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Document 6479933
Liposonix® Custom Contouring Treatment: 1 Treatment, 1 Hour, 1 Size Smaller
Singapore, 13 June 2013 – Solta Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLTM), a global leader in the medical aesthetics market, today
launches the second generation Liposonix non-invasive fat reduction system approved by the U S Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) and Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA). The Liposonix system is specifically indicated for
non-invasive waist circumference reduction on both the abdomen and flanks.
The Liposonix system uses non-invasive, high-intensity focused ultrasound (or HIFU) to permanently get rid of targeted fat
around the waistline, love handles and abdomen, without surgery. The average waistline reduction after just one, one-hour
treatment is about one inch – which typically means one dress or pant size. Results are usually seen in 8 to 12 weeks (which is
the time needed for the body to naturally remove the treated fat). Liposonix is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and
exercise and is not a way to lose weight. It is a quick and easy way to help patients slim that last inch and hit their personal
shape goals.
Since its introduction in the U.S., Liposonix has been featured in many high profile media outlets, including broadcast
programs such as Dr. Oz, The Doctors, and 20/20 with Barbara Walters. Thus far the Liposonix treatment has received very
positive reviews from patients as reflected in on-line aesthetic procedure forums. The Liposonix system is currently marketed
and sold in markets worldwide.
The Company will be exhibiting Liposonix along with all of its industry leading aesthetic solutions at the IMCAS Asia 2013
held on the 27 – 29 July at the Singapore Suntec Convention Center.
For more information about Liposonix, please visit
The LipoSonix system technology was developed over a period of 10 years by leading scientists and ultrasound experts with more than 200 years of
combined experience in the development of therapeutic and diagnostic ultrasound devices.
The LipoSonix system uses advanced high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology to permanently destroy targeted fat just beneath the skin in the
treatment areas of the abdomen and flanks as a noninvasive, nonsurgical approach to aesthetic waist circumference reduction. Clinical studies conducted by
Medicis Technologies Corporation showed an average waist circumference reduction of approximately 2.6 cm after a single treatment with the LipoSonix
system. Office visit time and individual results may vary. Results are typically seen in 8 to 12 weeks.
The LipoSonix treatment is not a replacement for liposuction surgery or a healthy lifestyle, or a way to lose weight. No special diet or exercise program is
required. The LipoSonix system has a well-defined safety profile. There is no need for anesthesia.
The LipoSonix treatment may pose certain risks and may not be suitable for everyone. The LipoSonix system is intended for adults over 18 years of age who
have at least 1.0 cm of fat thickness beyond the selected treatment focal depth of the system in the area to be treated. The most frequently reported side
effects during the LipoSonix treatment are: discomfort, pain, cold, prickling, tingling or warmth. The most frequently reported side effects after the
LipoSonix treatment, when used as recommended, are: pain (discomfort), bruising, redness and swelling, which are generally described (or rated) as mild.
You should not have the LipoSonix treatment if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant. The LipoSonix treatment is available only from a qualified
healthcare professional.
Solta Medical, Inc. is a global leader in the medical aesthetics market providing innovative, safe, and effective solutions for patients that enhance and expand
the practice of medical aesthetics for physicians. The company offers aesthetic energy devices for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, acne reduction, body
contouring and skin tightening, as well as tools and accessories to optimize the latest liposuction techniques. Each brand is an established category leader,
and together comprise a comprehensive platform to address a range of aesthetic skin and body issues. Fraxel ® delivers minimally-invasive clinical solutions
to resurface aging and sun damaged skin. Clear + Brilliant® is a cost-effective, non-ablative laser treatment uniquely designed to improve skin tone and
radiance. Isolaz® acne treatment combines vacuum and painless broadband light to address a wide variety of acne types. CLARO® is an FDA-cleared
personal care acne device that uses heat and light to clear skin quickly and naturally. Thermage ® is a non-invasive radiofrequency procedure that improves
the appearance of wrinkles, which can result in smoother, more contoured skin. Liposonix® is a non-surgical single-treatment procedure that uses advanced
high-intensity focused ultrasound technology to destroy targeted fat beneath the skin. VASERshape™ is a complementary non-invasive treatment that
combines low frequency, non-focused ultrasound and lymphatic massage to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve blood circulation
with minimal pain or no downtime. The VASERlipo™ system uses ultrasound technology to selectively remove unwanted body fat. It includes VentX®
technology that powers an aspiration system for quiet, efficient removal of fatty tissue and precision vented cannulas to maximize aspiration efficiency and
speed. VASERsmooth™ is a unique body sculpting add-on tool for use with the VASERlipo system. PowerX® is a power-assisted liposuction system that
uses a unique rotational motion which can be used with the VASERlipo system or to enhance traditional liposuction systems. The TouchView® system fits
between the fingers and provides diagnostic imaging of subcutaneous structures during procedures. Both the VASERlipo system and traditional liposuction
systems can utilize the Origins™ products, a complete line of custom liposuction infiltration, re-injection and aspiration cannulas and accessories. More than
two and a half million procedures have been performed with Solta Medical's portfolio of products around the world.
For more information about Solta, call 1-877-782-2286 or log on to
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