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medical vision group
medical vision group
«We value our customers and partners as people with practical, professional and emotional expectations.
To fulfill them, is our mission.»
Visions for Medical Innovations
The path from Visions to realisation is seldom straight. Medical
Vision offers ideal conditions and assistance with a stable network of qualified and efficient partners. We define efficiency as:
Dynamism, clear Visions, Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness.
In a world of rapid changes and increasing specialisations, it is
therefore decisive, to be able to rely on a strong and trustworthy
Medical Vision Group is a group of companies which successfully have been providing innovative products and services to the
medical industry since 1990 and has therefore become a wellestablished Swiss brand. Our portfolio stretches from marketing
of medical products and innovations, to the provision of technical services which are customized to needs and benefits, such as
costs and user-trainings.
We accompany our partners in the medical market from the
development of an idea through to its realisation and therefore
guarantee comprehensive and professional help and support.
We value our customers and partners as people with practical,
professional and emotional expectations. To fulfill them, is our
Medical Vision combines the synergy and strengths of the
well-diversified subsidiaries in the Swiss health care
market. The specialisation of the individual companies combined with the network of partner firms
guarantees first-class expertise, economically attractive solutions and a proven standard of quality.
Medical Vision’s perspective and approach are
global, but their implementation is local. High ethical principles govern our corporate Culture. They are
basic to our strong corporate identity and they encourage
reliability and loyalty of our employees behind these services.
Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Values will continue to
shape Medical Vision Group for a successful future.
Responsibility through social commitment
Medical Vision takes social responsibility by its own PBA-trust.
We support institutions and medically trained persons in the
fight of avoidable poverty-blindness, mainly in Third World
«The entire world of
ophthalmology is our mission;
providing the service is our passion.»
All-inclusive Programme for Ophthalmology
Reliable partner for Swiss ophthalmologists and opticians, intermediary between user and manufacturer – Mediconsult AG has
been true to this principle since its foundation in 1990. Our efforts to provide ophthalmologists and opticians with high-value
products and market-oriented services have been rewarded with
a secure market value.
The active transfer of knowledge with the physician is the basis
for making product innovations immediately available in the field
of intraocular lens implantation, for example with the first blue
light filter lenses for improved protection of
the retina or with the premier of hydrophobic single-piece microsurgical lenses.
Surgical consumables
Consumable sets for standard operations,
tailor-made for the requirements of every
surgeon, significantly reduce times for preparation and operating.
Capital equipment
Our range for the ophthalmologist covers
high-tech instruments for eye surgery applications in the operating theatre, for setting
up ophthalmology practices and clinics as
well as equipping refraction rooms for opticians.
As a leading service company in the field
of ophthalmic surgery and in the sector of
practice furnishings, we have established
and maintain a world-wide network, with
which we guarantee transfer of innovation to the Swiss ophthalmologist. Our
consulting team serves all language areas
of Switzerland with a high level of commitment and reliability. Mutual trust forms the
basis for strong customer relationships. In
turn they benefit from the ongoing developments, the many years of experience, and
the stringent quality demands made of our
internal services and products.
«High value products and
sophisticated services; we
constantly evaluate and launch
convincing innovations.»
Newest technologies for Dermatology
and Gastroenterology
Our aim is that the customer finds the most modern technology at Lasermed AG for diagnosing and treating patients. We attach particular importance to customer support following the
purchase. For example, Lasermed AG supports its customers in
practice marketing for the acquisition of new customers and
thus for the refinancing of the investment. A consistently high
application competency is guaranteed by means of training
courses and experts in our team. Individual consulting, comprehensive service, customer-specific solutions and a consistently high quality provide
the basis for our motivation: we want you to
be successful!
Aesthetics / Dermatology
We are market leaders in the high-tech sector of medical aesthetics, for example in the
area of pulsed light and laser technology
and also in RF therapy. We also focus on the
latest technologies such as selective laser
lipolysis, cavitation and also high-tech HIFU
for the treatment of fat deposits. We cover
the important sectors of curative dermatology with UV and pulsed current therapeutic
Gastroenterology / Pneumology
We were the first company to introduce a
miniaturised capsular endoscope, the PillCam, into the Swiss market. This global innovation made it possible to visualise the small
intestine for the first time. Our core competences also include functional diagnostics
with the global innovation of 3D-visualised
pressure measurement, reflux evaluation
with non-contact long-term measuring systems and also the marketing of highest quality instruments.
«A strong team spirit for the
PHARMA and DERMA specialist sectors;
we are committed to serving physicians,
pharmacies and drugstores.»
Medical Products for good Health
and Well-being
The dynamic Pharma Medica AG excels in the PHARMA and DERMA specialist sectors with its flexibility and strong spirit of innovation. In our commitment to physicians, pharmacies and drug
stores, we focus on proximity to customers. As part of our philosophy, our entire range is based on natural and pharmaceutically
ultra-pure active ingredients. The high degree of acceptance of
our product portfolio assures us that we will also be able to gain
customers in the future with innovations.
The first eye drops in the preservative-free
COMOD® multidose system for dry eyes,
allergies or glaucoma, have reached gold
status with ophthalmologists and in the
specialised trade. Ortopad® eye occlusion
plasters for children are a successful branch
in orthoptics.
Pharma Medica AG promotes the concentration and attention of children with the
dietary supplement ESPRICO® in its unique
dosage form. The difficult subject of AD(H)D
can be treated in a simple and gentle manner.
The 3k-system is a preservative-free solution for dry nasal mucous membranes with
substances produced naturally in the body,
which possess protective and wound-healing properties.
The positive effect of Dead Sea salt on skin
structure has been known since ancient
times. Rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and bromine, it preserves the moisture
in the skin and keeps it supple. A wide variety
from the DERMASEL® luxury wellness line is
available exclusively in pharmacies and drugstores.
«We are your expert partner for
services and technical equipment for
hospitals, offering quality, flexibility
and customer-oriented solutions.»
Service centre for Medical Equipment and Partner
for Technical Equipment for Hospitals
In the specialised area of medical high-tech products, our
range includes technical services such as maintenance and repair, as well as expert consultation in the sector of technical
equipment for hospitals. We offer you service at the highest
level of quality.
Service centre
Lasers, examination units or technical accessories for operations - with its long years of experience medX AG ensures a
high standard of quality when undertaking technical work on your systems. With
their knowledge and expertise, our specialist team staff will help you to increase
added value in your work process. True to
our motto „service first“ we support clinics,
hospitals and physicians as well as product
manufacturers and trading companies in
everyday technical life.
Technical equipment for hospitals
Our selected product range together with
the performance of our specialists makes
medX AG a trustworthy partner for medical
equipment. First-class quality and individual support are of crucial importance to us.
Together we are strong, a dynamic performance team which at the end of the day will
benefit your customers.
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