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TruPay HR Forum.cdr
HR Forum
Flexible Human Resource Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs
Your new HR Forum Support Center allows you to easily
find and understand those state and federal laws that
pertain to your daily business operations. You also have
access to an extensive (customizable) employee handbook,
forms, policies and letters that would take an HR department
of uncommon skill to create for you. If you choose, you can
upgrade your account to HR Forumplus and have a team of
HR Professionals at your fingertips.
Trusted Expertise
Connect with Human Resources
Professionals with years of
experience providing content and
insights you need to stay in touch
and in compliance.
On Demand Technology
Available whenever the need arises.
Access the HR Forum Support Center
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Compliance Management
Your New (customizable) Tools
Employee Handbooks
Job Descriptions
HR Forms & Letters
State & Federal Employment Laws
and more...
in Business Process Outsourcing
Ignorance is not bliss
• 2000% increase in employment litigation
since 1995.
• $200,000 average per case court
• $50,000 average per case litigation
• 7,000 federal code sections with over
40,000 pages of employment
• Thousands of state and local regulations.
* Small Business Administration
Put the HR Forum Support Center to work
for your business today.
HR Forumplus
You now have access
to Human Resources
UPGRADE TODAY to the HR Forumplus On-Demand package for UNLIMITED
Human Resources consultations and unlimited document customization
(Employee handbook, job descriptions, forms, letters)
Ask the HR Pro
Submit confidential questions to our HR
Professionals, and receive a personal response
by phone or email within a single business day.
Document Customization
Our HR experts will design custom HR forms, job
descriptions and HR-related letters to meet
your needs.
Employee Handbook Development
You now have access to an
online HR Support Center for
your employee relationship
Schedule a personal appointment with our experts to
develop a custom Employee Handbook and a
plan for implementation.
“pay as you go”
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