Newsletter April 2015 - Rangiora High School



Newsletter April 2015 - Rangiora High School
Rangiora High School
Te Kura Tuarua o Rangiora
Newsletter - April 2015
South Island Secondary Schools Regatta – Twizel
This was the final regatta for most of the 25 RHS rowers and their last chance to shine after a very busy season.
Saturday’s racing schedule was full, with so many schools attending, competition was tough. Unfortunately
the weather forecast was not good so some finals were scheduled into the evening. Rose McEwan and Alice
Pallister again showed their talent by winning GOLD in the U18 Doubles, an outstanding effort against bigger
girls. As predicted, the conditions on Sunday were very windy so the regatta was abandoned. This then meant
medals were awarded on heat times. RHS therefore collected several more medals which was satisfying: Rose
McEwan & Alice Pallister - Silver in U18 Pair, Rose McEwan - Silver U18 Single, George Howat - Silver U18 Single,
George Howat & Josh Sim - Bronze U18 Double
Maadi Cup
This year’s Maadi Cup team best described as a lean mean green machine, headed to Lake Karapiro on 21
March. With only 4 rowers selected the team did not disappoint. After a tense week of heats, quarter and
semi-finals we made it to four A Finals and two B Finals.
Rose McEwan and Alice Pallister had a big task ahead of them to reach medal contention against often bigger
and stronger girls. They rowed extremely well and won a Bronze Medal in the U18 Double event, in two other
A Finals the girls came 6th in the pair and Rose gained 5th place in the single – a fine effort.
George Howat made an A Final in the U18 Singles and went on to come 6th a huge achievement. George and
Josh Sim were placed 3rd in the Double and 4th in the Pair B Finals.
At the conclusion of the regatta the NZ Trialists were named and George made selection for these trials to
be held in the second week of the holidays. If he is successful and makes NZ Juniors they will head to Rio de
Janeiro for the Junior World Champs in August.
Rangiora High School
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From the Principal
He Pitopito Kōrero
E mihi ana ki te whānau o te kura tuarua Rangiora.
Term 1 has been exciting, action packed and rewarding, and has seen great students doing remarkable things. Our newsletter reflects the often frenetic lives
our students lead as they balance all the marvellous activities available to them at
Rangiora High School with their important academic commitments.
I would like to congratulate our athletes, coaches, managers and supporters for
their significant contribution to Tournament Week. I am always so proud of the
many talented students who represent us all over the country, in a myriad of sporting activities. While they compete on that national stage I would also like to pay tribute to the “business
as usual,” approach back here at school, and share with you “a day in the life of the principal,” on Friday 27
March 2015.
Our students enjoyed the annual “Crashbash”
simulation exercise organised by the New
Zealand police. This was an activity that built
on the 2015 Crash Bash performance “Hot
Seat,” enjoyed by students in March.
Then Head Girl Elizabeth Mullan and I met
with Jamie McNae, to congratulate him on
raising $500.00, when he shaved his head to
raise funds for teen cancer. A stunning effort!
Well done!
And then it was off to the Mainpower Oval, the home of cricket in Canterbury Country, with a group of enthusiastic supporters, to support our
1stXI in their game against Christ’s College. A great game, played as
cricket should be.
And finally a quick walk around our new temporary village on East Belt,
which is near completion. The dream of our 26 classroom MLE is closer
than ever and demolition of the old Science Block is only weeks away.
These are indeed exciting times for the school.
To ensure staff are fully supported to work in this exciting new modern
learning environment there has been a significant focus on professional
learning in Term 1. Staff were funded by the Board of Trustees to attend
conferences both locally, nationally and internationally to assist them to
meet the pedagogical challenges such a paradigm shift requires. I was
humbled to be invited to present to the 36th Annual Ethnography in
Education Research Forum at the University of Pennsylvania, in February
This paper explored my practitioner-based research into Maori achievement here at Rangiora High School. University of Waikato’s Associate
Professor Mere Berryman was a keynote speaker, and the only other
New Zealander to be invited. Mere’s work underpins mine, the government’s Māori education strategy: Ka Hikitia - Accelerating Success
2013 - 2017, our current Kia Eke Panuku project and is internationally
recognised as ground breaking research into indigenous education.
With Easter and the school holidays upon us, it is important, after such a
hectic term, that all students do build in an all-important break. Thank
you for a great term everybody! I wish you well and hope you enjoy
some quality family time.
Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui.
Peggy Burrows
An Update from Bev Moore, Commissioner
Dear parents,
As the end of term quickly arrives, I thought it would be useful to give you a brief
Since my arrival at the school I have had several productive meetings with the
Ministry of Education regarding the exciting Modern Learning Environment (MLE)
facilities that the Ministry is developing at Rangiora High School to help manage the
school’s growing roll. While these projects take time, I am confident that the planning is in hand and the students and staff are going to benefit significantly from this
new Ministry-funded state-of-the art building. I expect to have further information
to share about progress next term.
I have also recently received the first of many Building Condition Assessment reports on some of the school’s
facilities to feed into the process of developing the school’s 10 Year Property Plan that is due for completion
this year. This report will provide a stocktake of all of the school’s buildings and documents all potential
and current building issues, from cyclical maintenance to larger issues, so that these can be appropriately
addressed either in the short term or across the next 5-10 years.
As a result of this report and after talking to students and staff, I have made the decision to move the
Learning Support Centre as soon as possible due to the buildings being very old and not providing a suitable
learning or working environment. We are looking at some options for relocating this important area of the
school and I should have an update on this early next term.
I have also had a couple of meetings with Mike Rondell from BDO about the school’s financial management.
As you may know Mike was a specialist adviser on finance to the previous board. He has provided me with
a copy of his report and we are working through the recommendations, which generally relate to developing
robust policies and strategic financial planning. I’m very pleased that we are able to access Mike’s skills as
he knows school systems well and can help ensure there are good policies and practices in place to manage
Rangiora High School’s healthy financial reserves.
On a personal note, it continues to be my pleasure to have met many Rangiora High School students and
parents during my month as Commissioner, as well as having met the staff on many occasions. As always, I
would like to reinforce that I am happy to meet with anyone who wishes to provide any feedback, discuss any
concerns, or simply introduce themselves – I can be contacted through the office or by email [email protected]
I hope that everyone has an enjoyable Easter and term break. I look forward to updating you further next
Kind regards,
Bev Moore
Important Information Regarding Zone and Bus Travel
If you are thinking of moving house now or in the future, and you find yourself living outside the Rangiora High School Zone, for example in Woodend,
Pegasus, Ravenswood or Waikuku, please be aware that even if your address
meets the distance qualification of 4.8km away from the school, your student
will not be entitled to travel to or from school by school bus. Whilst your student will be welcome to continue at Rangiora High School, you will become
responsible for getting them to and from school. They will not be able to
use the school bus service, even if they travel to an “in zone” bus stop. This
will also affect any younger siblings who may enrol in the future as an out of
zone sibling of a currently attending student. Should you wish us to check an
address for your prospective move, please do not hesitate to contact us by
telephoning (03) 3118888.
Term 1 seems to have flown by and it is has been so pleasing to
see Hillary students making such progress at school, both in the
classroom and in the various extra-curricular pursuits and interests
that our students pursue. Luke Gold 12 HHT exemplifies this as
an individual who excels in the classroom and in sport, and now
represents Hillary House as our Sports’ Council Representative.
We would like to congratulate Ms Emma Gibson, who was recently
appointed Dean of Hillary House for the next five years. Ms Gibson
has taught at Rangiora High School for the last fifteen years as a
member of the English Faculty and is a former member of Sheppard House. She has been Acting Dean for Term 1 so a number of
you will have already met her. Amongst her interests Ms Gibson
enjoys horse riding and eventing and has been regularly involved
with our School Ski Team.
Also joining Hillary House for 2015 are our International Students.
This year we welcome Dean Lairanakern from Thailand, Mai Watanabe and Miku Watanabe, who are both from Japan. We hope you
enjoy your experience with us and look forward to sharing some of
your thoughts on New Zealand in our next newsletter.
Over the Easter period five students form Rangiora High School
will compete and represent New Zealand at the Under-19 Korfball
team to the world championships in the Netherlands. The Dutch
sport is a mixture of basketball and netball, the hoop is 12-feet high
(3.65 metres) and it is the world’s only mixed sport. James Bolton
and Jayden Pearce, both in 12HHT will compete alongside Kendall
Morratti, Story Dealy Cottrell, Jared Hardie and Lara Woolston,
who attended Rangiora High School last year.
The Year 10 camps have commenced, but for Hillary students they
will not head up to the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre until
the last week of May. For students unsure about the whole camp
experience I would encourage them to think about what Ed Hillary
said, “You don’t have to be a hero to accomplish great things---to
compete. You can just be an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated
to reach challenging goals.”
As the cooler weather sets in it is important to start thinking about
winter uniform requirements, for Term 2 and beyond. There can
be significant temperature fluctuations between classrooms so it
is essential that students are dressed for a range of temperatures
with multiple layers offering the best opportunity to maintain a
comfortable temperature. Students who are unable to wear their
correct uniform should present a note to their Form Teacher so a
temporary uniform pass can be issued.
Term 2 will also see a number of the hotly contested House Competition events, starting with Senior Debating, Junior WinterFest
(Girls’ Netball, Boys’ Football) and the Junior Public Speaking.
I would encourage all students to have a think about any of the
events that they wish to participate in, as they are always great fun.
Finally I hope all Hillary students, staff and parents have a restful
and happy Easter break and April school holidays.
It has been a short and very quick term. I imagine that you will
receive this about the time the annual Lydiard Fun run is being
held. I hope it has been a success and am sure that it will have
been. This year our Senior leaders have arranged the event and
full credit to them for arranging the day. We have a superb bunch
and they show great leadership skills.
So apart from that, what has been happening since the last newsletter? Quite a bit. We have had the Senior SummerFest where
we finished fourth and the Year 9 and 10 quizzes where we placed
2nd and 6th respectively. Well done guys. Slowly moving up the
leader board. There has been a myriad of camps for seniors with
Mountain Biking, Kayaking and Biology camps all taking students
out of school.
Last week saw the start of the Year 10 camps and Lydiard was first
away to the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre. The camp is
very well run by Mrs McGrath and the instructors at the Boyle
are superb. They have a great range of activities and have a great
rapport with the students, along with ensuring that all students
are safe when taking part. The weather was ideal and apart from
a few sandflies a great time. As always it puts students outside
their comfort zone and challenges them to do things they haven’t
done before.
As you may know there is going to be quite a significant change
in Lydiard House next term. Mr Scott, the Dean, is leaving to join
the BCITO as a supervisor of 100 building apprentices throughout
Christchurch. Mr Scott has been at Rangiora High School since
2006 and been Dean for the last three years. During that time he
has worked tirelessly with students who have needed guidance
and support in so many ways. He is looking forward to the new
challenge and will be missed greatly. I am going to be leaving
Rangiora High School at the end of week three in Term 2. In
the nearly ten years at Rangiora I have been privileged enough
to lead Lydiard House for nearly five years. I have loved being a
Tiger and the memories created with the students and staff. I will
miss the camaraderie and friendships that develop and watching
students grow in their time at Rangiora High School. There are so
many thank you’s I wish to make and the first would be to Mrs
Burrows who has supported me throughout my time at Rangiora
High School and if it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t be off to the
next chapter in my life. The staff at RHS are an amazing group of
dedicated and caring people and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them all. As a teacher the support from Ms McDonald as
Head of Faculty has been outstanding.
I know that I will see many Lydiard and RHS students over the
coming years and look forward to catching up with the news and
how they are travelling.
Warm regards,
Alastair Drayton
The first term has really flown by. It has been a pleasure to see
Mansfield students giving their best across all aspects of the
school. The juniors are working hard towards achieving the best
Junior Graduation results that they are capable of and challenging themselves to raise the bar in terms of effort and application.
Seniors are busy credit collecting and I encourage them to continue
to set goals around raising the bar for their individual achievement
and always aim to receive the highest level of grades that they can.
NCEA is a confidence game and we encourage our students to gain
confidence through knowing in their heart that they have given
their best and nothing less.
Mansfield House finishes Term 1 at the top of the House leaderboard and I am very proud of the consistent efforts from the students who have put themselves forward to represent the House.
The junior quizzes gave our five junior classes the opportunity to
compete against the other classes in their cohort. We thank the
four students from each of our form classes who took part in this
competition. The results had us overall in the middle of the pack
with the Year 9 team coming last in their competition and 10MLD
coming through a very credible second in the Year 10 competition.
The team from 10MLD only lost to the eventual champion Ngata
form class in a sudden death extra round after being tied for first at
the end of the normal competition rounds.
With Term 2 on the horizon we look forward to the Senior Debating
competition, Junior WinterFest and Junior Public Speaking. These
are competitions that we have the potential to do well in and as
such we all look forward to these opportunities to give our best
efforts for the yellow cause.
This month we profile a Year 12 Mansfield student Deaven Clarkson
who is achieving some excellent results on the Touch field for both
school and Canterbury.
What teams have you played for this year?
This year I have played for 3 competitive teams, Rangiora mixed super touch team, the Under 17 Canterbury boys and the Wildboyz.
How long have you played touch and how did you get into it?
This is now my 9th year of playing touch, I got into it because Mum
played a social competition in Halswell Park, and she put me in a
team to start my first season of touch.
What have been the highlights of your time playing touch?
My highlights so far have been winning Canterbury Champs and
the Friday competition for Rangiora High School, winning South
Islands for the Canterbury U15 Boys in 2011/2012 season and also
just representing Canterbury has been a major highlight.
What are your goals for playing touch?
My goals for playing touch are to achieve the best I can in every
minute of a 30 minute game that I play whether we lose or win.
(although I would prefer a win) My current goal is to come top 4 at
South Islands to get Rangiora High to Nationals.
Well, here we are the end of Term 1, and I’m sure that you’ll agree
when I say that it has passed so very quickly. Ngata House has settled into a gentle rhythm and it has been a real privilege to watch
our students strive to make every moment of Term 1 count.
Term 1 is a time of change for Year 9 students in particular, and
most students have settled into school life seamlessly; making
good relationship with both staff and students and getting involved in all aspects of Rangiora High School’s endless avenues of
opportunity. Our wonderful Junior and Senior Executive and Peer
Support Leaders have been involved in ‘drumming up’ interest in
House competitions and events, and this has been met with great
enthusiasm. Week 5 saw us come 4th overall in the Senior Summerfest Competition and most recently our junior school fared
convincingly in last week’s Junior Quiz, scooping 4th in the Year 9
quiz with 9NWN and 1st in the Year 10 Quiz, with 10NLa… overall
we succeeded and won the Junior Quiz competition gaining 60
points… whilst not changing the leader board, second and third
place is most definitely in our grasp for Senior Debating in Term
2 and we are really looking forward to participating for this hotly
coveted title.
At the time of writing this newsletter, students have undertaken
Junior Graduation Key Task assessments and teachers are loading
them onto the system; furthermore, NCEA Assessments are being
assessed and processed. I have no doubt that all Ngata students
have all found week 7 and 8 to be one of fraught busyness and will
be looking forward to a well earned break. Despite this, it is important to note that students can often find the academic demands
of courses difficult and often stressful. Mr Berg and I are always
available to discuss any problems, difficulties or questions with you
in regards to your child’s progress, here in the Ngata Office and do
extend a warm invitation for you to make school contact with us at
any time.
One of the best and most important aspects of being a Head of
House is the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the success of our students, and this term has been no exception. We celebrate Matt Jones for his 2nd placing in the Junior Long Jump and
4th in the Junior Boys’ High Jump. Denzel Lai Kong for 2nd in the
Under 14 Boys’ Triple Jump and 4th Under 14 Boys’ Long Jump (he
also received a Person Best of 5.24 in Dunedin at the weekend!).
Ruby Sparks was 3rd in the Open Girls’ Steeplechase and 4th in
the Intermediate Girls’ 800m, achieving a photo finish in Dunedin.
And lastly the amazing Jasmine Koehler-Tibbots, who has achieved
8th overall in the South Island for Intermediate Girls’ 100m. Olivia
James received an honorary Rangiora High School sports tie for
her achievement in Super Touch and Canterbury Champs. It goes
without saying that our pride and thanks is immeasurable for these
fabulous students and I congratulate each and every one.
With this, I wish you all a safe, happy and peaceful Easter and look
forward to working with you in Term 2.
Kia ora and welcome to the last update for Term 1. Term 1 has
flown by with many milestones along the way. With the ICC Cricket
World Cup having come to a close, I’d like to start by talking Cricket
and the life lessons that young people can gain from sport. The
Black Caps have, through their actions on and off the field, demonstrated a number of key attributes that align themselves well with
our own school “Lighthouse Values” of Contribute, Respect, and
Aspire. The Black Caps as individuals have all contributed well to
the team’s overall performance. This team has aspired to perform
at their best. They have aimed high, and they have sought to deliver
results. In their recent semi-final win over South Africa they also
demonstrated the respect that they have for their opposition. This
was best seen after Grant Elliot had hit the winning six. After his
initial celebration, he was then seen checking with a disconsolate
South African player, who was cramping on the ground that he was
alright and helped him to his feet. Such is the respect they have for
the opposition. Such is the humility that “our boys” have shown
with their success. Sport does provide some great life lessons.
Next, the House Competition. In these wonderful House activities,
our students are taught along the way to respect the opposition
and their performances, to aspire to do well and to contribute to
the success of the House. Recently the Year 9/10 Quiz was held. Rutherford won the Year 9 Quiz and put in a solid effort in the Year 10
Quiz. We came second overall to Ngata who performed really well
on the day. Congratulations Ngata. Rutherford have maintained
second placing in the House competition and we’re now looking
forward to the Senior Debating that takes place early in Term 2.
On a different note, it was great to see so many parents attending
the recent SAID interviews. These interviews provide an opportunity for a progress check and also an opportunity for some further
goal setting. Please feel free to contact Mrs Koster or myself if you
would like to discuss further any issues relating to the progress of
your child.
Our Junior Exec was recently appointed and I’d like to congratulate
Una Skerten [10RFA]; Tom Linsday [10RMM] and Elizabeth Wagtendonk [10RFA]. We look forward to having you contribute to the
Student Executive throughout the remainder of the year.
Finally, it is with mixed feelings that we announce that Mrs Reed,
a long time Rutherford staff member, has secured the position
of Head of Lydiard House once Mr Drayton leaves Rangiora High
School. We are obviously delighted for Mrs Reed to have secured
this role; yet sad to lose such a hard working person from the Rutherford House team. Thank you for your hard work Mrs Reed and
all the best in your new role as Head of Lydiard House.
Term 1 has gone by in what seems like record time and it’s been
business as usual for Sheppard House. Our juniors are currently
working with focus and commitment and I am sure that you will
be seeing your children getting stuck into their homework and
various key tasks as they aspire for success in the Junior Certificate
We have already seen some outstanding results from our senior
students and I would like to acknowledge the academic success of
the following Sheppard students who have recently gained Excellence in the following areas:
Geraldine Cook: Chemistry 3.7, Katrina Douglas Withers: Chemistry
3.7, Timothy Gulland: Accounting 3.2, Rose Mc Ewan: Accounting
3.2, Allanah Bos: Mathematics and Statistics 2.4, Charlotte Forrester: Mathematics and Statistics 2.3, Oliver Sharplin: Mathematics and Statistics 2.4, Thomas Warming-Smith: Mathematics and
Statistics 2.4 and Physics 2.5, Harlem Brown: Mathematics and
Statistics 1.7, Max Chick: Mathematics and Statistics 1.5.
In terms of the House Competition, we remain in 5th place but are
well placed to make a jump up the ladder. Our Junior Quiz teams
showed some real fight and were unlucky not to gain top two
positions in the recently held Year 9 and 10 Quiz Competition. Our
best performing Form classes in this event were 9SFN and 10SAE
(pictured at right). I extend my thanks and congratulations to all of
the students who made such a valuable contribution.
Outside of school, Sheppard students are making an impact in
national sporting events. I am proud to report that three Sheppard
students competed at the prestigious Horse of the Year event held
in Hastings 17 – 22 March. Katrina Douglas-Withers finished in 5th
place in the 1.2 metre event. Brodie Roberts qualified for the junior
rider of the year and Grace O’Sullivan gained 4th place in the hotly
contested Pony of the Year.
At the Maadi Cup, New Zealand’s premier rowing event for secondary schools, Sheppard students George Howat and Rose McEwan
performed exceptionally well. George achieved outstanding results
including a 6th place in the Boys’ Under 18 double sculls A final.
George has also been selected to trial for the NZ Rowing Squad.
Rose also had a hugely successful time with the highlight being a
bronze medal in the Girls’ Under 18 double sculls A final.
I am sure that you will all recognise the magnitude of these events
and will join with me in congratulating these high achievers. Let’s
not forget the contributions and commitments made by the parents and families. Kia kaha.
There are many events for our students to contribute to next term,
such as the Senior Debating and the Ronald Mc Donald House
street appeal. We will also be well represented in the Rangiora
High School production of “Into the Woods” which opens on 24
June in the Rangiora Town Hall. I look forward to recognising and
rewarding the aspirational and respectful contributions of all Sheppard students throughout the following term.
Senior Touch
The 2015 academic year has begun for senior students and all students are entered for NCEA by the
school. Please check our NCEA Student Handbook
for the rules around assessments.
The Senior Mixed Touch team has completed in two
competitions and one tournament so far this term.
NCEA fees in 2015 are $76.70 or $20 ($30 for a family) for those who qualify for Financial Assistance.
The due date is Friday, 28 August, but they can be
paid earlier. The fees cover all internal and external
(exams in November) assessments done throughout the year.
Scholarship fees are no longer included in NCEA
fees. Each Scholarship entry costs $30.00. International students pay $383.30 for NCEA and $102.20
for Scholarship.
NCEA fees are included in the invoice that is emailed
home, along with instructions for accessing the
Financial Assistance Form. Payments can be made
on-line or at the Student office.
Completed Financial Assistance forms must come
in with your payment.
Warning: Fees paid after 1 September must be paid
directly to NZQA and, if not paid before 1 December, incur a Late Fee of $50. After two years NZQA
removes all results not paid for.
Adrienne McGowan, NZQA Principal’s Nominee
For the first time in Rangiora High School history
the Mixed team qualified for the Boys’ Super Touch
competition, which involved the eight best boys or
mixed teams in Canterbury. This was a great experience to play against some top Touch Rugby Boys’
schools like Christchurch Boys’ High and compete
well, only losing to them 5-2. Although we did our
best each week we finished eighth.
Over the summer we have been also completing
in the local Belfast open Mixed competition where
teams we played against were mainly adults. The
Team won the A grade final a couple of weeks ago
7-5 against Co-Stars. Our first tournament was Canterbury Champs where we needed to get in the top
4 to qualify for South Islands. We managed to get
second in our pool which meant we crossed to play
St Andrew’s, with the chance of a spot in the final.
We played the best game I have seen since my involvement with the team and won this 8-4. This put
us in the final against Kaiapoi who manged to knock
over last years champ’s Lincoln. We won the final
6-3, another first for the school being Canterbury
Champs. The team is tracking very well and has put
in a massive effort over summer to get themselves
into this position.
Introducing our Support Staff
2015 Yearbooks
Megan Woollett – Financial Assistant
Due to the rising costs of publishing Yearbooks we
will now be charging $15 per copy with payment
due by 13 October 2015.
Mrs Megan Woollett is situated in the Administration Office.
This is a voluntary payment and is only due if a
Yearbook is required.
Guidance Department
Farewell to our counsellor Tina Duff who has been
with us for two years. With much regret we say
farewell to our colleague Tina who leaves to go to
Canada with her partner. Her energy, enthusiasm,
and laughter has been much appreciated.
We have four copies of John Kirwan’s book “Stand
By Me” available for parents to borrow. This book is
designed to help your teen through tough times. If
you are interested in borrowing a copy of this book,
please see Karina at the front desk in the Guidance
Next term we welcome a new Head of Guidance,
Rob Courtney, and our new full time counsellor,
Yurong She.
Megan is the school’s Accounts Payable officer
and is responsible for ensuring all the school’s
creditors are paid in a timely manner.
Megan assists at the student payments counter
in the mornings and when required, and you may
also speak to Megan when phoning the school or
being greeted at the school’s reception.
Megan has two girls at Rangiora High
School and is very involved with Netball. She is a keen traveller.
2014 Year Books
If you missed out on purchasing a 2014 Year Book,
there are some still available for $15.00 from the
Student Office (Payments Counter).
Para Athletes Athletic Results
This year students from the Mainstream Support Unit have competed at
both Canterbury and South Island competitions.
Five students attended the Canterbury competitions and competed in five
disciplines and two students competed in four disciplines at the South
Island competitions.
At Canterbury Emma Tull was 1st in 200m and 400m senior girls. Emma
Symon was 1st in Shot Put, 2nd in 100m and 200m junior girls. Zachary Edwards was 2nd in Discus, 3rd in 100m and 200m senior boys. Bret
Genet-Rentoul was 3rd in Discus, 5th in 200m and 6th in 100m senior boys.
Sebastian Tull was 4th in 100m and 200m junior boys.
At South Island’s Zachary Edwards was 2nd in Discus, 3rd 100m and 200m
and 4th in Long Jump senior boys. Bret Genet-Rentoul was 3rd in Discuss,
5th in Long Jump and 200m, and 6th in 100m senior boys.
This was an amazing result for Emma Symon as this was her first experience at Secondary School athletics competitions. Zachary and Bret’s Discus
results at Canterbury were both personal bests.
Cream of the Crop
Japan Club Hanami Party
Students from the senior Japanese classes and
exchange students from Japan celebrated the end
of the term with a Hanami (Cherry Blossom) Party.
K3 was turned into a picnic area as the students enjoyed getting to know each other better. A mixture
of Japanese and English accompanied with a lot
of laughter could be heard above the latest J-Pop
tunes as students shared a variety of Japanese and
Kiwi food, all eaten with chopsticks! Japan Club is
held every Monday lunchtime in K3 and all students
studying Japanese are very welcome to attend. It is
an excellent way of getting to know our exchange
students from Japan, finding out about youth culture and what’s trending in Japan and getting help
with your homework! We look forward to seeing
more new members next term.
On 28/29 March an Under 15 Boys’ Football Team
travelled to Christchurch to compete in the St
Bede’s Invitational Pre Season Tournament. The
team won all 3 games in pool play scoring 24 goals
and conceding 3. This put them into a semi final
against Christchurch Boys’ High School on day 2.
They won this game 1 -0 so played Cashmere High
School in the final. After a hard fought game the
final score was 3-1 to a very good Cashmere side.
The boys received silver medals and can be very
proud of their tournament and the effort they put
The teams was: Mackenzie Caughey, Luke Cooper,
Ethan Gerrard, Bradley Hawes, Cam Page, Bailey
Hodge, Kyle Hodge, Matthew Jones, Kyle Manson,
Connor Payne, Ben Rudd, Dylan Smith, Kevin Tabel,
Andrew Walmsley, Hadley Duncan, Mitchell Smith
and Liam Anderson.
Hosting International Students
The 2015 academic year has begun for senior students and all students are entered for NCEA by the
school. Please check our NCEA Student Handbook
for the rules around assessments.
NCEA fees in 2015 are $76.70 or $20 ($30 for a family) for those who qualify for Financial Assistance.
The due date is Friday, 28 August, but they can be
paid earlier. The fees cover all internal and external
(exams in November) assessments done throughout
the year.
Scholarship fees are no longer included in NCEA
fees. Each Scholarship entry costs $30.00. International students pay $383.30 for NCEA and $102.20
for Scholarship.
NCEA fees are included in the invoice that is emailed
home, along with instructions for accessing the
Financial Assistance Form. Payments can be made
on-line or at the Student office.
We are always looking for new families to host our
international students, either long-term or shortterm. Our Asian students usually prefer to live in
Rangiora or very close by, and our European students often come for the equestrian programme,
and so need to be able to ride horses at their host
family’s home.
Hosting students can be a lot of fun, but also
needs the kind of parenting that any 15 or 16 year
old requires. For more information on hosting an
international student, please contact Julia Arden,
Homestay Co-ordinator, via email at [email protected] or by telephone at home on (03) 312
Science is on the move
After 53 years the last classes have been taught in
the S block laboratories S 1 to S4. These laboratories
were built in 1962 in response to a period of rapid
roll growth. The previous ten years had seen the
school’s roll treble in size and in the preceding years
the principal, Mr Moffat, advocated strongly to the
Ministry of Education and was finally rewarded for
his efforts in 1959 – 1963 with the building of an
Admin block, Library, gymnasium and the S block
The interior of S block was renovated in 1990 – 1991
to address health hazards that had been identified
in these rooms including asbestos in the roof, benchtop sinks draining into open drains underneath
the benches and tongue and groove flooring that
trapped spilt chemicals. The renovated block was
opened in 1991 with a Science open evening that
included a fire pit and firewalking display.
With the school again undergoing a period of substantial roll growth we have obtained funding for a
new modern learning environment to be built over
the next two years in the space between the Assembly Hall and the Art block. This means that S block
will be demolished and from Term 2 this year the S
block Science classes will be located in temporary
classrooms on the K block lawn.
The photographs show students working in the S
block laboratories this term.
Canterbury Schools’ Athletics Champs
Rangiora High School had a large team of 51 students competing at the Canterbury Schools’ Athletics Champs
at Rawhiti Domain on Tuesday 17 March. From this 26 students qualified in the top 8 in Canterbury to go on
to compete at the finals on Saturday 21st March. We had some fantastic results from that day by all students
Results are as follows:
Under 14 Grade
Abby Ladd 4th in Discus
Denzel Lai Kong 2nd Triple Jump, 4th Long Jump
Christian Pomare 8th Triple Jump
Tsubasa Webb 7th Javelin
Junior Grade
Sophie Glover 4th 800m, 4th 1500m
Emily Christison 6th Triple Jump
Asilika Fungaraka 7th Discus
Holly Maxwell 7th Javelin
Jack Flannigan 5th 1500m
Matt Jones 2nd Long Jump, 4th High Jump
Intermediate Grade
Lauren Sim 7th 100m, 5th High Jump
Jasmine Koehler-Tibbots 3rd 100m
Ruby Spark 4th 800m, 3rd Open Girls’ Steeplechase
Bella Partington 4th Javelin
Immy Eglesfield 4th 3000m, 4th Open Girls’ Steeplechase
Rebecca Jelfs 8th Shot Put, 7th Javelin
Harry Rattray 4th 1500m, 4th 3000m
Senior Grade
Chelsea Brown 3rd 400m, 4th 800m
Mairi Law 3rd 3000m, 2nd Open Girls’ Steeplechase
Louise Johnson 3rd Javelin
Fergus Eglesfield 2nd 800m, 2nd 1500m
Travel Tuaputa 2nd Discus, 3rd Javelin, 5th Shot Put
Overall we had a successful two days at the Canterbury
Schools’ Championships and from this event 10 students
travelled to Nelson on the 27-29 March to compete in
the South Island Secondary Schools’ Athletics Champs.
South Island Secondary Schools’ Athletics Champs
On 27-29 March, ten Rangiora High School students travelled to Nelson to compete in the South Island Secondary Schools’ Athletics Champs. Students all came out and competed against the best in the South Island and
Rangiora High School left with some fantastic results and personal bests.
Results are as follows:
Under 14 Grade
Denzel Lai Kong 3rd Triple Jump and 6th Long Jump with
a personal best jump 5.24m.
Abby Ladd 11th Discus
Under 15 Grade
Sophie Glover 4th 800m with a personal best time of
2.20 minutes taking 8 seconds off her PB and 4th 1500m
with a personal best time of 4.57 minutes taking 15
seconds off her PB.
Jack Flannigan10th 1500m with a personal best time of
4.42 minutes taking 20 seconds off his PB
Under 16 Grade
Jasmine Koehler-Tibbots 8th 100m with a personal best
time of 13.77 seconds.
Immy Eglesfield 6th 3000m
Ruby Spark 3rd Open Girls Steeplechase
Senior Grade
Chelsea Brown 3rd 800m and 7th 400m
Fergus Eglesfield 3rd 1500m and 2nd 800m
Mairi Law 3rd 3000m and 2nd Open Girls Steeplechase
All the students involved should be very proud of their
efforts. This was the final event of the season and all
students put in their biggest performances and all their
hard work in training has paid off. We look forward
to next major event New Zealand Secondary School
Athletics in December.
Cricket Girls’ 1st XI
RHS Girls’ 1st XI competed in the NZCT Girls’ Cricket Tournament on the 25-26 March. Having been placed 9th
in this tournament last year, we were looking at improving this result. Our first pool game was against the Villa
Maria 1st XI. It was a tough match first up, Villa had some very experienced players who dominated us with
both bat and ball.
We expected a similar result when we went in to play the Rangi Ruru 1st XI. We won the toss and elected to
field first. The girls bowled well limiting the Rangi Ruru girls to 112 runs after their 20 overs, so we required
113 to win. An outstanding partnership between Kaylee Tavendale and Lucy Weddell had us in a good position
of 80/1 after 11 overs. After some good bowling from Rangi Ruru we were under pressure needing one run off
the last two balls, with no wickets to spare. Ashlee Berryman and our batsmen on debut Annie Dufour, snuck
a cheeky run in and we won the game. You would have thought the Black Caps had just won the World Cup
with the excitement the girls had.
We went on to also defeat Marian College, largely helped by Kaylee’s bowling of four wickets for eight runs.
RHS Girls 1st XI ended up getting placed 5th overall, an outstanding result given that we are still considered as
a developing team.
Team members: Emma Alexander, Ashlee Berryman, Eliza Burt-Priddy, Tiegan Cunninghame, Annie Dufour,
Riley Harrison, Mikayla Nortman, Mele Peseta, Kaylee Tavendale, Lucy Weddell, Gareth West (Coach)
Junior Touch
What a fantastic Touch competition for the Junior Girls this Term.
This year we had a huge number of girls keen to play in the Junior Division One touch team. As a result we had
our first trials, which produced a brand new team for Term 1, one which would ultimately prove to be a force
to be reckoned with.
The first game we played was against Papanui. As this was the very first game, there were a lot of nerves and
combinations and plays had not yet been developed. Therefore the girls went into the game knowing they had
to play hard. Playing hard is exactly what happened, and it resulted in a 14-1 win to Rangiora. A fantastic score
for the first game. The following games finished up much the same, with some fantastic wins and a happy
Rangiora Vs Papanui – 14-1
Rangiora vs Burnside A – 7-2
Rangiora Vs St Andrews College – 7-0
Rangiora Vs Kaiapoi – Win by Default.
Going into our finals, we were up against Rangi Ruru, who had also won
all their games, and was always going to be the hardest competition. We
had to work much harder in this game to score and to stop them from
scoring against us. The tougher competition was a great match up for
our girls, testing their fitness and skill level. The girls managed to keep
on top of their game and won the game 3-1. Well done on a fantastic
season, looking forward to Term 4.
Cricket Boys 1st XI
1st XI v Riccarton High School at Dudley Park March 13th 2015
The Gillette Cup Qualifier versus Riccarton High School
was the opportunity for the team to have another game
together after the win against Buller High. We won the
toss and batted first. After an opening partnership of
115 between Nik Harrison and George Blyth (with 64)
the team was well set for a big total. Angus Fletcher
with a well compiled 64 not out, Austin Hamilton with
34 and a quick fire 20 from Travel Tuapata led to a final
score of 264. A very good effort off 40 overs.
In the field we bowled reasonably well and the wickets
were shared around. Joel Epps was on a hat trick at one
point and finished with 3-14. A determined effort by
one of the Riccarton openers kept us at bay and carried his bat through the innings. In the end the 1st XI
finished with a victory by 34 runs. This win meant we
had to play Christ’s College in the next round.
1st XI Cricket vs Christ’s College at Mainpower Oval
March 27th 2015
This was a much anticipated fixture by the lads. They
had been excited about the game for a fortnight and
were highly keen to test themselves against one of the
traditionally strong Christchurch schools.
It was a beautiful day and we were put into the field
after Christ’s won the toss and elected to bat. Some
early nerves were settled when we picked up three
early wickets. At 80-4 the team had their tails up. Some tight bowling and regular wickets by the team meant
we kept Christ’s to a total of 252 that we were happy with. The pick of the bowlers were Angus Fletcher with
3-34 and Captain this season, Austin Hamilton with 3-65.
The batting task was always going to be a challenge and we needed to create partnerships and bat for long
period, however this didn’t happen with Christ’s taking regular wickets. The top scorers were Angus Fletcher
with 15 and Dylan Smith with 14. Not big scores but both batsmen gritted out long stays and worked hard for
their runs. In the end we mustered 83. The day was enjoyed by both teams who thoroughly relished the chance
to play on a wonderful wicket and superb playing surface. It was a memorable fixture and many thanks to all
who came down on the day to support the lads. Special mention to Mrs Blyth for fulfilling the duty bestowed
to her by Mrs Prain of baking the team’s chocolate cake. One of our school traditions.
Many thanks go this season to so many people who have made the season such a success. Mr Eder and the
ladies in the sports office, Mr Berg for the road trip to the coast, and of course the team. What a great bunch
of young men who play the game in the spirit it is intended.
From the team a very special thanks and farewell to Mr Drayton. Thank you for all you have done for cricket
at Rangiora High School. Your passion and commitment to the sport will be missed. Good Luck Mr Drayton on
your new role.
From 24-27 March the Rangiora High School Boys’ Softball team competed in the South Island Secondary
School softball tournament in Dunedin. 12 players were chosen to represent the school with all of the players
having various levels of ability and experience. We were definitely new to this tournament and most of the
boys were new to softball in general, however, we were still able to compete for most of the games against
other more experienced teams. We played seven games over the four days, picking up one win and finishing
8th out of 10 teams.
All of the boys played extremely well with a few of the boys really stepping up to the plate in this tournament.
Jakzon Quinn (NZ Age Group representative) and Dylan Gale (club level representative) were our key pitcher
and catcher combination, who shared the majority of the load over the seven games we played. Vaughn AtkinsPercasky developed in to our permanent resident in the centre outfield position and in the game against St
Thomas, had the accuracy and power to throw out a runner going from third base home, all the way from the
outfield. Ihaka Abraham hit a walk-off single in our only win over Otago Boys’ High School which was celebrated
with much enthusiasm by the rest of the team.
On behalf of the team, special thanks need to go out to Mandy Atkins (Vaughn’s mum) for coming down with
us for the duration of the trip. We would not have survived it without her. To Leigh, Wendy and the PTA for all
of the support that we have had with local games, transport, costs, uniforms and everything else, thank you
so much. To anyone else that has helped out with getting softball on to the diamond, thank you and we look
forward to continuing this game next season.
2015 Team to Dunedin: Jakzon Quinn, Dylan Gale, Braxton Taua, Jackson Goldstone, Sam Lamborn, Ihaka Abraham, Zane Carter, Vaughn Atkins-Percasky, Shannon Cassidy, Kieran James, Nathan Green, Josh Tull.
Year 10 Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination in Canterbury Schools
Year 10 girls at this school are being offered a free vaccine to help protect them against HPV infection. The HPV
virus can lead to genital warts, cervical cancer and other cancers later in life. In most cases, three doses of HPV
vaccine can prevent infection with the virus.
The HPV vaccination programme was first introduced in New Zealand for girls and young women in 2008. This
school programme is part of a Canterbury-wide initiative to protect young women from HPV disease.
HPV vaccination requires three injections to be given over a six month period. If your daughter has not received
HPV vaccination before she can receive the complete course at school this year, or if your daughter has received
any HPV vaccinations in the past she can also complete the course at school.
If you have a girl in Year 10 she will have received information and a consent form. Please read and complete
the form and return it to school as soon as possible. The form is required to be returned regardless of whether
the girls is having the vaccine or not, or is having the vaccine at her Doctor’s general practice.
For more information about Human Papillomavirus, HPV vaccination or the New Zealand HPV Vaccination Programme you can:
Visit the Ministry of Health website:
Contact your school’s nurse or public health nurse
Visit or free phone 0800 IMMUNE
Talk to your public health nurse or your doctor or practice nurse
Year 13 Physical Education Kayak Trip
In weeks 5 and 7 of Term 1 the two Year 13 Physical Education Classes travelled to Murchison for a three and a
half day Kayak trip. The trip was run by the NZ Kayak School.
The classes stayed at the NZ Kayak School and each day involved a 7:30 am rise in order to get some breakfast
into the belly before the 8am rolling session in the pool. With lots of good one on one instruction most students were rolling in no time. Some even got both sides going and a hand roll! The students were filmed and a
video analysis session followed. After a second breakfast it was back on the water for a river session, working
on skills such as ferrygliding, rolling, breaking in and out of eddies, sweep strokes and rapid negotiation. Lunch
was eagerly awaited before the second
river session occurred in the afternoon.
Most paddling took place on the Buller
River on grade 2 rapids but on the final
day the students kayaked down the
Middle Maitakitaki section with a great
playhole and beautiful gorge section.
At night after a big tea some of the instructors’ showed movies and photos
of the kayaking adventures around the
globe. All in all they were fantastic trips
and hopefully the students gained a lot
from it – both in terms of kayaking development and personal achievement.
The attitude and behaviour shown
throughout was fantastic.
Mr Fahey and Mr Harrison
The Senior Girls’ Volleyball Team has had a very busy
season this year competing in the Canterbury and
South Island Volleyball Champs and recently NZ Secondary Schools’ National Champs in Palmerston North
late March.
The team at Nationals played in a division of 27 and
their aim was to make top 8, which they achieved.
They then went onto play their quarter final which
they lost to Palmerston North Girls’ who became the
overall winner of their division. That left them playing
off for 5-8 position. The team went on to win both of
their next two games to finish 5th out 27 teams which
was a fantastic effort. A huge thank you to Mr Shaw
who gave up his time having been with most of the
team since Year 9.
2015 Head Students
My name is Elizabeth but I am known as Lizzie, You
only have to look at the subjects I take, English,
Drama, Classics, Media Studies and Theatre Arts, to
know that I am very passionate about the arts. This
year I am very excited to be a part of the school production “Into the Woods” as Little Red Riding Hood.
This will be my third major production with school
and it is slightly unnerving to be one of those “big
kids” that I used to look up to. This year I hope to
achieve my A.T.C.L which I will work towards with
Dale Hartley School of Speech and Drama. Near the
end of this year I hope to audition for performing arts
schools in New Zealand and Australia.
This year I am aiming to get Level 3 endorsed with
excellence and take scholarship papers for Drama.
I feel really privileged to be part of such an awesome supportive team. I have enjoyed this term with all its ups
and downs. I am so excited for what the rest of the year will bring with these three other lovely people by my
My name is Tim Gulland and I feel very privileged to be representing Rangiora High School as Head Boy for
2015. I grew up in Broomfield where I attended a small country school called Broomfield Primary. I have a
wide range of interests and passions which include swimming competitively for North Canterbury Swim Club,
mountain biking, playing my guitar and performing well academically. I enjoy taking on new challenges and
extending myself wherever possible, especially in leadership roles. A goal I would like to pursue this year
as head student is to help instil a sense of belonging and to be involved in activities that help students feel
as excited about coming to RHS each day as I do. My future goal is to gain a degree in commerce from the
University of Canterbury and then do some travelling overseas to extend my experiences. Year 13 is normally
a very exciting year for students, and for me it is even more so, working with the other amazing head students
– Elizabeth, Louise and Liam.
My name is Louise Johnson and I am immensely proud and honoured to be the Deputy Head Girl for Rangiora
High School in 2015. For those of you who don’t know me I am a very enthusiastic person, with a get up and go
positive attitude. Sport is a big passion of mine that is very close to my heart. I am currently a member of the
Senior A Netball and Volleyball teams and in addition to this I also throw javelin. This year I have a few goals;
firstly I hope to make it back to Nationals for javelin hopefully breaking the 30 metre mark. In addition to this
I hope to get University entrance into Canterbury University studying a Bachelor of Physical Education with an
aspiration to one day become a secondary school PE teacher. I also cannot wait to get amongst the rest of the
year giving Rangiora High School everything I have to offer and more, making 2015 a year to remember! BRING
I am Liam Rennie and I am extremely excited to be representing Rangiora High School as Deputy Head Boy for
2015. I grew up in Loburn and attended Loburn Primary School. This year I am playing rugby for Ashley and
Hockey for the Rangiora High First XI. My sporting goals for this year are to help both my sports’ teams win
their finals in our competitions. I am acting in Rangiora High’s production of ‘Into the Woods’ this year as the
Narrator which I am extremely excited about. Also this year I have acted in the Crash Bash car crash simulation,
am a part of the senior theatre sports team and I am taking scholarship Drama. I am a part of the student
driven Sound and Lighting team at the school and I have a job at Sky Sport as a cabler. This year I am studying
History, Biology, Drama, English and Media Studies and I hope to gain a scholarship in Drama and an overall
excellence endorsement in NCEA. I plan to study Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications at CPIT once I
leave school which will help me pursue my dream job in television media. 2015 is going to be a great year and
Louise, Elizabeth, Tim and I have some awesome things planned. Nāku i runga i aku mihi ki a koe.
Review of Junior Graduation
You may be aware that we are reviewing our processes and procedures around the current Junior Graduation
Certificate. There will be a slight change this year to the name - Rangiora High School Junior Certificate.
We are looking to align the aims of this more closely with the school’s ‘Lighthouse Values’.
We will be seeking your thoughts around this during Term 2.
If you have any questions, please contact :
Lesley Elms - Junior Academic Dean [email protected]
Alison Cleary - Deputy Principal [email protected]
Top Scholars 2014
The achievement of our top scholars in 2014 was recognised in Principal’s Assemblies recently with the awarding of “Academic Excellence” badges.
Forty One Year 11 students achieved an excellence endorsement on their Level 1 NCEA. They were;
Bryn Atkin, Maximilian Ridout, Nick Van Royen, Daisy Cath, Olivia Janes, Harry Rattray, Connor Cleary, Kurt
Shipley, Kerridwen Russ, Dylan Cameron, Luke Gold, Sarah Gunn, Kayla Drummy, Callum Vartha, Saskia Lane,
Ella Marshall, Hannah Cammock, Momoka Kobori, Mikaela Laity, Grace Lange, Madeleine Ashwin, Charlotte
Prager, Oliver Sharplin, Jakob Eder, Rhiannon Spary, Thomas Warming-Smith, Charlotte Western, Kaylee Tavendale, Jack Mackay-Neal, James Rigter, Holly Machill, Olivia Reynolds, Cameron Court, Rebecca Lord, Anca Belu,
Annie Dufour, Kate Woollett, Chloe Smith, Sam Sinclair, Kate Antrobus, Benjamin Hall.
Thirty One Year 12 students achieved an excellence endorsement on their Level 2 NCEA. They were;
Hannah Brotheridge, Nic Steyn, Laura Kevern, Felicity Rudd, Jack Rattray, Mary Hurley, Laura McQuillan-Reese,
Samuel Preston, Sean Weaver, Sarah Illingworth, Briar Fowler, Elizabeth Mullan, Grace Russell, Danielle Bucknall, Samuel Pell, Fergus Eglesfield, Tyler Courtney, Robert Rankin, Patrick McCallum, Sigourney Patterson,
Alex Johnston, Suzannah Smith, Jaime Bagrie, Jenna Heap, Dylan Benny, Mead Robertson, Riley Aitken, Tayla
Boocock, Molly Elliott, Jeremy Snelling, Ollie Chick.
Eleven Year 13 students achieved an excellence endorsement on their Level 3 NCEA. They were;
Rhiannon Mertens, Kiri Atkin, Nohah Forde, Erica Arthur, Mary Goulding, Samuel Rillstone, Henry Fraser, Maddie Wilkins, Olivia Adamson, Georgia Ayers, Ivan Prigarin.
Six students achieved Scholarships.
Kiri Atkin in Accounting and Statistics, Henry Fraser in Sculpture, Michael Heron in Accounting, Rhiannon
Mertens an Outstanding Scholarship in English, Thomas Steadman in Calculus and Natacha Wisstt in English.
Congratulations to all of our students who achieved their NCEA in 2014.
Steve Kersey - Academic Dean

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