Albert Reed 1 oct



Albert Reed 1 oct
If you are conversant with the top happy hours spot in midtown then you should know how
special the three monkeys bar can be when it comes to happy hours. The three monkey's bar is
a newly opened craft pub that focuses on offering nothing but the best happy hour specials
near me, they have everything that will make for a top-notch happy hour in midtown, you can
enjoy everything that ranges from the tasty craft beer to delicious cuisines and a breathtaking
sport watching experience.
The happy hours menu at this pub is created to suit your taste for craft beer, they bring you
some of the popular selection of beer as well as locally recognized beer choices, you can go for
something refreshing or look for something that satisfies your palette, asides the fact that the
three monkey's bar offers you a refreshing selection of craft beer, the pub also focuses on
offering you a variety of craft beer, they provide you with an extensive selection of craft beer
that comprises 36 beer draft and includes all your best craft beer.
While you can bask in the entertainment of having a variety of craft beers to enjoy, there is a
variety of fun-filled activities for you to enjoy while you choose the best craft beer of your
choice, they have a conducive space with big TV screens that makes this pub the ideal place to
enjoy some of your favorite games, you can enjoy some of the best games such as the new
patriots games, as well as other football games. The pub has two bars which suits your style,
you can watch your favorite game on a big brandishing screen while you grab a special craft
The three monkey's pub also offers you the perfect space for any type of occasion, are you
looking for a corporate event venues? The three monkey's pub provides you with everything
you need for that spectacular experience, the pub has a tavern vibe and a chic setting which
makes it a perfect destination to host your favorite events, you can also host other casual
occasions such as birthday events, wedding events and other occasions of your choice.
This spectacular pub also has a reputation as the number one spot to enjoy an after work happy
hours. You can come over to the three monkey's pub after the day's work and be sure to enjoy
the best happy hour nyc.

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