Financial Settings


Financial Settings
Quick reference card — Exact Online JobBOSS
Financial settings
If you chose Manual setup when you first started Exact Online JobBOSS, you must create the G/L accounts
shown below in QuickBooks if the accounts do not already exist.
See the list below for a brief explanation of the accounting settings.
G/L account
For use
Invoices/goods to be received
During the time between the receipt of goods and receipt of the purchase
invoice, Exact Online JobBOSS keeps the outstanding balance on an
intermediate account that you link here. Once all the goods and invoices
have been received there will no longer be an outstanding balance on this
Offset G/L Inventory:
Stock count
Compensates for physical stock corrections when you enter a stock count.
Exact Online JobBOSS debits or credits this account (depending on
positive/negative stock correction) through an entry in a general journal.
Work in progress
Captures the cost to build an item currently in progress. After the work is
finished and the shop order is marked complete, there is no long an
outstanding balance on this account.
Goods in transit
For drop shipment orders, as you do not receive the goods into your
Stock revaluation
Accommodates changes to the cost price of your stock.
Assembly order difference
Accommodates price differences between an actual assembled item and
the items that make up that assembled item.
Manufacturing variance
(Manufacturing only)
Create a journal entry when you complete a shop order. Captures the
difference between the cost to build accumulated in the Work in progress
account and the cost specified at the item level.
Used to record revenue when you create an invoice for an item.
Cost of goods sold
Used to record costs when you create an invoice for an item.
Stock / Costs
Used to record costs when you create an invoice for an item.
Price differences
Used to book price differences between the purchase price and standard
cost price of an item.
(Manufacturing only)

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