Volunteers Help Create Exceptional Experiences


Volunteers Help Create Exceptional Experiences
Community Connection
Fall 2016
Upcoming Events
Jewelry Sale
November 16–18
Volunteer Auxiliary
Board Meetings
October 25, 1–2:30 p.m.
Bluebonnet, Conference Room 1
A Gift of Compassion and Kindness
I can honestly say I’ve never been prouder to be part of such an amazing and
generous team. In the past month, BRG’s volunteers have spent countless
hours helping employees, neighbors, and each other with flood recovery
efforts. You have all pitched in to help wherever you were needed, not just here
at the hospital, but at the homes of those who were affected by the flood. This
crisis brought incredible loss and devastation to many people — thank you
for responding with your time, talents, compassion and kindness. You are a
special team indeed!
Symil LeDoux
Director of Community Engagement
January 4
Location TBD
Volunteer Orientation
September 30
Mid City, 10 a.m.–noon
October 5
Mid City, 4–6 p.m.
Be a Part of
Something Special
Baton Rouge General’s volunteers are
an essential part of our Community
of Caring, impacting so many of the
hospital’s patients, visitors, friends,
doctors, nurses and staff. They provide
the little extras that help create that
special experience people have come to
know and love at Baton Rouge General.
If you’d like to be a part of something
special, please contact Shedonna Martin,
Senior Coordinator, at (225) 381-6609
or by email at [email protected]
(From left) Vickie Pernici, past president;
Deborah Reeves, president; Shirley
Williams, secretary/historian; and Laura
Parr, president-elect.
Team leaders are pictured here with Symil LeDoux,
Director of Community Engagement, third from right. They
are (from left) Howard Marsellus, Corinne “Pug” Gussman,
Cassandra Jones, Larry Moore and Beverly Varnado. Not
pictured are Larry Gussman and Allison Hultgren.
Meet BRG’s Newest Volunteer Leaders
The Volunteer Services Department held its annual installation ceremony on September 9 at the
Mid City campus. The new officers were sworn in by Shedonna Martin, Senior Coordinator, and
performed their duties immediately after the ceremony by holding an official board meeting.
New Volunteer Auxiliary board members are: Deborah Reeves, president; Vickie Pernici, past
president; Laura Parr, president-elect; Shirley Williams, secretary/historian; Kay Caroon and
Cynthia Lastrapes, members-at-large; and Larry Moore, Corinne “Pug” Gussman, Cassandra
Jones, Larry Gussman, Howard Marselus, Bev Varnado and Allison Hultgren, team leaders.
Pet Therapy Brings Smiles to Mid City
Wendy Jeansonne and her pet therapy dog,
Baby, have been volunteering at Mid City,
bringing smiles to patients and staff in the rehab
and therapy departments. Studies show that
interaction with pets helps the healing process
by lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and
creating a feeling of serenity.
Jeansonne and Baby have been popular visitors at
Mid City. “This opportunity to serve is a blessing
beyond words,” Jeansonne said.
Animal-assisted therapy is a growing
field that has been shown to help
patients cope with health problems,
including cancer, heart disease and
behavioral health issues.
Special thanks to Jane Ladmirault, Clinical
Coordinator of the Speech Therapy Department,
and her colleagues for welcoming Baby and
Jeansonne. “The smiles I see from the staff and
patients just warms my heart,” said Shedonna
Martin, Senior Coordinator. “We are very happy
to have them both sharing their love with us.
Everyone always wants to know when they will be
coming back.”
Happy Birthday To
Our Special Staff!
We’re wishing you a birthday
far better than the rest.
Someone as special as you
deserves the very best.
We wish you a day full of
wishes and dreams come true,
And a year full of love
and happiness too.
Carolyn HeaslipBlount
Cherry Morris-Porter
Delores Tanner
Frances Sims
Joyce Rodrigue
Kathy Trivette
Student Program Was A+ Success
Kay Caroon
Mary Dixon
Mary Ann Terrance
Beverly Varnado
Cassandra Jones
Cheryl Harrell
Debbie Davenport
Dee Dee Perkins
Gerald Reid
Helen Spears
Janelle Welchel
Kay Gaudet
Kenneth Perret
In July, the hospital recognized 100 student volunteers who completed their requirement
of 50+ hours for the 2015-2016 student volunteer session. Students received a certificate
of completion, and those with more than 100 hours received special pins.
Raven Alexander
New this year was a junior volunteer category created specifically for high school students.
“Hats off to all of our student volunteers who gave thousands of hours this past summer,”
said Shedonna Martin, Senior Coordinator. “They really make a positive impact.”
Vickie Pernici
Bea Wooley
Ruby Cosey
Sandy Arens
Tina Lawrence
Aparna Jadhav
Charity Kennedy
Elizabeth Lacayo
Greg Southard
Janet Buchert
Louise Haynes
Lydia Pelz
Mary Suydam
Melissa Fontenot
Natalie Roumain
Tom Harrell
Tom Trivette
Mary Miller
Virginia Ventress
Wendy Jeansonne
Barbara Williams
Betty McDavid
Betty Van Norman
Bonnie Hammons
Corinne “Pug”
Deborah Allen
Errol Brazier
Gloria Jackson
Grace Broussard
Joseph Mondello
Paula Naquin
Sherian Jackson
Shirley Williams
Student volunteers made a positive impression this summer, greeting visitors, running
errands, helping with office duties and much more.
Smitha D’Cruz
Symil LeDoux
Walter Walker
Volunteer Services • (225) 387-7079 • [email protected] • BRGeneral.org/volunteer

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