15 characteristics of organic portals (soulless people = artificial intelligence) among us
Organic portals are real. Research on Google in different languages shows that there are many
people around the world who have come to realize about their existence.
Before I say the traits, you should know that these people are human too and once you recognize
them it is best to avoid them to save your energy and improve your mood. When avoiding them, try
to be respectful because they are human too.
1 They take energy from talking to you. You will always get tired when talking to them.
A: You are talking about topics that create negative emotions. Examples:
Problems (they don't want solutions), sadness, helplessness, etc.
B: They waste time, they ask for advice without giving anything in return. They borrow without giving
anything in return. They ask, but they don't give.
A person with a soul fills you with vitality when you talk to them.
2 Abusive Conduct. Sooner or later they become abusive when talking to souls. They usually use
indirect slurs. If you get an insult, you should insult. Otherwise you give your energy and accept their
This is no accident, organic portals feed on the pain of others, including nature. A relative struck
plants for pleasure. That is why you will see that they always cause forest fires because a lot of nature
increases the vibration.
They are trying to create sadness. There are homeless or disabled people who are organic portals
and deliberately try to create pessimism in others.
3 Lack of intuition. “There is no evidence” “These studies are wrong” “I don't think so”.
Intuition is something that only people with a soul have. They couldn't tell why the girl said one thing
or the other after the interaction. They couldn't say what they think will happen. Because they don't
know, they have no soul connection. They are beings that only exist in this holographic matrix.
A person with a soul always "knows" what is going to happen. You don't need studies to know if
something is true or not, because studies only confirm what you have already felt to be true.
4 Lack of interest in saving souls. There are influencers who pretend to be good but never talk about
mk ultra victims by name. Although you can share your information.
A lawyer as an organic portal, freshly hearing about satanic rituals, would immediately stop helping
you, or he would pretend he hadn't heard anything.
If you are against corruption in the police, judges or satanic companies, organic portals will not
support you even if you are right.
A person with a soul will always take risks for you regardless of what happens because they feel your
5 System protection. For example, when my mother found out that I had published a paper
suggesting corruption in the police force, she forced me to delete it. Why? Because, according to her,
it was to defend myself. However, it's not bad to say illegal behavior. It's good to report criminals.
Especially if they belong to the government. But she didn't want that. They always stick to w hat the
government says because they are part of this three dimensional reality. They will never attack the
government publicly unless they make money by being part of that government.
When my brother found out about corruption in the police force, he called someone to take me to a
mental health facility instead of helping. Without hearing any evidence or anything like that. Because
they don't change their minds. Its function is that the holographic matrix works and that the souls do
not wake up.
Someone with a soul tries to hear all of your arguments and only makes a decision after hearing
them, not before.
6 Protection of Religions. Even if there is infinite evidence of pedophilia in religious leaders. Although
Satanic and Masonic symbolism is shown and seen in the religions, they will always obey the religion.
This is because religions try to keep people in an unreal state of eternal guilt. And guilt is absorbed
into them as energy.
People with a soul do not like to be dishonest, and they understand that following religion is against
human instinct, and of course they shy away from it.
7 Do not follow suggestions or ideas that come from souls. If you live with one of them and make a
cleaning plan, bio portals will never agree to sign anything you made. If you have a website they
wouldn't click on it. When you have a party, they won't go. The reason is obvious: They are there to
use up your energy and time. They will not endorse you unless the system tells them to (e.g. radio
celebrities). Many of them as women are trying to drain your energies by constantly taking photos of
their beauty in search of worship. This worship is not just ego, it is energy that they need to exist. That
is why many try to dress very conspicuously because your gaze nourishes them.
Someone with a soul is someone who supports your idea because he / she believes in it and will do
what you say if he / she agrees with you.
8 lack of empathy. They don't feel other people's pain. Lack of morality. It is normal for women who
are bio-portals to pass a trial and then feed on the person's money. Without interest, it is immoral for
them to get money without working. Being unfaithful or heartbreaking seems exciting to them or
they see nothing wrong with it.
Those who have souls do whatever they naturally consider moral because they care about trust.
9 They attack from behind. From the front they fill you with praise and kisses. Too much interest.
Privately they just do indirect insults. They never tell you when there is a problem, there is a pr oblem.
They contact the agency directly and prepare an anonymous report without telling you anything.
They speak badly behind their backs to make themselves feel better.
Someone with a soul attacks from the front without hiding.
10 distraction so that you don't realize about your dreams or wishes. "You have to do what the system
tells you and nothing else." They will never assist you in training any sport. And a lot less in social
skills. In fact, when you start exercising or getting skilled, they will try to make fun of you. Because
when you exercise, you get strong, gain self-esteem, and drive them away for testing them wrongly.
Someone with a soul doesn't want to tell you that you can't, they don't say anything, or if they say
something, it's up to you.
11 High reactivity in your presence. If it's a cop who sees you cross the light and walk at a red light
when there are other people around doing the same thing, they'll pick you. If one day you don't
bring a towel to the gym and there are 10 people around who don't either, they will pick you. Because
you are a soul. If you go into a store and speak to someone, if someone is discriminated, it is you.
They try to feed on others, they will look for you to annoy you. They will yell at you and they won't
notice because they are obsessed, they are organic portals.
People with a soul admire, people without souls feel envy.
12 Materialism and Money. They value money and body when looking for love, not feelings or
personality. As women, they choose their partner based on money and fame. As men in the body.
They are the ones who see poor people as less and rich people as more. They are the ones who see
people without fame as less and famous people as more. Because in them this is an indicator of
energy. They are always eager to recommend and sell branded goods, jewelry and the like. And they
feed on the pain poor people feel when they see it.
Someone with a soul sees value in you with or without money, with or without a good body. Because
you are human.
13 lack of creativity. They are not creative. These comedians don't create new characters, they see
someone, choose traits and mix them with the knowledge of the past. Their humor is insulting, not
smart. They are trying to copy people. They couldn't create a song with something new that inspired
them. Because they are not inspired, they are soulless artificial intelligences.
Someone with a soul can compose songs or create routines to easily talk to women.
14 spies. They see everything you do. Absolutely everything. They know more about you than about
themselves. They watch you, they read all of your posts. That's because they don't have a life, their life
sucks yours. And if it's not yours, it's someone else's.
Someone with a soul focuses on themselves and their happiness, they focus on being your obstacle.
15 They tend to only go in groups because they are insignificant on their own. They are cowards by
Someone with a soul can go there alone because they don't have to feed on anyone to exist.
Stand your distance and stay away from bio portals. Facebook, YouTube, and social media are sites
with Employees who are organic portals who try to take away your energy and time through
influencers or page builders in order to make you tired.
The goal of an organic portal is that people with souls are always in a bad mood, tired, untrained,
giving a boss their energy and time and distracted from finding their own happiness.
The real enemy is not people with a soul, even if they are satanic. The real enemy are soulless people
who are used as an organic portal for satan.
You need to remember that everything a bio portal says is always a subjective lie designed to harm
you. You should therefore only listen to them when they pay you or when they ask for it with a
signature and / or money.
Someone with a soul wants you to be healthy and intelligent, protected and carefree.
The majority of the population on the planet are people without a soul = organic portal = artificial
intelligence. Many souls in the system would cause the prison farm to wake up quickly.
Organic portals are real, google research in different languages proves there are many people
worldwide who have noticed about their existence.
Many satanic feminists against seduction because seduction increases intuition, leadership, how to
talk and how to identify organic portals Organic portals only think about topics that have been
created by the system, they can not talk about anything external.
They only copy paste expressions and ways of thinking, they do not create them: They behave like
robots, because they are artificial intelligences that exist only in this 3d matrix.
Organic portals reject helping souls, unless those souls are satanic or favouring the system. Organic
portals always want to bother you and favour the system, regardless if you are satanic or not (see
politicians and celebrities).
Organic portals can not create, do not have empathy, love, morals, creativity, inspiration, intuition
Favouring the system makes you a slave who is always with bad health, giving away energy and time
to serve others Your cellphone sells your data and makes you depend always on it, for you to not
focus on yourself, but on others (they want you to waste energy).
The system wants to divide people, for them to not be together against them: See racial differences
(black vs whites), countries (america vs russia), political movements(left vs right), genders (men vs
women) and groups put always against each other. Always reject questions of organic portals, do not
do them any favours and do not talk to them If organic portals follow you, be happy, because they
only follow people who are shining and in good mood. If anyone asks why are people (organic
portals) following you, say they are fans who watch your videos
Organic portals do not want to give you their energy: They do not watch your videos, like your
pictures, answer your questions publicly, pay you, sign stuff you propose or promote anything you
propose: Do not do that for them either. Save energy by unfollowing and unsubscribing everyone on
every social media: That way you will not be programmed to manifest advertised stuff, your time will
not be wasted and your mood will not be influenced by frustrating news.
To read future you do not need tarot cards, you can create your own cards. By reading tarot cards
you give energy to the creator of tarot cards. You do not need clothes of any brands, you can create
your own clothes with your own materials. That way you save your energy. Stones do not help you in
any way, it is your belief what helps. Stones are always a scam. You do not need any help from any
being to read future, you just need training and discipline in "remote viewing". Voodoo or spells of
others do not work on you if you ask the protection of God. Do not be afraid if t hey say it, it will not
All organic portals are satanic. If you begin to wake up, organic portals will try to come to you to
distract you. People on street will stop you. Legal stuff will begin to happen. Seek advice of your mind
and people who are awake.
The Truman Show is a movie that represents the existence of organic portals: The movie is predictive
programming for people to say "it is a movie" and "it does not exist in reality", because it does.
Typical organic portals: Mother who lives from money of father. Adult who lives from money of
parents. Father who hits and puts down mother. Bullies or "popular" kids who like to put other kids
down. Brother who likes to insult and seek problems. People who would ignore people with soul who
ask for help (mk ultras, animals, laws, etc). People who ignores and tries to stop anyone who is
against the system (laws, social media). People who mock the ones who want to succeed and
sabotage them purposefully. People who like to show you pessimistic stuff and things that make you
stop smiling (news). People who want to distract you (memes, entertainment). People who want to
scam you. People who want to create an emotional response in you and not a well thought, logical
response (provokers). Anger or fear feeds them, visualize love and peace if you see them, because
that makes them go away: Notice that they are your fans and you should love them for that, they
admire you because they can not stop you and want to be like you! Love them for that!

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