Liposuction of neck and double chin, incredible results


Liposuction of neck and double chin, incredible results
Liposuction of neck and double chin, incredible
This surgery is one of the most rewarding in the surgery both for its aesthetic results
and the ease with which it is carried out, with minimal risk and also a lower price than
other types of liposuction.
Neck Liposuction Houston is a very short operation but it can achieve extraordinary
effects on the appearance of the patient, very similar to those of a facelift thanks to the
latest technological advances.
What is a neck and jowl liposuction?
Neck Liposuction in Houston TX, also called liposculpture, is done to eliminate
excess fat and adipose tissues that are located under the chin, effectively ending the
chin effect.
The procedure is carried out by a tube of small dimensions that is connected to a
vacuum valve and by which the surgeon will extract the fat. But first it will be
necessary to mark the specific areas where the incisions will be made.
The Neck Liposuction Surgeons Houston makes these punctures in the skin, usually
using the folds of the chin or the lobes of the ears to minimize the effects of the marks.
Then insert the cannula and activate the vacuum device responsible for breaking fat
cells and take them out.
What type of anaesthesia is used in this intervention?
Regarding the type of anaesthesia, depends on the amount of fat to be extracted and
the areas to be treated, general anaesthesia is not usual and other types of softer
sedations that help the patient to relax during the procedure.
Liposuction of neck
Liposuction of neck is not an appropriate intervention for those people who also want
to tighten the skin, since extracting a large amount of volume usually results in greater
flaccidity in the area. In these cases it is best to perform other procedures at the same
time as this procedure, such as a facelift or neck lift.
What are the benefits of a neck liposuction?
When you know someone the first instinct is to look at your face and neck and
therefore this operation will have immediate effects on the appearance of the patient,
with results very noticeable by all. In general, a greater appearance of thinness is
obtained, since the accumulated fat in the neck and jowls gives people an aspect of
Another advantage of Liposuction Houston TX is that you just have to drill for fat
and therefore there will be no scars and the recovery period will be much shorter.
But perhaps the most important thing in this type of liposuction by Maxillofacial
Surgeon Houston is that when removing fat or skin, muscles, nerves or blood vessels
suffer damage, remaining intact and preventing side effects in the postoperative
Do I have to be admitted to undergo this operation?
Depending on the state of general health and the amount of fat that has to be extracted,
it will be necessary to hospitalize the patient. In the event that several surgeries are
performed by Maxillofacial Surgeon Houston TX at the same time, such as a neck
liposuction and a neck lift, the procedure will have to be done under general
anaesthesia and will require a one-day stay in the clinic.

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