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Beirut – Lebanon Tel: 00961-1- 484 150 Fax: 00961-1
Beirut – Lebanon
Tel: 00961-1- 484 150
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General Information
National Capital: Tripoli
Population: 5,499,000
Ethnic groups: Arabs (97%), Greeks, Maltese,
Italians, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Turks, Indians,
and Tunisians
Religions: Sunni Muslim 97%
Languages: Arabic, Italian, and English
Literacy Rate:
Total population: 82.6%
Male: 92.4%
Female: 72% (2003 est.)
Libya’s Economy
GDP: purchasing power parity—$38 billion (1997 est.)
GDP—real growth rate: 0.5% (1997 est.)
GDP—per capita: purchasing power parity—$6 700 (1997 est.)
GDP—composition by sector:
agriculture: 5%
industry: 55%
services: 40% (1996 est.)
Inflation rate—consumer price index: 30% (1997 est.)
Labor force:
total: 1 million
by occupation: industry 31% services 27% government 24% agriculture 18%
Unemployment rate: 25% (1997 est.)
revenues: $10.4 billion
expenditures: $10.3 billion including capital expenditures of $2.5 billion (1995
Industries: petroleum, food processing, textiles, handicrafts, and cement
Economy Overview
Libya suffered from sanctions imposed in 1992; these sanctions were later on
suspended in April 1999. Things have changed for Libya from 1992 till now; it has
become interactive with the international society especially with countries in Africa and
the mediterian sea and has good relations with many countries all over the world.
Libya’s economy depends primarily upon revenues generated by the oil industry; this
industry contributes to most of export earnings and to one-quarter of GDP. The large
oil revenue and the small population in Libya make it have the highest GDP per capita
in Africa. A considerable part GNP is distributed to lower classes in the society.
Climatic conditions severely limit agricultural output; Libya imports about 75% of its
food. A rise in oil prices in the last three years has led to an increase in export
revenues, although this has improved the macroeconomic situation; its impact was not
enough to stimulate a large economic growth.
Import restrictions and inefficient resource allocation have led to periodic shortages of
basic goods and foodstuffs. The industry in Libya included nonsolid manufacturing and
construction industries that accounted for about 20% of GDP; now, new industries
which include petrochemicals, iron, steel, and aluminum production have been founded
in Libya.
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Daily and Monthly Newspapers
These newspapers are published under the supervision of
General Press Corporation
Newspaper Media
The New Fajer Newspaper (daily and extensive ):
Size: 59.5 cm X 38 cm
Number of pages: 8 pages
Number of prints: 10 000
Sold quantity: nearly 9 500 – 9 800 daily
Al Jamaherieh Newspaper (daily and extensive ):
Size: 44.2 cm X 30 cm
Number of pages: 16 pages
Number of prints: 10 000
Sold quantity: nearly 9 000 – 9 500 daily
Newspaper Media
Al Shams Newspaper (daily and extensive ):
Size: 60 cm X 38 cm
Number of pages: 12 pages
Number of prints: 10 000
Sold quantity: nearly 9 000 – 9 500 daily
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Radio Media
Libyan Radio Stations:
1) Al Jamaherieh radio
2) Tarablos radio (This radio has over a million listeners)
Television Media
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Television Media
Peak periods for advertising on both local and
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1) Before and after the news
2) During sport games

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