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Amaryllis flowers are a favorite plant for holiday celebrations or as a colorful flower during dreary winter
days. The striking flowers are available in many different colors. Amaryllis bulbs are easy to grow and can
decorate your home for years to come.
It is best to plant the amaryllis bulb as soon as possible. If you cannot plant the bulb for several days, store it
in a dark, cool (but not freezing) place, such as a basement or unheated room. Before planting, put the bulb and
its dangling roots in lukewarm water for several hours. This “wakes the bulb up” and signals that it is time to
grow. Amaryllis bulbs prefer to be pot-bound. Choose a pot with a drain hole that is slightly wider than the
bulb. Use a loose, well-drained potting mix. Do NOT use topsoil since topsoil may cause root rot diseases.
Place a handful of potting mix in the bottom of the pot and spread the roots out over it. Add more potting mix
until the neck and part of the bulb shoulder are showing. Press soil firmly around the bulb to be sure it is
steady. Water sparingly until the bud emerges from the bulb. As the flower stalk grows, keep the soil moist.
Set the bulb in a sunny place and rotate it often to keep the stalk growing straight.
Flowering and Aftercare:
Amaryllis grows quickly and usually blooms 6-8 weeks after potting. The blossoms usually last up to two
weeks. As each flower fades, remove it to keep the remaining flowers beautiful. After the last flower passes,
remove the entire flower stalk at the base and start treating the amaryllis like other houseplants. Several large,
leathery, strap-like leaves will emerge from the bulb, adding a tropical feel to any room. Keep the soil moist
and fertilize with a complete houseplant fertilizer. Set the plant near a sunny window for the remainder of the
winter. After all danger of frost has passed, the amaryllis can be placed outside on an east or north- facing
If you want to force the bulb to bloom again for Christmas, follow these easy steps. In mid-July, stop watering the bulb and allow it
to completely dry out. When the leaves are shriveled, they can be remo ved. Store the bulb in its container in a cool, dark place. In
late October, bring the bulb back to a warm, sunny window, and water thoroughly. Continue caring for the bulb just as you did after
initially planting the bulb and it should brighten your holiday celebration once again.