Voice Over Agency Sydney



Voice Over Agency Sydney
Voice Over Agency Sydney
The role of an agent is to represent a product or service. Think travel, insurance, or real estate.
Here the agent is paid by the principal; the
airline, the insurance company or property
In the case of advertising the agency may
include adopting a “Del Credere” risk. That’s
where in order to earn a commission for
services the agent guarantees payment to the
When searching for a particular style of voice
you could spend heaps of time running around
in circles trying to narrow the choice. Or you
could cut short the chase and engage the
services of a Voice Over Agency.
Whether you require a male or female voice, of
a particular age or ethnicity the word plethora comes to mind when you examine the available
So engaging the help of a Voice Over Agency such as Media Group will not only save time but it
will probably safeguard your sanity.
Media Group, the business audio specialists give you online access to an incredibly wide
selection of professional voice over talent.
From the comfort of your armchair or the front seat of the car you can begin by auditioning
online samples of voice actors.
To facilitate your hunt you’ll find the voices are categorised by gender, age group style, and
When you think you have found the voice for the job, ask for an online free quote.
If you’re still uncertain you’ve made the right choice, and you’re planning to record scripts with
a running total of 60 seconds or more, you may request a free demo.
Media Group will arrange your selected voice talent to record a segment from one of your
scripts. Then you’ll be sent a link to go online to hear the “free demo”.
You’ll have the luxury of listening to the demo as often as you need and be able to discuss your
choice with colleagues.
This process will help you file the voice decision in the basket labelled “no brainer”.
See how convenient and risk-free finding that illusive voice can be. www.mediagroup.com.au

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