Biological Control of Filamentous Algae
Fast-acting control of filamentous algae in
lakes and ponds with low water flow
PondRelief® is a natural, non-toxic,
microbiological product that effectively combats filamentous algae in
lakes and ponds with low water flow.
Filamentous algae can be a problem in
many nutrient-rich lakes, where dense
mats of blanket weed may result in
poor oxygen levels and squeeze out
the lake’s beneficial plants. Lack of
oxygen in the water leads to fish
death, odour and an increased release
of nutrients from the lake bottom. The
presence of filamentous algae also
reduces a lake’s aesthetic value and
its recreational possibilities in relation
to fishing, swimming and sailing.
Bro-Bålsta Golf Club 03.06.2004,
with heavy growth of filamentous algae
Bro-Bålsta Golf Club 23.06.2004
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When PondRelief® is added, microorganisms quickly spread in the water
and help to absorb excess and leached-out nutrients. The nutrients
become bound to the microorganisms,
and thereby make their way into the
lake’s food chain. This reduces the
nutrients available for the algae,
which means clearer water and less
risk of algal blooms. Regular dosing
with PondRelief® throughout the algae
growth period will maintain a high
biomass of microorganisms, which will
restrict the level of nutrients available
to the algae.
PondRelief® is effective against filamentous algae such as Cladophora,
Rhizoclonium, Spirogyra, Vaucheria
and Ulothrix, and has a smaller effect
on unicellular algae such as Microcystis
and Anabaena. The product also helps
to accelerate the decomposition of
excess organic material.
The effect of PondRelief® is greatest
when there are good oxygen levels,
as the bacteria use oxygen to break
down nutrients and organic material.
It is therefore a good idea to use
PondRelief® together with aeration
equipment, to ensure that the microorganisms have optimal conditions.
PondRelief® is a biodegradable, environmentally-friendly product that is
non-toxic to humans, fish and other
aquatic animals and plants.
Main uses:
• Biological control of filamentous
• Reduction of available nutrients
• Preventive maintenance of
bodies of water
• For lakes, ponds, water hazards
and irrigation tanks
• Fast-acting, natural solution
• Combats filamentous algae,
reduces odours and increases
water clarity
• Biodegradable and non-toxic to
humans and aquatic plant and
animal life
• Easy to use – packed in practical,
water-soluble sachets (Solupak)
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photograph of
4 July 2005
Billeddam, Gråsten Palace Gardens
A mixture of six different bacterial
cultures – more than 1012 (one billion) microorganisms per sachet (450
grams). The bacteria are comprised of
microorganisms that naturally occur in
lakes and watercourses.
Pack sizes:
PondRelief® is available in two pack
• 200 gr - 20 sachets per box
(enough for 40,000 litres)
• 11.25 kg bucket of 25 x 450 gr
water-soluble sachets (Solupak)
When should PondRelief® be applied?
PondRelief® should be applied at the
start of the algae’s growth season,
in early spring (April). After that it
should be applied regularly throughout
the growth season, which usually lasts
until the end of September, depending
on weather conditions.
• The product’s efficiency is highest at
water temperatures above 13º C
• The recommended water pH is between 5.5 and 8.5
Instructions for use:
PondRelief® is applied by sprinkling
the product uniformly across the entire surface of the water. The product
may be applied from a boat, or from
the bank. The Solupak sachets can be
thrown onto the water surface from
the bank.
• Handle with dry hands or gloves
• Distribute the powder evenly
across the entire surface area of
the water
Our goal as a supplier is:
To provide the best organic products for
natural, eco-friendly care of gardens,
parks and golf courses with a minimum
of pesticides.
General precautions:
• The product requires no special
precautions during application
• Keep warm, dry and out of direct
sunlight. Protect from frost
• Keep away from children and animals
• May cause harm if the product is
• Do not inhale
• May cause irritation of skin and
Water depth Application
Less than First application Every 30 days 300g/100m2 water surface
1 metre
Every 30-60 days
120g/100m2 water surface
More than First application Every 30 days 500g/100m2 water surface
1 metre
Every 30-60 days
200g/100m2 water surface
The effect lasts for approximately one month under normal conditions. Periods
of warm, calm weather provide optimal growth conditions for algae; under these
conditions, it may be necessary to apply PondRelief® more often than specified
above, preferably every 2-3 weeks.
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17 September 2005
Billeddam, Gråsten Palace Gardens
Clear water
without the
use of chemicals
Basin trials of PondRelief® in
2007, in conjunction with tests at
Billeddam pond in Gråsten Palace
Gardens and on Bro Bålsta Golf
Course in Sweden, have shown
that PondRelief® is an effective
means of combating filamentous algae. In tests conducted by
aquatic biologist Carsten Bjørn,
PondRelief® reduced levels of
filamentous algae by approximately 75%.