hall.
While you can always have a good time at this spot, the Haswell Greens beer hall also caters to
all types of events in midtown, are you looking for the perfect corporate event space? The
Haswell Greens pub provides you with the perfect space for any type of occasion, whether you
plan on hosting a cocktail party or any other type of occasion, you will always find the Haswell
greens bar to be the perfect destination for you.
The Haswell greens bar also offers the best happy hours, so, in case you are looking to grab a
happy hour drink after the day’s work you can always come over to this spectacular restaurant.
The Haswell greens bar opens everyday of the week and they provide you with everything that
ranges from delicious drag brunch manhattan, tasty craft cocktails and the best live music in

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