How liposuction techniques is helpful to remove extra fats


How liposuction techniques is helpful to remove extra fats
How liposuction techniques is helpful to
remove extra fats
The lipolaser has become one of the most requested techniques in recent
times. It is a highly accurate and minimally invasive procedure,
indicated both in the correction of irregularities and in the disproportions
due to the accumulation of fat that does not disappear with diets or with
physical exercise or other treatments. Therefore, it is a technique that
allows reshaping the silhouette, reducing cellulite and attenuating
Difference of lipolaser with conventional liposuction
The differences with respect to traditional liposuction are several. The
most obvious is the technology used the laser, and the results obtained,
since the surgery is much less invasive and the results more immediate.
The neck liposuction Houston facilitates the elimination of fat by
liquefying it, unlike liposuction, whose technique is based on breaking
the fat through the canola to be able to suck it.
The laser liposuction does not replace liposuction, as it focuses on
small and limited areas of localized fat and does not remove as much fat
as in conventional liposuction. The small opening of the laser light has a
relatively limited field of action and therefore the lipolaser is applied in
small areas that require greater precision in the control of the extraction
canola’s and that are difficult to access for conventional instruments.
For this reason, one of the advantages of lipolaser is that it allows
treating small fatty deposits in areas where traditional liposuction cannot
act. In addition, it corrects irregularities that develop in areas subject to
conventional liposuction.
Another difference is that the lipolaser provides greater skin firmness by
favoring the retraction or stretching of the skin, and thus avoids the
possible flaccidity that can be generated in the posliposuction.
In the postoperative period, several differences are also observed. As it
is a minimally invasive technique, liposuction surgery Houston does
not require hospitalization or major anesthetic procedures, which
reduces the surgical risk. Also, the postoperative discomfort is minimal
and allows the reincorporation to the activity in 24 hours.
Areas where the lipolaser acts
One of the great advantages of lipolaser is that it can treat in all those
areas of the body where there is adipose tissue.
o Abdomen: accumulated fat in the abdomen associated with
flaccidity or love handles of the lower back. Also help to
remove belly fat
o Armpits: accumulated fat around the armpits.
o Arms: flaccidity in upper and inner arms.
o Neck liposuction in Houston TX: fatty accumulations in
neck and jowls.
o Back: love handles in the back area.
o Buttocks: it allows the elimination of fatty clusters with great
ease, especially in the subgluteal fold.
o Legs, thighs and hips: ideal for recovering thinner and
contoured legs.
o Breasts: in cases of gynecomastia or presence of breasts in
o Knees and ankles: localized fat on the inside and top of the
knees and on the ankles.
At the end of the treatment, a compressive bandage is applied in the
treated area and the patient can be reincorporated into the daily routine
in just 24 hours, since it is performed under local neck liposuction
surgeons Houston and does not require hospitalization. Being a nonaggressive procedure, recovery is rapid, almost without pain or bruising,
only with slight inflammation.