February 2016 Newsletter - Sierra Gold Quilters Guild



February 2016 Newsletter - Sierra Gold Quilters Guild
Sierra Gold
Quilter’s Guild
Inside this issue:
Notes from the President
February 2016
Established 1982
Notes from the Pres.
Guild Officers
Financial Report
Committee Chairs
Community Quilts
VPs Message/Class
Chemo Caps
Animal Beds
Mini Quilt Show
Food Bank
**Lost and Found
Round Robin (New)
Member’s Bulletin Board 6
Quilt Events
Iron Care Tip
Our Guild in Action 7 - 9
Mailer Page
I'd like to first thank Joan Costello, Sandy Wagner, Lannie
Staniford, and Cookie Braunschweig they did a great job, and
thank Debby Sweeten who is continuing as Secretary.
Second, I'd like to thank everyone that volunteered to serve as a
committee chair, with the exception of Quilt Show Chairperson,
all committees were filled with very little coaxing! I was so
excited to see members come out-of-the-woodwork to
Welcome Back! If you have even an inkling of a desire to chair
or co-chair 2017 quilt show, please let me know. As I've said
before it takes everyone's effort to make the guild enjoyable for
2016 finds Pat and Rochelle busy finding teachers to fill-out this
year’s schedule for speakers and workshops, as well as looking
at booking some for early 2017. The survey results will certainly
help guide them towards what interests our members. The
survey results will be available at the February meeting.
New ways to get involved with the guild include a round-robin
quilt project (thanks Pat). Every month you’ll get a different
block and add a border. If you missed the January meeting,
bring a block and participate, it should be fun. Details about the
block are located on page 6 of this newsletter. We have also
added a 'Win a Free Class' to the raffle table (thanks Rochelle)
and are planning on having more guest speakers/trunk shows at
our monthly meetings.
Topics for the February meeting will include reviewing the
survey, the location of where we will meet, and the round-robin
blocks. Anytime you have a suggestion or concern, please
contact me.
See you at the February meeting - Sue Green
Page 1
Financial Report
Guild Officers 2016
Sue Green
Balance as of 12/31/2015
Vice Presidents:
Rochelle Bess & Pat
December Expenditures
$ (-918.44)
Debby Sweeten
December Income
$ 1,406.00
Barb Miller
Ending Balance 1/31/2016
Committee Chairs 2016
Animal Beds
Audit Committee
Chemo Caps
Community Outreach
County Fair
County Fair White Glove
County Library Display (Sept.)
Donation Quilt Coordinator
Greeter ☺
Mini Quilt Show
Opportunity Quilt 2016
Opportunity Quilt 2017
Quilt Show Chair 2017
Set-up and Take-Down
Sandy Askin
Sarah Hart, Susan Farrington and Anne Schulte
Sandy Wagner
Mary Foster
Janis Beach & Kathy Beach
Joan Smith
Penny Dominici
Ellen Dambacher
Julie Porter
Aieleen Parker
Jakki Schatz
Pat Bjerke
Schatzi Brimer and Valerie Bonkowski
Mary Ann Engelbrektson
Debby Sweeten
First Tuesday Group, Mary Foster
Joan Smith and Cookie Braunschweig
Hilde Langlet
Juliene Hiatt
Joan Smith
Louise Myers
Sam King
Community Quilts
Friends - Kathy and I would like to thank all our members that were able to get
through the rain and attend the community quilt workshop.
We had fewer people then we expected, but those that were there were very busy.
I finished up two quilts, put the binding on one of my donation quilts and put
binding on one that was given to our committee. It was a good day and a lot of
conversation. That's the best kind of workshop.
Janis Beach & Kathy Beach
Page 2
Vice President Reports
FEBRUARY 10 -- Mary Foster will head a workshop making kits for chemo caps. Thanks to all
who have signed up for the workshop. Our work will be to make chemo cap kits. Bring your
own scissors, rotary cutter, and if you have a large cutting mat and long cutting rulers, those
will also be helpful. We have lots of fleece! We will cut-up and bag leftovers for dog beds. If
anyone wants to bring a sewing machine, they can make caps and close up dog beds. I will
provide a hearty soup and coffee and tea will be provided. We will think positive that the stove
will work for hot water for tea!
MARCH 8 and 9 – Jenny Lyon will be teaching free motion “Fearless Fills and Frills”. (And the
class is almost filled.) The supply list will be at the February meeting.
APRIL 12 and 13 - Ellen Dambacher will be teaching “Log Cabin Gone Modern”. Influenced
by a seminar taught by Gwen Marston, Ellen will teach you the process of creating a most unique
MAY 10 and 11 – Sue Siefkin will be teaching “Focus on Flowers”. The
gorgeous red poppy wall hanging will return to our February meeting. Sue is
a retired Superior Court Judge and found her passion for quilting in 1990.
JUNE 15 -- Schatzi Brimer will teach techniques such as faux piping
binding, facing binding, corner pocket hangers, couching, raw edge applique, and techniques with
used dryer sheets.
JULY 13 -- Marjan Kluepfel will teach a workshop on Sky Painting.
AUGUST 9 and 10 -- Anelie Belden will be here to teach one of her always fabulous classes, plus
a fun lecture after our Tuesday meeting.
SEPTEMBER 14 - Open for now.
OCTOBER 11 and 12 – Kristin Echols will be teaching “Reversible Quilt” which is a quilt as you
go project. She is delightful and describes herself as “Quilting instructor, fiber artist, geek”. I will
share a quilt I made in one of her classes at the February meeting.
Rochelle Bess and Pat Bjerke, Co-VPs
Chemo Caps
Animal Beds
Don’t forget to bring your
Thanks for all the caps turned in last month! This is the cool
part of the year and those caps will be appreciated! We have a completed animal beds or pick up
new bags at the meetings.
good sign-up for the workshop the day after our regular meeting for February. Please see the VP section of workshops for
specifics. All are welcome to join us if you can, otherwise keep See Sandy Askin if you have any
up the great work! As I mentioned in the January meeting, if
you have smaller amounts of fleece from old projects that you
Earn a free raffle ticket for your
no longer have a use for, please bring them for dog beds.
Here are the minimum and maximum sizes we need for the caps:
15 inch (stretch) x 11 inch rectangle plus a 5 inch circle, or,
a 21 ½ inch (stretch) x 17 inch rectangle plus a 7 ¼ inch
Again, thanks for all the support!
Mary Foster
Page 3
Meeting Set-Up and Take-Down
We will be at the New Christian Life Center in Pine Grove for our next meeting.
For the February 9th meeting, the next names alphabetically are:
Grace Kanz
Jean Ann Luther
Rose Kester
Margie Marshall
Sam King
Dale McCormick
Gerry Krigbaum
Anita McGee-Hunt
Hilde Langlet
Set-up starts at 9:00 am. If your carpool group helps, I will take their names off the list for future
set-up. If you know you can’t be here or if you have physical limitations, just let Juliene Hiatt
Please be sure to pick up your copy of the SGQG 2016
Membership Directory at the February meeting.
Thank you
Schatzi Brimer and
Valerie Bonkowski - Membership Co-Chairs
Linda Perkins
Suzette Heinrich
Tonya Graham
Terrie Van Scyoc
Lois Brand
Michelle Jones
Mini Quilt Show
The mini quilt show for February includes
community quilts (hopefully finished from the
workshop in January) and/or Valentine quilts.
Mary Ann Engelbrektson
Newsletter Input
Please send your news articles for the March 2016 issue
to Debby Sweeten by
February 26, 2016.
Thanks, Debby Sweeten
If you know of anyone who could use a
little cheer from their quilting friends,
please let me know!
Joan Smith
Page 4
Food Bank
Just a reminder to be sure to bring a donation for
Happy Leap Year!
the food bank to the next meeting. See the list of
items needed for ideas. One can of food or
We have an extra day to quilt
maybe a cash donation can make a difference.
this month!
Thank you for your support.
Or think about bringing a
treat to our meeting!
Jackie Shanklin & Joan Smith
You bring the treats and I'll
make the coffee.
Here is a list of foods that the Food Bank
See you Tuesday!
Canned Vegetable and Fruits (pop tops when
PS: Please remember to tuck your
coffee mug into your tote bag Canned and Dried Beans (pop tops when
save the landfill!
Jakki Schatz
Boxed Meals (mac & cheese, rice-a-roni,
hamburger helper…)
Canned Meats (chicken, tuna)
New looking, eggplant colored, medium
Canned Meals (stews, chili, port-n-beans,
hooded parka by Andrew Marc. Left at the
raviolis, spaghetti O’s)
January meeting in the side room. If this is
Snack Items (granola bars, cereal bars, fruit
your parka, please contact Rochelle Bess at
snacks and so on)
295-2073 to make arrangements to pick it up.
Breakfast Cereals (low sugar is best)
Joan Edson lost a bracelet at the last month's
Peanut Butter
Guild meeting. She thinks she lost it while
Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ketchup
taking off or putting on her coat. It is a
Fruit Juice (canned, bottled or juice bottles)
bangle type copper bracelet with cross hatch
design. If anyone found the bracelet, let
Cat and Dog Food
Debby Sweeten know (Joan will be on a trip
All Paper Products (disposable cups, paper
and won’t be at the February meeting). Thank
plates, paper towels, TP…)
Personal Care Items/Toiletries (shampoo,
toothpaste, deodorant…)
First Aid Items/Kits
Baby Formula and Food
Adult Diapers
Ensure Drinks
Handheld Manual Can Openers
Lost and Found
Page 5
Round ‘Robin Quilt Blocks
New - “Round Robin” quilt blocks will be a monthly project for members who wish to
participate. The project will start this month (February) so you will need to bring your quilt block
to the February 9th meeting.
Sue showed some examples of quilt blocks for ideas. They can be any size you want, square or
rectangle. Each month, everyone brings back their blocks. Then they are redistributed to the
participants. You can include extra fabric if you wish.
The next step is adding borders. Use your imagination, any theme or color you want. It is a good
exercise in adding borders.
The blocks need to include seam allowances (like 12 ½ x 12 ½ or 16 ½ x 16 ½ inches).
Each month the blocks come back and are exchanged again.
The end product is a quilt top you can make into a quilt for yourself or make into a community
quilt. Check with Pat Bjerke if you have any questions.
Member’s Bulletin Board
** The board has a request - does anyone have a projector screen that we could borrow for
our classes? If so, please let Rochelle Bess or Pat Bjerke know. Thank you.
FOR SALE: I have a White Speedylock 1634 ~ Differential Feed ~ Serger for sale that was
cleaned at Dublin's Sewing center that I would like to sell. I'm asking $175. The cleaning cost
$110. I've never used it. It belonged to my son's girlfriend so is used. It comes with several cones
of thread. Please email me if you're interested.
Quilt Hangers - Barb Miller. Small quilt hangers can be purchased on-line at ackfeldwire.com.
Wall, desk top and different sizes available.
FOR SALE: Gammill Classic Plus, long arm quilting machine; Stitch regulated; 12 ft. table;
Extended table; $10,000. Call Shannon Freeman
MINUTES and TREASURER’S REPORT: View the monthly minutes and Treasurer’s reports
from the Guild meetings at www.SGQG.org.
RAFFLE PRIZE DONATIONS: Please keep us in mind for your donations of quilt related
items. Also, suggestions for items that would be of interest would be appreciated. Remember, you
earn free raffle tickets when you bring in community quilts, chemo caps and other donations.
MEMBER CONTRIBUTIONS to our monthly newsletter are greatly appreciated. Have you
found an interesting website? Know of an upcoming quilt show? Use a new/wonderful notion?
Please help us make our newsletter a “must read”! Please email Debby at [email protected]
Here is the link to our Sierra Gold Quilt Guild website Bulletin Board. Lots of great articles.
Page 6
Quilt Events, Shows & Tidbits
February 27 - 28, 2016. Pajaro Valley Quilt Association 2016 Quilt Show, Santa Cruz County
Fairgrounds, 2601 East Lake Ave., Watsonville, CA 95076.
February 27 - 28, 2016. Foothill Quilters Guild presents it’s 34th Annual Quilt Show, Gold
Country Fairgrounds at 1273 High St. in Auburn, CA 95604.
March 5 - 6, 2016. Manteca Quilters Quilt and Cloth Doll show, San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, 1658 S Airport Way, Stockton, CA 95206.
March 19 – 20, 2016. Yuba-Sutter Valley Quilt Guild's 33rd Annual Show, Adventures in Quilting, Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds, 442 Franklin Ave, Yuba City, CA. www.valleyquiltguild.com
March 17 - 19, 2016. Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival, Cal Expo, 1600 Exposition Blvd,
Sacramento, CA 95815.
Northern California Quilt Council (NCQC): Starting in 2016, NCQC meetings will be the 2nd
Wednesday of January, April, July, and October. The next meeting is at 10:00am on April 13th,
and the venue will be at the Pleasant Hill Community Center.
Community Quilt Workshop
Sue Green
Sarah Hart
Lannie, Sandy & Joan
Outgoing board
Page 7
Community Quilt Workshop
How to Clean Your Iron
Do you find gunk on your pristine fabric after you press it with your iron? Do you have a filthy
iron that is leaving marks on your quilt top? Do not fret! Here’s a simple way to clean that
disgusting iron.
 Place an unused dryer sheet into the fold of a square of fabric.
 Put the fabric square on the edge of the ironing board.
 Scrape the hot iron across the fabric. The dryer sheet “juice” embeds itself
into the fabric and removes the gunk, depositing it on the fabric.
 Repeat until the iron is clean and you have stopped fretting.
A word of caution: Do not do this with a smoke detector overhead. The juice in the
dryer sheet tends to smoke. This smoke may trigger the smoke detector and the
fire department will arrive at your doorstep.
Thanks to Susan Farrington for this idea.
Mary Ann Engelbrektson
Penny Dominici
Page 8
Our Guild in Action
Joan Costello and Mary Ann Engelbrektson
Page 9
Published & Mailed by: Sierra Gold Quilter’s Guild
Editor-Debby Sweeten
Website: http://www.SGQG.org
Sierra Gold Quilt meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month unless noted otherwise.
Location: New Life Christian Center in Pine Grove
General Meetings: 10 AM until 12 noon. Workshop or working/chatting until 3 PM.
****Classes/Workshops: are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month, usually 9 AM until 3 PM.
Bring to the
*Name tag* *Coffee Cup* *Refreshments* *Library Books* *Calendars*
*Block of the Month* *Community Quilts* *Clothing Protectors* *Chemo Caps*
*Dog Beds* *Show & Tell*
*2 Wednesday Workshop, bring own beverage and lunch.*
Sierra Gold Quilters Guild….Est. 1982
P. O. Box 1078
Pine Grove, CA 95665
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