Onisifor Ghibu High school Issue No 1 , June 2012



Onisifor Ghibu High school Issue No 1 , June 2012
Onisifor Ghibu High school
Issue No 1 , June 2012
Editor in Chief : Hlenschi Victoria
Copy Chiefs: Vasiu Andrei
Sitea Mihai
Contributing Editors:
Laura Pitariu –teacher
Bogdan Mihai Alecu XI-G
Dumitru Alexandra IX-F
Popimoise Sandra X-T
Craciun Paula X-T
Malaescu Claudia IX-F
Taflan Andi IX-G
Antonovici Anca IX-F
“Any intelligent fool can make
Prutianu Ionut IX-F
things bigger and more
complex... It takes a touch of
genius - and a lot of courage to
move in the opposite direction.”
Georgiana Ganfalean IX-F
Popa Felicia IX-G
Ratoi Raluca IX-F
Lavinia Antonescu X-T
Cozma Alexandru X-F
Basca Bianca IX-G
Corina Predescu X-T
Radoiu Marius IX-G
Bolota Daniel IX-G
Managerial Team:
Head Teacher: Avram Ana
Deputy Head Teacher: Cismas Dorina
118% GHIBU
ISSUE 1, JUNE 2012
You might wonder why 118% Ghibu. There
are at least two reasons: first, 100 % did
not seem enough for what the students and
teahers of “Onisifor Ghibu” High School
have to offer; secondly, 18 is an important
number for this prestigious school… does
“a modern school in a medieval city” ring
a bell? It is the slogan of our school and it
shows that although a young one, our high
school tries to live up to a long tradition.
How young? Yes, you have guessed: 18
years old. So this year we are trying to give
118%, next year… 119%, of course. This is
exactly what this newsletter is trying to
show: our achievements, our passions, our
It all started with a media optional class in
English and some enthusiastic 9th graders
who started analyzing the press and trying
their hand at writing a few articles on topics of their interest. Some other 10th ad 11th
graders joined them in capturing the most
important events and favourite themes and
this is how the first English newsletter of
our high school was born. We hope you’ll
enjoy it and that we’ll be able to offer you
more issues!
1. Comenius project…page 4
2. Romanian-Spanish exchange...page 5
3. Scenery, Nature, Art – Bilateral exachange
with Dinu Lipatti High
Bucharest...page 6
4. Most important environmental project in
school…page 7
5. Interviews after Prom...page 7
6. Let`s do it, Romania!...page 8
7. Why do they smoke?...page 8
8. Red or blue – does it make a difference?...page 9
9. Out and about sibiu… page 10
10.How do we have fun...page 10
11. Top 5 games… page 10
12. Best Movies…page 11
13. Violence in schools!!!... Page 12
14. Latest technology...page 12
Comenius project
Tolerance in the Multicultural Life of the 21st
Century Europe
Tudor (XI F) and Andreea Rau (XI G) worked in
groups with students from other countries
and did many activities for instance choosing
There will be other meetings that will
take place in Latvia, Poland, Romania
and Bulgaria so if you feel confident
and want to go to a foreign country
than please don’t hesitate and join our
project team and you have a big
As you may already know, the Comenius
chance to visit another country, learn
project Tolerance in the Multicultural Life of
about its customs and traditions and,
the 21st Century Europe is a European pro-
above all, learn the real meaning of
ject that takes place in our school. This pro-
the word ‘tolerance’.
ject is based on tolerance in our day to day
a role model, creating collages, presenting
life including problems like obesity and social
traditional games and dances from their
So visit the site of the project
exclusion and involving students from the
home country during the international eve-
www.tolerance-comenius-eu and join
9th to 11th grades from our high school.
ning, visiting historical buildings and sites
Two meetings have taken place so far, in
from Istanbul.
Turkey and Italy. Our school was represented by two teachers together with 3 students in each meeting. Three girls and three
Bogdan-Mihai Alecu, XI G
The second meeting took place in Italy where
I participated together with Stefan Oprean
and Alexandru Patruta from XI I. There we
worked in groups and did many activities like
“My Health Guidebook” during which we had
to choose 10 golden rules for a healthy diet
and also participated in a cooking contest that
we won thanks to Patruta Alexandru and his
delicious Papanasi.
The key objective of this project is to achieve
an international level for tolerance between
countries with different re-
boys were chosen to participate in these
ligions and habits. The activi-
meetings where they met other students
ties that we did during the
from Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Turkey and
meetings and the problems
we discussed at school with
In Turkey, the three girls from our high
school, Gabriela Constantin (XI I), Ionela
our colleagues from other
countries that take part in
the project were really fun
and interesting.
It was Monday evening and we were gathered at school: ten students and a few teachers, waiting anxiously for our guests to arrive. We hadn’t met them before. They were
a group of teachers and students coming
from Spain, Zaragoza to meet us for a project. Since the first moment they arrived we
became good friends.
The project was called EuroActive!
And it was an educational project, meant to
continue the work started a year before, as
part of an eTwinning project, Let’s Have A
Greener Future! The aim of the project was
to develop both the Romanian and the Spanish students’ environmental awareness that
went beyond their geographical limits. Together, we had made collages, sketches, we
had organized a mini greenhouse or we had
held debates on different issues related to the
The first project day in school was
important for us. We all had a meeting with
the headmistress and the teachers. We presented our countries and schools, as well as
our previous year project activities. The second day was probably the most amazing one
as we spent it in Sibiel. First, we visited The
Glass Icons Museum and second, we invited
them to a local lodging house to enjoy a
traditional evening with Romanian food,
folk dances and a lot of fun.
very much both because
of the medieval traces and
because of the modern
buildings, pubs or clubs.
We had a great time but,
we understand now, that
we also worked a lot at
the project activities, we
practised our English and
we met another culture,
different, but also similar
to ours.
most important thing for
us, at this age, was to make new friends. No
wonder we were all crying on the early Saturday morning when the Spanish people left.
Fortunately, we have kept in touch and in
May, this year, we are going to have a project meeting in Zaragoza. I am eager to see
their highschool, their town, to work together again. I have to admit that this experience offered to us by our school and our
English teacher was and it still is an amazing
one! I started to feel very proud to be a Romanian student of the ”Onisifor Ghibu”
Highschool and a citizen of Sibiu.
Alexandru Cozma, X F
The following day, our guests assisted some of our classes and they were
totally impresed by the quality of out teachers and students. Later on, we took them on
a tour of the city of Sibiu, which they liked
Scenery, Nature, Art – Bilateral exachange with Dinu Lipatti
High school, Bucharest
Would you like to meet new people
from other schools and from other
Students in the theatre class from
Onisifor Ghibiu High school in Sibiu
had this opportunity by participating in
a project along with other students in
the theater class from Dinu Lipatti High
school in Bucuresti and some other
students from Arts High school in
Sibiu. This project is an exchange of
experience between schools, and is
divided into two parts:
The first part happened in January 2012
in Sibiu where the drama teacher gave
us a lesson on Forum Theater and we
created two plays on ecological themes.
What does Theater Forum mean? It is a
kind of theatre during which actors or
audience members can stop the
performance, often a short scene in
which a character is being oppressed
in some way and suggest different
actions for the actors to carry out onstage in an attempt to change the
outcome of what they are seeing
On the first day we learned what
theater forum meant, on the second
and third we were split into groups
and we agreed on a scenario and in
the fourth day we started rehearsing,
because in the last day we had to
present our performance.
Meeting people from Bucuresti was a
little strange because we were all
curious, but after we met we became
pretty friendly. We got to know
ourselves and others better and we
learned something new related to
theater. Everything
was great and
beautiful and we
all hope to see
each other again.
The second part
will take place in
May in Bucuresti
at Dinu Lipatti High school where the
teachers will give us a lesson on
theatersports. What is theatersports?
Theatersports is a form of theater in
which two teams compete by improvising
according to some hints (locations,
words, situations) from the public,
according to the rules established by the
presenter or simply taking over from the
opposing team. The team that is most
applauded after each event wins.
We are eager to go to Bucuresti to meet
people there and learn new things that
we will use in our
Corina Predescu, X T
Most important environmental project in
What is Eco-Patrol?
Eco-Patrol is a national competition dedicated to
schools that want to get involved in environmental
education programmes. Eco-Patrol is a monitoring
system with positive steps in terms of environmental
protection. A group of students, led by an educator or
teacher coordinator, observes positive and negative
factors in the area where they live or where they operate.
Eco-Agenda gives us the possibility to show our love
for nature. Even the way you use your mobile phone
can be an example of attitude to others.
The Eco-Team gives us three pieces of advice for a
better future:
Light comes on only when is needed, do not
leave lights on.
Remove appliances from the plugs when they are
not in use.
Avoid the increased brightness of the T.V. screen
and the high volume of the speakers.
Why are we doing this project?
Because we care and we want the environment to be
protected, and the “voice” of the children to progress
in society.
It all started with the preparations for the prom, with the emotions
of the students from Ghibu high school. But the most interesting was
the competition for the title of Miss and Mister. Ghibu high school
had a dance show and a nice presentation.
In this competition participated six couples: Andreea Filip with
Palmeş Raul, Cristina Aldea with Tudor Magda, Adina Popescu with
Daniel Diaconu, Alexandra Giurgiu with Encea Ovidiu (I’m not sure
if this is the name, couldn’t understand the writing check it!!!), Paula
Prie with Rareş Florea and Andra Mărciu with Emanuel Ursu.
They trained for this show for three weeks. They stayed for practice a
few hours every day. The students worked very hard for this show.
There were hard tests and the entire competition was awesome. That
was a difficult choice for the jury but finally they discovered the winners of the competition. The winners are Alexandra Giurgiu and
Encea Ovidiu.
All the competitors say that the experience was amazing and they
would repeat it anytime.
“I’ve made a lot of new friends and I can say that all these people are
incredible!” said Palmeş Raul.
Interview with Alexandra Giurgiu:
Reporter: How do you feel?
Alexandra: I’m feeling good. I’m so happy and very surprised.
Reporter: Was it a hard competition?
Alexandra: Yes. Because there were a lot of very talented students
and difficult tests.
Reporter: What do you think about the other participants?
Alexandra: I think they are amazing. We are all friends and I think
Popa Felicia, IX G
that all deserved to win.
Interviews after Prom
Reporter: Thank you for your time and congratulations again for this title.
Alexandra: Thank you. Bye!
Interview with Encea Ovidiu
Reporter: How do you feel about this competition?
Ovidiu: It’s a way to make friends and communicate, I
am so excited about it.
Reporter: How hard did you work for this title?
Ovidiu: I worked a lot and I always give my best.
Reporter: What do you think about your partner?
Ovidiu: Alexandra is a great partner. We are very good
friends and she is a reliable person.
Reporter: Congratulations and thank you for your
Ovidiu: No problem. Bye!
Răţoi Raluca, IX F
Alexandra and Ovidiu
Why do they smoke?
Let`s do it, Romania!
“Let`s do it, Romania??? What is this?
same time it was amazing for us to know
Sounds interesting, I must know more about
that our work was not in vain.
this…”. That`s the first thing I said when I
heard about this project. The second thing
Our teachers were very proud of our work,
was “Oh, of course I want to clean Roma-
but this doesn’t mean that they sat down
nia!”. So, we found out we were going to
and looked at us working, they also cleaned
clean an area which is situated around our
the area. After our all hard work we took a
lunch break, we took photos and told jokes.
Oh, we forgot to tell you that we were all
In the end, we put all the bags together, we
wearing the same kind of T-shirt, “Let`s do it,
counted them and finally we took some
Romania” T-shirts and of course, gloves
group photos. It was a very interesting, help-
made especially for cleaning!
ful and funny project, we all felt great cleaning our city and we hope that we will do this
We were not allowed to put all the litter
every year.
together, we had to separate it. But it wasn’t
a problem for us because it was a sunny day
Let’s do it together next time!
Craciun Paula
One of the main reasons
why students smoke in school is
because they have the doors closed
until 12 a.m. That’s the time when
little kids go home and students
from all grades go for a cigarette.
Until then, before an exam or just
because they’re in a group formed by
smokers, they smoke wherever and
whenever they can.
“We just want to be free a
little bit. I feel like I’m in some kind
of prison in here!” said one student.
Will the students continue
to smoke in school? Will the management of the school open the
doors or build a smoking room for
students? These questions will remain a mystery for an unknown period of time.
Students think the solution
to this problem is to open the doors
while the teachers think that students will be too lazy to go out and
they will still smoke in school.
My personal opinion is that
they shouldn’t smoke at all, at
least not in school because they can
have a bad influence on nonsmokers.
Malaescu Claudia IX-F
Popimoise Sandra-X T
and we were all in a good mood. We were so
glad that we were helping the planet!
With God’s help, we collected about 40 bags
of garbage. It was so disappointing to see so
much mess in such a little area, but at the
Red or blue – does it make a difference?
I have always thought that
the best and most precious things
in life are: big warm hugs, the
smell of rain, daydreaming, walking in a field of wild flowers,
laughing, smiles from anyone –
particularly strangers, soft cushy
pillows, any kind of chocolate
and last but not least, being loved.
But some children proved me
wrong. How? Well, once upon a
time, during the Theatre Festival
“25h of Theatre”, there was a redhaired girl…
The main character is
the girl with red hair, the only
person in the Blue Kingdom
who had red hair.
One day, when the
king, his wife and one of their
children were walking through
the not so crowded streets, the
king saw the girl with red hair.
Getting mad, he demanded her
to do anything possible to
have blue hair. The girl’s
mother tried everything so that
her daughter could have blue
hair, but nothing worked. So,
the girl had to leave the kingdom and “move” in the jungle…
What happened to the
red-haired girl in the Blue
Like in any respectable
fairy tale she married the
prince in the end… will the
children who played in it have
the same happy end?
At least for one evening
the children with Dawn Syndrome, autism and many more
disabilities were applauded
with pride by everybody. I
have always thought that people with disabilities are special
and after seeing these children
I have no doubt!
Lavinia Antonescu, X T
The Girl with Red Hair is
a play presented by the
“EuTuNoi” community theater,
coordinated by Babes Tinca Bianca. Her main goal was to include people with disabilities as
actors in the play, thus proving
that they can be integrated in society like any other people.
Forgetting for thirty minutes about the wild world, we
stepped into the fictional world.
Out and about Sibiu...
Are you a teenager who’s got no
idea where to go on holiday? Do
you like hanging out with friends?
Are you the active or adventurous
type? If the answer is “yes” then
Sibiu is the perfect destination for
With a beautiful city centre, a cinema, a mall and many pubs and
fast-food restaurants, Sibiu has
something to offer for all tastes.
Come here and you are guaranteed
to see the best sights, to watch the
latest 3D movies, to go shopping in
a beautiful place or to enjoy a nice
drink or meal.
If you like to spend your time in the
open-air we’ve got some beautiful
surroundings. You can go swimming at Ocna-Sibiului where you
will find unique salty lakes. If you
are into winter sports, why not try
the mountain resort, Paltinis, at
only 25 km away from Sibiu.
Sibiu has a lot of things to offer. So
if you haven’t planned your holiday
yet, make sure you put Sibiu on
your list.
Antonovici Anca, IX-F
How do we have fun???
Top 5 Games
How do students use their computers
nowadays? Let’s be honest. They mostly
use them to play games. What games?
Here are the most popular ones.
No. 1 and the best is Crysis 2. It is an incredible game, it’s about an alien invasion, so a supersoldier fights against it. I
recommend this game for all game lovers.
No.2 is Modern Warfare 3. It’s a game
about an Asian attack on America.
No. 3 is Battlefield 3. It’s a game similar to
Modern Warfare, but it’s a bit more interactive with the surrounding area.
No. 4 is Assassins Creed 2, a game about
an assassin who tries to revenge his dead
No.5, but not the last, is World of Warcraft (WoW). It’s an online game about
war between two nations. So this was the
top 5 best P.C. games. I recommend them
all but don’t forget to spend some time
studying as well!
Taflan Andi, IX G
If you ask teenagers how they
like to have their parties almost
all of them will tell you that
they like to have a party in a
club or a pub because today’s
parties have changed a lot because no one wants now to go
in someone’s house and have a
party like in the old days.
Teenagers now have moved
their parties in clubs,pubs or
junk restaurants, because they
can listen to music as loud as
they can, screaming or dancing until exhaustion and no
one scolds them, or they go
there for some fun, drink or eat
something or just relax.
In Sibiu teenagers do that too,
the best and the most visited
pubs and clubs around are
Kapital, Liquid, Gamespot,
Music Pub and of course Oldies
Pub which is near Ghibu High
School and is the best and the
most popular pub around.
To spend our times in this way
is absolutely normal at our age
because it’s fun and we feel
Ionut Prutianu, IX-F
Best Movies...
Do you feel
like spending
a quiet evening
your friends?
What better
watch a good film? But what film
should you choose? I interviewed
some students from Onisifor Ghibu
High school about movies which
they think are good. One of them is
This Means War which is a 2012
romantic comedy and action movie
directed by MeG. The movie stars
Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and
Tom Hardy who are the victims of a
love triangle, in which 2 CIA agents
and best friends (Pine and Hardy)
discover that they are dating the
same woman. The movie was released on the date of 17 th February
2012 and it made almost 60 million
dollars from the box office, in almost a week.
Another chosen movie is Underworld: Awakening (also
known as Underworld 4), which is a
2012 American 3D horror movie. It
is the fourth installment in the Underworld film series, starring Kate
Beckinsale. The film was released in
Digital 3D, Imax 3D and 2D theaters on January 20, 2012. It is currently the third most popular film of
the year after Twilight and Trans-
formers. The movie made
132,694,000 dollars from the
box office.
I watched these movies
after I interviewed some students of my high school to create my own opinion. I was not
so impressed by Underworld 4,
because it is an action horror
movie and maybe that is the
reason why I didn’t like it so
However, after I saw This
Means War I was totally surprised. Even if it is an action
movie, it is also a romantic
comedy and that is why I loved
it. Another reason I love this
Witherspoon plays in it, and
she is an actress I appreciate
very much.
I really recommend you
to watch this movie. In my
opinion it is really amazing.
Basca Bianca , IX-G
Violence in schools!!!
Violence is a problem that makes its
presence felt more and more in
society and also in schools. In most
cases this happens because the students are teenagers and this is the
age when they feel the need to break
the rules to show their dissatisfaction. To assert themselves in front of
other students, most of them appeal
to violonce. Violence can be verbal,
physical or emotional. Teenagers are
easily influenced by television and
violence is often promoted everywhere, but it can appear in some
families too affecting the child’s
School is unlikely to change the
mentality of the students when all
the other sources of information say
otherwise. Aggresion most often
found in schools is manifested
through injuries, insults, intimidation, vulgarity and physical violence.
Students do not talk to teachers and
prefer to solve their own conflicts by
themselves. School principals have
begun to take measures to stop
violence in schools. On school corri-
dors were installed cameras to observe
students who could be causing problems. Students who use violence in
school can be punished with lower
grades and even with temporary or
permanent expulsion from the institution.
Latest technology
What technology do the students like to
use? The students like the latest technology. Why? Because it is very easy
to use.
Since I came to this high school, there
have been no important conflicts
among students. That makes me think
that this is a civilized high school so far
and I hope it will stay like this at least
until I graduate and maybe after.
Georgiana Ganfaleanu , IX-F
In the last years technology has had a
big influence upon all the students
from many countries. The phones have
evolved from black-white phones to
phones like Blackberry.
Students nowadays use headphones to
listen to music every minute of the day.
They use laptops instead of the normal
Personal Computers because the laptop
is easy to carry. They like the new
digital cameras, the students play
games on the Playstation 3 and Xbox
360. They use the micro card to have
enough memory on their mobile
phones. At home they like to use sound
systems because they like to listen to
loud music.
iPhone 4S, iPad 3, Android 4.0 , Kindle E-readers etc. we all dream to have
thm… some even do, so technology is
all .
Dumitru Alexandra, IX F
118% GHIBU
ISSUE 1, JUNE 2012
That’s all folks!
Thank you for reading the
magazine, we hope there will be
more to come

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