2009 - Serviciul de Voluntari Agnita


2009 - Serviciul de Voluntari Agnita
Agnita’s Volunteer Service
Presentation and evaluation
Serviciul de Voluntari Agnita
Str. Piaţa Republicii nr 19
Agnita, jud. Sibiu
Tel. 0748 082 095
The year of activities had by the Agnita’s Volunteer Service in 2009 and
short presentation. This report contains the details of activities that we
developed, we supported or we have bee partners.
What is Agnita’s Volunteer Service for it’s
The Team
Projects 2010. To go...
Partners and supporters
Serviciul de Voluntari Agnita
Piaţa Republicii nr 19
Agnita, jud. Sibiu
Tel. 0748 082 095
What is Agnita’s Volunteer Service
for it’s initiator?
Tall that I can say about Serviciul de Voluntari Agnita is that it’s a part of me, I’ll leave those that can se the
results of our work to judge. All the worth are for them, my volunteer colleagues.
Maybe some wonder why a group of volunteers at Agnita, I’ll answer simply. We often say that here, in
Agnita, nothing happens, but we forget to see that we can make a change. From each of us starts the
change. From myself, from you... YOU can make a change!
This is what we propose, an alternative way to see things.
We are aware that we can not change the world, but here we have a word to say. If you think you can make part
of this, join us!
It passes to my mind some words of O. Paller that said - „We have time for all. To sleep, to run to right and
left side, to regret we have mistaken and to make mistakes again....“
So, we have time also for the community in which, we born, raised or we just live. We only have to see and
realize this.
Comin Duşleag
P.S. With this occasion I must thank for the support to all those that since more than a year ago help us, or
sponsorship our actions.
With special thanks to Agnita’s Mayor, Mr. Marius Curcean, to Mr.
Bârsan Ilarion and Jochen Cotaru (As. GAL Microregiunea Hârtibaciu)
The Team
"Hi! I’m Codruţa and I decided to become a volunteer of S.V.A. because I appreciate at the S.V.A. youths
the purity and dynamics of getting out of usual that many youth people live their life these days."
"Hello! I’m Udiu and I practice volunteering from several months. I didn’t
Knew what beautiful things these people do, free for society, until my sister
asked me to join the group.
I’ll practice volunteering from now on and I’ll be proud of that."
„My name is Ema, 17 years and a cheer person, ambitious. I like
To spend much time with my friends, to travel a lot. I hate
The lie, the dual faces persons and betrayal.”
"Salut! I’m Florin, 16 years old and a part of S.V.A. from the start. I’m sure
that I will succeed with my colleagues to change something in thus town."
„Ciao! I am Ioana and I like what I do. I am volunteer since a year ago and
I would like you to become one too!”
„ Hello! Maria is my name and I am volunteer because I think it’s interesting
and I like to think I can make a change in my town and who knows, maybe
a change in the world.
I am cheerful and like to make new friends, but I know to separate the real
friends from the fake ones.”
”Hi! I’m Paul, 17 years old and a part of S.V.A.
The term of "volunteer" I have discovered more than a year ago and that it is
an important part in my life and I’ll do it with pleasure.
The volunteering is a "hobby" that I’ll continue and share to others too.”
"Hi! My name is Tudor and I practice volunteering since months.
I’m inviting you to join us, because a lot of surprises are waiting for
you. Good luck!"
Meanwhile on the team others joined: OCTAVIAN, CRISTIAN, DAN, VIOREL, DIANA, MIHAI şi priest
Coşorean COSMIN.
We tried to bring the volunteering to our community, and our first exit was with the opportunity offered
by the Mother’s Day, on the 8th of March. Then we wanted to thank our mothers, sisters and cooperating
team so we gave each one a flower… „8th March. Hundred of flowers...”
„Europe’s Day” started with an common action of the Schools and Agnita’s College, kindergardens of
Agnita, of the elders of Casei Seniorilor and Volunteer Service. Under the coordinating of Agnita’s Mayor
and Monitorul de Sibiu, the action started with some words about what means the Europe Day and some of
the symbols and values that we share as European citizens.
After this, we started, with the little ones and the elders to plant flowers. The park looked very nice.
National Volunteering Week started in Agnita with an action on the 12 of May.
Also in N.V.W. 2009 three events made for showing the volunteering and popularize this.
The first was the campaign of information and promoting the volunteering and the way that each person can
be involved in our community life.
12 mai, 15.00
Exprimă-te prin fapte! Fii VOLUNTAR!
(promoting the volunteering movement)
location: Agnita’s center
15th May, 14.00
"A story for each of us"
location: Town Library
16th May, 10.00
"The forest without PET"
(cleaning campaign)
location: Steinburg forest
Casa Seniorilor (Elders House) made part of the projects that we had supported, we joined dearly and those
we shall support from now on.
The volunteers have periodical meetings with the benefits of this program, persons on the third age and have
different activities: debates, free discussions and activities that test their creativity and handling skills. Also the
group will have several excursions and cleaning parks activities.
Volunteer Service participated, in the end of 2009 at the SuperVolunteers Gala for Sibiu county. Even if we had
several proposal, our worth was recognized with the award of „the cutest volunteer” won by Paul Hîrţoagă.
Also Paul had the honor to represent us in 2009
„Portret de Voluntar” publication.
This is launched each year, on the International
Volunteering Day – the 5th of December.
PROJECTS for 2010. To go…
 Meetings, excursions and common activities with the recipients of Agnita’s Elder Home
 „1th of March with the elders” (activity with the socially assisted persons)
 Transilvanian Brunch
 Youth in Action – participating in the Dutch – Romanian exchange
Agnita to Oosterbeek 2010 – „Let the many faces of WATER unite us!”
 National Volunteering Week 2010 (19 – 25 April)
o Promoting and media campaign of volunteering
o Promoting expo
o Workshops of presenting and preparing the Youth in Action experience
o Cleaning and redevelopment activities for the parks
o Involvement in „Sibiu – Agnita Railway project
We suport:
Trupa de Teatru “STEP BY STEP” - www.teatrustepbystep.lx.ro
Serviciul de Voluntari Agnita
Piaţa Republicii nr 19
Agnita, jud. Sibiu
Tel. 0748 082 095
Partners and supporters
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