Newsletter No. 09 - 2nd June 2016



Newsletter No. 09 - 2nd June 2016
Takapuna Primary School
Newsletter No. 09
Thursday, 2nd June 2016
Dear Parents and Whanau,
School Show
Our students are a buzz with the excitement of our impending show. Classes and groups are working
hard to prepare their items and we know it will be a night to remember. Please ensure you have booked
your tickets for the performances. Details for booking are included in this newsletter.
Board Elections
I urge you all to vote in our Board elections this week. The Board has the overall responsibility for the
school and are first and foremost responsible for student progress and achievement. Parents need to
take the time to carefully consider the nominations of Board members and to vote. You can post back
your completed voting papers or drop them into the secure voting box in the office. Voting closes this
Friday 3rd June at 12 noon. Voting papers posted before Friday but received after Friday are accepted.
Bikes in Schools
Teachers have now completed their Bike Instructors training and so our Bikes in Schools Programme has
now officially started. Each class will have a biking lesson once a fortnight as part of the Physical
Education and Health Curriculum. All students will be learning how to do safety checks on their helmets
and bicycles, and a differentiated programme will be implemented catering for all skill levels. Parents are
welcome to come along and help with the sessions so email your child’s teacher to find out when their
sessions are scheduled.
Water-Only School
For several years now we have encouraged our students to bring water only in their drink
bottles and to also become wrapper free which includes drink packages. Therefore a move to
becoming a water-only school, as encouraged recently by the Ministry of Education and Health,
seems a natural and simple progression for our school.
As part of the initiative we will continue to:
encourage the drinking of water as a way of hydrating
discourage the drinking of sugary drinks
allow students to refill their water bottles at school
avoid selling sugary drinks at our school events and functions
respect that we have diabetic students in our school who rely on certain types of drinks
other than water to meet their medical needs
include Health education in our learning programmes
Check out the poster on the following page as a guide to the sugar content in drinks.
23 Auburn Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622 : Phone 489-6339 extension 801
[email protected] :
23 Auburn Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622 : Phone 489-6339 extension 801
[email protected] :
Wednesday 8th of June, 2016
7:00pm to 8:00pm
Rooms 3 and 4
What do reading, writing & oral language
programmes look like at Takapuna Primary? How
are they linked?
How can I help my child develop better literacy skills?
What are National Standard expectations in reading and writing?
What does research tell us about parents and schools working
together to support literacy learning?
Takapuna Primary School Presents Musical Mania
Tuesday, 5th July
Matinee Performance: 1.00 pm—2.30 pm
Evening Performance: 6.30 pm—8.00 pm
The dance practises have begun, the actors are mastering their parts and the Bruce
Mason Team are ready to put on an amazing school show. Tickets are on sale and selling
fast so get in touch with ticketmaster to grab good seats. The presale code is TPSMANIA.
Tickets will go on sale to the public on the 5th of June so grab yours before then. You can
pick up an information slip from the office with details of how to book your tickets.
Adults = $16.50
Child = $9.50
Senior Citizens = $13.50
A reminder that all children at TPS are performing so they won’t need a ticket.
Teachers would love to hear from anyone who can help them out with their item
(choreography, make up, prop making, costume making etc.)
Pop into your child’s class or email their teacher to see how you may be able to help.
23 Auburn Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622 : Phone 489-6339 extension 801
[email protected] :
Term Dates for 2016
Term 1: Tuesday, 2 February
Friday 15 April
Term 2: Monday 2 May
Friday 8 July
Term 3: Monday 25 July
Friday 23 September
Term 4: Monday 10 October
Friday 16 December
Water wise Dates for 2016—
Waterwise will recommence later in
the year
This term on even weeks, classes take turns to host the
assembly and there will be a focus on recent learning in class.
Parents are welcome to these assemblies and will be informed
of the date of their child’s class assembly by newsletter and
email from the teacher.
Fri 10th June: Kiwi Whanau visit to the
Fri: 3rd June : BOT Election: VOTING CLOSES AT 12
Thu 23rd June: Rugby Tournament
Mon: 6th June: Queen’s Birthday
Mon 27th June: BOT Meeting at 6.30pm
Wed 8th June: Tui Whanau visit to the Pumphouse
Tue 5th July: School Production
Wed 8th June: Literacy Info Evening
Fri 8th July: Term 2 Ends
Fri 10th June: Tui Whanau visit to the Pumphouse
Mon 25th July: Term 3 Starts
2016 AT 12 NOON
Hand delivery of voting papers will be the only way they can be received by tomorrow at
12 noon. The ballot box is at the school office. The voting paper must be contained
in the envelope included with the voting paper when it was sent out.
23 Auburn Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622 : Phone 489-6339 extension 801
[email protected] :
PTA NEWS—For 2016
Envelopes must be at school the day before each order.
No change is given at the office.
Pita Pit: Now on Thursdays ONLY: To order go to :
Subway Wednesdays: (Subway Takapuna)
Sushi Fridays: (Sushi Gallery, Takapuna)
PTA Upcoming Events:
15th Sep: Disco (Years 0-2 time: 5.15—6.30pm)
12th Aug: Quiz night
13th & 14th Oct: Second hand uniform sale
Aug: Tea Towels Fundraiser
7th Dec: Graduation Disco for Years 5 & 6: 6.45—8pm.
Please be advised that the mobile dental unit we will be moving offsite
from Takapuna Normal Intermediate on 2.7.16 and will return on
24.9.16. During this time treatment will be provided from Glenfield
Intermediate Children’s Community Dental Clinic.
Parents can be directed to contact Glenfield Intermediate School
Children’s Community Dental Clinic on 444-6160 if they have any queries
or require an appointment.
The Takapuna Tiger Fish have been playing Flippa Ball again this term. We have had 4 games so
far and the skills of the team are improving each week. The team consists of the following year
5 & 6 players: Will Dunlop, Lucy Peak, Vita Yarrell-Stevenson, Matiltda Lassen, Sam Wang, Max
Ripley, Hugo Chapman and Chase Groom.
Results so far have been:
Takapuna Tiger Fish Vs Forrest Hill Alligators loss 3-5 Player of the Game was Max Ripley
for superb goal saving
TTF vs Richmond Rd Rivers win 2-1 Player of the Game was Will Dunlop for excellent
team work on attack and defence
TTF vs Mairangi Bay Marlins loss 1-6 Player of the Game was Sam Wang for great defensive work and sticking to his position
TTF vs Pinehurst win 9-1 Player of the Game was Lucy Peak for excellent goal saving and
also team work and shooting when on attack.
23 Auburn Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622 : Phone 489-6339 extension 801
[email protected] :
NEWS FLASH!!! - Please ‘like us’ on Facebook to get updated information on school
and PTA events.
Pay Takapuna Primary Online
You can now pay for your child's school donation, activity contribution , sports team subscription, PTA
fundraisers and other school payments online paying by credit card or direct debit.
You will be prompted to create an account using your email and a password, it is so easy.
If you already pay Pita Pit using ezlunch you are already set up so proceed to the login.
Go onto our website and click on :
“Our Information”, then the School Shop Button.
Just ‘click’ School Shop and register your details
This is an important request. Thank you in advance. Please either leave a message on the
absentee line by ringing: 489-6339/press1 and leave your message informing the office that
your child will be absent or please email the office at [email protected]
Please do not email your teacher. Notification to the office is preferable.
Please ensure this is done before 9.00 am.
Second Hand Uniform - Urgently Required Please
We would be very grateful if you could donate any
items of the school uniform, that you no longer need,
back to school please. Thank you. go to ‘my
school’ / Uniforms:
Argyle Schoolwear’.
Medical Requirements - Reminder:
Please ensure you come to the office to fill out a form if your child requires
medicine during school hours. All medicine / inhalers, etc, MUST be kept at
the school office. Please put it in a container with your child’s name and room
number labelled on the container. Thank you.
23 Auburn Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622 : Phone 489-6339 extension 801
[email protected] :
Community Notices
School Holiday Computer Classes
For ages 5 – 15 at Westlake Boys
High School in Minecraft, Create
3D Games, Coding, Web Design,
Animation, Video Editing, and
Building a PC and if young the Discovery Computer Class. For further information call 488 0787 or
STUDIO 246 are once again holding their annual JULY SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAMME:
This year we invite you to a week of Dance, Drama, Singing and Craft as we work towards presenting our show
“CINDERELLA” on the last day.
Dates: Mon 11th July to Friday 15th July (9am - 3pm) with after school care available. This programme books out
EVERY YEAR, so don't leave it too late to enrol! Ages 5-15 (Held at Murrays Bay Intermediate). Please contact
Lenore Bullock on 0211849849 for more info!
School lunch-making a chore? Visit The Lunchbox Queen (run by a local mum) for everything you need to make
healthy, fun, waste-free lunches that kids will actually want to eat! Bento boxes, sandwich cutters, food picks, egg
shapers, rice ball makers etc plus lots of inspiration and healthy recipes. Use code DEVO at checkout for free local
23 Auburn Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622 : Phone 489-6339 extension 801
[email protected] :
Based out of Takapuna Primary
School on the North Shore, FITTER
SWIMMING is the per fect place to
train for general swim fitness. This is
a unique opportunity for adults and
teenagers to participate in structured,
coached swim squads in the school’s
25m outdoor heated pool.Visit our
website for details:
Insure what is important to
Your health, your family, your
Lance Wickens
489 1059
6 months to 5 years
4 Dominion Street,
Phone: 489-6797
Happy to support
Specialist, Expert
Piano and guitar
Tuition at school,
Suite 6,
Hurstmere House,
Cnr Hurstmere Road &
Music Education Centre
Anzac Street,
(Established 28 years)
Takapuna, Auckland 0622.
Phone: 444-5654
Phone/Fax: 489-8081
Takapuna Primary School
Teaching Takapuna Primary
children Since 2008
Proudly Supporting TPS
Get your 10% discount card
from the school office
Open 7 days, and dinner
4 The Strand, Takapuna
Ph 488 7594
Classes forming to commence
from 9 November (Mon, Tues,
Wed, or Thurs). 30 minutes per
week, Beginners to pre-squad
level. Full details ring 486-6728
or email [email protected] . 7
week term, $120.75. TPS
students receive 10% discount
(squads not included).
23 Auburn Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622 : Phone 489-6339 extension 801
[email protected] :