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- LeMusée de fpc
de f.p.c.
A House Museum Honoring the Legacy of New Orleans’ Free People of Color
Your Invitation to Become a Member of LeMusée de f.p.c.
Le Musée de f.p.c., is a historic house museum, one of the country's few
attractions dedicated exclusively to preserving the material culture of
and to telling the story of free people of color.
Free people of color, often abbreviated f.p.c., is the term used to refer to
Blacks who were born free or manumitted prior to the Civil War. Also
referred to as gens de couleur libres, their presence in New Orleans is
recorded as early as 1722.
Become A Member for One Year
Membership Benefits
All members of Le Museé enjoy the following benefits for one
full year:
v Complimentary admission to all permanent tours and rotating
v Complimentary admission to salons and special events
Membership Levels
o Friend Le Museé $35
Full Member Benefits for One
*Includes Admission for Middle or High School Mentee
o Norbert Rilleaux Family Membership $75
Member Benefits for Family of Four
*Includes Admission for Middle or High School Mentee
How to Join
o Thomy Lafon Society $250
Full Member Benefits for Family of four Plus Two Guests
*Includes Admission for Middle or High School Mentee
o Dr. Charles Roudenez Society $500
Full Member Benefits for Family of Four Plus Two Guests
Name on Membership Plaque
*Includes Admission for Middle or High School Mentee
* The Mentee Program
The Le Museé de f.p.c. family recognizes the vital importance of our
children being exposed to their rich ancestral history and culture.
Therefore, we ask members to bring children with you who you may be
mentoring for free.
Name: ____________________________________________
To become a member of LeMuseé de
f.p.c., visit www.lemuseedefpc.com
and click the Support Us Link or
complete the form on the enclosed
envelope and return it with your gift.
Membership at each level carries
benefits for the entire household (a
single individual or couple and any
children under 18.)
Address: __________________________________________
Return to:
City, State, Zip Code: _______________________________ Janet Coleman,
Membership Chairperson
LeMuseé de f.p.c.
Telephone Number: ________________________________ 2336 Esplanade Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119
Email Address: _____________________________________ (504) 945-0772
www.lemuseedefpc.com | [email protected]

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