puzzle - Dallas Voice



puzzle - Dallas Voice
Cry Me a River
1 Recess at St. Peter’s
5 “Come, come!”
10 Cruising greeting
14 Diva Celine
15 City where they sing
“Hello, Dalai”?
16 Where pirates moor
17 Start of a quote by Joan Rivers
19 Some Feds
20 Flap by an opening
21 Kahlo’s misters
23 Us, to Rilke
24 Missionary position?
27 Inside scoop
28 More of the quote
31 Ball lover
34 Suffix with exist
35 Simpson trial judge Lance
36 Goes down
40 “The Lonely Goatherd” singer
42 Last letter in London
43 Melville’s whale hunter
45 Designer Wang
46 More of the quote
51 Protected from the wind
52 Words asked with a nudge
53 Aladdin’s monkey
56 Like a porn facial
58 Not as dusty
60 Chaplin widow
61 End of the quote
64 Greek war deity
65 Cole Porter title city
66 Words said near crystal balls
67 Head-turner
68 Dr. for the children’s hour?
69 Mauresmo’s dividers
1 “... farewell, auf Wiedersehen ...”
2 Like people near a leaning erection
3 Turns
4 Env. in an env., e.g.
5 They get initiated at West Point
6 TV’s “Queen of the Jungle”
7 Went to bed with
8 Wall St. bears watch it
9 Small balls
10 Infomercial urging
11 ‘50s name for a gay activist
12 Person pigging out
13 Longs, to a Samurai?
18 Cosmetics name
22 Beat barely
25 Cyclops’s singleton
26 Like Elton John’s dancer of song
28 Type of top
29 Sgt. or corp.
30 Scroll for the cut
31 Cold-cock
32 Lots of people go down on them
33 Bench locale
37 Frida star Salma
38 However, briefly
39 Performed like k.d. lang
41 She had no heterosexual parents
44 One who goes after your honey
47 Find new actors for
48 Emulates Paul Cadmus
49 ___ of the Field (Poitier classic)
50 Tommy’s gun
53 Biscotto flavoring
54 “John Brown’s Body” writer
55 First indications of orientation
56 Sitcom in which Billy Crystal
played gay
57 High-pitched cries, doggy-style
59 Of the same sort
62 Writer’s enc.
63 In Cold Blood writer, to pals

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