The Zahir de L ‘Ile
The Zahir de L’ Ile is a new hotel of the Zahir Lodge, built on Nosy Iranja probably the most
beautiful island of Madagascar.
The structure was realized beside of the Malagasy fishermen village the inhabitants of the
island for a long time, to allow the traveler to make a unique experience.
The Lodge represents an eco-united project intended to improve the life of the villagers.
The management has the pleasure to supply you all the details of this project.
The Structure
The structure is composed of 6 bungalows (7 rooms), bar, restaurant, water tower and
garden. The bungalows are realized according to the style of African Lodges with original
ethnic architecture to offer the maximum comfort at Nosy Iranja.
The bungalows are realized in semi-dur with toilet, bathroom and veranda.
There are three typologies of bungalows:
- 3 double bungalows of 20 m2, each one is equipped by large bed and mosquito net,
showers and private toilet, armchair, table and chairs, terraces.
- 1 family bungalow of 70 m2 formed by 2 large beds, table and chair, shower and
toilet, armchair, terrace and a living room.
- 2 triple Bungalow of 25 m2 each one and formed by a lage bed for couple and a
third bed with mosquito nets, private shower and toilet, cupboard, table and chair,
The position
Le Zahir de l ‘ile is on the large Iranja, near of the fishermen village, at 01:30 mn by speed
boat from the beach of Madirokely; it is really feet in the water.
The sea
Le Zahir de l’Ile is on the beach with the emerald and crystalline color sea. The rooms offer
a beautiful panoramic view on the sea and on the coast of the Mainland. The island is
famous as the observation place of the marine tortoises that lay on beaches; it’s the
reason why we call it the Island to the Tortoises.
The Bar - Restaurant
Zahir de L’Ile disposes a bar and a restaurant to offer the maximum of services for the
The bar-restaurant is opened at 07:00 am in the morning till the closure in the evening at
about approximately 9:30 pm.
The price of the meals is already included in the price of stay in full board.
The clients who arrive for the daily excursion, the meal is already included in the price.
All the drinks are considered as extra.
The Lodge offers to its guests a daily menu consisted by entrances, main dishes, meat
and fish and dessert.
The menu is formulated well to be able to offer every day fresh and typical foods and a
diversity of choice of sea foods.
The meals are always served on the table by our staff and with the best care.
The garden
To insure the sensation of well-being, the hotel was implanted in the middle of a tropical
garden consisted by flowers, shrubs and of variety of palm trees native from the North of
The Staff and the Service
The staff of Zahir de l’Ile is formed by a receptionist, a barman and waiter, a cook,
chambermaids, a gardener and a security.
They will be constantly at the disposal of the clients to answer their needs and desires.
On arrival, the receptionist will supply all the information about the schedules of the
reception, the bar and restaurant and the other services.
The water and the electricity
The water is an invaluable fortune of the island. The Lodge arranges two wells of fresh
water which feed a 3,500 liter tank.
The distribution of the water is insured except in the unforeseen case of severe drought.
All the customers of the Lodge are invited to economize very precious by limiting the time
of the shower.
The electricity is supplied by two generating sets. In particular, the electrical energy is
assured from the sunset till approximately 10:00 pm.
We can find also lamps and candles in all the rooms for the night-needs.
A study on the setting-up of solar panels is already in progress.
The phone connection is possible even if it is a little bit difficult.
The Lodge has a landline telephone which is going to allow also the internet connection
very soon.
The connection will depend exclusively on the service of the local operator.
The Lodge offers the possibility of protecting the more precious properties in a safe at the
disposal of all the customers. However It is necessary to avoid bringing valuable things the
The direction declines all the responsibilities in case of lost out the safe.
The boat and the transfers
The hotel has two private boats to assure the return transfers of Nosy Iranja. The boat with
equipages is in order with the security standards of navigation.
The connections are daily planned and/or according to needs.
The management declines all the responsibilities in case of impossibility of transfer
connected to the grave unforeseen of climatic order.
The island excursions
A pirogue with motor will be available on the place to make the excursions in the
neighborhood and for the traditional fishing.
Some excursions organized from Zahir de l’Ile to Nosy Iranja as the trekking and the visit
in 360 ° of this island by traditional pirogue. And if someone also wishes to practise the
Malagasy traditional fishing, the hotel could well organize it so with pleasure.
The Lodge proceeds periodically the disinfestation of the structure to eliminate insects and
every type of infiltration in the bungalows. Mosquito nets are installed in all the rooms to
allow the customers to sleep well.
The prices are always in Ariary and in Euro and are included taxes and tourist labels there.
Payments and credit cards
The Payment of the reservation made directly on Nosy Iranja and the payments of the
extra will be made in cash in Ariary or in Euro only to the responsible staff.