Why need of Neck Liposuction and what are its benefits



Why need of Neck Liposuction and what are its benefits
Why need of Neck Liposuction and what
are its benefits
Liposuction of the neck and jaw is clinically one of the most rewarding procedures in
cosmetic surgery. With a short, low risk and relatively cheap procedure, patients can
achieve a very significant change in their appearance. With the recent technical
advances, the results obtained with Houston Liposuction can, in many patients,
resemble the effects of a lifting.
Different Benefits of neck liposuction
Houston Tx Neck Liposuction is applied to remove fat from under the chin and to
minimize the appearance of a double chin. The face and neck are usually the first
characteristics we perceive when we meet a new person, so improvements in this area
can lead to a significant change. Excessive deposits of fat on the chin and neck can
make you feel overweight. One of the biggest advantages of Houston Neck
Liposuction is the change that is experienced with a relatively simple procedure and
with a limited number of incisions.
Procedure of a liposuction of the neck
Houston Laser Liposuction of the neck is performed on an outpatient basis,
depending on the general state of health and may require hospitalization depending on
the amount of fat that is removed. In case of a facelift or neck lift, at the same time as
liposuction of the neck, the operation is performed under general anaesthesia and the
stay in the hospital is 1 or 2 days.
Neck liposuction is usually done with a cannula (a narrow tube) that is connected to a
vacuum device. Previously the surgeon delineates the precise areas of the body where
the fat will be removed. If you do not wish to undergo general anaesthesia, perform
the operation under sedation.
During Laser Lipo Houston of the neck, the surgeon makes a small incision in the
skin, usually in the crease under the chin or behind the lobes of the ears. The cannula
is inserted and the surgeon aims to break down the fat deposits and sculpt the area
according to the desired proportions. One of the advantages of neck liposuction as a
method to remove fat from the neck is that the blood vessels, muscles, nerves and
blood remain intact.
The recovery process of a liposuction
Most bruising and swelling should go away in three weeks. After a Houston Vaser
Liposuction of the neck it is common to suffer from a pain in the neck, as well as a
burning sensation, swelling, numbness, crusting and even bleeding. Usually, the
surgeon prescribes analgesics to relieve pain after a neck liposuction. During this time
you will use a compressive bandage for 1 week after liposuction of the neck to ensure
that the neck stays firm.
You should see visible results of your neck liposuction after two or three weeks, but
the final effects can be seen after a period of six months to a year has elapsed. In
general, it can be expected that the fatter that is eliminated, the longer it will take to
appreciate the final results.
Since the normal process of aging affects the firmness and elasticity of the skin, older
patients cannot experience results as significant as those usually obtained by younger

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