Help to remove fat by Laser liposuction


Help to remove fat by Laser liposuction
Help to remove fat by Laser liposuction
Description: Operating laser light leads to natural chemical reactions, causing
breakdown of triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. These changes occur in the
mitochondrion of every fat cell. These metabolites are transported through the
lymphatic system, and then in the tissues, they are converted into energy. Stimulation
of the lymphatic system by affecting the closest lymph nodes stimulates the action of
lymphatic drainage in the metabolism of fatty acids.
There have been and there are many liposuction techniques.
Laser Liposuction Houston most used techniques to consist in the extraction of fat
through a more or less thick cannula without additional mechanical help, except for the
natural movement from front to back and in a fan, which is done with the arm. This
technique does not stop being an aggressive procedure and that is why in large volumes
there is a limitation of 4 liters of extraction. That is why, historically, systems have been
introduced to try to improve the process in three ways :
Reduce trauma and bleeding.
Improve skin retraction.
And the most recent, do not damage adipocytes or stem cells to use that adipose
tissue as a graft.
The advantages of laser liposuction
• Reduction of postoperative pain and inflammation.
• Reduction of the possibility of bleeding.
• Safer, the procedure avoids traumatic incisions, stitches and large scars
• Faster, the intervention lasts approximately between 1 and 2 hours
• Less invasive
• Less anesthesia allows to work with local anesthesia, that is, during the whole time
of the intervention, the patient is conscious
• Retraction of the skin, thanks to the evident coagulation of the tissue
• Less time to perform the treatment
• Less time of convalescence, the person can rejoin their usual activities in 24 hours
• More precision in body remodeling
• Eliminates cellulite
All these tools that Smart Lipo Houston have today, are intended to favor the work of
the surgeon, perform less trauma and as much as possible improve the retraction of the
1. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: Despite being a safe technique, it destroys fat
cells. It consists of destroying the adipose tissue with heat by means of energy released
by the cannula, while the latter aspirates the emulsified (destroyed) fat without being
able to reuse adipose tissue.
2. Cannulated Liposuction with Vibration: This technique consists of the cannula
vibrating at the high frequency to break the fat in a way that facilitates the movement of
liposuction without destroying it.
3. Water Jet-assisted or Water Jet-assisted Liposuction: One of the great advantages
of this technique is that it maintains the viability of the adipocyte by injecting water at
the same time that it aspirates so that high-pressure water fragments the fat without
destroying it and allows its extraction.
4. Lipolaser or conventional laser-assisted liposuction: Although great results are
obtained in terms of greater skin retraction compared with other techniques, this was
directly related to tissue destruction so they were not usable to perform a graft. In
addition, with other lipo laser systems, we have some potential problems such as
irregularities due to excess energy or skin lesions, since the laser beam was straight at
the tip of the cannula or fiber.

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