Dr. Salvador Antonio Recinos Fernández Guatemala


Dr. Salvador Antonio Recinos Fernández Guatemala
Dr. Salvador Antonio Recinos Fernández
Rhinoplasty, Nasal Surgery
Ultrasonic Liposuction & Liposculpture
Breast and Gluteus Augmentation
Dr. Salvador Recinos excels in plastic and cosmetic surgery of the
face and body, to give his patients a natural healthy appearance that
is perfectly contoured, fresh and youthful. In total, his experience
includes over 4000 cosmetic surgeries of the face, abdomen, bust
and gluteus. Regarding facial surgery, he has concentrated special
effort on rhinoplasty, or sculpting the perfect nose, performing more
than 700 such surgeries since opening his private practice in 2009.
His devotion is to prioritize your safety and comfort while achieving
the goal that you have in mind.
Dr. Recinos’ technical and artistic mastery result in aesthetic
procedures that are customized to the bone structure and
expressive subtleties of each patient, so they have a younger
appearance that’s not forced or artificial. A little lifting and volume
create balanced and natural-looking outcomes, to work wonders for
your confidence and self-esteem.
Facial rejuvenation, or “facelift”, refers to draping the skin and
muscles slightly higher to counteract the effects of gravity. It could
include a comprehensive approach including removal of fat pockets
above and below the eyes, increasing or reducing the cheeks, or
reshaping the nose. In planning for the optimal outcome, Dr. Recinos
will not change you, just restore and enhance your natural ageless
As a regular attendee to the Preservation Rhinoplasty
Global congress meetings, Dr. Salvador Recinos is uniquely qualified
to perform nasal surgery to the highest standards, with the latestgeneration techniques and materials. Patients might choose to have
a rhinoplasty procedure for these reasons:
To reduce the size or shape of the tip.
Eliminate the hump at the bridge of the nose.
Change the shape and size of the nostrils.
To correct internal structures, such as deviated septum.
To achieve balance and symmetry of the nose to other facial
When we reach middle age, many people are surprised by how their
metabolism and body shape has changed. Accumulation of fat
pockets in the hips, thighs, abdomen and arms are almost
impossible to reduce without the help of carefully considered
cosmetic surgery techniques. Even after a significant weight loss for
health and vitality, patients still have excess skin that needs to be
removed to complete their goals of a firm and shapely figure. Highdefinition liposuction or ultrasonic liposculpture can be the answer
they are looking for, to effectively resize or reshape targeted body
Dr. Recinos has achieved consistently impressive results with the
Vaser Liposuction high-frequency vibration technique, or
LipoSelection. He uses Vaser ultrasonic probes, inserted into the
fatty tissue together with a saline solution, to gently break the fat
cells down. It is mixed with anesthetics to protect and preserve
other tissues, and to reduce pain, bleeding, and bruising.
In this more modern and efficient FDA-approved technique, the
vibration gently disengages and loosens the fat cells and ultimately
emulsifies to remove volume from problem areas. The fat breaks
down and mixes with the infused fluid to form a liquid that is
removed from beneath the skin, to improve the aesthetics of a
problem area. Dr. Recinos says, “This process is considered gentler
than the more traditional liposuction techniques and offers me
greater precision and accuracy to achieve the goal of highly-defined,
smoothly-contoured body features.”
Dr. Recinos offers the latest in laser resurfacing techniques. Current
CO2 laser scanning technology allows skin to be resurfaced more
selectively than with dermabrasion or chemical peeling. The
technique directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at
irregular skin, precisely removing skin layer by layer, helping to
achieve total facial rejuvenation. A finely tailored approach must be
used to address your specific goals, customizing your individual
Your doctor’s extensive specialized experience provides the basis
from which to explore some alternative solutions that give you, the
patient, the best possible results. Precision surgery, diet and
exercise, and confidence in your doctor all serve to rejuvenate your
body and enhance self-confidence.
Dr. Recinos says. “The only way to create something great is to love
what you do. My patients receive the best service with my team,
because we constantly look for innovation. We are successful
because we use the best technology and materials.”
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