Relief for Peripheral Neuropathy



Relief for Peripheral Neuropathy
Relief for Peripheral Neuropathy
“Peripheral Neuropathy can cause tingling, numbness and severe pain in your hands and
feet; sometimes to the point where patients can’t even feel their feet. If you suffer from
similar symptoms, we invite you to schedule an appointment to learn more about proven
new treatments that are available. More than 20 million Americans suffer from
peripheral neuropathy, which is a result of damage to one’s nerves. This pain can greatly
affect one’s daily activities including work, fitness, hobbies, and ultimately, quality of
life. If this sounds familiar, we are here to tell you that there is hope. That you can get
your life back. At Advanced Health and Injury Care, we offer treatment programs that
can provide the necessary relief to improve your quality of life.”
– Dr. Michael J. Bank
Do you suffer from Neuropathy?
Nerve damage causes a range of
symptoms, the first of which emerge in
the hands, toes, legs and feet. Patients
often complain of numbness, leg cramps
and sharp pain. Patients may even have
difficulty sleeping and experience a
burning sensation when they walk. If
you can relate to any of this, you may
have Peripheral Neuropathy.
Pain pills are NOT the solution
Instead of seeking curative treatment,
some people mask their pain with
prescription pain pills in order to
alleviate pain and get on with daily tasks.
However, pain relief from this type of
medication is only temporary and can be
dangerous. These habits often lead to
subsequent health problems or worse –
addiction. Many people innocently fall
into the trap of abusing prescription pills
while initially using them to genuinely
ward off pain.
Not all Neuropathy treatments are
created equal – The Rebuilder
Neuropathy is an electrical problem and
needs an electrical solution. The
ReBuilder is the best electrical
neuropathy treatment created to assist
with treating your pain.
The ReBuilder is a stimulation device
that works by sending a test impulse that
travels through the foot, up the leg,
across the nerve roots in the lower back,
then down the other leg and into the
other foot. When this initial signal
reaches the other foot, an automatic
response sends a signal back to the
equipment can analyze the waveform of
your nerves, identify abnormalities and
create a unique healing signal that is sent
back out to address those abnormalities.
The ReBuilder restores nerve function,
often resulting in reduced pain.
Signs of Peripheral Neuropathy
• Sharp, seemingly electric pain in the
• Sensation of wearing an invisible glove
• Prickling or tingling in hands and feet
• Difficulty sleeping as a result of leg or
foot pain
• Leg cramping
• Pain while walking
• Burning pain, particularly in the feet
Covered by most insurance plans
including Medicare
If you have burning pain in your feet,
balance problems, sensations of walking
in broken glass, etc. you may be a
candidate for this treatment. Therapy is
covered by most insurance including
Medicare. Call us today and we will
verify your insurance beforehand.
Change your life by being one of the
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Health & Injury Care TODAY
We are confident that you will find
healing and relief at Advanced Health &
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“After just a few days, I began to notice a
big difference in the way my legs and feet
felt. I noticed I was sleeping better and I
was able to walk for longer periods of
time without any numbness, or
— Connie H.
“I couldn’t type or easily open a door
anymore. My hands always felt like they
were asleep until I found relief from the
— Alexander P.
There is a better option: New FDA
cleared treatment for neuropathy
Now you can address the problem
instead of the symptoms. Peripheral
Neuropathy can be treated with a
combination of advanced treatments and
breakthrough technology that aids in
healing damaged nerves. This treatment
restores, stabilizes and rebuilds nerves in
the extremities, and effects can be felt
within the first few treatments.
Advanced Health and Injury Care
Patients are choosing Advanced Health
& Injury Care because of their extensive
knowledge and experience in treating
patients with chronic pain, specifically
peripheral neuropathy. Advanced Health
& Injury Care provides a multidisciplinary approach that combines nonsurgical, FDA-approved procedures with
rehabilitation regimens that have proven
to get the best results.
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