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April - Western Neuropathy Association
 Neuropathy Hope
Hope through caring, support, research, education, and empowerment
A newsletter for members of the
Pacific Chapter of The Neuropathy Association (PCNA)
April 2012
Issue 3
Volume 10
Annual Report Of
Activity In 2011
PCNA Information
And Support
PN Literature
Did You See Mother
Delores at the
The PCNA Annual
Neuropathy Action
Awareness Day
Pain Research
Coffee – Friend or
Pacific Chapter of The
Neuropathy Association
P.O. Box 276567
CA 95827-6567
[email protected]
The most important, far reaching, and time
consuming decision and activity in 2011 was to
change the corporation name from The Northern
California Chapter of The Neuropathy Association
to The Pacific Chapter of The Neuropathy
Association to more accurately reflect the
geographic areas where we work and where our
presence is needed. We currently have 37 active
groups in Northern California. There are five in
Southern California. Between Fresno and Los
Angeles and Monterey and Los Angeles, there are
no support groups. The newspaper in Reno did
not want to use California in our advertising. If
we went further in Nevada, they, too, would want
the name to relate to a wider region which would
include Nevada.
The Board brainstormed names and finally settled
on Pacific as encompassing the intended region
most precisely and reached agreement with The
Neuropathy Association. In May, we voted to
make the change, which meant changing it with
the Secretary of State, the IRS, Franchise Tax
Board, Board of Equalization, bank account, and
many other organizations and individuals.
The Board’s initial vote was actually in January,
but some negotiation with The Neuropathy
Association was necessary to be sure we had
consulted with groups in Oregon and Washington.
I contacted all of them. Washington’s two groups
(which are now one) chose to go on as they were.
The group in Portland chose to join us and when
Michael Siebler started a group in Salem, they too
became part of our network.
We voted to move our official office to the
Association Resource Center in Folsom where
we are being hosted by the Occupational Therapy
Association of California. The post office box is in
Sacramento. Our goal is to grow financially and
organizationally so that we can be a member of
this collaborative group of nonprofit corporations
and have at least a half-time staff person. We
are buying some hours from staff members there
that will help us improve our service, but service
to members would be greatly improved with more
time specifically to address members’ needs with
a consistent staff person.
Pam Hart joined the Board in January. Penni left
the Board due to health concerns, but helped with
the transition for some weeks beyond this.
With Penni leaving, the positions of Secretary and
Treasurer were vacant. Pam Hart was elected
Secretary and Wayne Hewlett was elected
Treasurer. The transition to the new name and
other changes has taken some time to accomplish.
Group Leaders and members are thanked for their
The Annual Meeting and Conference held in
Woodland was well received. The small group
discussions were considered positive by the
participants and by the Board due to the
suggestions and support expressed.
A totally new brochure was released this year.
Diane Blakley, who does the newsletter layout,
produced the design that has been a major step
up for us. It is hoped that many will be placed
throughout each community.
We received a grant from the Placer Community
Foundation to try doing teleconferences with
President’s Message By Bev Anderson
You have the opportunity to go to two excellent conferences in the
next couple of months. I hope you will attend both. The registration
forms on pages 6 and 7 need to be sent to the two different registration
addresses so please don’t send both in one envelope.
– Continued on page 5
Roster of our PCNA Information and Support Groups
PCNA Board
of Directors
Bev Anderson
Vice President
3rd Wednesday, 2PM
Sand Creek,1D Kaiser-Permanente
4501 Sand Creek Rd. Antioch
Nancy Lucky (925) 754-0702
Pam Hart
2nd Monday, 1:30 PM
GV United Methodist Church
236 S. Church Street
Salli Hearn (530) 268-1017
Karen Polastri
Wayne Hewlett
Don Davenport
Michael Green
Director Emeritus
Arvin Magusara
Director Emeritus
Casimir Sammanasu
Director Emeritus
Sandra Vinson
Director Emeritus
Dick Ward
Director Emeritus
Call Bev for information
(877) 622-6298
1 Monday, 1:30 PM
Woodside Village MH Park
12155 Luther Road
Sharlene McCord (530) 878-8392
3 Wednesday, 3 PM
N Berkeley Senior Ctr
1901 Hearst Ave. (corner of MLK)
Johnetta Smallwood (510) 841-0239
2nd Tuesday, 1:30 PM
3939 Walnut Ave.
Karen Robison (916) 972-1632
Call Karen before coming as
it is a gated community and
sometimes the day/time changes.
Castro Valley
2nd Wednesday, 1:30 PM
First Presbyterian Church
2490 Grove Way (next to Trader Joe)
Judson Leong (510) 581-6697
For information, call
Barbara Dryden at (707) 994-2202
Newsletter Design by
Diane Blakley
Page 2
Grass Valley
For information call:
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
2nd Monday, 10:30AM
Lakeport Senior Center
507 Konocti Avenue
Grace Gault (707) 274-9999
Call Bev Anderson for
information (877) 622-6298
4th Tuesday, 10 AM
Heritage Estates
900 E. Stanley Blvd.
Sandra Grafrath (925) 443-6655
For information call:
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
3rd Tuesday, 1:30 PM
First Christian Church
3039 Willow Pass Road
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
Crescent City
For information call:
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
2nd Tuesday 3:30-5:00 PM
Davis Senior Center
646 A Street
Mary Sprifke (530) 756-5102
Elk Grove
Bev Anderson
For information call:
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
2nd Thursday, 1 PM
Central Presbyterian Church
1920 Canal Street
(The Hoffmeiser Center across
the street from the church)
Larry Frice (209) 358-2045
Please contact
your group leader
or check your
local paper to
find out about
the topic/speaker
for the upcoming
3rd Tuesday, 11:00 AM
4280 N. Blackstone
Marvin Arnold (559) 226-9466
2nd Tuesday, 2 PM
Elk Grove Senior Center
8830 Sharkey Avenue
Michael Colozzi (916) 421-8103
3rd Monday, 10:30 AM
Trinity United Presbyterian Church
1600 Carver Road, Rm. 503
Mary Hudson (209) 526-6439
Redwood City
4th Tuesday, 1 PM
Sequoia Hospital Health and
Wellness Center
749 Brewster Avenue
Stan Paschote (510) 490-4456
2nd Tuesday, 1 PM
Sierra Point Sr. Res.
5161 Foothills Blvd.
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
3rd Tuesday, 1:30 PM
Northminster Presby. Church
3235 Pope Street
Charles Moore (916) 485-7723
Sacramento - Central
2nd Thursday, 2 PM
The Chateau on Capitol Ave.
2701 Capitol Avenue
For information call:
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
San Francisco
4th Thursday, 10 AM
UC-San Francisco Med Ctr.
400 Parnassus Avenue
Amb. Care Ctr. 8th Flr., Rm A888
Dennis Robins (415) 353-3667
San Jose
San Rafael
Call Bev Anderson for
information (877) 622-6298
2nd Wednesday, 1:30 PM
Neighborhood Church of Redding
777 Loma Vista
Bill Morehouse (530) 221-3082
Carol Reeves (530) 549-4351
Morgan Hill
Fort Bragg
3 Wed.,10:30 AM–odd numbered months
First Presbyterian Church
501 El Dorado Street
Don & Ann Trout (831) 372-6959
Call Bev Anderson for
information (877) 622-6298
Call Bev Anderson for
information (877) 622-6298
4th Wednesday. 1 PM
Placerville Senior Center
937 Spring Street
Frank Ruscoe (530) 647-0777
3rd Saturday, 10:30 AM
O’Conner Hospital,
2105 Forest Avenue
SJ DePaul Conf. Rm.
Stan Pashote (510) 490-4456
3 Saturday, 2:00 PM of
Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct.
DePaul Health Center
18550 DePaul Dr.
Stan Pashote (510) 490-4456
1st Thursday, 1 PM
Grand Ave. 7th Adventist Church
278 Grand Ave.
Kathleen Nagel (510) 653-8625
1st Thursday, 2 PM
Napa Senior Center
1500 Jefferson Street
Ron Patrick (707) 257-2343
[email protected]
3rd Wednesday, 1 PM
Lutheran Church of the Resurrection
1100 Las Galinas Avenue
Scott Stokes (415) 479-5659
Santa Cruz
3rd Wednesday, 1PM
Odd numbered months
Trinity Presbyterian Church
420 Melrose Avenue
Mary Ann Leer (831) 477-1239
[email protected]
– Continued on page 3
We can access the National Library of Medicine
(NLM) to obtain information on peripheral
neuropathy (PN). There are over 100 medical
articles a month written on PN.
I review these references and select articles
that would appear to be most interesting to us
neuropathy sufferers. This is the link to PubMed
that will take us to the NLM:
If you are reading this article on the computer,
just click on the above link to go there. If you are
reading the print edition of the newsletter, type
this link into the address bar of the browser on a
computer. If you don’t know how, get a librarian
or friend to help you.
After you get to PubMed, you will see a line that
says “Search _PubMed” followed by “for” and a
space. Every article in the NLM is given a PMID,
an eight digit identification number. I will give you
PMID numbers of the selected articles. Type the
PMID into the space after the “for” and click on
“Go” at the end of the space, or press the ENTER
key on your keyboard. You will then see a one
paragraph abstract of the article appear, as well
as links to related articles.
This month’s PMIDs:
•19703730 An Australian study of the local
application of 10% Ketamine cream (NMDA
antagonist) in patients with complex regional
pain syndrome, inhibited allodynia (painful
response to non-pain stimuli.
1st Thursday, 10:30 AM
Santa Rosa Senior Center
704 Bennett Valley Road
Willie Quarante (707) 544-3236
1st Friday, 10:30 AM
Vintage House
264 1st Street
Joann Bertolucci (707) 996-8336
For information call
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
For information call:
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
3rd Monday, 1 PM
Covenant Village Adm. Bldg. Classroom
2125 N. Olive Street
Dee Muhlenbruch (209) 667-0042
The Affordable
Health Care Act
For current
information go to
•19921145 A randomized, controlled study of
diabetics with varying degrees of peripheral
neuropathy were given twice weekly
physiotherapeutic group training gait and
balance exercises as well as functionoriented strengthening over twelve weeks. At
six months there was significant improvement
in balance, gait, mobility and strength.
Health Insurance
for seniors and people
with disabilities.
Call (800) 434-0222 to
ask a question or to
make an appointment.
For information call
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
Walnut Creek
4th Friday, 10 AM
Rossmoor, Hillside Clubhouse
Las Trampas Room
Carolyn Cash (925) 254-8195
West Sacramento
2nd Thursday, 12:30 PM
Arthur F. Turner Comm. Library
Community Room
1212 Merkley Avenue
Sandra Vinson (916) 372-6093
[email protected]
3rd Tuesday, 1 PM
St. Andrew Lutheran Church
4210 Claremont Avenue (at March Lane) 3rd Monday, 1:30 PM
Woodland Comm. & Senior
Jerry Elliot (209) 447-1242
2001 East Street
For information call:
Delia Genera (530) 661-3238
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
If the number is not in
your area, call the one
listed and ask for the
right number.
•19821395 A Cochrane database review of
controlled trials of 2,220 patients prescribed
duloxetine (Cymbalta®) for neuropathic
pain (both neuropathy and fibromyalgia)
found “moderately strong” evidence of
effectiveness for doses between 60 mg. and
120 mg. daily.
PCNA Information and Support Groups – continued from page 2
Santa Rosa
Help With Health
Care Challenges
For information call
Bev Anderson (877) 622-6298
Yuba City-Marysville
2nd Tuesday, 10:30AM
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
1390 Franklin Rd.
(next to Winco Shopping Center)
Ken Lux (530) 673-3479
2nd Wednesday, 6:30 PM
2360 Wingfield Hill Rd., Sparks
Mary Schrock (775) 626-5665
2nd Friday, 10 AM
Williamette View Retirement Center
12605 SE River Road 703E
M. Terry Thompson (503) 652-6826
[email protected]
4th Monday, 6:30 PM
Community Health Education Center
Salem Hospital Campus, Bldg. D
890 Oak Street SE
Michael Siebler (503) 857-3508
[email protected]
Interested in starting a
support group in your area?
Health Rights Hotline
Serving Placer, El
Dorado, Yolo, &
Sacramento Counties,
regardless where you
receive your health
Tollfree (888) 354-4474
or TDD (916) 551-2180.
In Sacramento,
(916) 551-2100.
HMO Help Center
24 hours a day, seven
days a week.
(888) HMO-2219
or (877) 688-9891 TDD
DRA’s Health
Access Project Free
publications about the
health care, insurance
rights and concerns of
people with disabilities
and serious health
conditions. For more
information, go to
http://dralegal.org/ and
click on “Projects”.
Contact Bev Anderson at
(877) 622-6298 or [email protected]
Page 3
The following companies
or individuals have agreed
to give PCNA a discount
to PCNA members. Give
them a call or visit. If you
choose to purchase the
service or wares of any
on this list, pull out your
PCNA Membership Card
and claim the discount.
Anodyne Therapy
Infrared Light Therapy
equipment - $50 off Model
Freedom 300 (single
leg at a time) and $50
discount on Model 120
that does both legs at the
same time.
Contact: 800-521-6664 or
Infrared Light Therapy
equipment - 10% off
Single Boot System
$999 and Dual boot
system $1759
Contact: 888-395-3040
or www.healthlight.us
The Footpath
825 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 885-2091
PCNA Discount:
10% off the regular
price shoes.
Elk Grove
Shoes That Fit
8649 Elk Grove Blvd.
Elk Grove, CA
(916) 686-1050
PCNA Discount:
20% off the regular
price shoes.
Strehl’s Family
Shoes & Repair
Corner of 12th & Main
1155 Main Street
Fortuna, CA 95540
(707) 725-2610
Marilyn Strehl, C.PED
is a Certified Pedorthic
PCNA Discount:
10% off the regular
price shoes.
– Continued on page 5
Page 4
There was some talk about a nun being a member
nomination for her role as a featured actress in
of the Academy. This year she attended in her
“The Pleasure of His Company.” But her future
habit. I got a glimpse of her in the distance
shifted that same year, when she first visited the
when someone was being interviewed on the red
abbey to unwind from her hectic performance
carpet. Mother Dolores is a spokesperson for The
schedule. She was already a devout Catholic, and
Neuropathy Association. Martha Chandley wrote
the abbey visit, she says in the film, gave her “a
an article for PN News, the newsletter of the Yolo
sense of peace and interior renewal.”
County groups, that I’m inserting here for your
Four years later, while engaged to Mr. Robinson,
she decided to leave Hollywood forever. Shortly
Martha Chandley writes, “Mother Dolores has
after an autograph-signing session for what
become my neuropathy hero.” The following
would be her last movie, “Come Fly with Me,”
article is an excerpt from the www.nytimes.com.
a comedy about three flight attendants trying
I believe the film is being shown at the Broadway
to find husbands, she packed a single suitcase
Theater at the present time and will be shown on
and left New York for Bethlehem. Ms. Cammisa,
HBO on April 5 for those who have cable. It is a
whose mother had been a nun for 10 years, had
story straight out of Hollywood. A beautiful young
filmed a documentary titled “Sister Helen,” about
starlet walks away from a blossoming movie
a Benedictine nun who ran a halfway house in the
career to become a nun, and 50 years later she
South Bronx, that was shown in 2002.
returns to the Academy Awards ceremony — as
In creating the new documentary, she sought to
the subject of an Oscar-nominated film.
explore not only why Dolores Hart left Hollywood,
The real-life drama of
but also what she had done
Dolores Hart, known as
all the years since. “We
For more than a decade,
Mother Prioress to the nuns
wanted to know her daily
here at the Abbey of Regina
life, and also what it is about
Mother Dolores, 73, has had
Laudis, unfolds in the HBO
abbey life that drew these
peripheral neuropathy, a painful
film “God Is The Bigger
other women to it,”Ms.
Elvis,” one of five nominees
Cammisa said. She is coneurological disorder that makes
for best documentary (short
authoring a book about her
walking difficult at times.
subject). The 35-minute
life with Richard DeNeut,
film examines Mother
vice president of Globe
Photos; she is the national
from a Hollywood ingénue and the recipient of
spokeswoman for the Neuropathy Association
Elvis Presley’s first on-screen kiss to a cloistered
(TNA); and she continues to answer fan mail, often
Benedictine nun at the abbey, where for the past
about her roles with Elvis, with whom she starred
nine years she has been the prioress, the second
in “Loving You” in 1957 and in “King Creole” in
in authority below the abbess, Mother David
1958. During her brief film career, she also starred
Serna. Scheduled to be shown on HBO in April,
with Montgomery Clift, Myrna Loy, Connie Francis
the documentary offers a first-time glimpse inside
and Anthony Quinn, but it was her role in the 1960
the enclosed abbey and tells the stories of several
cult classic “Where the Boys Are” that led to an
nuns who live there.
invitation to join the Academy.
It also reveals Mother Dolores’s poignant 47-year
Her most prophetic role was in the 1961 film
friendship with her former fiancé, Don Robinson,
“Francis of Assisi,” in which she plays Clare, a
a Los Angeles architect, who visited her regularly
beautiful young woman who leaves a life of nobility
until his death last year. But is it compelling
to found an order of nuns. But her own spiritual
enough to earn an Oscar? The nuns are praying
journey was not nearly as romantic as that of her
it is. For more than a decade, Mother Dolores,
film character. Seven years passed between the
73, has had peripheral neuropathy, a painful
day she joined the abbey as a postulant and the
neurological disorder that makes walking difficult
day she took her final vows, in 1970.
at times. But on Sunday night, wearing her black
The initial adjustment, she says in the film, was
habit, she will step out of a chauffeured limousine
terrifying: “I had no idea that it was going to mean
and make her first red-carpet appearance at the
singing seven times a day, working in the garden,
Oscars since she last attended in 1962. “It’s very
10 people in a bathroom, the sternness.” In the
exciting — absolutely,” she said. “Since I was a
film, she compares it to being skinned alive. But
little girl, the movies and Hollywood have been a
the film also shows another side of abbey life:
major part of my life.”
nuns engaged in an impromptu snowball fight;
During her brief career, Dolores Hart appeared in
Mother Dolores holding hands with her former
10 movies, and in 1959, the year she turned 21,
fiancé; a Keystone Kops-like chase after a loose
she earned a Theater World Award and a Tony
Annual Report Of Activity In 2011 – Continued from page 1
people with neuropathy with an emphasis on
those who could not get out to a meeting, but
others were invited as well. Only people in Placer
County can participate in the teleconferences but
we are also working on producing podcasts from
those teleconferences that will permit access by
everyone with a computer. They could even be
played at meetings in lieu of a speaker. We have
a goal to also open this opportunity to in our new
territories throughout California, Nevada, Oregon,
and possibly Hawaii.
Two fundraising and membership opportunity
letters were sent with a good response received.
In looking at the goals set for 2011, we didn’t quite
complete the transition to The Pacific Chapter of
The Neuropathy Association. The Strategic Plan
has largely been achieved and in 2012 we will be
revising the plan for the next two year Strategic
Plan for 2013 - 2015. Several goals that we will
continue to work on this year include reviewing and
revising policies, standing rules and the Bylaws;
completing the new Support Group Handbook; and
establishing groups below our former geographic
‘line.’ Time seems to fly by and tasks take longer
than anticipated.
Our Board has done a great job and we are on
the lookout for new people to add, but also to
help with needs such as liaison with the medical
community, fundraising, and other specialties. We
had a goal to receive at least one grant and that
was accomplished. Other goals will be more fully
met in 2012.
The goal for 2012 is to finish the goals for 2011 and
accomplish as many of the remaining strategic plan
goals as we are able as well as to write the 20132015 Strategic Plan.
Financial Report
This balance sheet for the one year ending
December 31, 2011 from Treasurer Wayne Hewlett
provides a view of the income and expense for the
year. If you have questions, please contact us. You
will notice that for the year, we were over budget
the projected budget by $600. However, we had
more than adequate reserves to support our efforts.
Additional members would help greatly both in
terms of the organization’s financial and influential
strength. If you know someone who hasn’t joined,
please encourage them to do so. Also remember
$6 is allocated to your support group’s sub-account
from the dues of each new member. No matter
which month you join, it is still $30.
PCNA 2011 Income Summary
Wayne Hewlett. Treasurer
$12,650 45.6%
Contributions/Donations $7,794 28.1%
Support Group Dues
Total: Revenue
Member Services and Programs:
Newsletter/publications $7,551 31.5%
Support Group Development$3,718 15.5%
Placer County Grant
$3,250 13.6%
Donation to Research
$2,500 10.4%
Recruiting and Fundraising $1,882 7.9%
Annual Meeting
$1,585 6.6%
Support Group Expense Reimbursement
$1,329 5.5%
Advertising and Promotion $1,230 5.1%
Brochures, Handouts, Dues Reminder
$494 2.1%
Awards to Members
$230 1.0%
Professional Services & Events $210 0.9%
Total: Member & Services Programs
General & Admin Expenses:
Utilities and Insurance
Office supplies
Postage and PO Box
Equipment and Tools
Board Development and Support$237
General and Admin Expenses$4,369 100.0%
Total Expenses
$28,346 Net Income
Support Group Equity $11,973
PCNA Equity
Expense Ratio
The Equity shows the amount held in sub-accounts for
our support groups as of December 31, 2011, and the
amount in the general fund. Our reserve indicates there is
sufficient funds to cover our expenses for one year in the
event in the event of unforeseen crisis that would keep
us from taking in any revenue for one year. This ‘one
year reserve’ position is congruent with other nonprofits’
policies on reserve levels. The ratio of Member Services and
Programs to Administrative and General is well within the
IRS recommendations for nonprofit organizations. We are
very much worth the contributions given us through dues
and donations as we primarily spend the funds on member
services and are conservative with administrative costs.
Continued from page 4
Comfort Shoes
3400 Folsom Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95835
(916) 731-4400
PCNA discount: 15%
on the regular price.
West Sacramento
Beverly’s Never
Just Haircuts
and Lilly’ Nails
2007 W. Capitol Ave,
West Sacramento, CA
Hair–(916) 372-5606
Nails–(916) 346-8342
PCNA discount:
10% off the regular
Do you know a
business that might
offer our members
a discount? Tell
them that they
will be listed each
month in our
newsletter and on
our website so our
members will know
of their generosity
and patronize their
business. Call (877)
622-6298 or e-mail
[email protected]
We ’ l l m a i l a n
agreement form to
the business, and
once we have it,
we’ll add them to
this list.
Page 5
Video Program
Now Order Online
$5 each
Gentle Yoga
Spring Meeting 2010
Spring Meeting 2010
Special Material
Dr. Ezekiel Fink on
Small Fiber Neuropathy
Neuropathy Action
Awareness Day 2009 #1
Neuropathy Action
Awareness Day 2009 #2
Neuropathy Action
Awareness Day 2009 #3
Spring Meeting 2009
Dr. Peter Skaff
Dr. Jeffrey Ralph
For details about the
program on each DVD, an
order form, and handouts
for some of the
see our website
You may have heard that they are finding benefits attributed to coffee. It has been found that
caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee have the same benefits so it is thought the beneficial part
is not the caffeine. I like the closing lines on the article from Harvard Medical School HEALTHbeat
of February 14, 2012, “All of the favorable studies and all of the seemingly healthful ingredients
in coffee are good news for coffee drinkers. They can relax and enjoy their habit. And people
who don’t drink coffee can find plenty of other things to do to help keep themselves healthy.”
In an article featured in the www.CEN-ONLINE.ORG, January 23, 2012 issue called FIGHTING
NEUROPATHIC PAIN describes a discovery that may guide drug therapy research into areas
not studied previously. The article is only a few paragraphs long and rather detailed but
the gist of the information is understandable. However, it may be difficult to find. We can be
encouraged that some cutting edge research is being done so there is hope for the future.
Tuesday, May 1, 9:30 AM to 3 PM • Woodland Community and Senior Center, 2001 East Street, Woodland.
Morning Speaker - Fredric Gorin, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Fredric Gorin lectures on the peripheral nervous system, particularly with respect to diagnosing
neuropathies, testing neuropathic cellular mechanisms of drug actions, drug development, and brain
cancers. He has authored more than 50 publications on neurology disorders and dysautonomiast. Dr.
Gorin’s patented drug agents at UCD prevent or slow the recurrence of highly aggressive brain novel
agents and advance a lead compound for clinical evaluation.
Dr. Gorin will spend the morning with us so he will be making two presentations with time for questions
and answers following each.
Afternoon Speaker - Kelly Ward
Ms. Kelly Ward (aka The Fall Prevention Lady), a gerontologist, health educator and certified FallProof™
balance and mobility specialist, has been studying fall risk reduction since 2005. She recently earned a
specialized masters degree in Therapeutic Aging from CSU, Sacramento. Join Kelly for an interactive,
one-hour fall prevention workshop that will discuss both intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors and how to
minimize the risk of an accidental fall. There’s no doubt that there are inevitable changes associated
with aging including sensory loss and musculoskeletal decline which contribute to the loss of balance.
Ms. Ward will demonstrate basic movements designed to keep a person strong, flexible, and better
balanced. Educate. Demonstrate. Facilitate. This workshop is designed to educate about fall risk
factors, demonstrate basic fall prevention exercises, and facilitate compliance at home or within individual
A continental breakfast and full lunch will be provided. There will be a short interactive activity immediately
following lunch before Kelly Ward speaks.
Woodland Community and Senior Center, 2001 East Street, Woodland, CA 95776
Mail the application by Monday April 21 to PCNA, P.O. Box 276567, Sacramento, CA 95827-6567
or fax to (916) 932-2277 or email to [email protected] by Friday, April 27.
– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –
Please register me for the 2012 Conference on May 1, 2012
at the Woodland Community and Senior Center, 2001 East Street, Woodland, CA 95776
Address _______________________________________________________________________________
Phone ________________________________ e-mail________________________________________
If you need a special diet, please indicate: __ vegetarian __ gluten free other_______________
– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –– –
Page 6
Sheraton Grand Hotel, 1230 J Street, Sacramento, CA
9:30 Registration and Exhibits
2:45 Refreshments and Exhibits Break
10:00 Welcome and Overview, Sharon Ito, News Anchor/Reporter,
3:10 Chemotherapy and Neuropathy
News 10, KXTV - Sacramento, CA
Todd Levine, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor, University of Ari10:10 Partnering with Your Doctor: Asking for Help
Mazen Dimachkie, M.D., Professor, University of Kansas Medical Center
3:40 Traumatic Neuropathies and Nerve Repair
11:00 Natural Options in Treating Neuropathy
Jeffrey Ralph, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor, University of
11:45 Break and Exhibits
California, San Francisco
12:15 Lunch Program
4:10 Ask the Experts - Your Neuropathy Questions Answered
Living With Diabetic Neuropathy: Tips From A Hollywood Celebrity
Jonathan Katz, M.D., Chief of Neuromuscular Services at California
Jerry Mathers, American television, film, and stage actor.
Pacific Medical Center Todd Levine, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor,
Remembered as “Beaver” Cleaver in “Leave It to Beaver.”
University of Arizona, Jeffrey Ralph, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor,
“Legislator of the Year Award”
University of California, San Francisco
CA State Assemblymember Jared Huffman (Marin/Sonoma)
Please notice that a check or credit card for $15 is needed for lunch. This
“You Are Our Hero Award”
will be a highlight of the day so I urge you to pay the fee with your registra
Barby Ingle, Executive Director, Power of Pain Foundation (POPF)
tion so you can attend. If you are coming from a distance, there are some
Neuropathy Action Foundation Update
rooms available at a lowered price and a few that will be given free upon
Dominick Spatafora, President, Neuropathy Action Foundation
request if it is a financial hardship to pay the $169 plus tax for the room.
1:30 Coping and Dealing With Chronic Pain
Indicate on your registration if you are choosing either option. To obtain a
room at the lowered price, call (800) 325-3535 before Thursday, May 24,
Daniel Rockers, Ph.D., Sacramento Psychologist
2012, saying you are with the Neuropathy Action Foundation Group. This
2:05 The Importance of Blood and Plasma Donation
is necessary to receive the special rate.
Elaine Rock, Blood Source
6th Annual “Neuropathy Action Awareness Day”
Registration Form
(Return by June 11 to avoid a $50 charge)
Wednesday, June 20, 2012 • 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Sheraton Grand Hotel, 1230 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Company / Organization Name (If Applicable)_____________________________________________________
Full Address_______________________________________________________________________________
Phone____________________________________ Email_________________________________________
Please check off which events you will attend:
I am attending the daytime seminars and exhibits: FREE
I am a neuropathy patient and will attend the Luncheon: $15 per person
I am NOT a neuropathy patient and will attend the Luncheon: $100 per person
I cannot attend but would like to make a contribution in the amount of $_____
My check or money order, payable to Neuropathy Action Foundation (NAF), is enclosed.
Please charge my credit card for $___________
Credit Card Number __________________________________________
Expiration Date_____________
Name As It Appears On Card________________________________________________________________
Signature____________________________________________________ Date______________________
Please mail your completed form (and check, if applicable) to:
Neuropathy Action Foundation • 18650 N. Thompson Peak Pkwy, #1021, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Questions: Contact (877) 512-7262 or [email protected]
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Page 7
The Pacific Chapter
of The Neuropathy Association
A California public benefit, nonprofit,
tax exempt corporation
P.O. Box 276567
Sacramento, CA 95827-6567
530-389-2416 • 877-622-6298 toll free
[email protected]
AUBURN, CA 95603
Mark Your Calendars Now!
The PCNA Annual Conference
May 1, 2012
The 6th Annual
Neuropathy Action Awareness Day
June 20, 2012
COME SURF WITH PCNA By Karen C. Polastri, Vice President
After several months of planning, designing,
editing, and migration of data, phase I of the
new PCNA website is completed. We hope
that you like our new more sophisticated
image as much as we do. In addition to having
a website that our members are proud of, we
knew that we had to redesign the website to be
more appealing to potential corporate funders
– they tend to support organizations that more
closely resemble their own image.
A California public benefit, nonprofit,
tax-exempt corporation.
Bev Anderson, Editor
P.O. Box 276567
Sacramento, CA 95827-6567
(877) 622-6298
[email protected] • www.pnhelp.org
Our mission is to provide support, information and
referral to people with neuropathy and to those who
care about them, to inform and connect with the
health care community, and to support research.
Projects that we will continue to work on under phase II of the new site include
an online membership application and a more visible ‘join’ option, an interactive
calendar to post support group meetings with possibly a Google map feature,
updating the older static documents with the association’s new name, offering a
feature allowing visitors to increase the size of the type, and event and meeting
registration feature. In addition, the PCNA Board of Directors will be exploring
whether or not to limit access to some of the information on the website to
members only as part of the value of paying dues.
Our website address remains the same, www.pnhelp.org – you are invited to
‘surf’ the new site.
Page 8
The Pacific Chapter of
The Neuropathy Association (PCNA)
Dues - $30 a year
All contributions and dues are tax-deductible.
We are supported by dues-paying members,
contributions by members and friends, and
occasionally, small grants.
This newsletter is designed for educational and informational
purposes only. The information contained herein is not intended
to substitute for informed medical advice. You should not use this
information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without
consulting a qualified health care provider. The Pacific Chapter of the
Neuropathy Association (PCNA) does not endorse any treatments,
medications, articles, abstracts or products discussed herein. You
are strongly encouraged to consult a neurologist with any questions
or comments you may have regarding your condition. The best care
can only be given by a qualified provider who knows you personally.

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