Enter into a world of glamour and beauty: Fashion shows are all about style and splendor,, where the clothes play the protagonist, the models
and set, the supporting cast. While they look wonderfully effortless, there is meticulous work behind the gloss; from the planning and designing
to the final catwalk. Of course the highlight is the sensational clothing that graces the ramp. The new Al-Karam Collection lives up to
all the glitz and attention fashion shows are famous for. Each design in the collection is carefully worked on to give you a sensational finished
product and give you ideas on how to style your wardrobe; so you feel like you’re walking the ramp every time you wear our designs.
Classical Collection
The Classic Collection is
a mix of traditional prints
available in different colour
options. The prints
complemented with Self
Woven Shalwars are sure
to give your casual wear a
truly ‘Classic’ touch.
Classical (Black and White)
Nothing says Classic more
than the ever trendy black
and white. Attractive black
and white prints with just the
right amount of colour to
make it ‘Classic’.
Embroidery Collection
Beautiful embroidered
cambric suits in various
design options matched with
woven textured Shalwars
to complete the look.
Festival Collection
Delightful prints and
exquisite Brasso Silk and
Chiffon dupattas in various
designs, that make any
occasion worth celebrating.
Chic black and white shirt
prints and Brasso Silk
dupattas that bring style to
any event.
Rejoice in beautiful prints
and Chiffon dupattas with
fine resham and zaari
embroidery in a number of
Celebrate traditional
elegance with white & gold
prints enriched with white
patch worked and sequenced
Rangoli Collection
Inspired by the traditional
colourful Indian sand art,
the Rangoli collection is an
assortment of vibrant
printed and embroidered
suits completed with woven
striped dupattas and
Khaddar Collection
Comfortable and hassle
free Khaddar Collection
for men available in a variety
of colours.
Chambrey Collection
The Chambrey Collection
consists of shaded material
for Kurtas.
Yarn Dye Chambrey
Yarn dyed shalwar suits with
striped kurtas and colour
coordinated shalwars.