VASERlipo Patient Brochure outer


VASERlipo Patient Brochure outer
Re ne Your Figure.
Eliminate Fat.
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“I would never have considered traditional
liposuction, but VASERlipo made me finally decide
to address those problem areas on my body.”
Caroline, Colorado
Advancing the Art of Liposuction
An alternative to the harsh techniques of traditional
liposuction, VASERlipo is unique in its ability to target
fat while leaving other important tissues intact. It’s
I had VASERlipo, and my result is nothing less
than SPECTACULAR! I went from a 14 pant size to
a size 4/6. It’s hard to imagine I am the same person
when looking at my before-and-after photos.
Leilani, Texas
powerful enough to eliminate large areas of fat,
but gentle enough to treat more delicate areas.
• Improved body contouring over traditional liposuction
• Enhanced skin retraction for smooth results
• Treat multiple areas in a single procedure
VASERlipo indications for use include the fragmentation, emulsification, and
aspiration of subcutaneous fatty tissues for aesthetic body contouring.
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or registered trademarks of Solta Medical, Inc. or its subsidiaries.
If you’ve
struggled with
weight gain,
and exercise and diet just haven’t given
VASERlipo is an advanced body sculpting procedure that eliminates fat to gently reshape your
body, making you look and feel your best:
• Speedy recovery times
• Clinically proven to produce even results
How does it work?
VASERlipo™ can help.
During a VASERlipo procedure, the area to be treated
areas in a single procedure, including:
from VASERlipo Patients
• Single procedure results
you the dramatic transformation you’d like,
VASERlipo can sculpt and shape multiple
Actual Results
is filled with a medicated solution. The fat cells are
then treated with state-of-the-art ultrasound energy
and are removed from the body through a gentle
• Jowls, chin and neck
suction process. The surrounding tissues are left intact,
• Abs, hips or love handles
giving you the smooth contours you want with less
• Male and female breasts
pain or recovery time than traditional liposuction.
Photos courtesy of A. Chambers, M.D.
• Arms
• Back, buttocks or thighs
• Knees, calves or ankles
Unleash Your Inner Six-Pack
Get the definition you’ve always wanted with VASER
Hi-Def ®. This advanced sculpting technique takes
I finally decided to
do something about
my arms.
VASERlipo to a whole new level. By removing the fat
around muscle groups, muscles look more defined,
giving you a sculpted, athletic appearance.
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Photos courtesy of A. Hoyos, M.D.
My overall results are AMAZING! I love having a flat
stomach, thinner thighs and a more sculpted chin and neck.
If I had to do it all over again, I would without hesitation.
Alicia, Colorado
Photos courtesy of D. Matlock, M.D.
AFTER with VASER Hi-Def ®

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