St Joseph`s Recipe Book


St Joseph`s Recipe Book
A compilation of
favourite recipes
suggested by
Staff, Parents and
As a teacher , parent and a keen cook , we know how
important cooking is. It’s a skill everyone should have and
once mastered it’s quick, fun and rewarding.
We’ve invested money to get new equipment for our Food
Room at St. Joseph’s but we’ve never had our own cookery book,
it’s time to change it.
We’ve asked parents, learners and staff to contribute some
of their old favourites for our recipe book…
Have a look, maybe you’ll find the one you’ve suggested!
Happy cooking!
Magdalena Diuczko
DT Subject Leader
Elaheh Safari
HLTA- food technology teacher
The book has 5 sections, listed below.
Each section has 3 recipes to try!
Main Dishes
Vegetables, Fruit and Salads
Sauces and Side Dishes
We hope you enjoyed this recipe book!
If you have any suggestions for further recipes for next year send them to
[email protected]
[email protected]
We are planning to include a drinks section in the next edition of the book
so send your favourite milkshakes, smoothies and mocktails to be included!