May Issue - Oxford/Orion FISH



May Issue - Oxford/Orion FISH
May, 2016
Four ways you can help us on Saturday, May 14
May 14th is the date of this year’s Letter Carriers’ Food Drive. The person who delivers
your mail will pick up any food items you leave at your mail box that day for delivery to
our food pantry. You can support us in four ways. First, fill the bag you’ll receive in the
mail with non-expired food items you wish to donate (no glass jars, please) and leave it
by your mail box for pick up on that Saturday. Second, check to see if any of your children
still have community service hours available to help with the food collection that day.
If they have hours available, have them let us know and we’ll put them to work. Third,
consider giving us a few hours of your time that day to help at the pantry or volunteering
in other ways. And fourth, if you have a wagon or a flat bed dolly, we could put it to
good use that day. Contact us at [email protected] or call 248-628-3933.
With much thanks.
Smiles at the pantry thanks
to Kingsbury. See page 2.
Inside this
* 7th graders from 2
Kingsbury bring
more than food
to the pantry
* FISH food
drop-off locations
Bulletin board
Going green
Next meeting
Prayer line
A new location 4
will bring
more space
for handling
food donations
We welcome your
comments and letters.
Don Danko, editor, at
[email protected]
Pantry is located at 487
First Street, Oxford
Township, MI 48371.
Hotline: 248-628-3933
A request for your help from
Oxford/Orion FISH Board Members
Page 2
They brought more than food
It’s ‘service with a smile’ from Kingsbury 7th graders
They came to deliver the 600
pounds of food the school
collected for the food pantry,
but before they left, these
highly energetic 7th graders
from Kingsbury put their own
personal touch on the pantry
shelves. They helped move a
few products around and did
some sorting and stocking before putting their donated
items on the shelves for shoppers to see on their next visit.
And they did it all with plenty
of warmth and smiles.
Oxford/Orion FISH food drop-off locations
Following is a list of drop-off locations that can be used to contribute items to the pantry. Contributions can
also be dropped off at the Oxford/Orion FISH pantry in Oxford. See our website ( for
specific hours and days of operation at the pantry and the locations shown below.
Lake Orion Post Office
611 N. Axford St.
Lake Orion, MI 48362
Orion Neighborhood Television
1349 Joslyn Rd.
Lake Orion, MI 48360
233 Kay Industrial Drive
Orion Township, MI 48359
St. Joseph Catholic Church
714 N. Lapeer Rd.
Lake Orion, MI 48362
Hollywood Market
1101 S. Lapeer Rd.
Lake Orion, MI 48360
Oxford Post Office
52 E. Burdick St
Oxford, MI 48371
Lake Orion United Methodist Church
140 E. Flint St
Lake Orion, MI 48361
Beaumont Medical Building
1455 S. Lapeer Road
Lake Orion, MI 48360
Oxford Village Offices
22 W. Burdick St.
Oxford, MI 48371
Grondins Hair Center
1041 S. Lapeer Rd.
Lake Orion, MI 48360
King of Kings Lutheran Church
1715 S. Lapeer Rd.
Lake Orion, MI 48360
Paul’s Barber Shop
87 W. Burdick St
Oxford, MI 48371
Addison Township Offices
1440 Rochester Rd
Leonard, MI 48367
Page 3
Our pantry wish list for May . . . includes canned tuna, canned chicken, broth, chili, mandarin oranges, canned tomatoes,
evaporated milk, soup and northern beans. Check our website,, for other items as special needs arise.
We are in need of office volunteers . . . If you have a few hours of volunteer time that you can give us each
month, we’d love to have your support as one of our office volunteers. You would be asked to work in our pantry
office in Oxford Township from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. two times a month and primarily be responsible for scheduling
clients for their monthly shopping visits to the pantry. If you can help us, please call 248-628-3933.
Our Volunteer for the Month of May . . . is Jim Elmslie, our own personal
“milk man” at the pantry! His dedicated service insures that enough milk is
always on hand to meet the shopping needs of our clients. He also assists with
maintenance and minor repairs at the pantry. Thank you, Jim, for all you do.
A reminder . . . to update your Kroger Community Rewards card which expires on
May 1. If you haven’t enrolled in the program, please consider joining it and helping
the charity of your choice. There is no cost and the charity of your choice will receive
a percentage of your total purchase when you swipe your Kroger plus card.
Save the date . . . Our community garden planting day will be Saturday, June 4. Garden
lovers of all ages are invited to join us beginning at 8 a.m. tha morning to plant the
vegetables that will be a welcomed addition to our pantry offerings this summer.
Pantry totals for March
Help us to go green
Help us “go green” by sending us your email address so
you can receive your monthly issue of FISHline electronically. This helps us save on printing and postage and gets
our monthly issues to you a little earlier, and with a touch
of color as well. Email us at [email protected]
and we’ll be happy to add your address to our list.
Households served:
Individuals served:
Amount of food:
Number of new clients:
17,160 pounds
Our next General Meeting will be held at 9 a.m.,
Thursday, May 12, at the
Lake Orion United Methodist Church.
Everyone is welcome to attend.
The Prayer Line
For all our FISH mothers — clients, volunteers and donors.
For a continued recovery to full health for Tom Kennis and Dave Kirby.
In thanksgiving for the strong community support FISH receives from its volunteers.
For John Jarvis and Mary Boberg on their continued recovery from health issues.
Almighty God, whose great commandment is that we shall love our neighbors as ourselves, and who has taught us that
we should do to others as we would have them do to us, we ask your blessing upon the work and growth of the FISH
movement throughout the world. As our purpose is to help our fellow persons, and to promote all that is good in the
life of our community, so we pray that you will strengthen our hands in all our undertakings, and that your work may
spread the spirit of fellowship and goodwill among all people.
Page 4
A second location brings more space for handling food donations
This month’s Letter Carrier’s Food Drive will find FISH volunteers
working to accept donated items at both the Oxford food pantry
and a second location, a storage building at 3637 Lakeville Road
(photo). Owner Dan Davis is making two large rooms in the
building available to help with the sorting and processing of the
huge amount of food items expected to be collected in the drive
by letter carriers from the Lake Orion and Oxford Post Offices.
On Saturday, May
14, letter carriers
will pick up items
contributed by individuals along
their mail route and
bring them to the
post office, where
volunteer drivers
will then take them
to either the food pantry or the storage building.
and sort items being delivered to the storage building.
Army youth group students with the Detroit Arsenal
Youth Programs will be among the volunteers helping
to receive the items at the food pantry. With the help of
dollies and wagons, other volunteers will help unload
Rich Wendt, Rodney Black and Paul Mansfield have
offered to help with the driving. Oxford Bank employees have offered to help sort and process food
drive contributions later in the month.
Oxford/Orion FISH
P.O. Box 732
Peaking their heads in for
a close look at one of the
large empty rooms donated
by Dan Davis to help process
the food donations are FISH
board members Ron Wood,
Sue Black and Julie Howald.
Nonprofit Organization
U.S. Postage Paid
Lake Orion, MI