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Album Booklet
Don’t Forget the Family Prayer
Emma Jackson
Public Domain
Colossians 4:2-6
Don’t forget the family prayer
God will surely meet you there.
When you gather in the evening
don’t forget the family prayer.
Verse 1
At evening when you feel down-hearted
everything’s gone wrong all day.
Call the family together
ask them all to kneel and pray.
Repeat Chorus
Verse 2
When you gather ‘round the fireside
with your family all close by.
Thank the Lord for all your blessings,
as you pray to Him on high.
Repeat Chorus
Sheryl Farris
McKameys Publishing/BMI
Matthew 26:47-56; 69-75; 27:24-26
Verse 1
He was sinless yet betrayed and denied,
Bound and so beaten, He was hard to recognize.
Bloody and swollen, the crown of thorns upon His brow,
it wasn’t fair, so undeserved.
Every breath He took just added to His pain,
nailed to that cross, Oh it seemed He died in vain,
the spotless Lamb of God, dying all alone,
it wasn’t fair, so undeserved.
I Want to Be That Man
Justin Peters, Connie Wolfe,
Twila McBride
Justin Peters Music/BMI
Proverbs 20:6-7
Verse 1
As sure as this world is turning
I owe my all to Him.
He gave up His life, the ultimate price
for this man who was guilty as sin.
So I live the rest of my days
In the shadow of the cross,
when Heaven looks down,
I want to be found,
devoted no matter the cost.
I want to be that man
found faithful when it’s all said and
giving my all for the sake of the call
for the Savior who is second to none.
May the truth that holds my heart,
be the strength that lets me stand,
if anyone builds his life around Jesus,
I want to be that man.
Verse 2
As long as there’s time to harvest
I want to do my part.
I surrender my will, may His Spirit fill
every corner and space of my heart.
I’ll hold to His nail-scarred hand,
giving glory to the Lamb.
Everyday of my life, may I live what
is right
and serve Him with all that I am.
Repeat Chorus
If there’s a man who will walk
who’s life will not be in vain,
Repeart Chorus
So undeserved. This is not the way it should have been.
Much more extreme and so hard to comprehend,
why He would die, to cleanse the wickedness of man.
He died for all, so that all might live,
so undeserved, so undeserved.
Verse 2
I am a sinner but I have been redeemed,
with blood He bought me. Yes, I belong to Him.
I wandered in sin, but He reached out and took me in,
it isn’t fair, so undeserved.
I was guilty but He paid my penalty,
I was in bondage, but by His power I am free.
I stand amazed, walking in His grace,
it isn’t fair, so undeserved.
Repeat Chorus
If Salvation Had Not Been Free
Sherman Long
Public Domain
Romans 3:21-25
Verse 1
If the price of salvation was silver and gold,
all the poor of this world would be lost;
but the Savior who loved us, in mercy, we are told,
paid the price on the cruel cross.
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, what could I have done,
if salvation had not been free;
God so loved this world that He gave His only Son,
just to make a way for me.
Verse 2
“All the poor of my people,” thus saith the Lord,
“they shall feast on the fat of the land;”
everyone who will trust and believe in my Word
shall be strengthened and made to stand.
Repeat Chorus
Verse 3
“It is finished” oh hear Him so tenderly say,
as He gave up His life on the tree;
thus the plan of salvation was made on that day
free salvation for you and me.
When I Thank Him for
What He Has Done
Albert E. Brumley
Albert E. Brumley & Sons Music/BMI
Revelation 5
Verse 1
Someday, I’ll stand in God’s city
to receive bright treasures I’ve won.
Oh, but how, can I ever accept them?
Till I thank Him for what He has done.
When I thank Him for what He has done.
I must look back to the crucified one.
On that beautiful shore,
I must kneel once more,
just to thank Him, for what He has done.
Verse 2
They say there will be no more sighing
in that city when life’s race is run.
Oh but how can I keep from crying?
When I thank Him for what He has done.
Verse 3
Before I can shout Hallelujah,
before I can sing that sweet song,
I must kneel at the feet of Jesus,
and thank Him for what He has done.
Repeat Chorus
It Sure Looks Like Home
Sandy Blythe
Blythe Music Group/BMI
John 14:1-3; 23
Verse 1
We have sailed on this old ship of
Zion so long,
we’ve sailed thru rough waters, we’ve
weathered many storms.
But from the bow of the ship, I just
heard a cry
the journey’s almost over, land is in
And it sure looks like home to me
I can see banners waving beside the
crystal sea,
there we’ll join holy angels and crown
Christ the King.
It sure looks like home to me,
Yes, it sure looks like home to me.
Verse 2
As I look a little closer I see loved
ones on that shore
there we’ll be united, in the presence
of the Lord.
So we’ll keep sailing onward, to the
joy that awaits,
for they can’t start the celebration, ‘til
we step thru the gates.
Repeat Chorus
There Is Jesus
Sheryl Farris
McKameys Publishing/BMI
Luke 2:41-51; Matthew 3:1-17;
John 2:1-11; 4:46-54; Acts 2:22-24
Verse 1
It had been three days,
His parents couldn’t find Him
But the scribes and the Pharisees
were all gathered ‘round Him.
As a boy in the temple
speaking with such wisdom
they were all amazed at what He said,
and in the middle of it all—There was Jesus.
Verse 2
The one crying in the wilderness,
John, the baptizer
spoke of One who was to come
baptizing with fire.
When John baptized Him,
the Heavens were opened
and God descended like a dove.
And in the middle of it all—There was Jesus.
Verse 3
The wedding at Cana
the wine made from water,
going to the ruler’s house
to bring life to his daughter
He spoke with authoriity,
straight from the Father
no one could explain away His power,
and in the middle of it all—
There was Jesus.
Verse 4
On a hill just outside of town
a Man hung there bleeding,
dying for the souls of men
to captives bring freedom.
Three days later
His tomb was empty,
He conquered death and the grave.
Yes, in the middle of it all—There was Jesus!
So no matter what you’re facing, no matter
where you’ve been,
in hard times or in good times, keep your
eyes on Him.
Even in the heat of battle or by pleasant
mountain streams,
He’ll be right there in the middle, that’s
where He’s always been.
So be strong and take courage when you
think you’re gonna fall,
‘cause right in the middle of it all—
There is Jesus!
I’ve Had an Introduction
Jessie Varner
Bridge Building Music/BMI
Example: John 4:7-30
Verse 1
Living alone, with sorrow and with sin,
but I had a longing to be with Christian friends.
I went to sinful places,
and done some awful things, but when I met
the Savior, He washed me clean.
(I’ve had an introduction) I met Him face to face.
(I’ve had an introduction) I know the time and the
(I’ve had a revelation) He showed me what I’d been,
I got rid of my past, I’m going home at last,
I’ve been born again.
Verse 2
I met the Lord, down on my knees in prayer.
I knelt at an altar, my Savior met me there.
I asked Him for deliverance He said “Child, just
I shouted “Hallelujah! I’ve been set free.”
Repeat Chorus
Pure Satisfaction
Sheryl Farris
McKameys Publishing/BMI
John 6:31-58
Verse 1
Wandering souls and weary pilgrims
searching for a better way.
God gave manna for His children,
He gives the True bread to us today.
Just as God sent bread from heaven,
and Jesus fed the multitude,
He’s the bread that’s everlasting,
pure satisfaction He’ll give to you.
Pure satisfaction
coming from the Father’s throne.
He’s the source of true contentment
that you won’t find on your own.
There’s no way I can describe it
there’s nothing like it in this world.
I’ve got pure satisfaction
as I’m walking with my Lord.
Verse 2
Is your soul longing for something?
The Lord is good. Oh taste and see.
God gives a bread of a different kind
this Bread gives life eternally.
All I need I have in Jesus
my empty soul He satisfies.
He fills my life so completely
pure satisfaction is what I find.
Repeat Chorus
The Coming of the Lord
Public Domain
I Thessalonians 4:13-17
Verse 1
While walking down life’s rugged way (down life’s rugged way)
I’m looking for the coming day (for the coming day).
Believing in His precious Word (His precious Word),
about the coming of my Lord (coming of my Lord).
I’m looking (for the coming) for the Lord (coming of my Lord)
I’m looking (for the coming) for the Lord (the coming of my Lord).
He’s coming (coming, coming) in the air (He’s coming in the air),
I’m looking, yes, I’m looking, for my Lord (the coming of my Lord).
Verse 2
Tho tears may often dim my eyes (often dim my eyes)
By faith I see beyond the sky (beyond the sky),
with heart and voice in one accord (in one accord)
I’m looking for my blessed Lord (coming of my Lord).
Repeat Chorus
Verse 3
I’m weary waiting with my toil (waiting with my toil)
Although I know it won’t be long (it won’t be long)
No giving up can I afford (can I afford)
till all the hopes have been restored (hopes have been restored).
Repeat Chorus
I’m Gonna Die on the Battlefield
Verse 3
Arrangement Connie Fortner
Some say give me silver,
McKameys Publishing/BMI
some say give me gold;
I say give me Jesus,
Revelation 2:10; Ephesians 6:10-20
who saved my dying soul.
Verse 1
Verse 4
One day while I was thinking
I’ll take this gospel trumpet
on unseen things above,
and I’ll begin to blow,
the Savior spoke unto me
Oh Lord, if You will help me
and filled my heart with love.
I’ll blow it wherever I go.
Verse 2
I used to have some people,
I’m gonna die on the battlefield,
who walked and talked with me,
I’m gonna die in the war.
but since I’ve been converted
I’m gonna die on the battlefield,
they’ve turned their back on me.
with glory in my soul.
Produced by: Jeff Collins and Roger Fortner
Recording Engineer: Van Atkins at Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC
Mixed and Mastered by: Roger Fortner at Riverbend Studios, Clinton, TN
Photography: Bobbie Wyatt
Graphic Design: Lynn O’Hara, Art & Design Den
Jeff Collins  piano, keyboards
Tony Creasman  drums, percussion
Roger Fortner  bass and electric guitars
Elijah Fortner  electric & acoustic guitars and added percussion on “I Want To be That Man”
David Johnson  acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, resonator guitar
Label Coordinators:
A&R Executive: Mickey Gamble
A&R Associate: Rich Crist
Studio Services: Jeff Collins
Distribution Services: Scott Wagner
Radio Services: Jim Stover
Layout & Publishing: Greg Bentley
Financial Services: Vickie Collins
Marketing Director: Ty Gilpin
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phone: (865) 457-3678
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Milestone: For centuries the often made-of-granite
marker has been used worldwide to show distance
and guide sojourners to their destination.
50: A number so honored, gold is used to celebrate
and commemorate it.
These two concepts are now fused into a single
dramatic event with the release of “50,”
The McKamey’s fiftieth recorded collection in
a Gospel music career spanning six decades.
50 includes a new version of the very first
McKameys song ever recorded “The Family Prayer.”
This singing family’s amazing musical adventure
has taken them literally millions of miles,
rendered radio hit after radio hit, and
garnered more awards and number one
plaques than perhaps anyone before or since.
50. The McKameys. Historical.
~Jim Stover
Don’t Forget the Family Prayer 2:19
2. I Want to Be That Man 3:47
3. Undeserved 3:41
4. If Salvation Had Not Been Free 2:53
5. When I Thank Him for
What He Has Done 3:01
6. It Sure Looks Like Home 3:33
7. There Is Jesus 3:51
8. I’ve Had an Introduction 2:25
9. Pure Satisfaction 3:12
10. The Coming of the Lord 3:06
11. I’m Gonna Die on the Battlefield 2:08
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