Conference Agenda - National League of Cities



Conference Agenda - National League of Cities
NLC-RISC Staff Conference
Saint Paul Hotel | St. Paul, Minnesota | October 20 – 22, 2014
2014 NLC-RISC Staff Conference
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Known as the less crowded, more laid back older brother of the Twin Cities, Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota. Overlooking the Mississippi River, it offers many rugged outdoor
adventures, striking architecture and plenty of proud locals ready to share their city with you.
Founded near historic Native American settlements as a trading and transportation center,
Saint Paul features 104 landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It also
houses the most distinctive cathedral in the nation, the Cathedral of Saint Paul, which is
modeled by the St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican in Rome.
Saint Paul boasts four distinct seasons. The spring, summer and fall are your invitation to
enjoying the paths and trails along the Mississippi Riverfront. Although winters tend to be
frosty, Saint Paul offers miles of climate-controlled skyways to keep you warm and toasty.
Saint Paul’s history includes the famous Prohibition-era gangsters, gals and whiskey runners.
The city became a haven for notorious gangsters like John Dillinger. Take a gangster tour or
visit the Landmark Center, across the street from the Saint Paul Hotel, to learn more about
this storied past.
Saint Paul is known as the “City of Neighborhoods”. Life in its vibrant neighborhoods is
rooted deep in tradition, with the neighborhoods bearing the names of immigrant families
who founded them generations ago.
Can’t get enough of Saint Paul? Here’s why. St. Paul has been recognized as:
• #1 Cleanest Metro Area by Travel + Leisure
• “Third Least Stressed City” by the American Psychological Association.
• “Fourth Greenest City” in America by the National Geographic.
• Best Romantic Getaway in North America by
Enjoy your stay, enjoy the fabulous weather, and relax because you’re in Saint Paul!
Capitol by Dan Oldre
Arts and Culture
As the arts and culture capital of the Midwest, Saint Paul boasts more than 52,000
theater seats, three world-class museums, legendary historical sites and a vibrant arts and
entertainment community. The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts is one of the nation’s
leading not-for-profit performing arts centers with nearly 500 performances annually. Fans
of Public Radio might be familiar with Garrison Keillor’s broadcasts of “A Prairie Home
Companion”, which are performed live from the Fitzgerald Theater, named after the famous
Minnesota author, F. Scott Fitzgerald.
With thrilling venues, restaurants, festivals and businesses, downtown Saint Paul is the
place to be. Located in the Saint Paul Hotel, The St. Paul Grill is recognized annually as
the best restaurant in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and is host to the premier scotch club
in Minnesota. Across the street from the Saint Paul Hotel, you will also find Kincaid’s
Steakhouse and Pazzaluna Urban Italian Restaurant, as well as beautiful Rice Park. A local
favorite, Mickey’s Diner has been operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for nearly 70
years and has been featured in many movies and television programs.
Lowertown, Saint Paul’s vibrant artists’ quarter, is centered around Mears Park with trendy
restaurants and bars. The West 7th Street area houses popular pubs and restaurants, such
as The Liffey Irish Pub, Patrick McGovern’s Pub, Cossetta’s Italian Market & Pizzeria ~
among others! It is also home to Saint Paul’s first craft brewery – Summit Brewery.
Other popular areas just a short cab or shuttle ride away include Grand Avenue, Selby
Avenue and District del Sol. Grand Avenue is known for its cozy pubs, sidewalk cafés and
shopping. Saint Paul’s west side ~ District del Sol ~ has a collection of bars and restaurants
with a Latino vibe. Selby Avenue starts at the Cathedral of St. Paul and continues for many
blocks with restaurants, local shops, boutiques and bakeries.
No matter what mood you are in, downtown Saint Paul can satisfy all your food and
entertainment cravings.
Credit to Visit Saint Paul for all fun facts and information provided above. To learn more
about Saint Paul, go to
Mickeys Diner by Dan Anderson
Skyline by Geoff Myers
First Vice President
Second Vice President
Past President
Chief Executive Officer/
Executive Director
Clarence E. Anthony
Christopher B. Coleman
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ralph E. Becker
Salt Lake City, Utah
Melodee Colbert Kean
Joplin, Missouri
Ted Ellis
Bluffton, Indiana
Deputy Executive
Antoinette A. Samuel
2014 Officers
October 20, 2014
To: NLC-RISC Members and Guests
From: Jim Miller, Chair, NLC-RISC Board of Directors
Subject: Welcome to the 2014 NLC-RISC Staff Conference!
On behalf of the NLC-RISC Board of Directors, thank you for joining us at the 2014 NLC-RISC Staff Conference. We are
excited to present a unique set of educational sessions and workshops. The conference agenda also offers plenty of time to
network with your peers and with other pool staff that have different functional roles. We hope your time in St. Paul will help you
build relationships that can serve you throughout the upcoming year.
We owe special thanks to the 2014 Conference Planning Committee for their work to help make this conference a success.
The 2014 conference committee members are Tim Ailsworth (Maryland), Steve Craig (Virginia), Jeannie Garner (Florida),
Lynn McNamara (Oregon), Pete Tritz (Minnesota), and David Sichel (Vermont). The Conference Planning Committee members
have helped RISC staff envisage sessions that address current and potential areas of greatest interest to pools, and are also
supporting the conference by devoting their own or their staff’s time as presenters.
As we move into 2015, networking and collaboration remain the cornerstones of NLC-RISC. In addition to working directly
with member pools to address their needs, RISC continues to provide a venue that enables pools to work together in a noncompetitive environment to find solutions to critical challenges they jointly face, or will face. In addition to annual staff and
trustees’ conferences, some important elements of that platform include:
Advocacy. NLC-RISC works with NLC Federal Relations to support pool legislative concerns at the national level. In 2014,
RISC collaborated with Federal Relations to formulate a NLC position on TRIA reenactment, conveyed information about HIPAA
proposed rules to pool members, and provided comments on proposed regulations under Health Care Reform.
Communications. NLC-RISC communications tools are evolving. The current listservs provide pool staff with a way to connect
with one another and exchange information in a non-competitive environment. RISC staff has been working with NLC to
transition the listservs to a new platform that will provide users with more options, while enhancing the secure communication
environment they value. Expect roll out late 2014 or early 2015, preceded by plenty of outreach. RISC has also established a
Twitter presence, which is being rolled out at this conference. Follow @NLCRISC for ongoing information about RISC and use
#RISCstaff14 to engage with your colleagues at this conference event. RISC also continues to publish the RISC eNews, which
links to information of topical interest from other sources, includes original work by RISC staff and member pools, and provides
pools with a forum for publishing information of interest to other pools, such as job postings and notice of regional meetings.
Enterprise solutions. NLC-RISC works with interested member pools to identify and negotiate on their behalf favorable
agreements with vendors that provide services to the pooling community. Agility Recovery Solutions has ten NLC-RISC members,
and is open to new participants. To date, eleven NLC-RISC member pools have taken advantage of the opportunity to offer
NetDiligence’s eRisk Hub® to their members. Learn more about NetDiligence in the Interest and User Group meeting at this
Issue groups. NLC-RISC helps organize and support groups of pool representatives who want to work together to address
a common concern or opportunity. The Online Training Resources Group has met regularly and surveyed the NLC-RISC
membership on its interest in online training. Find out more about the results of this survey in the Online Training session
scheduled at this conference. A group has been formed recently to evaluate the impact on pools and their members of the
increasing use of Unmanned Aviation Systems (drones). Additional groups will be formed as the need is identified.
Original research and collaboration. NLC-RISC staff researches and publishes information on issues of common interest to
member pools; develops and presents sessions at RISC and at regional meetings organized by RISC member pools; and
collaborates with other organizations to develop resources and make presentations. The PR Toolkit featured at this conference is
a product of collaboration among NLC-RISC, AGRiP and CAJPA.
As always, we welcome your comments and feedback about the conference or any aspect of RISC products and services, so
we can make each experience with you better than the last. Any NLC-RISC Board or staff member would be happy to hear
what topics you have to suggest for future conferences, how we can improve our communications, or what new services would
be most valuable to you. I hope you enjoy your time in St. Paul.
1301 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20004-1763 | 202-626-3000 | Fax: 202-626-3043 |
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2014 Board of Directors
League Directors
James F. Miller, Chair
Executive Director
League of Minnesota Cities
145 University Avenue, West
St. Paul, MN 55103-2044
[email protected]
Miriam Hair
Executive Director
Municipal Association of South Carolina
1411 Gervais Street
Columbia, SC 29201
[email protected]
Mike McCauley
Executive Director
League of Oregon Cities
1201 Court St. NE
Salem, OR 97301
[email protected]
Ken Strobeck
Executive Director
League of Arizona Cities & Towns
1820 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007
[email protected]
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Pool Administrators
Steven A. Hansen, Vice Chair
President and Executive Director
Utah Local Governments Trust
55 S Highway 89
North Salt Lake, UT 84054-2597
[email protected]
Tim Ailsworth
Executive Director
Local Government Insurance Trust
7225 Parkway Dr.
Hanover, MD 21076
[email protected]
Steve Craig
Managing Director
VML Insurance Programs
P.O. Box 3239
Glen Allen, VA 23058
[email protected]
Dawn Crawford
TML Risk Management Pool
5100 Maryland Way
Brentwood, TN 37027
[email protected]
2014 Members
Alaska Municipal League Joint Insurance
Association, Inc.
Mississippi Municipal Service Company
Arizona Municipal Risk Retention Pool
Municipal Insurance Association of
British Columbia
Arkansas Municipal League
MUNIX (Alberta)
Association of Washington Cities Risk
Management Services Agency & Employee
Benefit Trust
New Hampshire Local Government Center
Health Trust
Citycounty Insurance Services (Oregon)
New Hampshire Local Government Center
Property Liability Trust
Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency
New Mexico Self Insurers’ Fund
Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency
North Carolina Interlocal Risk
Management Agency
Florida Municipal Insurance Trust
Georgia Municipal Association Risk
Management & Employee Benefit Services
Illinois Municipal League Risk
Management Association
Indiana Association of Cities and Towns
Iowa Municipalities Workers’
Compensation Association
Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services
League Association of Risk Management
League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust
League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Mutual Insurance
Local Government Insurance Trust (Maryland)
Maine Municipal Association Risk
Management Services
Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance
Association, Inc.
Michigan Municipal League
PennPRIME Trust
Public Employer Risk Management
Association, Inc. (New York)
Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust
Municipal Association of South Carolina Risk
Management Services
South Dakota Municipal League Workers’
Compensation Fund
South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance
Tennessee Municipal League Risk
Management Pool
Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental
Employee Benefits Pool
Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental
Risk Pool
Utah Local Governments Trust
Vermont League of Cities and Towns Insurance
and Risk Services
VML Insurance Programs (Virginia)
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Sunday, October 19
4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Lobby
Monday, October 20
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Registration
9:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Jeannie Garner, Dan Greensweig, Bob Haynes & Jeff Thompson
10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
NetDiligence Interest and User Group Meeting
Sharon Lyon & Claire Reiss
Promenade Foyer
Promenade South
New Staff Orientation
An introduction for newer staff to important concepts, functions, and focus in local government
risk pooling. This session explores the origins of pooling, various coverages provided by pools,
the benefits of pool membership compared to the commercial market, underwriting approaches,
and other operational issues. A panel of experienced pool staff will discuss the different pool
structures and approaches, including different delivery service models, managing competition,
capital structures, decision-making considerations, and core functions within their pool.
James J. HillThis session will provide an update on NLC-RISC’s partnership with NetDiligence for current
and potential users. Learn about the tools and resources available, and how pools are using
NetDiligence to help their members navigate cyber and data breach exposures.
Online Training: Enhancing Training Opportunities for Your Members
This session will explore the types of online training courses pools offer, how pools are
marketing online training to their members to maximize success of the program, and what they
are considering for the future. Learn about potential collaborative opportunities to develop
online training courses for your members. Come prepared to share your online training
successes, challenges, ideas and information with colleagues from across the country.
Michael Fann, Laura Honeck, Chris Krall, Mary Meyer & Erin Rian
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Lunch On Your Own
12:30 – 1:00 p.m.
Meet & Greet
Promenade Foyer
Join old and new friends for a light snack to start the conference.
1:00 – 2:15 p.m.
Michael Gerrard & Cynthia McHale
Promenade Ballroom
The Impact of Climate Change on Communities and Their Insurers
Join Michael Gerrard, a professor at Columbia Law School specializing in climate change law,
and Cynthia McHale, director of the insurance program at CERES, a nonprofit organization
that advocates for leadership in sustainability, for this opening general session. Hear about
claims arising from climate change that may be made against cities and their insurers, and how
the industry is responding to the challenge. 4
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2:15 – 2:30 p.m.
2:30 – 3:45 p.m.
Pool Approaches to Covering Special Exposures
Promenade Foyer
Promenade Ballroom
Learn how the industry and other RISC member pools cover several challenging exposures,
including unmanned aviation systems (drones), volunteers, fellow employee liability, and more.
Representatives from four pools will share the policy reasons behind their varied approaches
to these interesting exposures, and audience members will have an opportunity to share their
approaches and concerns.
Bob Anspach, Liam Biever, Mike Kruse, Claire Reiss, Shannon Ruff & Scott Soderstrom
Interactive Discussion: Deep Dive Into Work Comp Issues & Trends
James J. Hill
There are several current and emerging issues affecting workers’ compensation programs.
Join industry expert, Mark Walls, and your pooling colleagues for this highly interactive
discussion to explore the key challenges and emerging issues facing work comp pools. Bring
your questions and be prepared to share the strategies your pools are using to address these
challenges in your state.
Mark Walls
Employment Liability Trends: ABC’s of the ADA and EEOC
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) continues to challenge municipal employers from
both a practical and legal standpoint. Hear from an experienced pool labor attorney and
league human resources manager on the key legal requirements and problem areas triggering
claims and litigation for pool members. Learn the latest from the Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission’s enforcement and guidance regarding the ADA. What are best practices for
holding “interactive discussions” that meet the requirements of the ADA, and what emerging
trends impact reasonable accommodation and leave of absence? Leave with sample materials
that you can take back and use with your members. Pat Beety & Laura Kushner
3:45 – 4:00 p.m. Break
4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
etting precedent – How one pool fought for its members all the way to the
U.S. Supreme Court
Promenade Foyer
Promenade Ballroom
This session will involve a discussion by Counsel of Record in the case of Plumhoff v. Rickard,
USSC (2014), Michael Mosley, and the executive director of the pool, Don Zimmerman.
Mosley and Zimmerman will discuss the Court’s ruling, the history of the litigation, how the
decision was made to petition the U.S. Supreme Court, why the Arkansas Municipal Legal
Defense Fund decided to prosecute the appeal to the Supreme Court in-house, and important
take-aways from the experience. Michael Mosley & Don Zimmerman
James J. Hill
reaking Down the Silos: Integrating Health Promotion and Work Comp to Maximize
Member Health & Wellness
As the Affordable Care Act pushes employers to look closely at their total health care spending,
an opportunity exists for pools and their members to take a more comprehensive approach
to employee health and wellness. What are the benefits of integrating health promotion and
occupational safety programs? What strategies might pools consider to help members break
down the silos and look at the overall health and wellness of their employee population in
a different way, regardless of whether illness or injuries are driven by occupational or nonoccupational factors?
Dr. Michael McGrail
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Protecting City Interests in Construction Contracts
Review the standard construction contract forms. Learn about changes that were made to the
AIA A201 – General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, by the International Municipal
Lawyers Association’s Construction Contract Drafting Initiative, to protect the interest of
construction project owners. Gain a better understanding of liability and indemnification issues,
as well as practical tips on developing insurance requirements. Review the new ISO additional
insured endorsements and how they can affect contracts.
Chris Smith
5:00 – 6:00 p.m. Welcome Reception
M ST. CafeJoin us immediately following the afternoon sessions for cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres.
Registered guests are invited ~ badges required.
Tuesday, October 21
7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
Breakfast Buffet
8:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Promenade Foyer
Promenade FoyerRegistered guests are invited ~ badges required. Tables will be set in the foyer for those not
attending the think tank sessions.
Grab breakfast and join your colleagues in one of five think tank sessions. Agendas for each
will be available prior to the session.
James J. Hill SouthPool Administrators and Deputy Administrators: Engaging with
Your Board of Directors
Facilitated by: Tim Ailsworth
James J. Hill North
Health Pool Issues, Strategies & Successes
Facilitated by: Ann Ludlow
Promenade North
Claims Issues, Strategies & Successes
Facilitated by: Mike Rains
Loss Control Issues, Strategies & Successes
Facilitated by: Ron Sinnwell
Promenade South
Underwriting Issues, Strategies & Successes
Facilitated by: Jon Calvin
10:00 – 10:30 a.m. Break
10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Hollie Cammarasana & Erin Rian
Promenade Foyer
Promenade Ballroom
Messaging the Value of Pooling
This session will provide an overview of the PR toolkit on the value of pooling, developed in
coordination with AGRiP and CAJPA. This session will include a primer on communication and
public relations strategies and how pools can use the toolkit to develop their own messages.
Follow-up sessions will dive into the toolkit in more detail and allow pools to work together to
further develop and enhance these messages.
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11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Lunch & Annual Business Meeting
Promenade Ballroom
Registered guests are invited ~ badges required.
1:15 – 2:30 p.m.
“RISCing” the PR Toolkit: Developing key messages for RISC member pools
Promenade Ballroom
Building on the PR toolkit, explore messaging and communications strategies pools have used
to tell their story. Learn how one pool used the PR toolkit to develop key messages for their
organization and how they plan to use it going forward. Hollie Cammarasana
James J. Hill
Labor Relations and the Affordable Care Act
The Excise Tax (a.k.a. Cadillac Tax) is the next significant requirement for employers under the
Affordable Care Act (ACA). Despite a 2018 effective date, there are many considerations
employers must start to think through now, especially if they have labor contracts. Join our expert
labor-relations attorney to explore common contract provisions that may be problematic for
public sector employers and discuss best practices that can help protect your members from
unfair labor practices. This session is a must attend for any pool that is helping their members
navigate the complexities of the ACA – whether you have a health pool or not.
Susan Hansen
Managing Public Entity Cyber Risk Exposures
Join an attorney who has served as a breach coach for members of the League of Minnesota
Cities Insurance Trust to explore the types of cyber events that commonly affect small
entities, how they are being addressed, the level of associated losses, and how HIPAA
and Payment Card Industry requirements affect cities and their pools. Hear from the Chief
Information Officer for the North Carolina Interlocal Risk Management Agency about the pool’s
programs to address cyber exposures, both for its members and within its own operations. Ryan Draughn and James J. Giszczak
2:30 – 2:45 p.m. Break
Promenade Foyer
Follow us @NLCRISC #RISCstaff14
2:45 – 4:00 p.m.
Hollie Cammarasana & Erin Rian
Promenade Ballroom
“RISCing” the PR Toolkit: Developing key messages for RISC member pools (continued)
Using the PR toolkit and strategies provided in the previous sessions, attendees will have a
chance to further develop and hone key messages based on various scenarios facing pools. By
the end of this session, attendees will leave with samples of key messages that can be further
discussed and customized with colleagues back home.
Estimating the Risk Costs of Police Fatigue
James J. Hill
Fatigue resulting from shift work, long work hours and overtime is pervasive in policing. It also
substantially degrades officer safety, performance and health in ways that increase the day-today probabilities of accidents, injuries and errors as well as the longer-term risks of mortality
and morbidity. This session will introduce the nature of fatigue-related risks, their causes and
prevalence, and what a comprehensive fatigue management program entails. We will then
discuss what evidence is needed to both assess the risk costs of police fatigue and evaluate the
impact of different approaches to fatigue management, as well as identify stakeholders willing
to work on this problem.
Dr. Bryan Vila
Financial Management Strategies for Pools
Join our panel for a discussion of some different approaches, tools and resources pools use to
assess the overall financial health of their organization. Hear from three pools about the tools
and measures they focus on in monitoring and managing their pools’ finances. This session will
also explore the key findings of the latest NLC-RISC Financial Ratio Benchmarking project and
how pools use this benchmarking data in their decision-making. Dawn Crawford, Mujtaba Datoo, Pete Tritz & Tito Villegas
Evening On Your Own
Wednesday, October 22
7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Promenade Foyer
7:30 – 9:00 a.m.
Networking Breakfast
Promenade Ballroom
Registered guests are invited ~ badges required.
7:30 – 9:00 a.m.
Pool Administrator Breakfast
9:15 – 10:30 a.m. GENERAL SESSION
Blue Zones: 9 Key Principles for Leading Healthy and Productive Lives
James J. HillThis session is for pool administrators only. A breakfast buffet will be served in the
meeting room.
Promenade Ballroom
Join Dave Tsang of Blue Zones as he explores the shared traits of the world’s longest-lived
people. The Power 9 principles derived from studying these communities can help us promote
change in our own personal and work environments and in the communities we serve. Mr.
Tsang is a leading expert in effecting corporate change and a passionate advocate for the
Power 9 principles. Attendees will learn the benefits of adopting the Power 9 principles and
leave with practical ideas for changes that will make healthy choices the easiest choices.
Dave Tsang
10:30 – 10:45 a.m.
Promenade Foyer
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10:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Audrey Forbush
James J. Hill
Emerging Legal Trend: Wrongful Incarceration and Police Liability
This session will explore two emerging police liability issues: wrongful incarceration and the
militarization of police. What happens when a court vacates a criminal conviction and releases
a prisoner who has been incarcerated for years, or even decades? What are the implications
of preparing police to combat well-armed and ruthless criminals and terrorists? How does this
preparation, and the resulting mindset, affect police response when dealing with citizen unrest,
as recently highlighted in Ferguson, Missouri? What types of liability, damage and coverage
issues come into play when there are allegations of police error, malfeasance or abuse? This
session will explore issues including immunity, evidence, statutes of limitations, coverage, as
well as loss control strategies to minimize these exposures in the future. Process Improvement in Pooling
As pools have matured, many have become engrained in their processes. Is the way we’ve
always done it the best way? This session will explore how you think about the work you do
and how to look at your process differently. What questions should you consider and how can
you avoid the system drag that can blow up your processes as you consider changes in your
Sara Peterson
12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Lunch Buffet
Promenade Ballroom
Registered guests are invited ~ badges required.
1:15 – 2:30 p.m.
Strategic Planning for Your Pool
James J. Hill This session will explore the importance of strategic planning in your organization. Learn one
pool’s approach using scenario-based exercises to help inform possible strategic planning
outcomes. Come prepared to share your pool’s experiences.
Lynn McNamara
Data Analytics and Other Work Comp Claim Resolution Strategies
This session will explore special strategies, including data analytics, commercial carriers are
using to better identify, manage and resolve problematic claims. Discuss the challenges inherent
in workers’ compensation claims and considerations pools should think about as they evaluate
similar strategies within their own programs.
Brian Billings & Steve Link
2:30 – 2:45 p.m.
Promenade Foyer
The NLC-RISC Staff conference has been approved for 12 continuing education hours for the ARPM
designation through the Insurance Education Association (IEA). Pick up your form at the registration desk.
Follow us @NLCRISC #RISCstaff14
2:45 – 4:00 p.m.
Promenade Ballroom
Technology Round Robin
Learn how pools are using technology to enhance their services and/or business processes.
Some of the technologies to be explored include:
Online policy renewal
Mobile applications
Custom developed claim systems
Customer Relationship Management systems
Member portals
Attendees will receive an overview of each new technology and then an opportunity to engage
with the pools directly in more detailed small group discussions.
Wayne Anderson, Ryan Hatch, Michele Keplinger & Mark Snodgrass
James J. Hill
Leadership Development for Emerging Pool Leaders
A session geared toward mid and upper level managers in pools, and others who may see
an executive leadership role in their future. Learn how pooling has changed and the essential
skill sets, education, experience and tools needed to be a successful pool manager in today’s
environment. Hear from both experienced and relatively new pool administrators with varying
backgrounds and how they moved into their positions. What have they learned from their
experience and what would they do differently?
Steve Craig, Ken Canning & Ian Ridlon
5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
CLOSING RECEPTION ~ Riverboat Cruise on the Mississippi
Join us for a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River. Pre-boarding starts at 4:30 pm. While the
landing is only about a one-mile walk, we will have buses available to transport attendees and
Anson Northrup
guests both to the boat and back to the hotel after the cruise. Heavy appetizers, cocktails and
Harriet Island West
entertainment will be provided. Registered guests are invited ~ badges required.
Follow us @NLCRISC #RISCstaff14
Follow us @NLCRISC #RISCstaff14
2015 Trustees Conference
May 7-9, 2015 | Savannah, Georgia
2015 Staff Conference
October 19-21, 2015 | Annapolis, Maryland
Tim Ailsworth
Executive Director, Local Government Insurance Trust
Tim is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and has a law degree from George Mason
University. He is a member of the North Carolina Bar and worked as both an adjuster and attorney for major
insurance companies before joining the North Carolina League of Municipalities Risk Management Services
department in 1990. From 1990 to 2002, Tim served in several capacities, culminating in his being named
the Assistant Director of the Risk Management Services department in 1999. In 2002, Tim moved to Virginia, where he became
the Deputy Managing Director of the Virginia Municipal League’s Insurance Programs. Tim became the executive director of LGIT
in December of 2009.
Wayne Anderson
Member Services Representative, Tennessee Municipal League Risk Management Pool
Wayne Anderson joined the Member Services Department of The Pool on July 1st and is excited to be working
as the east Tennessee Member Services Representative. He will be assisting members in the east Tennessee
region by sharing information about Pool programs and services, assisting with applications and working
with the underwriting and loss control departments. Wayne is a graduate of Tennessee Tech University in
Cookeville. He began his career in the Safety and Loss Control arena in the private sector for nine years before working with the
Florida League of Cities (FLC) for over two decades in loss control. Wayne has earned his Associate in Risk Management (ARM)
designation as well as his Risk Management for Public Entities designation (RMPE) while working with the FLC. Originally from Ft.
Lauderdale, Florida, Wayne was awarded a football scholarship to Tennessee Tech and was the placekicker for four years before
spending time in the NFL with the Bills and Chiefs. While at Tech, Wayne was selected first team All-Ohio Valley Conference for
three of four years and was selected to the first team Coaches All-American Team for 1-AA. During his senior year, Wayne was
voted Most Valuable Player by his teammates. “It is a dream come true for me and my family to get back to Tennessee and be
able to work for the TML Risk Management Pool!” Bob Anspach
Director of Insurance Services, PennPRIME Trust
Bob Anspach served in the U.S. Army from 1974 – 1995 where he began his career in the Military Police
and was recruited into Army Counterintelligence. He worked as a counterintelligence Special Agent. After a
career with the US Army, he worked as the development director for the Developmental and Disability Services
of the Lebanon Valley Foundation. Bob joined local government in 1998, serving on the City of Lebanon
council and in 2002 was elected Lebanon’s mayor in a Strong Mayor-Council form of government. While mayor, Bob served as a
trustee of the PennPRIME Insurance Trusts and on the Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities (PLCM) Board of Directors.
Bob also served as president of PLCM. Bob worked at the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency after leaving office.
He returned to PennPRIME in 2011 as the Director of Insurance Services, managing both the PennPRIME Trust which provides
liability insurance lines to local government and the PennPRIME Workers’ Compensation Trust which also serves local government
entities. Bob has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, University College with
a concentration in International Terrorism. Bob’s community involvement includes service on the Board of Directors of the DDS
of the Lebanon Valley Foundation. He is a past-President of the Lebanon County Eagle Scout Society and past president of the
Pennsylvania Dutch Council, Boy Scouts of America.
Patricia Beety
Litigation Supervisor, League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust
Patricia Beety is Senior Employment Attorney and Defense Litigation Supervisor for the League of Minnesota
Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT). She defends employment related claims against Minnesota cities and provides
loss control advice and training. Ms. Beety is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School. Pat
speaks frequently on public employment issues.
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Liam Biever, CPCU
Underwriting Manager, League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust
Liam has worked with the LMCIT program for ten years.He received a B.S. in Economics from the University
of St. Thomas and holds Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) and Associate in Claims (AIC)
professional designations.
Brian Billings
Director of Business Analytics, Midwest Employers Casualty Company
Brian Billings is the Director of Business Analytics at Midwest Employers Casualty Company where he leads the
company’s Predictive Analytics Group. He has more than 20 years of technology experience focused almost
exclusively on turning corporate data assets into actionable business intelligence. He has a wide range of
industry experience including Banking, Investment Services, Insurance Services and Health Care. Mr. Billings
graduated magna cum laude from Saint Louis University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in
Management Information Systems. He also holds a Juris Doctor from Saint Louis University and is licensed to practice law in both
Missouri and Tennessee.
Jon Calvin
Director of Underwriting, Tennessee Municipal League Risk Management Pool
Jon Calvin has been the Director of Underwriting at the Tennessee Municipal League Risk Management Pool
since June of 2010. Jon’s duties with the Pool include the management of the Underwriting function including
development of coverage documents, reinsurance programs, policy processing, automated systems and the
activities and development of the underwriting staff.
Prior to joining the Pool, Jon enjoyed a varied career of over 30 years in the insurance industry including time with two standard
market insurance carriers, a reinsurer, a managing general agency, a retail agency and as an independent consultant. Jon’s
accomplishments include being a key person in the development of two subsidiaries for a major carrier, setting up and managing
an MGA, and a retail agency that he founded, owned and operated for 9 years. In addition to his underwriting background, Jon
is also an accomplished systems developer.
Jon is an avid musician and enjoys tennis with his wife Becky. Jon and Becky have two daughters and 2 grandchildren.
Hollie Cammarasana
Director of Communication, VML Insurance Programs
Hollie Cammarasana, MPA, has served as the director of communications for VML Insurance Programs since
2010. She has more than a decade of experience in communications and public relations and has worked
extensively with local, state, and national media. Previously Cammarasana spent six years in state government
communications – two in the public affairs office of the Virginia Department of Social Services and four as the
public relations director at the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development. She has also worked as the public
relations director for The Salvation Army, Richmond Area Command. Cammarasana holds a bachelor’s degree in communications
with a concentration in public relations and minor in marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as a graduate
certificate in public management and a master’s degree in public administration. Cammarasana has served on the board of the
Public Relations Society of America – Richmond Chapter, and as a director at large for Virginia Government Communicators.
Cammarasana resides in Richmond with her husband and two small children.
Ken Canning
Director of Risk Management Services, Vermont League of Cities and Towns
Ken is the pool administrator for VLCT, where he leads the Risk Management Services Department in operating
the three insurance trusts. Prior to joining VLCT four years ago, Ken had over twenty years experience in the
commercial insurance industry. Ken grew up in Boston, where he earned a BA in Economics from Boston
University and began his insurance career working in the National Accounts Department for Liberty Mutual’s
home office in Boston. Ken moved to Vermont to help open an underwriting office for Acadia Insurance (a W.R. Berkeley
company) in South Burlington Vermont and then moved on to Vermont Mutual in Montpelier. Ken is Past President and Director of
the Vermont Chapter of the CPCU Society.
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Steve Craig
Managing Director, VML Insurance Programs
Steve Craig is managing director of VML Insurance Programs. Craig joined VML in 1991 as deputy managing
director and was named managing director in 2002. He also served on the VML legislative staff from
1994-2002 lobbying on workers’ compensation, labor and energy deregulation issues before the Virginia
General Assembly. Craig currently serves on the Steering Committee of the Business Coalition on Workers’
Compensation, a statewide group representing employers at the Virginia General Assembly. Craig is on the board of NLC Mutual
Insurance Company currently serving as first vice chairman and is a member of the executive, audit and investment committees.
Craig was recently appointed to the NLC-RISC Conference planning committee and serves as president of the Hickory Park
Condominium Association Board of Directors. Craig hold a B.B.A. from James Madison University. He has been married to
Brenda Craig for 23 years and has two sons, Adam 16 and Alexander 14.
Dawn Crawford
President, TML Risk Management Pool
Dawn Crawford started working in the finance department of the TML Risk Management Pool in February
1988. Currently as President/CEO, Crawford is responsible for the operations of the Pool, which has assets
in excess of $233 million dollars. She is also responsible for the overall operations of the business, overseeing
all departments and major organizational projects. Crawford is responsible for coordinating strategic planning
with the board of directors and the management team in order to carry out the company’s mission statement. Crawford received
her B.A. from Middle Tennessee State University. She is also a Certified Public Accountant and an active contributor and/or
presenter at various state and national risk management seminars.
Mujtaba Datoo
Actuarial Practice Leader, Aon Risk Solutions
Mujtaba has 26 years’ experience providing actuarial services within the insurance and risk management
fields and has been responsible for ratemaking in medical malpractice, workers’ compensation and automobile
assigned risk markets. Mujtaba has extensive experience in ratemaking, loss reserve and funding studies for
self-insured workers’ compensation, automobile liability and general liability programs. He has authored several
articles on actuarial topics. Mujtaba graduated from Columbia University and holds the professional designations Associate of the
Casualty Actuarial Society, Member of the American Academy of Actuaries and Fellow of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries.
Ryan Draughn
Chief Information Officer, North Carolina League of Municipalities
Ryan Draughn, NC League of Municipalities CIO, has more than 20 years of IT experience in both the
public and private sectors. Draughn joined NCLM in July 2008 after serving as IT director for Lee County
Government. In addition to his duties managing the IT infrastructure for the League, Draughn serves on various
boards and commissions including the NC Chief Information Officer Council, NCLGISA Board Liaison/
Advisor, NC Digital Government Summit Advisory Board and Raleigh CIO Forum and Executive IT Summit Advisory Board. He
earned his undergraduate degree from UNC-Wilmington, his Masters of Science from East Carolina University, and his MBA from
NC State University. He is also a certified government CIO (CGIO) from the UNC School of Government.
Michael Fann
Director of Loss Control, Tennessee Municipal League Risk Management Pool
Fann has more than 25 years experience in providing risk management consulting and training for local
governments, school systems, universities, state governments, and associations. He is an award-winning author
and speaker, working with clients and audiences from Maine to Arizona & California, from Florida to Idaho
& Washington. Fann is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University (Finance & Political Science) and
Ole Miss (MBA - Management). He has participated in international public risk management exchanges with colleagues from
the United Kingdom, China and Australia. A former 2-time member of the Board of Directors of the Public Risk Management
Association (PRIMA), he is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI), based in Alexandria,
Virginia. In 2014, he was presented with the Public Risk Management Association’s highest honor as the 11th recipient of its
Distinguished Service Award. He has also received TnPRIMA’s Abbie Hudgens Distinguished Service Award (2012), the National
League of Cities’ John G. Stutz Award (2010), Public Risk Magazine’s Author of the Year Award (2011), and the University of
Tennessee Institute for Public Service’s Project of the Year Award (2004). Fann has also been known to grace the stage with a
Blues Brothers routine, entertain with bad karaoke, and once sang an Elvis song at the insistence of Chinese officials.
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Audrey J. Forbush
Partner, Plunkett Cooney
A partner in the firm’s Flint office and a member of Plunkett Cooney’s Board of Directors, Audrey J. Forbush
focuses her practice primarily in the area of municipal liability with particular expertise in police pursuits and
shootings, false arrest, malicious prosecution, wrongful incarceration, excessive force, civil rights, labor and
employment (discipline, discharge, whistleblower and contract related issues), zoning and personal injury. Ms.
Forbush is a member of the Michigan Bar Association and the Public Corporation Section of the MBA as well as a member of the
Genesee County Bar Association. She is also a member of the Defense Research Institute. She was also selected to serve as legal
advisor to the Law Enforcement Action Forum (LEAF), an organization consisting of select law enforcement executives throughout
Michigan who draft model policies.
Jeannie Garner
Director of Insurance and Financial Services, Florida League of Cities
Jeannie Garner has been at the Florida League of Cities for 20 years and currently holds the position of the
director of insurance and financial services. The department provides insurance and financial services for
local governments in Florida. As the director, Jeannie is responsible for the overall management, supervision
and administration of the League’s insurance and financial programs. The services include the following: The
Florida Municipal Insurance Trust is an all lines insurance company with $165 million in premium and assets of $460 million.
The Florida Municipal Investment Trust is an investment pool with 11 portfolio options and $1.7 billion in assets. The Florida
Municipal Pension Trust Fund provides full service pension administration with assets of over $500 million. The Florida Municipal
Loan Council issues long-term debt and provides bank loans to municipalities with over $1.3 billion of projects funded. Jeannie
has also served as the executive director for Florida Government Finance Officers Association (FGFOA) for 13 years. She works
with the Board of Directors, committees and local chapters overseeing all aspects of the administration. She served as an advisor
on the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Debt Committee for six years and was chair of the NLC Public Finance
Consortium. She also is a graduate of Leadership Florida Class XXXII. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, she graduated with a
bachelor of science in finance from Troy State University. Michael B. Gerrard
Professor, Columbia Law School
Michael B. Gerrard is Andrew Sabin Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia Law School, where he
teaches courses on environmental and energy law and directs the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law.
He is also Associate Chair of the Faculty of Columbia’s Earth Institute. Before joining the Columbia faculty in
January 2009, he was partner in charge of the 110-lawyer New York office of Arnold & Porter LLP; he is now
Senior Counsel to the firm. He practiced environmental law in New York City full time from 1979 to 2008 and tried numerous
cases and argued many appeals in federal and state courts and administrative tribunals. He was the 2004-2005 chair of the
American Bar Association’s 10,000-member Section of Environment, Energy and Resources. He has also chaired the Executive
Committee of the New York City Bar Association, and the Environmental Law Section of the New York State Bar Association. He
has served as a member of the executive committees of the boards of the Environmental Law Institute and the American College of
Environmental Lawyers. Since 1986, Gerrard has written an environmental law column for the New York Law Journal, and since
1989 he has been editor of a monthly newsletter, Environmental Law in New York. He is author or editor of eleven books, two
of which were named Best Law Book of the Year by the Association of American Publishers: Environmental Law Practice Guide
(twelve volumes, 1992) and Brownfields Law and Practice: The Cleanup and Redevelopment of Contaminated Land (four volumes,
1998). His other books are Environmental Impact Review in New York (two volumes, with Philip Weinberg and Daniel Ruzow,
1990); Whose Backyard, Whose Risk: Fear and Fairness in Toxic and Nuclear Waste Siting (1994); The Law of Environmental
Justice (with Sheila Foster) (2d ed. 2008); Amending CERCLA (with Joel Gross) (2006); Global Climate Change and U.S. Law
(with Jody Freeman) (2d ed. 2014); The Law of Green Buildings (with Cullen Howe) (2010); The Law of Clean Energy: Efficiency
and Renewables (2011); The Law of Adaptation to Climate Change: U.S. and International Aspects (with Katrina F. Kuh) (2012);
and Threatened Island Nations: Legal Implications of Rising Seas and a Changing Climate (with Gregory E. Wannier) (2013).
Legal Media Group’s Guide to the World’s Leading Environment Lawyers, based on 4,000 questionnaires, reported in 2005 and
again in 2007 that Gerrard “received more personal nominations for this guide than any other lawyer in the world.” He received
his B.A. from Columbia University and his J.D. from New York University Law School, where he was a Root Tilden Scholar.
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James J. Giszczak
Member, McDonald Hopkins
Jim Giszczak is a member in the firm of McDonald Hopkins, a business advisory and advocacy law firm.
His practice focus areas include advising clients about data security measures and helping clients respond
to security breaches involving sensitive personal information and protected health information. He serves as
breach coach for organizations that have experienced a data breach, helping to ensure compliance and
minimize exposure. He works with federal, state and local authorities, as well as third party vendors. He defends single party and
class action litigation involving data security and data privacy. Jim is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School and
Michigan State University.
Dan Greensweig
Assistant Administrator, League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust
Dan Greensweig is the Assistant Administrator of the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust. He has
also served as the Director of Operations and General Counsel for the Minnesota Association of Townships
Insurance Trust, as an Assistant State Auditor and Director of that office’s Tax Increment, Investment, and Finance
Division, and as a shareholder at the Minneapolis law firm of Kennedy & Graven where his practice focused
on municipal law and public finance. He was formerly a member of the Circle Pines city council and park board and chair of the
city’s planning commission.
Susan Hansen
Attorney, Madden Galanter Hansen, LLP
Susan Hansen has been an attorney with the law firm of Madden Galanter Hansen, LLP for 18 years.
She practices exclusively in the representation of employers in labor law and employment law matters and
represents a number of counties, cities and other public and private sector organizations in the State of
Minnesota. She represents employers in collective bargaining, contract administration, grievance and interest
arbitration hearings, and other administrative hearings and regularly provides advice to public sector organizations on employment
law, labor relations and personnel matters. She received her law degree from Drake University School of law in 1995.
Ryan David Hatch
Manager of Membership Development, Utah Local Governments Trust
A Utah native, Ryan currently works as Manager of Membership Development at the Utah Local Governments
Trust. In 2006, Ryan graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Sales. This
year, Ryan completed his Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) from BYU’s Marriot School of Management. A
credentialed insurance professional, he possesses the designation of Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), and
draws from his previous experience as a Realtor, and Curriculum Consultant for several western universities. Presently, Ryan resides
in the greater Salt Lake City area with his wife, Crystal, and their three daughters.
Robert G. Haynes, CPCU, ARM
Associate Director for Risk Management Services, North Carolina League of Municipalities
Bob has been providing risk management services to local government since 1979 and is currently the
Associate Director of the North Carolina League of Municipalities for Risk Management Services. Bob
has served in this position since August of 1996. Prior to that he served as the Assistant Director of Risk
Management Services and as the Manager of Risk Management Field Services. The NCLM administers three
self-funded pools for municipal government in North Carolina, workers compensation, property/liability and health benefits. Prior
to joining the NCLM staff Bob was Vice-President of ARM Group, a risk management consulting firm, and prior to that provided
risk management services to local government with the Centralina Council of Governments. Bob has a bachelor’s degree from
Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina and a Masters in Public Administration from UNC-Charlotte. Bob also holds the
Associate in Risk Management designation from the Insurance Institute of America and a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter
designation from the American Institute for CPCU. Bob is a member of the following professional associations: Public Risk
Management Association (PRIMA), Association of Governmental Risk Insurance Pools (AGRIP), National League of Cities Risk
Information Sharing Consortium and is a member of the NLC Mutual Insurance Company board of directors
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Michele Keplinger
Member Services Specialist, Local Government Insurance Trust
Michele has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, including over 14 years experience with
associations. For 7 years, Michele was the Member Services Director for Associated Builders & Contractors
Chesapeake. She is responsible for planning, organizing, and marketing LGIT services and programs to
Maryland local governments that are not currently members of the Trust and cross marketing additional
programs to existing Trust members. Michele is the liaison between LGIT, members and potential members. She
is also responsible for our Website development and training on our Member Portal.
Mike Kruse
Vice President of Underwriting, NLC Mutual Insurance Company
Michael Kruse joined the NLC Mutual staff in August 1999. He came to the company from a position as
Underwriting Director for an insurance management firm in San Diego, California, with various governmental
and private health care clients. His prior experience includes underwriting work with Old Republic Re in
New York, with Underwriters Reinsurance in Woodland Hills, California, and with Royal Insurance Group in
Chicago. Mike earned his BA degree in Political Science and his MA degree in Public Administration from
Indiana University.
Laura Kushner
HR Director, League of Minnesota Cities
Laura Kushner is the Director of HR & Benefits for the League of Minnesota Cities. Her department coordinates
HR services and answers questions from cities on all types of employment issues. Laura has more than 25 years
of public sector experience in human resources, including her work at the cities of Roseville, Crystal and Maple
Grove, MN. Her Master’s Degree is in Public Administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Steven J. Link
Vice President of Self Insured Group Business Development, Midwest Employers Casualty Company
Steven J. Link is one of the founders of Midwest Employers Casualty Company (MECC), which commenced
operations in July of 1986. Mr. Link has served as the company’s Vice President of Claims, Vice President of
Self Insured Group Underwriting, Senior Vice President of Underwriting, Senior Vice President of Marketing,
Executive Vice President / Client Innovation Officer, and currently serves as Vice President, Self Insured
Group Business Development. Prior to starting MECC, Mr. Link held executive claim positions with a national excess workers’
compensation insurer. He started his career with Liberty Mutual after graduating from the University of Illinois. Mr. Link also serves
on the Board of Directors of the Self Insured Institute of America as the Chair Elect, where he currently holds the post of Secretary
and Treasurer.
Ann Ludlow
Manager, MIIA Health Benefits Trust
Ann has been the MIIA Health Benefits Trust manager since 1994. Her previous experience includes various management
positions with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts with areas of focus including provider credentialing and contracting. Ann is
a graduate of Towson State University with graduate studies at Boston University.
Sharon Lyon
President, Lion’s Share Marketing Group, Inc.
Sharon Lyon is founder and president of Lion’s Share Marketing Group, Inc., a full-service marketing agency
specializing in technology and risk management firms. She was instrumental in helping NetDiligence® develop
and launch its industry-leading cyber risk platform, eRisk Hub®. Lyon continues to manage daily operations
and ongoing development of the eRisk Hub platform. Prior to founding Lion’s Share, Lyon served as Senior
Vice President of Marketing for The BISYS Group, Inc., where she was responsible for strategic and tactical marketing of BISYS’
outsourced data processing and software to the banking and insurance markets. Before joining BISYS, Lyon worked as an
independent consultant for Ernst & Young and First Interstate Bank (now Wells Fargo).
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Michael P. McGrail, M.D., M.P.H
Vice President and Associate Medical Director of Consumer Health Solutions, HealthPartners
Michael McGrail MD, MPH serves as Vice President and Associate Medical Director of Consumer Health
Solutions, HealthPartners, Minneapolis, MN. He is also a faculty member and past Department Head and
Director of the jointly sponsored HealthPartners and University of Minnesota Occupational Medicine Residency
Program. Dr. McGrail received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota Medical School,
completed residency training at Malcolm Grow USAF Medical Center, and an Occupational and Environmental Medicine
fellowship at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Dr. McGrail is specialty board certified in Occupational and Environmental
Medicine and Family Practice. Dr. McGrail’s specific interests include employee, population and community health and wellness,
disability prevention and environmental toxicology. He also served as the Director and Principal Investigator of the Robert Wood
funded Minnesota Health Partnership Coordinated Healthcare and Disability Prevention Project. Dr. McGrail was also recognized
as one of the Twin Cities “Top Docs” in Occupational Medicine by the Twin Cities Magazine for 2006, 2007, and 2008. He
also is the author of numerous several peer-reviewed articles related to disability prevention, occupational and environmental
health and toxicology, and community health.
Cynthia McHale
Director, Insurance Program Ceres
Cynthia McHale is the Director of Ceres Insurance Program and brings over twenty years of sector expertise
working with many of the leading North American and European insurers, re-insurers and industry brokers.
In her current role, Cynthia is leading a campaign to promote the insurance industry’s understanding and
leadership on climate risks and opportunities. As risk managers, risk carriers and major institutional investors,
insurers have a vital interest, and play an important role in fostering society’s response to global warming. Stronger insurance
industry leadership on climate change issues will strengthen and accelerate our nation’s transition to a clean energy future while
helping to build a resilient and sustainable society.
Before joining Ceres, Cynthia managed Accenture’s Global Insurance Industry Program. Cynthia oversaw development,
management and execution of the growth strategy for the global practice. Prior to this, as a strategy management consultant at
Accenture, Cynthia worked directly with sector leaders to identify new opportunities for achieving profitable growth in a highly
dynamic and competitive environment for risk reduction and transfer. She began her career as a casualty underwriter at GenRe,
a Berkshire Hathaway company. Cynthia’s other professional experience includes implementation of a micro-insurance program
in East Africa and administration of a social responsibility code of conduct for U.S corporations with business operations in South
Africa. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Dartmouth College and a Master of Science in Management
from Hult International Business School.
Lynn McNamara
Executive Director, Citycounty Insurance Services
Lynn McNamara is the Executive Director of CIS, which provides property, liability, workers’ compensation
and employee benefits coverage to some 400 Oregon cities, counties and public entities. Lynn joined CIS
in 2002, became its deputy director in 2005, and its executive director in 2010. She came to CIS from
the League of Oregon Cities, a sponsor of CIS, where she served as the League’s advocate on finance and
tax issues before the Oregon Legislature, and as the director of the League’s research and information service. Before moving to
Oregon in 1998, she served as associate director of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) and developed and
directed its health insurance program for members. She also was the administrative and budget director for the town of Trumbull,
Connecticut, and directed its town/school technology operation. Lynn began her career as a journalist, covering local government
for what is now the Connecticut Post.
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Michael Allen Mosley
Attorney at Law, Arkansas Municipal League
Michael A. Mosley is a staff attorney with the Arkansas Municipal League Legal Defense Program and has
held that position since 2005. Mike has litigated many federal and state cases on behalf of member cities,
including multiple excessive force claims. In 2010, Mike co-authored Sixteen Years of Litigation Under the
Arkansas Civil Rights Act, UALR Law Review, Vol. 32, Number 2 (Winter 2010), discussing issues litigated
under the State Civil Rights Act in both state and federal courts in Arkansas. In 2014, Mike won a unanimous victory after
orally arguing an excessive force case before the United States Supreme Court in Plumhoff v. Rickard. Prior to his work with the
Arkansas Municipal League, Mike was a special deputy prosecutor, an attorney with Watts, Donovan & Tilley, and worked for the
Honorable Justice Robert L. Brown on the Arkansas Supreme Court. Mike received his undergraduate degree in psychology from
UALR in 1998, and his law degree from UALR in 2002. Mike grew up in Sherwood and currently resides in Little Rock with his
wife Lamarie. He has a daughter, Caroline, and a stepson, Connor.
Sara A. Peterson, JD
Owner/Management Consultant, Sara Peterson Consulting
Sara is a management consultant to nonprofits, government, foundations, and community groups. As such,
she specializes in practical governance and board development, a wide range of planning and facilitation,
evaluation, and organizational assessments. With more than fifteen years of practice she has assisted nearly 200
organizations from small, all-volunteer organizations to multi-billion-dollar entities. Her client list includes risk pools
in Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia. As a recovering government attorney and former grantmaker trained
in public policy analysis, local government has always been close to her heart. Additionally trained in evaluation and dedicated to
helping others do their job better, she is dedicated to continuous improvement for herself and her clients.
Mike Rains
Liability/Property Claims Manager, Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool
Mike is a life long Texan who was raised on a 5,000-acre family farm in the Lower Rio Grande Valley
of Texas. Mike graduated from Texas State University in 1983. He started his insurance career with
Texas Employers Insurance of Texas in 1983. Mike was first employed at the Texas Municipal League
Intergovernmental Risk Pool in 1985. He was one of the original three members of the TML Risk Pool Claims staff
that now employs more than 100 claims professionals. Mike became Liability / Property Claims Manager of the TML Risk Pool in
1989 at the age of 28. He is now in his 30th year of employment at the Risk Pool.
Claire Reiss
Program Director, National League of Cities Risk Information Sharing Consortium
Claire Reiss is program director for the National League of Cities Risk Information Sharing Consortium, a
membership organization of state municipal league intergovernmental risk sharing pools. At NLC-RISC, she
works with members to develop content and resources that support their operations. Her areas of focus at
NLC-RISC have included cyber risk and social media as they affect local governments and their risk pools.
Prior to joining NLC-RISC, Claire worked for the Public Entity Risk Institute, where she directed the grants program, served as
deputy executive director and general counsel, and finally as interim executive director. At PERI she authored books, articles and
web materials on risk issues that affect local governments, and was selected as a Risk & Insurance Magazine risk innovator. She
has served the City of Alexandria, Virginia as risk manager, and has practiced insurance defense law in private firms. Claire
holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, summa
cum laude, from Washington University in St. Louis. She also holds the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) and
Associate in Risk Management (ARM) professional designations. She is admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia. 20
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Erin Rian
Program Manager, National League of Cities Risk Information Sharing Consortium
Erin is program manager of conferences and publications for NLC-RISC. Prior to joining NLC-RISC, Erin spent
12 years working for the League of Minnesota Cities starting in the League’s Insurance Trust (LMCIT) managing
the health and dental pool. Upon LMCIT eliminating the health and dental pool, Erin continued to consult
with member cities on employee benefit and human resource issues. She also managed the League’s internal
employee benefits programs, as well as the HR functions for several League departments. Erin began her career at the Kansas
Insurance Department working in the areas of health insurance and public relations. She received a BA from the University of Kansas.
Ian C. Ridlon
Trust President and Executive Director, Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust
Ian C. Ridlon, Esq. was appointed as The Trust’s President and Executive Director on February 1, 2014. He
had previously served as The Trust’s General Counsel and Director of Legal Service since 2007. Prior to joining
The Trust, Ian worked in private practice where he specialized in insurance defense work, commercial and
environmental litigation, and labor and employment work. Ian is admitted to all of the state courts in Rhode
Island, as well as the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island. He is also admitted to practice before the First
Circuit Court of Appeals where he has argued cases involving municipal entities. Ian is a graduate of Bowdoin College and
Vermont Law School. He has been actively involved with United Cerebral Palsy on the state and national level for over 15 years. On the state level, he has been the Board Chair for several terms and has also chaired two other non-profit organizations created
by the affiliate that provide independent living facilities for low income individuals with developmental disabilities. On the national
level, he has previously served on the Board of Trustees and is a recipient of the 2004 Chairperson’s Award. He has also served
on numerous committees and was previously the chair of the nominating committee and the by-laws committee.
Shannon Ruff
Director of Property & Casualty Insurance Underwriting, Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust
Shannon joined The Trust as Senior Property & Casualty Insurance Underwriter in 2012 and was promoted to
Director of Property & Casualty Underwriting in 2014. Shannon is responsible for developing and fine-tuning
the underwriting models and strategies used to establish Member premiums, for working with The Trust’s various
reinsurers, and for supporting the work of the Board’s Underwriting Committee. Shannon brings 13 years of
underwriting experience with two private insurers to The Trust, including her recent work as a Commercial Lines Underwriting
Manager. She has other related insurance experience in claims adjudication as well, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Political Science and English and Textual Studies from Syracuse University.
Ron Sinnwell
Loss Control Coordinator, Iowa Municipalities Workers’ Compensation Association
Ron assumed his duties with the League as the IMWCA loss control coordinator in January, 2007. Ron is
primarily responsible for handling administrative duties and coordinating operations for the loss control division.
He is also involved in developing and presenting safety training programs, performing loss analysis and
preparing reports. Before joining the League, Ron was a loss control representative for Continental Western
Insurance Group and prior to that served as a safety manager for US West. Ron earned a B.S. degree from Upper Iowa University
and holds the Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Director of Safety (CDS) and the Associate in Risk Management for
Public Entities (ARM-P) designations.
Chris Smith
Risk Management Attorney, League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust
Chris Smith worked as a Research Attorney for the League of Minnesota Cities from 1995-1999. He then
entered private practice serving as bond counsel for municipalities in Minnesota and throughout the Mid-West.
Chris returned to the League in 2006, where he is the Risk Management Attorney with LMCIT working with
cities on loss control issues with a particular focus on assisting cities with contracts.
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Scott Soderstrom
Underwriting Manager, Local Government Insurance Trust
Scott Soderstrom has the CPCU, ARM & ARMP designations and earned the CPCU Distinguished Graduate
Award in 1997 for highest academic achievement – DC Chapter. He also earned a Business Administration
degree from George Mason University in 1986. He has been in the insurance industry over 27 years, 18 of
which with LGIT. He is currently the Underwriting Manager for the Property & Liability pools.
Mark Snodgrass
Chief Information Officer, Citycounty Insurance Services
Mark Snodgrass has over 15 years of experience in the IT field and has been with CIS since 2001. Mark
received a bachelor’s degree from Western Baptist College and has completed the Certified Government
Chief Information Officer’s program from the University of North Carolina. At CIS, Mark serves as the Chief
Information Officer where he provides the strategic direction of CIS’ technology services and directs the IT staff
in maintaining the network infrastructure and major system applications.
Jeff Thompson
Assistant Executive Director, Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool
Jeff Thompson is the Assistant Executive Director of the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool
(TMLIRP), overseeing the member services and underwriting functions of the Pool, as well as providing
additional managerial support. Jeff started his career with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. as a commercial lines
broker, moving to the Municipal Association of South Carolina and serving as a Risk Management Consultant
and Assistant Director of Risk Management Services during his fourteen year tenure at MASC. Jeff also worked with NLC and
NLC Mutual before joining TMLIRP in July 2012. A graduate of the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in
finance and risk management/insurance, Jeff also received his master’s degree in public administration from USC. Jeff also
served as an adjunct faculty member at the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina for seven years, teaching
courses in risk management, property & liability insurance and personnel management. Jeff currently serves as a member of
AGRiP’s Membership Practices Committee (MPC).
Pete Tritz
LMCIT Administrator, League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust
Pete has served as the administrator of the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust since LMCIT was formed
in 1980. Prior to that, he worked in the research department of the League of Minnesota Cities, and also
served as director of that operation from 1978 until 1986. During Pete’s tenure, LMCIT has grown from a
startup operation to covering 95% of the cities in Minnesota. He was instrumental in developing LMCIT’s many
innovative programs and in developing and guiding loss control initiatives in various specialized areas including employment
liability, intergovernmental contracting, utility property and land use regulation, and has a particular interest in pool financial
management issues. Pete holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Minnesota, and has been a frequent
speaker on pooling and risk management. He serves on the Board of Directors of NLC Mutual Insurance Company.
Dave Tsang
President, David Tsang Consulting, LLC
Dave Tsang is a retired General Mills executive with more than 34 years of experience helping employees
and organizations around the world improve performance. As a change leader and catalyst, he uses his
calm demeanor, witty sense of humor, storytelling and high expectations to create a fun and motivating
environment for personal growth and organizational development. Now in the encore phase of his career,
Dave is passionate about health and wellness. Having made his own lifestyle changes, he is committed to giving back to the
community by facilitating changes in how people live and work to improve well being. As a life coach he speaks publicly on
health and longevity, coaches people to make lifestyle changes to prevent chronic disease, teaches life-saving skills, mentors
veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce and advises under and unemployed adults in learning new skills. Dave earned his
undergraduate degree in Industrial Management from Purdue University and his MBA from the University of Minnesota. His many
interests range from writing poetry, dancing, and playing the hammered dulcimer to racing sailboats, flying stunt kites, skiing,
biking, lifting weights and climbing 100 flights of stairs.
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Dr. Bryan Vila
Professor, Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane
Bryan Vila, Ph.D., is a professor of criminal justice and criminology at Washington State University. After
receiving his Ph.D. in 1990 from the University of California, Davis, he pioneered the study of police fatigue
and currently directs the Simulated Hazardous Operational Tasks laboratory in WSU Spokane’s Sleep and
Performance Research Center. His research focuses on the impact of sleep-related fatigue, shift work and
long work hours on the safety, health and performance of police. Prior to joining WSU in 2005, he directed crime control and
prevention research U.S. Department of Justice. Before becoming an academic, he served as a law enforcement officer for 17
years. He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed articles based on his research, as well as 20 articles for lay audiences and
four books, including Tired Cops: The Importance of Managing Police Fatigue (2000).
Tito P. Villegas, Jr., CPA, CFA
Controller, Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool
Tito Villegas has served as Controller of the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool since 1994
and has more than 24 years experience with the Pool. He is an administrator of the Pool’s investment program
with total investments of $660 million and is the portfolio manager of the Pool’s $165 million in-house
investment portfolio. Mr. Villegas is a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He holds
a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas and a Master of Business Administration degree from
Texas State University.
Mark W. Walls
Vice President Communications & Strategic Analysis, Safety National
Mark Walls is currently the Vice President Communications & Strategic Analysis with Safety National. He
returned to Safety National in 2014 after having spent over a year at Marsh as their Workers’ Compensation
Market Research Leader. Mark has over 24 years of industry experience including 16 years previously with
Safety National where he oversaw excess workers’ compensation claims in multiple states. Mark is also
the founder of the Work Comp Analysis Group on LinkedIn. With over 23,000 members this is the largest online discussion
community dedicated exclusively to workers’ compensation issues. In addition, Mark is a frequent speaker at industry conferences,
writes columns for a variety of sources, and is quoted regularly in multiple media outlets.
Don Zimmerman
Executive Director, Arkansas Municipal League
Don Zimmerman is a graduate of North Little Rock public schools, the University of Arkansas with BSBA and
JD degrees. Has served the Arkansas Municipal League as a Federal Aid Coordinator, Field Representative,
Managing Editor of the League’s magazine, Legislative Counsel and Assistant Director before becoming its
Executive Director. Has served as Administrator of the Municipal Legal Defense Program since 1979, the
Municipal Health Benefit Fund since 1981, the Municipal Vehicle Program since January 1982 and the Municipal Property
Program since October 1985. He has represented Arkansas municipalities before the Arkansas General Assembly for over 40
years. He is currently serving his third term on the Board of Directors of the National League of Cities. He previously served as
2nd Vice Chairman of the National League of Cities Mutual Insurance. He is Presbyterian and a lifelong resident of Arkansas. His
wife, Jan, sells real estate. They have three grown children and seven grandchildren.
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