Dr. Ana Cecilia Cabrera Gálvez



Dr. Ana Cecilia Cabrera Gálvez
Dr. Ana Cecilia Cabrera Gálvez
General Odontology
Aesthetic Dentistry
Oral Rehabilitation
Doctor's Profile
"I’m passionate about dentistry. It is my vocation and I love to give the
smile back to patients without causing pain or fear. I am concerned
about the patient’s well-being and health. It is a pleasure for me and
for the rest of my colleagues to be able to provide the care that they
deserve. “– Dr. Ana Cecilia Cabrera
Dr. Ana Cecilia Cabrera is a specialist in aesthetic dentistry and
oral rehabilitation. She works at the “San Lucas Dental Center“,
which has the international accreditation of the Accreditation
Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This institution,
based in Chicago, ensures compliance with standardized norms and
protocols of quality and safety of medicine in health organizations.
As a result, Dr. Cabrera and her team guarantee the reliable practice
of dentistry.
Although Dr. Ana Cecilia attends patients of all ages, she is
recognized by her colleagues for the excellent results obtained with
adolescents and adults who use dentures. With 4 years of
experience as a dental surgeon and general dentist, she has also
become an expert in the treatment of caries and in the rehabilitation
of implants.
The methodology of this doctor contemplates the comfort of her
patients so that each experience in her clinic is pleasant and free of
pain. Accurate and reliable diagnosis is the tool that allows you to
design a personalized treatment, for which it uses state-of-the-art
equipment and techniques such as tomography and digital
radiography. Among other innovative technologies used is the
ultrasound for dental cleaning, which emits vibrations that help
detach tartar more easily. He has also implemented a gel to remove
cavities, which eliminates the need for anesthesia in children and
with it, pain.
The San Lucas Dental Center, located between Antigua Guatemala
and Guatemala City, went from being a small dental clinic to one of
the most updated dental centers in Guatemala. It has renowned
specialists such as Dr. Rodas, Dr. Ana Cecilia Cabrera, dentist of
adolescents and adults, Dr. Martha Georgina Fonseca, dentist of
adults and seniors, Dr. Betzy Marilena Portillo, orthodontist
children, youth and adults, Dr. Héctor Licinio Torres, oral and
maxillofacial surgeon of youth and adults and Dr. Juan Sebastián
Rodríguez, specialist in 3D implantology. In 2016, the dental clinic
obtained international accreditation from Acreditas Global, a
subsidiary of the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health
Care, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare
(AAAHC). This institution, based in Chicago, guarantees compliance
with quality and safety standards and protocols in health centers
such as hospitals and ambulatory surgery clinics. Located 12
kilometers from Antigua Guatemala, the San Lucas Dental Center has
the endorsement of the AAAHC to offer any dental treatment to the
patient, both local and foreign. The location of the center is ideal for
those who want a quality dental care without going to Guatemala
City. This team of professionals has benefited with their services to
homes for the elderly, such as those of San Lucas and Choacorral
Sacatepéquez and also to children’s homes in the region. So far they
have implemented 80 Ad honorem dental prostheses.
The clinic of Dr. Ana Cecilia Cabrera is distinguished by an
atmosphere of great attention and kindness to the patient that
requires dental treatment. The care of this doctor extends to their
availability in cases of emergency. It is the ideal option for children,
adolescents and adults with prostheses.
Visit: https://centralamericadental.com/
Contact Details
Km. 29.9 Inter-American Highway, San Lucas Shopping Center, San
Lucas Sacatepéquez.
Monday to Friday - 09:00 to 18:00, Saturday - 08:00 to 13:00

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