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16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
it,” said Priyanka Sinha, a Versova resident.
The BMC is meanwhile planning to issue
tenders for acquiring private wells in coming
days so that it can increase its water tanker
supply which is cheaper than services
provided by private water tanker suppliers.
Currently, there is 9.8 lakh million litres in
the seven lakes- Modak Sagar, Tansa, Vihar,
Tulsi, Lower and Upper Vaitarna and Bhatsa.
There is a shortfall of 2,90,071 million litres.
“We have to last another 325 days with this
stock of water. The present water levels in
the dam will last us for another 235 days. We
will review the water cut and water level on
October 1 before announcing further cuts,”
said the engineer from the BMC's hydraulic
It's time the citizens stopped taking this
precious resource for granted and do
everything in their power to 'save the drop'.
Janhavi Samant
MUMBAI: The rains seem to be playing truant this year.
The interiors of Maharashtra are facing a drought and the
cities are only marginally better off when it comes to
water supply. Mumbaikars are facing a tense situation
with 20% water cut levied in the city from August 26
across the city. To add to their woes, the Brihanmumbai
Municipal Corporation (BMC) is planning to increase the
water cut further.
But there are some people who seem to be making
merry even as the sun shines on. The water tanker
industry is making its fortunes thanks to the scanty rains
and water cuts. The private tankers have almost doubled
prices of water tankers. A private water tanker supplier
from Andheri said, “The prices of water tankers were Rs
700- 900. But with the demand for water tankers rising,
we decided to increase the prices.” While well water
tanker that was earlier available for Rs 700 – 900 is now
priced in the region of Rs 2000.
Such is the demand; the water suppliers are not even
ready to entertain customers for further booking, as they
are completely booked and working all day to meet the
demand. Shehkar Shetty owner Able Aqua tanker
suppliers from Andheri (W) said, “The demand has gone
up by 30%. Our tankers are pre-booked. We are
expecting the demand to go up in coming days.” The
private water suppliers have also hiked the prices for
drinking water. “The regular price for drinking water was
Rs 2600 two months back. We now sell it for Rs 9000,”
said another tank supplier from Andheri.
With the water cuts likely to continue till next
monsoon, the residents are distraught with the water
tanker suppliers' behaviour. Zafar Sultan, a resident of
Juhu, “I tried calling the suppliers but there was no
response, some of them also disconnected the call. The
quality of water supplied is also debatable.”
Many Mumbaikars, who are calling for water tankers,
are boiling the water before consumption as the quality of
the water being supplied may be suspect. “The water
from the water tanker is poured in our building's storage
tank where generally BMC water is stored. We are not
sure about the quality of water and therefore advised
everyone in the building to boil the water before drinking
The regular price for drinking water
was Rs 2600 two months back.
We now sell it for Rs 9000,
With Bappa arriving in
t h e c i ty, t h e
Lokhandwala Oshiwara
Citizens' Association
(LOCA) has taken steps
for Bappa to bid adieu
to the city in an ecofriendly manner. The
pond created in the
year 2012 by the BMC is
50x20ft in size and 15ft
deep, constructed at
B a c k
R o a d ,
Lokhandwala, is the adobe of the God with the mighty
body. This method of immersion can protect natural
water bodies from pollution. First year saw about 800
idols being immersed and last year the figure almost
touched 2000.
The LOCA, an association of about 20 active
members residing at Lokhandwala, ranging from
Nutritionists and Lawyers to students have taken
significant steps towards the immersion of the Lord. As
the arrival of Lord Ganesha in our homes is a blessing in
itself, LOCA founder Dhaval Shah appeals to people to
bid goodbye to Bappa in an eco-friendly manner.
The area surrounding the artificial pond has been
neatly finished with paver blocks and the authorities are
taking no chances in giving a healthy environment for a
Prakash Toraskar, chairman of Sarvajanik Utsav
Mandal, Adarsh Nagar, receiving award for 2nd
position from Oshiwara police station.
Mumbai's Rich and Famous
Ganesh Mandals
MUMBAI: Ganesh Chaturthi is a
spectacular festival, honouring the
birth of Lord Ganesha. It is celebrated
all over India, but the maximum
grandeur is witnessed in Mumbai and
across Maharashtra. This year, the 11Day Ganeshotsava celebration shall
commence on September 17, and
conclude on September 27. This year
too, Mumbaikars with their undying
spirit have left no stone unturned in
welcoming their beloved Lord
Ganesha. Pandals are known to
thematically represent the current
social issues that the city faces through
tableaux, paintings and decorations.
This year is the 61st Year of
Ganeshotsava Celebration at
Dwarakanath Bhavan, Wadala. The
poojas conducted by the G.S.B.
Sarvajanik Ganeshotsava Samiti®, a
Registered Public Trust, at the
Ganeshotsava are strictly as per the
Vedic norms and devotees have all
along acclaimed the Mahotsava which
is held in the divine and serene
surroundings of the famous Shree
Ram Mandir, Wadala. Recognized as
the richest Ganesh idol in the city
because of the huge quantity of gold
used to adorn the idol along with a 22karat gold-plated throne and precious
While every corner of Mumbai
will see Ganpati Mandals with big and
small creatively carved out idols,
Lalbaugcha Raja is one of the oldest. It
was founded in 1934 and sees a large
turnout since this idol of Lord
Ganesha is considered 'Navsacha
Ganpati', meaning the fulfiller of all
Queuing up for the Lord’s darshan
here is all set to become easier as the
mandal has made the entire 60,000 sq
ft pandal air-conditioned. Devotees
will be provided tea, snacks and
packaged water bottles in the queue.
Satish Khankar, president of
Lalbaugcha Raja mandal, informed
that they have also arranged for
medical facilities and hi-tech security.
This year, Lalbaugcha Raja will have a
Bollywood set to call home.
Renowned Bollywood art director
Nitin Chandrakant Desai has designed
a giant 'sheesh mahal' (crystal palace)
Andhericha Raja, managed by
the Azad Nagar Sarvajanik Utsav
Samiti, is celebrating its golden
jubilee this year. Andhericha Raja is
extremely popular for three reasons the idol is an offering from devotees
who book it in advance, its immersion
takes place after 16 days (as opposed
to the usual 10 days) and finally, the
eccentric theme-based pandals. This
year, the Samiti has created a pandal
replicating Gujarat’s Ambaji Mata
Temple, which is an architectural
marvel in itself. Uday Salian, media
coordinator of the Samiti, claims this
to be the biggest decorative Ganesh
pandal in the city. This year, the
mandal is gearing up to set a few
records. The first of those will be that
the pandal set is the biggest in the city.
Apart from this, the mandal has two
surprises in store for devotees. A
corporate plans to present a giant
laddoo weighing 8,500 kg as an
offering to the Andhericha Raja. They
are even considering applying for the
Guinness Book of World Records too.
Salian adds, “Since last year, devotees
have been donating gold coins to the
Samiti, to be used for making a gold
mukut (crown) that will be adorned by
diamonds. Throughout the year, there
was enough gold to create the mukut,
and this year, we will offer it to Lord
Ganesha. The mukut is worth Rs. 1.25
crore approximately.” The Raja will
be adorned by clothes designed by
New York-based fashion designer Sai
Suman, who is an ardent devotee.
Every year, the clothes are painted on
the idol. However, Suman is designing
special clothes for all 16 days this
year. What’s more, on one of those 16
days, the clothes (dhoti and shawl)
will have gold tassles.
King’s Circle’s GSB Seva
Ganesh Mandal’s Ganpati is very
famous worldwide. Here, the Ganesh
Idol is popularly known as Golden
Ganesh of Mumbai as it is adorned
with gold and silver jewellery worth
100 millions of rupees. GSB Seva
Mandal of King Circle Matunga is one
of the richest mandals in Mumbai and
is noted for eco-friendly celebrations.
The huge clay idol is richly adorned
with 60 kilograms of gold and 175
kilograms of silver.
Keeping abreast with the
environmental issues this year, more
and more people are opting for ecofriendly Ganesha idols. The BMC has
also appealed to Mumbaikars to use
artificial ponds for immersion to curb
pollution. The BMC along with other
organizations has also initiated a
campaign called ‘Smoke Free
Mumbai’ (SFM) under which a
‘Smoke Free Ganesh Mandal’
competition will be held. If Ganesh
mandals respond actively to this
competition, there will be no banners
advertising tobacco and cigarettes
outside pandals this year. Besides this,
Ganpati mandals and families going to
immerse the Elephant Lord will have
help of all kinds at hand to make the
process safer and greener.
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
Irate parents
seek justice
Reynold D'Sa
ANDHERI: It only has been a little more than
ten days to Teacher's Day where the entire
nation went gaga over how the teachers are an
inspiration and a guiding light for students, but
the Principal of St. Xaviers School, Andheri East
allegedly acted otherwise by molesting a 6year-old. As per information given to Mumbai
Messenger, many more parents have alleged
that their children in the school were ill-treated,
and have complained to the management
about the same.
On September 10, Principal Alphonso
Rozario was arrested for allegedly molesting
the boy in the toilet
of the school and
apparently, this is
not the first the time
that he had
subjected him to
such humiliation.
The parents allege
that the Principal had
molested him twice
earlier. There have
been plenty of
complaints from
parents, not only against the principal, but
against the management of the school as well.
When the FIR was lodged against the
Principal, around 500 parents waited outside
the school gate wanting to meet the
management and discuss some serious issues,
to ensure such incidents don't occur again.
However, the management did not meet the
parents who were waiting outside the gate for a
very long time. In fact, an irate management
called the police to take action against the 500
parents and 15 members of the Mumbai Mahila
Congress, who stood by the parents to lend
them support. While the parents dispersed in
the wee hours of Saturday morning, the police
rounded up the 15 women Congress workers,
who still waited at the management gate to
seek justice.
“As a common man, it is very difficult to raise
our voice against the powerful management.
Even with political support we were not treated
well and our voice was not heard,” said Harina
Kanchan, a Congress member, who was also
one of the 15 arrested.
One of the parents complained to the
management a few months back, on how their
child was beaten by the teacher, causing injury
to the child's wrist. The parents had also
reportedly complained to the management
about the incident (Mumbai Messenger has the
copy of the complaint letter). Another parent
has alleged that their child was pushed by the
Principal in the toilet; after which the child hit
the staircase, got hurt and started to bleed. The
parents claim that the child's wound had not
been addressed to thereafter.
“It is really sad to hear when a lot of parents
tell me that they have put a diaper on their 7-8
year old children because the teachers did not
allow them to visit the toilet,” said Bhawana
Jain, Congress Vice President, Mumbai Mahila
Though there have been plenty of incidents
that have taken place and the parents have
complained to the school management, the
Senior PI of MIDC police station Rajaram
Mandke said, “We have received only one
complaint and no other fresh complaint has
been made as of now. As far as the Principal is
concerned, he is remanded in judicial custody
and investigations are on.”
“We are looking at all possible ways to meet
the demands of the parents. We already have
installed CCTV cameras as per the demands of
the parents and the school is on track and
functioning well,” said the school's
The St. Xaviers School at Andheri East is not
affiliated to the Jesuit run St. Xaviers School at
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
Janhavi Samant
ANDHERI: It's time to celebrate for
pet owners as they no longer have to
wait in long queues outside
Brihanmumbai Municipal
Corporation's ward office for a pet
license. While the BMC officials were
mulling on the e-license proposal for
last few years, the decision was
finally taken at a recent civic
"The city must have more than
50,000 pet animals. However, many
pet owners were found to be
reluctant in getting license for them.
People who have the license do not
want to renew because of the
cumbersome process," said Dr
Padmaja Keskar, the executive health
officer under whose jurisdiction the
pet licensing falls. She added that the
department is in process of finalising
the implementation of the e-licensing
Andheri's pet-owners have
welcomed the decision saying it was
long pending demand. “Mumbai is
the financial capital of the country.
With development in Information
Technology sector and almost all
work being done online these days,
this was long overdue,” said Prachi
Mehta, a Seven Bungalows-Andheri
resident who owns a German
shepherd dog for last three years.
Chaitanya Padalkar, a Khar
resident confessed that the long
process of getting license has
discouraged him from getting pet-
license for his two year old pug dog.
According to BMC figures, only
10-15 percent pet owners go for petlicensing. "The online pet-licensing
will curtail the practice of corruption
in the civic body. It will also ensure
that the pets get good health care
facilities that are only offered to the
registered pets," said Mihir Vaswani,
another pet owner.
Agreeing with Mihir, Shipra Sen, a
Dadar resident said that most of the
pet owners are working people and
do not have sufficient time to
complete the tedious process of
getting license. “I have faced
corruption where I had to bribe the
ward level authority to get the petlicense at the earliest," said Sen.
Yashodhar Phanse, chairperson of
the standing committee in BMC
which passed the proposal said that it
will reduce the loss of revenue from
pet licensing which the corporation
has been facing for last several years
because of non-registration of pets.
“Non-registration of pets has caused
a loss of over Rs 5 crores to the BMC
in terms of license payments,
renewal fees and other charges.
Besides curtailing financial losses, it
will also help us in keeping a track on
the number of pets in the city," said
Animal activists have also
demanded that provisions be made
for a Date of Birth (DOB) column
along with PAN Card number and
photo of the pet and its owner in the
e-licensing process.
It is heartening to see a civic body
keeping pace with the times and
taking advantage of new technology.
Andheri: One of the
'Most Polluted' traffic junctions Save lives!
MM Correspondent
ANDHERI: The Brihanmumbai Municipal
Corporation's (BMC) latest Environment Status Report
(ESR) has shown that Andheri is one of the city's most
polluted traffic junctions. The 2014-15 report says that
the rise in the two-wheelers have contributed to the
pollution levels.
“The pollution levels in different parts of the city were
monitored for a couple of days. We observed that Worli,
Wadala and Andheri had the highest air pollution levels
at its traffic junctions,” said a senior official from BMC's
environment department.
He added that during analysis of the figures and
situations it was found that factors like traffic jams, rising
number of vehicles has added to the pollution woes of the
city. “This has led to both rise in air and noise
pollutions. There is an urgent need to improve
the basic infrastructure for vehicular traffic. We
also need to streamline traffic management.
This will ensure reduction in traffic jams and
bring down the air and noise pollution,” said the
The report found that the levels of suspended
particulate matter (SPM), ammonia and sulphur
dioxide (SO2) levels have gone up in different
localities across the city. “As per our records, in
the last financial year, the city saw 3,59,351 new
vehicles - most of them are two-wheelers. All
these two wheelers are using petrol, which leads
to air pollution,” informed the officer.
According to doctors, the fall out of high
SPM levels has led to patients coming with
symptoms like dry cough, running nose, low
grade fever and breathlessness and is affecting
people across the age group.
“High SPM aggravates health problems such
as asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and
other respiratory problems as well as eye
irritation and reduced resistance to colds and
lung infections,” said Dr Pratit Samdhani, physician at
Breach Candy Hospital.
Children, senior citizens and people with co-morbid
factors like diabetes, hypertension, on immune
suppressants are more prone get affected with pollution.
“High pollution level is one of the many reasons why we
are seeing respiratory diseases throughout the year.
Allergy rhinitis is on a rise because of it,” said Dr Jalil
Parker, chest physician at Lilavati Hospital.
Health experts say that while little can be done in
controlling the pollution levels, people should build up
their immunity levels. “Having healthy diet, sleeping for
minimum 7 hours, exercise, following hygiene are few
ways in which one can safeguard themselves from
respiratory diseases aggravated by high pollution levels,”
said Dr Parker.
FOUR BUNGALOWS: On September 13,
the Rotary Club Of Mumbai Green City,
Lokhandwala, under Rotary District
3140, along with Lupin Laboratories and
Doctors from Ambani Hospital organized
a camp for detection of Tuberculosis
patients from the slums in Four
Bungalows, at the Guru Tej Bahadur
High School.
Coughing that lasts three or more
weeks, coughing up blood, chest pain, or
pain with breathing or coughing,
unintentional weight loss, fatigue, fever,
night sweats, chills are the various
symptoms which have to be attended to
and treated promptly to avoid the spread
of the disease.
The main aim of the camp was to
identify and treat patients with TB
symptoms. More than 500 persons
attended the camp and more than 200
patients filled in the form to go through a
check up. 40 patients were advised
immediate X-rays. Seven patients tested
positive and were advised suitable
treatment. All the treatments will be
completely free of cost.
The camp was a grand success
because of the supremely active
participation of the members of the
Rotary Club Of Mumbai Green City, the
Dr. Ray from Ambani Hospital
addressing the gathering- Rotary Club
Of Mumbai Green City
very dedicated staff and office bearers
from Guru Tej Bahadur School, the
spirited voluntary service from students
of SNDT, the eminent Dr. Ray and his
team from the Ambani Hospital and Dr.
Patrawala's X Ray Clinic who gave their
unstinted support.
President Surinder Singh Bhalla
announced that the Club would be
conducting more camps. The Club has
always been in the forefront of many
socially related issues including
eradication of polio, scholarship for
students, sponsorship of training for
nurses, vocational guidance and training
in beauty culture treatment to girl
students so that they become
employable by the time they complete
their studies.
To participate in social projects or be a
part of the Rotary Movement please
write to: [email protected] or
[email protected] Join Rotary
Club of Mumbai Green City.
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
Widening Vehicular
Subway to Add to
Traffic Woes
Janhavi Samant
ANDHERI: Mumbai is a city which has
essentially grown in a very haphazard
manner, chawls and buildings especially
in areas like Kalbadevi, Pydhoni and
Koliwada have very narrow lanes and
'house gullies' which makes getting to
them in emergencies like a fire or
building collapse nearly impossible.
Taking cognizance of this fact, the
Brihamumbai Municipal Corporation
(BMC) has decided to purchase 10 mini
fire tenders to access these places in
case of emergency.
The decision to purchase mini fire
tenders was taken on recommendations
of high-level committee which was set
up following huge fire at Gokul Niwas at
Kalbadevi on May 9 this year in which
four top fire officers, including the then
Janhavi Samant
ANDHERI: As though the traffic
situation wasn't bad enough,
residents will have to further bear
traffic snarls as the Public Works
Department (PWD) plans to
undertake widening of vehicular
subways at Andheri and Jogeshwari.
A government resolution regarding
this was recently issued by the PWD.
However, on the downside, once this
construction work is undertaken it
will cripple the traffic on the Western
Express Highway (WEH).
This resolution comes months
after the Kherwadi flyover was made
open to traffic, which had created
chaos on the WEH. The Western and
Eastern Express Highways had been
widened a few years ago, but the
burgeoning traffic, especially on the
western line, has been causing severe
traffic jams at Goregaon and Dahisar
almost daily. Now, bottlenecks are
likely to be caused at Andheri and
Jogeshwari as well.
The motorists, who take
anywhere between two to three
hours to commute between South
Mumbai and Borivali on the WEH,
expressed their anger. Mihir Shah,
who commutes to Churchgate daily
from Andheri, said that the traffic
situation was getting out of hand. “I
have been travelling for the past 10
years and the situation has only been
worsening. It seems like a distant
past when I used to take less than an
hour to reach my office at
Churchgate,” he said.
A similar opinion was voiced by
Paras Sawant, a Lokhandwala
resident. “Apart from the traffic
jams, the motorists had a hard time
when the Kherwadi flyover was
being constructed. I felt now the
traffic has smoothened a bit. Now if
the vehicular subways will be taken
up for widening then our commuting
time will increase,” said Sawant.
Nikita Savale, who commutes
from Andheri to Dadar concurred
with them and said that instead of
easing public's grievances, the
government was only increasing the
woes. “I started taking my car to
work as it is impossible to get inside
a train during the peak hours. Both
Andheri and Dadar stations are
overcrowded. Now with these ever
increasing traffic and bottlenecks it is
becoming difficult to commute by
road as well,” said Savale.
Defending the move, a PWD
officer said that it was necessary to
widen the vehicular subways to
tackle the traffic menace. According
to officials, the widening will double
the capacity of both the subways, the
cost of which is expected to be over
Rs 37.5 crore. The subways to be
widened are the one near the Parsi
Panchayat at Andheri and the other at
the Janata colony in Jogeshwari (E).
A senior traffic police officer said
that they will try to ensure that the
work is completed as per the
deadline so as to avoid more
inconvenience to public. Till then,
the commuters will just have to grin
and bear it and keep the road rage in
chief fire officer, lost their lives. The committee had
emphasised on the need of mini fire tenders, which can
easily reach congested places such as slums, chawls and
narrow roads during fire incidents.
The administrative approval has been received to
purchase these mini fire tenders, two of which would be
placed in Andheri. Soon tenders will be issued for its
purchase and process initiated to recruit the manpower for
operating these mini fire tenders.
Prabhat Rahangdale, chief fire officer, said that these fire
tenders will be placed at strategic locations all over the city
to minimise the response time in case of fire. “Four of these
mini fire tenders will be placed at four locations in the island
city and three each in the eastern and western suburbs,”
said Rahangadale. Currently, the Mumbai fire brigade has
33 fire stations - 15 in the island city, six in eastern suburbs
and 12 in western suburbs.
Mini fire tenders will be the size of a jeep and it would be
able to carry 300 litres of water as against 4,500 litres in
Reynold D'Sa
OSHIWARA: On September 16, Oshiwara Tarapore Garden Co-Op.
Housing Society remembered heroics of Lt. Col. AB Tarapore. The
members of both societies gathered around the memorial which is built in
memory of late Lt. Col. AB Tarapore, to pay respect to one of the most
gallant heroes of 1965 Indo-Pak war.
The Army Welfare Housing Society complex at Andheri comprises of
two phases viz Tarapore Garden and Tarapore Towers, named after the
late Lt. Col. AB Tarapore. He was awarded the highest gallantry award of
Param Vir Chakra (posthumously) for gallantry and leadership of the
highest order.
The two Army Welfare Housing Society complexes at Oshiwara,
Andheri are for the benefit of retired and serving defence personnel.
Late Col. Tarapore's ancestors, eight generations earlier, served in the
army of Shivaji Maharaj and his ancestors were granted the title of
'Mansab' of hundred villages around the village of Tarapore and hence the
family adopted the name Tarapore.
The Tarapore Garden Housing Society, named after the legendary Col.
Tarapore has also managed to keep up with its reputation in the Western
Suburbs and has been adjudged the best society in this area. The
management of the society maintains excellent standard of administration
with total transparency and a member-friendly approach.
“Every time I pass by the memorial I stand and salute the memorial of
late Lt. Col. Tarapore. We are planning to name the street across the
building after Lt. Col. Tarapore in the days to come. We are hoping that the
memorial will inspire the future generation. I have noticed inquisitive
young children standing in front of the memorial and reading about the
gallant hero,” said Lt. Col. M M Walia.
regular fire engines. It would have water mist technology
that will be able to pierce through a wall to douse fire on the
other side. These mini fire engines will also be fitted with
various compartments, comprising rescue tools, cutting and
lifting gear, sandbags and ladders.
A big fire station requires a space of at least 2,500-5,000
sqm. The mini fire tenders can be parked at any BMC
premise that has a parking zone. In addition to a fire engine,
a small room will be constructed in a corner of the premises,
which will act as an office for the two-three fire officers
deputed for the task. A regular fire station would have seven
to ten firemen whereas for these mini fire tenders, five fire
fighters would be required, including a driver.
A Mumbai fire brigade gap analysis survey conducted in
2012 has stated that there was a need for 26 additional fire
stations at different locations across the city. However, no
action had been taken on this. With the new initiative of the
mini fire tenders, the BMC will be able to redress this gap in
the fire brigade's resources.
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
52 BMC teachers
conferred Mayor's award
L to R Chef Vikas Seth, Chef Vickey Ratnani, Sammer Sud GM The Leela
Mumbai, Vijay Malhotra Executive Chef ITC Maratha & Vernon Coelho – HOD
Food production IHM Mumbai
VILE PARLE: On September 12, at
Deenanath Mangeshkar Natyagriha,
Ville Parle 52 teachers of Brihanmumbai
Municipal Corporation (BMC) - run
schools were presented with the
honorable Mayor's award for their
contribution in the field of teaching.
The event was graced by a lot of
dignitaries including Snehal Ambekar
the Mayor of Mumbai, but none more
important than Vinod Tawde, Minster of
Higher and Technical Education. The
awardees were facilitated by the Mayor;
given a gold medal bearing the BMC's
emblem along with a certificate and
other tokens of appreciation.
“We need to continue working hard
and encourage the teachers to help the
students. The success rate this year has
been better than the yesteryears,” said Ritu Tawade,
Education Committee Chairman. The award function is held
every year, around Teacher's Day (September 5).
The award was initiated in 1971 and since then has been
a tradition to give these awards to teachers for their
contribution in the field of teaching. Aided schools were
brought under its ambit since 1987-88, while recognized
unaided schools were included for the awards since 199091.
The awards are given to teachers from all the 8
mediums like English, Marathi, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Urdu
and others, these awardees belong to a various school
within the city, the awardees were selected by a committee
of 11 members, this committee selects teachers who have
been teaching for at least more than 10 years.
Pallavi Ambekar, additional commissioner of BMC said
that being a teacher in a BMC run school is far more difficult
in comparison to teachers in other schools. The reason
Reynold D'Sa
being the environment at home of the students who come
to BMC schools are not really helpful for studying and are
not encouraged to study, in spite of the difficulties the
teachers face at BMC schools they are doing really well.
Minster Vinod Tawade addressed the gathering before
the awards were given away and said, “We are trying our
best to provide the teachers with all the facilities that we
can, our prime focus is to help the students get educated, it
is only sad to know that out of every 100 students that take
admission in school only 32 make it till 10th standard and
the number drops further more till they graduate”. He
added, “I am 25% teachers minister and 75% education
minister. Imparting right education is of prime importance
and it is the first thing that I want to do.”
During the award function, it was unanimously accepted
by most, that the number of people receiving the award
should be increased from 52 but should also see to it that
the award doesn't lose its importance.
Developing Holistic Future Leaders of Corporate India
MUMBAI: The HR Committee at S.P.
Jain Institute of Management &
Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai, headed
by Dr. Lata Dhir, recently organized a
cleanliness drive in the campus,
following the footsteps of the 'Swachh
Bharat Abhiyan'. Students from
different programmes gathered
together to clean and beautify the
campus. Dr. Ranjan Banerjee, Dean
SPJIMR, initiated the drive by planting
a sapling.
The enthusiasm was worth
witnessing-from brooming to planting
trees, students actively participated in
each of these activities, coordinating
and working together to accomplish
the tasks. To maintain the excitement
till the end, there was music playing all
the while the students worked on their
respective activities, and they also did
get a chance to shake a leg towards
the end!
SPJIMR emphasizes sensitivity to
the social footprint of business actions
and it was great to see SPJIMR faculty
and students coming together and
working for the cause of cleanliness,
and having some fun! The whole
community came together to make
our beautiful campus even more
SPJIMR is a 'Beyond MBA' institute
which promotes inclusive learning and
growth. Keeping this in mind; another
initiative by the HR Committee is in
the works and is scheduled for
October. The initiative called – 'Know
Your State' will explore the diversity of
the students present on campus and
give them a chance to showcase their
home states. It is expected to be a
great event where the students can
share their values and culture in a
relaxed environment and learn about
the backgrounds of their classmates.
IHM Dadar Catering College
celebrates sixty years
Mewati Sitaram
DADAR: India's first, foremost and
prestigious catering college, Institute
of Hotel Management, Catering
Technology and Applied Nutrition
(IHMCTAN) celebrated 60 years of
its existence. The IHM Mumbai, the
first of its kind in South East Asia
was founded in the year 1954 by the
All India Women's Central Food
Council under the leadership of Late
Lilavati Munshi with a band of
courageous women which included
Homi J H Taleyarkhan and Leela
To mark the 60th year of IHM
Mumbai, a compilation of Coffee
Table Book namely '60 Years...60
Chefs' was also launched. The coffee
table book profiles 60 illustrious
alumni chefs of IHM Mumbai. The
book is compiled by Vernon Coelho,
Head of the Department food
production, who himself is a product
of IHM Mumbai of 1975 batch. The
book was released on September 12
at The Leela Mumbai hotel with
much fanfare.
The event was
attended by leading hoteliers and
IHM pass outs. Shaina N C and film
star Dimple Kapadia also attended
the event.
Sameer Sud, General Manager,
The Leela Mumbai said “It was a
proud moment for The Leela hotel to
host this event. It gave me immense
pleasure as I have also passed out
from IHM Mumbai, 1990 batch.
This event gave me an opportunity to
connect with my batch mates. My
batch mates Celebrity Chef Vickey
Ratnani, Bhaskar Sankari and Paul
Noronha also attended the event.”
A K Singh, Principal IHMCTAN
Mumbai says, “Alumni are
important stake holders for any
educational Institute and so with
IHM, Mumbai. They help in
developing synergetic plans to
support hospitality education and
help to achieve the vision. We tend to
strengthen the Industry - Institute
relationship as they can be useful
resource persons in terms of
knowledge and exposure. This book
is a classic example, as 60 chefs
working throughout the world and
contributed their best recipe in this
book. We hope that we will continue
to get wholehearted support of all
stake holders including alumni in
providing knowledge, skill and
confidence so that they can take
appropriate decisions in their
professional life.”
Vernon Coelho, HOD Food
production IHM Mumbai said, “I am
honoured that I got a chance to
compile this book. There are many
more chefs from IHM Mumbai who
have proved their mettle in the
culinary field. It was not possible to
accommodate each and every chef's
recipe in this book. But if any
opportunity arises I will further pen
Life is nothing without friends,
They stay with you until the world ends.
Though they keep talking and make your brain fry,
They will always offer a shoulder if you cry.
Chatting with them will give you great pleasure,
And the time you spent with them, you will forever treasure.
The jokes, memories and gifts you will cherish,
And never will your friendship perish.
So if you have them, you are very grateful.
It will lighten up your life and make it joyful.
Rida Merchant
Class X
Utpal Shanghvi School
MUMBAI: On September 14,
Australian cricket legend, Jeff
Thomson, was in Mumbai to mentor
and coach young bowlers at the MCA
– IDBI Federal Life Insurance Bowling
Foundation launched in July 2015. The
MCA – IDBI Federal Life Insurance
Bowling Foundation has been
established to hone meritorious talent
and develop them into first-rate
bowlers to boost the domestic and
international cricketing landscape in
The selected lot from 30 fast
bowlers, who were chosen by the MCA
selectors for the Bowling Foundation a
couple of months ago, in the above 19
age group, will go through a monthlong training with Jeff Thomson.
Thommo, as he is fondly called, will
spend a month in September to guide
young fast bowlers. He will return in
May 2016 for another month-long
session with the players. With the help
of video analysis and extensive
technology, Thomson already has
complete knowledge about the
He will also be
watching their
matches. Jeff
Thomson, Australian
Pace Bowler and
Coach, MCA – IDBI
Federal Life Insurance
Bowling Foundation
said, “I am very
excited to be here to
interact with the future
of Mumbai cricket as I
am always willing to
pass on the knowledge
I have obtained over
the years. I hope to
develop bowling talent
in the domestic and international
cricketing circuits for India. Looking
forward to the exciting times ahead.”
Vignesh Shahane, CEO of IDBI
Federal Life Insurance said, “IDBI's
Federal vision is to inspire positive
change that helps people shape a
better future and live their best lives.
Sports has always inspired people to
develop into responsible, mature
winners who make a real difference
around them. This is the reason why
we were delighted to partner the
extremely well designed Bowling
Foundation. This will enable Jeff to
focus on all the players based on his
knowledge of their core strengths and
weaknesses. Under Jeff Thomson, we
are confident that the coaching
experience will be truly enriching and
will leave an indelible mark on
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
Is 'all' violence
'male generated?'
DEEPAK, 26: It is very wrong to make a
statement where people are
differentiating between men and women.
I think she should apologize for what she
has said. Politicians should be more careful
about making such remarks because
people form opinions based on these.
NIGEL CREADO, 25: Knowing about the
two most important men in her life Sanjay
Gandhi and Varun Gandhi; I would say I
am not surprised she thinks like that. Of
course, all the violence she has seen in her
life was male-generated. She is absolutely
right, based on her experience.
RAHUL BAKSHI, 23: What she has said
is not right. What has gender got to do
with violence? It is all about the values you
have been inculcated with. It is wrong to
say that the violence is male generated.
Even women fight and generate violence.
There has been enough evidence in the
past to support this.
women are brought up differently so their
ways of reacting to a certain situation is
different. There are also other reasons like
movies which fuel this thinking. Every
other guy wants to be a macho man after
watching a Bollywood action movie.
VEERA DESAI: As the festival of
Navaratri approaches, Country
Club Hospitality and Holidays
(CCHHL) is gearing up to
celebrate the most awaited
Indian festival. At a press
conference held at Country Club,
Rajeev Reddy CMD, CCHHL
shared the company's plan for the
festival season starting with
The conference hall was
decorated in a traditional theme
which gave a jovial atmosphere to
the conference. Adding to the
celebratory mood were a host of
glamorous divas from the world
of entertainment like Bollywood
diva Gauhar Khan, Debina
Bonnerjee of Nach Baliye fame,
Amruta Khanvilkar who won Nach
Baliye and hearts of our nation
this year, Asha Negi, Samiksha
Bhatnagar and Payal Rohatgi all
dressed in traditional outfits.
To give an exclusive sneak
peek of the festival, the actresses
not only dressed in traditional
outfits but swayed graciously as
the beats of garba surrounded
the hall.
Rajeev Reddy CMD, CCHHL
said, “We leave no stone
unturned when it comes to
celebrating our festivals with full
vigour. As the season of
celebrations has begun, we are
excited to bring the best of family
entertainment. We are already
busy preparing for the auspicious
9 days of Navratri and we will be
soon sharing our plans for the
New Year. It is our aim and
honour to provide unforgettable
experiences for our members.”
SAMEER SINGH, 26: It is really sad that
the ministers of our country want to
promote sexism. Yes, agreed that the
aggression in men is little more compared
to women, but there are a lot of
environmental factors contributing to that
aggression in men.
Images 2015 by Madhumita's Dolls Delight
On September 12, Madhumita's Dolls
Delight Dancing School celebrated 21 years
of training children to learn different forms
of dance in an event called 'Images 2015.'
Dolls Delight Dancing Group was
started by Madhumita, who is a
choreographer. Madhumita has been
amongst the top choreographers in the
country, and has been on reality television
shows like Crazy Kiya Re on Door Darshan,
Dance India Dance on Zee TV and Eka
Peksha Ek on Star Mazza. She also
choreographed songs for Shankar
Mahadevan and Shipa Rao's album
'Umeed'. Besides she has also been an
actor on Indian television show 'Maharana
Pratap' on Sony Entertainment Television.
Let's Go to Bandra Fair...
Ronald Rodrigues
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian the
love of 'Maa', 'Aai' or 'Mumma' is one for
all! And this motherly love draws
countless people from different
corners, out of their busy shells; all the
way right to the hill top of Bandra, a
journey to the Mount!
300 year old major festival'the Mount Mary Bandra Fair', is a blend
Gandhi is forgetting that most violence is
provoked by females. So why play the
blame game. It is wrong both are to be
blamed to single out men like this. These
politicians make such remarks from time
to time to maintain their vote banks.
SAM HALDAR, 22: This can be
compared to where the ministers say that
the girl is responsible for rape. Why are
ministers in India so sexist? Remarks like
these do not allow women to voice their
opinion; they are actually suppressing
their views by creating the ideal image of a
girl where she is not loud and can't stand
for her rights.
Gauhar Khan, Debina Bonnerjee, Amruta Khanvilkar, Asha Negi, Samiksha Bhatnagar and
Payal Rohatgi add glam to garba beats at CCHHL
Union Women and Child Development Ministry Maneka
Gandhi on Monday stoked a potential controversy with her
remark that all the violence is "male-generated" while
underscoring the "critical" role of men in creating gender
sensitivity. With this issue in mind, Reynold D'Sa asked
Mumbaikars whether violence in reality is male-generated or
not. Here is what they had to say...
Great Indian Navratri Utsav 2015
Sachin Murdeshwar
Ronald Rodrigues
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian the love of
'Maa', 'Aai' or 'Mumma' is one for all! And this
motherly love draws countless people from
different corners, out of their busy shells; all
the way right to the hill top of Bandra, a
journey to the Mount!
300 year old major festival- 'the Mount
Mary Bandra Fair', is a blend of devotion and
thorough enjoyment as it is celebrated in
honour of the birthday of Mother Mary, the
mother of Christ Jesus, on September 8
every year; followed by an 8 day Fair which
attracts thousands of visitors each day! And
this year the Fair serves from September 13
'Aham Brahmaasmi' by AMFAH ART STUDIO
VICKY KUMAR, 22: I do not know what
Maneka Gandhi is talking about. It has not
been even a week, when the whole media
was reporting about a murder mystery
where the prime accused was a woman. So
saying that all violence is male generated is
wrong. There are plenty of women in jail
too for the violence that they made.
VIJAY RATHOD, 23: Aggression in boys
is more than in girls, and so when they
react to a certain situation they are
aggressive and that's why people think
that men are violent but in reality even
women fight as much. According to me,
men and women both encourage violence
Celebrate this festive
season with collection
of recent Paintings
and Wearable Art by
Manjri Varde. On
display will be
Calligraphy Paintings,
Scarves, Sarees,
Home Accessories
and Design Products.
Inauguration by
Cine Actor Saurabh
Shukla on September
11, 2015 at 7pm at
Amfah Art Studio. The show continues till September 23, 2015.
Amfah Art Studio is the first and only multi – disciplinary art space
available for Art Exhibitions, Art Classes and Workshops.
to September 20.
During these 8 days, Bandra seems to be
on a roll with flowers, candles, wax
offerings to the mother and a distinct
sense of holiness and devotion filled
throughout. Special buses fleeing
from Bandra station to the Mount,
packed with people, is what you
will notice if you step anywhere at
Bandra west during this week.
With tremendous faith and
assurance of fulfilment of desires,
the young and old, healthy and
crippled, joyous and depressed; all
walk the long patch of the Mount or
literally 'climb' the Mount just to get a sight
of the Queen of Virgins – one which blesses
all those who come to her!
But what is so special about Bandra Fair?
Is it tradition or devotion?
Well, an
impeccable mix of both, Bandra Fair
rejuvenates every soul that comes to
venerate the mother. It is said that the thirst
for completion is fulfilled in the peace and
serenity of the old heritage structure of the
Mount. And as it is a 'Fair', so it is a pure
enthusiastic Celebration!
Pilgrims, after venerating the mother and
replenishing their spirituality, walk down the
steps of the Mount into the bizarre of
entertainment. With Goan music refreshing
the pilgrims after a tired hike to the Mount,
the Fair hosts a number of eateries, variety
of unique sweets, range of stalls, clothing,
accessories, music, fine arts, performing arts
and bunch of games which attract children
and youth. The eateries are irresistible and
you ought to try the simple hot Chana and
the sweet Calicut halwa which will fasten
your taste buds and you will surely go for
another bite.
Further down at Mount Carmel, is a Fair
that will take you around the world with the
huge giant wheel, gaming zones and rides
where every family enjoys together and
cherishes a moment of laughter.
As it is a celebration of tradition and
devotion, people of all caste, race and
language come together to venerate Mother
Mary either out of 'curiosity' or 'faith', just to
experience her miraculous power.
Entertainment is what brings joy, and the
Bandra Fair gives it with a touch of devotion
to anyone and everyone!
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
MSG 2 “Messenger Of God”
Why Nikhil Advani chose
Feroz A Khan to choreograph in Hero?‫‏‬
K V Raman
We have heard of so many Gurus, Saints and Self-Proclaimed Babas,
but here is a very different type of Saint Guruji Gurmeet Rahim Singh
Ji Insan who has produced, directed, acted, scripted and even given
the music besides singing “MSG 2 - The Messenger.”
Reportedly, MSG 2 - The Messenger is popular among all age
groups whether it is teenagers or working professionals. The movie
comprises of 20 social messages like drug de-addiction, tree
plantation, blood donation, providing food and shelter to needy and
helpless persons and stopping prostitution. It is being widely
appreciated as an effective effort to put society on the right track. The
movie was released on 4000 screens all over the country except
The movie is all set to hit the screens on September 18 in 4
languages -English, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu. The company has also
attained a “John Doe” Order from Delhi High Court t​o protect the
copyright of the film's cinematographic work, including audio-video
effects, music and sounds, through which the party copying movie
online or indulging in piracy will be liable to strict actions.
Vedaant Entertainments 'Shinma' Music Release
Sachin Murdeshwar
The average Marathi cine-goer today
is aware of what good cinema is, and
does not get unnecessarily carried
away by superficial beauty. If there is
a film which has different content
backed by rich music and brilliant
performances from all the actors, the
cine-goers embrace it with open arms,
especially if the film has grandeur and
the producers have not cut corners.
Shinma, which has been produced
by Aanil Joshi under the banner of
Vedaant Entertainment is one such
film. The music launch of the film was
held at Hotel Kohinoor at the hands of
the renowned choreographer of
Bollywood Ganesh Acharya in the
presence of a few well known
celebrities in Marathi Cinema, besides
the cast and crew of the film. There
are five songs in the film, each sung in
a different style, adhering to different
moods. There are item numbers,
romantic songs, montage songs as
well as promotional numbers. While
Varun Likhate has composed four
songs which are situational, one has
been composed by Rohan-Rohan.
Trailer of Bumper Draw launched
September 14 was a special day for the team of Hindi film Bumper Draw as the
trailer of the movie was launched amidst much fanfare at Carnival Cinemas in
Tanimaheri. Acclaimed film maker Timanshu Dhulia was the special guest at the
event and revealed the first look of the film. The trailer gives a sneak peak to the
audience about the rib-tickling roller coaster ride Bumper Draw is waiting to offer
to them.
Comedy starts Rajpal Yadav and Zakir Hussain were present at the launch
event. Tanima was soon seen interacting with the media. The actors shared their
experiences about working in Bumper Draw. The film is about two characters –
Sunderlal and Farooq who befriend each other in a strange situation. After which
they both encounter Pestonji, an old Parsi man, who adds to their existing woes.
Filmmaker Irshad Khan shared, “I am extremely delighted to show the trailer
of our film. I am hoping that the audience will have as much fun as we had while
making it. I am sure this will come as a comic relief to many people who are
stressed due to their schedules.”
Filmmaker Tigmanshu Dhulia said, “I have known Irshad for a long time. I am
extremely happy for him. I have seen him work hard on this film and I am sure it
will turn out to be very good.”
Vidya Balan to
play Geeta Bali
The most successful actor in a short
span of time, who won the country's
prestigious award (National Award) for
her contribution to Indian Cinema,
Vidya Balan, following her marriage to
Siddharth Roy Kapur, had cut down on
her film assignments and was not
signing any films after her last released
film “Hamari Adhuri Kahaani.”
Many offers were made to her
including few biopics, but, Vidya was
in no mood to give her nod.
Nevertheless, she was ever willing to
take challenging assignments. And if a
report is to be believed, Vidya will be
essaying the role of Geeta Bali in a
Marathi biopic of late actor-director
Bhagwan Dada “Ek Albela,” to be
directed by Shekhar Sartandel who was
looking for an Indian face to play Geeta
Bali of the 50's film “Albela.”
According to him, Vidya is most
perfect for it and she will look like
Geeta Bali.
There is no denying the fact that
Vidya Balan is a versatile actor and any
role suits her and which emotes to
perfection. On the other side, Vidya
feels honoured to be playing Geeta
Feroz A Khan might be a familiar name for some, but one needs to know that he
is the man behind some of the awesome choreography in the music videos of
Hero. Well, there's quite a story on how he got the job.
Back when Hero was announced, Nikhil Advani, the director wanted the lead
actors, Suraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty to get trained in dance. Nikhil wanted
Remo D'souza on-board too, but unfortunately, Remo couldn't be part of Hero
due to his other appointments but he recommended Feroz to Nikhil.
Feroz trained the star kids rigorously for more than two months and when
Nikhil saw the moves, he was left impressed. It is then that he wanted Feroz to
come on-board for the songs in Hero.
"Nikhil Sir asked me if I could make time and work with him for three songs in
Hero. He wanted me to give my 200% and I certainly gave it all. It was an
amazing and learning experience working with a seasoned and experienced
director like him. He used to shoot some scenes between my choreography,
which is where I learned a lot", Feroz A Khan said when asked about his
experience of working with Nikhil Advani.
From the looks of it, Feroz A Khan has certainly given it his all. The videos look
amazing and the dance moves are equally brilliant. Hero has released in theatres
across the country, so you can see all of it on the big screen.
Big B to re-unite with Gandhis?
K V Raman
When the Maharashtra Forest
Department approached Amitabh
B achchan to be the brand
ambassador for Tiger conservative
campaign, he expressed his consent
for the same. Now from what appears
in a story in a leading English daily,
when Maneka Gandhi, the Women
and Child Development Minister,
invoking the Gandhi name desired to
approach Amitabh Bachchan for the
country's “Save the Elephants”
campaign, he seems to have
apparently made it known that “he
will do anything for the Gandhis.” Will
this mean that he will once again be renewing his relationship with the Gandhis?
As it is a known fact, both the late PM Rajiv Gandhi and Amitabh Bachchan
were inseparable friends and it was at the behest of Rajiv Gandhi that Bachchan
entered politics. But owing to personal reasons Bachchan opted out. It is also a
fact that no one is aware why the Bachchans and the Gandhis parted ways.
Anyways, if he is going to give his nod to be the brand ambassador for the Save
the Tiger's campaign, it could be visualised that there will be a reunion between
the Bachchans and the Gandhi's. Will it happen? Let's wait and watch.
Launch of Classical app by Saregama
If classical music lovers ever secretly
wished for a collection of Indian
classical music at the touch of a
button, Saregama India Ltd said
'granted.' It was a grand event to
witness the RP – Sanjiv Goenka Group
owned music label Saregama India
unveil a one of its kind app on classical
music that features 8000+ musical
works, 400+ artistes and 50 radio
stations across Hindustani, Carnatic
and Fusion music.
Commenting on the launch,
Vikram Mehra, Managing Director,
Saregama India Ltd said, “Research
shows, with the decline of CDs, ardent
classical music lovers in India and
across the globe find it difficult to
discover and consume music of their
favourite artistes. Hence we decided
to launch this unique app both for the
music connoisseurs as well as those
who want to get exposed to the
classical music.”
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
India gets its first singer
caricature with HDKD
“I love watching
Big Boss, but
I could never be part
of the house”
Mika Singh has become the first singer-caricature in
a feature film to have an entire animated song to
himself in Fauzia Arshi's upcoming film Hogaya
Dimaagh Ka Dahi (HDKD).
“The picturisation itself was born out of
coincidence. Mika recorded “Baap Hona Paap,”
based on a father's point of view of his kin. I was
keen to film it on him as the introductory song,”
informs the film's director-cum-music composer
Fauzia Arshi.
“But as Mika was out of town for a few days, I had this idea about getting the
entire song made with an animated caricature of Mika and showing it to him as a
surprise,” reveals Fauzia. When she did, Mika was head over heels in love with his
caricature. So they decided to retain it.
The film takes laughter to its original form with five great comedians Om Puri,
Sanjay Mishra, Raajpal Yadav, Razzaq Khan and the veteran Kader Khan coming
together. Produced by Santosh Bhartiya and Fauzia Arshi, HDKD releasing on
October 16, has music, story, dialogues and direction by Fauzia Arshi.
– Nauheed Cyrusi
Celebrated human rights activists and celebrities came together at the first
ever Bollywood reel life sangeet of same sex couple Ashley-Aryan for the film
Dunno Y 2...Life is a Moment on September 14, at Le Patio, Andheri West. LGBT
activists Ashok Row Kavi, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Prince Manvendra Singh,
Harish Iyer, Norwegian filmmaker Tonje Gjevjon and many more personalities
were present.
She made her debut more than a decade ago, and has been
the sweetheart of Bollywood. From advertisements, to
modelling to acting... Nauheed Cyrusi has done it all. Her
journey has been a ride, with its share of ups and downs. In
a candid chat with SHAILI MADAN, Nauheed speaks
about films and her life...
Your current projects...
Right now, I am not doing any films. I don't think I was
getting the right kind of roles. A lot of my friends told me
that 'out of sight, is out of mind.' But I really don't mind that
because I don't want to films just for the sake of being
noticed. I rather do few films, but good ones. I started from
doing advertisements, which is doing very well. I have a
contract with Godrej which is ongoing. Am happy with that.
My songs do very well in films. This is how people remember
films. So no regrets.
A role that you want to do and why...
This is the right time to do Bollywood films. Things have
changed so much. There so much young talent when it
comes to directors. There is so much new cinema being
made. I would love to do films like Queen. I absolutely loved
it. I have watched it so many times, and I will still watch it
From modelling to would you define
your journey...
My journey has been quite and ride and thrilling. I got into
the industry not having planned it. It just
happened, and I took it up. Its been a smooth
journey to mention. Where films are concerned, I
don't want to do films which I can't end up
watching myself. I feel am in complete control of
this situation and know what I want to do and
what I don't. So, if you don't see me, its only
because I don't want to be seen.
You are doing theatre...
Yes, theatre is something that I have always
wanted to do. I love theatre. Am currently doing a
play called 'The Buckingham Secret.'
On the current reality shows in India...your views...
I was a part of Fear Factor in 2009. Those days, I took up
Fear Factor, simply because I wanted to do it. Honestly, I
love watching reality shows, but am not sure if I want to be
a part of all. For example, I love watching Big Boss, but I
could never be part of the house.
Who has been your best co-star?
I have had a great time with all my co-stars. I don't have any
one particular co-star, who is my favourite. I really got along
with Ashmit Patel. The kind of people I have worked with
have been like friends, so its never seemed as a task to get
along with them. Also, Sohail Khan and I really got along
very well. He is a gem of a person...a very good person at
heart. Even now we are in touch and meet once in a while.
Where do you see yourself five years from now...
I have never seen myself in the same place that I thought I
would be. So frankly, I don't know where I would be five
years from now.
Your inspiration...
My inspiration is definitely not a person. It is travel. Travel
really inspires me and keeps me going.
What are you most passionate about...
Travel and music.
How would you define yourself...
I am a fun person. But having said that, people around
expect you to be a fun person all the time, which am not. Its
just that I like my quiet time and space. So I am a very
balanced person.
Your philosophy of life...
Live and let live.
Hollywood to Tellywood: A well
thought of move
022-65150268, 65160365
Sid Makker, who was last seen in the show Dariba Diaries and the film
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is all set to make his mark again with the show
The show set in the times of partition and has been given a look of that
decade too. Sid would be seen in an absolute Indian avatar for which he has
worked hard from the look to his clothes and his hair do as well. He made sure he
left no stone unturned to follow what people looked like in those days and the show producer and writer
Ila Bedi helped him through it all.
Sid says "I love experimenting and this show has made me do just that."
Randeep Hooda has a fan in
Meenakshi Dixit
Actress Meenakshi Dixit, last seen in P Se PM Tak and who is currently
shooting for Yeh Lal Rang, opposite Randeep Hooda had only good
things to say about Randeep.
She said, “I‎ respect Randeep a lot for what he has achieved and look upto
him as an actor. After working with him I also admire him as a person. I was
initially a bit nervous, but once I started shooting with him, everything looked
very simple. He created a comfort zone that helped us perform effortlessly and he
also guided me time to time that helped me as an actor.”
Meenakshi we hear was a little nervous before she began shoot but soon enough was most
comfortable on sets shooting with Randeep.
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
I don't fancy organised tours. But I took one to Far East for
the sake of my mother. The frantic pace and chaos
reminded me of a wound- up toy, gone awry. Based on my
experience I have made an itinerary that I intend to sell to
our well-known tour- operator. It reads like this:
Day-1: Arrive in Bangkok to play a loooong game of
'which room for whom', followed by 'missing keys', on a
hungry stomach and tired limbs. Alas! The time allotted for
shopping is over. So take a sky train and become a mall- rat
till mid night. Take a ride back by 'Tuktuk' to learn that a
three- wheel-drive need not be as rickety as a rickshawride.
Day 2: Fall out of bed with a 'wakeup' call at an ungodly
hour and rush for breakfast. Discover that the 'chai' for
which you joined an Indian tour is missing. Wait forever in
the hotel-lobby till the tour manager gets his act together.
Become a zombie till the animal-shows at Safari Park give
you a life. The stunning cowboy -show with its gun-firing
goons promise to take you into a new world. Now you can
forget your countrymen around you who withtheir peculiar
habits remind you of home, robbing the feeling of a holiday.
Day 3: Let the drone of commentary serve as a lullaby in
the city tour to complete your sleep. Wow, lovely palaces
and temples! Get down all groggy, click quick pictures and
just as you start enjoying the place, get moving. Otherwise
twenty pairs of eyes will glare at you forcing you to take a
guilt trip.
Day 4: Thank God for the thrilling activities of Tower
Darshana with her mother at the traditional massage
Jumping and Parasailing in Pataya.
Now the scolding by the manager
who tends to behave like a teacher
sounds sweet. The intriguing
coconut show [only one- of- its- kind
adult show] and exciting 'Elephant
show' will elevate your spirit further.
Day 5: Get all charged up to go to
Coral island to take an underwater
walk. But be prepared to miss it as
Darshana Doshi
the manager would develop cold feet
due to change in weather. Witness the sabotage of a
valuable experience with a fallen face as you see other
tourists move on. To get over the trauma, have an hour long
Thai Massage in the traditional massage school. Get
pleasantly perturbed when you discover that it actually is
upto 'thigh' [as the name suggests] only, as in the permitted
time, upper body cannot be covered!
Day 6/7: While boarding a flight to Kualalumpur, find your
bags missing. But don't ask us as we don't have a clue.
Ridden by anxiety you may feel like jumping off the 88th
floor of Petronas Twin Towers, but hold on, there is hope.
Back in the hotel, hear the horror stories of pick pocketing in
China Town as narrated by our half- experienced tour
manager. But don't pay any heed and head straight out as
this place is heaven for fake brands. Sun City Water Park is
an option, the entry charges of which will be borne by you.
Day 8/9: Enjoy the cable ride to Genting. Constructed on
top of the mountain, this marvel is a symbol of human
endeavour. The vibrancy of the amusement park will drown
the drawl of our manager, atleast temporarily.
Day 10: A unique Night Safari by jungle train awaits you. But
we will do it in a jiffy allowing no walking time around. You
see, managing humans belonging to three tours in a
restaurant is more thrilling than spotting silly animals.
Day 11/12: Take your own time at Jurong Bird sanctuary.
But at Sentosa Island, you will have to miss the Dolphin
Show as a factory visit is a must for us to earn commission
before we bid good-bye.
Thus, the hurried madness had come to an end. As we
had boarded Star Cruise, I had seen a glow of happiness on
my mother's face and suddenly amidst the insanity of
incompleteness, I had felt complete. So I will gift this
itinerary and not sell it.
Anjali Nagpal is a life coach and workshop facilitator certified to present Heal Your Life
transformational workshop worldwide approved by Hay House, US. She also conducts
workshops relating to Law of Attraction and self healing. She is also a therapist for
different modules (hypno, metaphor). She is an Angel card reader.
We often keep saying and repeating “I
WANT.” What do you think you want in
life? The things, which you feel, you
are lacking or don't have. Right?
When you believe you are lacking
something than that is what you are
creating in your life. More of lack. As
Law of Attraction makes us
understand that we attract what we
believe. If we believe we lack
something then we will only create
more experiences and situation,
which will make us feel that the thing
is lacking in our life.
When you keep saying “I WANT,”
then you will always keep wanting and
wanting and wanting. “TO HAVE”
what you want, you have to change
your belief from “WANT” to “HAVE.”
When you keep repeating “I HAVE”
what do you think you have in your
life? The things that you already feel
that you have in your life. When you
believe you have then you will create
more experiences and situation,
which will make that believe of having
Might be you don't have that in
your present moment but you “HAVE”
it in your knowledge, in your
consciousness and then it will be in
your reality too. For eg: It same like a
builder first gets the building in his
head, in his knowledge, in his
consciousness and then creates in
reality. The builder never says I can't
or I don't have it because I don't have
the evidence of it. He just knows he
has it because he has already created
it in his mind. Once it has been
created in the mind, then soon it will
be in the reality. Same goes with the
scientist, architect, painters,
choreographers, directors or anyone.
They first have in their consciousness
and then in their reality. If you first
can't have in your consciousness and
knowledge then it will never be in your
Its that simple: Humans says “I
want to see the evidence to believe it”
and the Universe says “First you
believe it and then you will see it.”
What does this mean? Its means you
have to believe you “HAVE” what you
want and feel already like you already
have it. We need to understand Law
of Attraction is not some magical tool
that will just bring you all the stuff you
want, simply because you want it, but
it gets you because you believe it, feel
it and vibrate it. Still plenty people feel
and have a fight in their mind about
how to feel it when they don't have it.
In this scenario, you just have to
remind yourself that no matter what
you want, you want it because it will
bring you some sort of feeling you find
desirable. At the core, that is always
true. You want money because you
think it will make you feel secure and
more free. You want a relationship
because you think it will make you feel
loved and appreciated. You want
children, because you think it will
provide you a sense of purpose. There
is always some feeling we will get in
the end and we can do something just
to get that end feeling now. If you
want to get what you want with the
least amount of suffering, then you
just have to find a way to feel those
end feeling in the now. The Universe
will deliver the match of those feelings
and that's how it works. The Law of
Attraction will deliver you experiences
that mirror this vibration back to you.
Imagine for one second that you were
to receive some sort of written
guarantee what you want is indeed
coming….may be not tomorrow, but
it's coming. Enjoy manifesting and
having all that you want in your life.
Pick the right style this
festive season
Let's begin with
the most
versatile outfit of
them all – the
salwar suit.
Anarkalis and
straight cuts are
going to be your
best friends this
If you want to
show off that
hourglass figure
or take the
attention away
from your
elegance better
than a beautiful
heavy gher
anarkali that fits
Anarkalis work
best for pujas,
family visits or
even family
dinners. Be
careful about
choosing how much gher you want in
your anarkali, not all fabrics will look
good with a full skirt, so look at
samples before you give a go-ahead
for stitching.
Also, remember that you will look
your best only when you are
comfortable, so if the suit is too
heavy, reduce the gher. Don't worry,
it's not all about the fullness of the
gher; play around with the sleeves
instead. Try out full sleeves with an
eye-popping border of block colour
or embroidery. And, in case you want
to show off the tantalising curves of
your shoulders and arms, delicate
lace sleeves will do the job for you.
While you must be thinking brighter
colours will make you stand out this
festive season, exercise caution. The
year 2015 is one of pastels and nudes.
Pastel colours like peach, baby pink
and yellows have been in vogue; you
can go over to autumn colours, such
as green and teal, or even the rusty
shades of orange and red to enhance
your glam quotient this festive
Another comfortable-yet-classy look
could be the straight-cut suit with
straight bottoms. The straight-cut
kurta provides a loose and
comfortable feeling while still fitting
perfectly at the shoulder to hint at
your beautiful curves, no matter
what's the size. And, to pair up with
this loose kurta comes the straightcut bottom with myriad eye-catching
borders, patterns and colours.
The simplicity of this outfit is such
that it allows you to experiment with
the patterns and prints either on the
top or the bottom. However, if you
feel particularly adventurous this
festive season, you can experiment
with print, both on the top and
bottom simultaneously.
Whites, dark shades and even bright
neons all look good on this outfit. But
stick to the darker hues of red, pinks
and greens or the various shades of
white and beige for the upcoming
festive season. Let the borders be
beautifully bold and broad, because
this style definitely lends itself to
chunky borders without shrinking the
outfit. Pair it with some delicate,
whimsical jewellery of gold or silver
- and you are dolled up just enough
for the event at hand.
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
What: Cuisine of Maharashtra
Venue: Peshwa Pavilion
On offer: Executive Chef Vijay Malhotra
has crafted exclusive Mahrashtrian dishes.
Special Offer: Unlimited Kingfisher beer
When: from 18th to 27th Sep
Time: Lunch & Dinner Only
Price: 1995 plus taxes
Contact: 28303030
New Link Road, Near PVR, Andheri-W
What: Sizzlers and Burger Festival
Special offer: Each dish with complementary Beer
or Wine!
When: 14th to 30th September
Time: 12 noon to 12 mid-nights
Contact: 6561 4468 / 69
On offer: Smoky Double Lamb Cheese burger,
The Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burger, Casablanca
Chicken Burger.
Compiled by Mewati Sitaram
Head to The Leela
for authentic Japanese food
Mewati Sitaram
Mumbai being a commercial capital has acute
shortage of Japanese cuisine restaurants. But The
Leela Mumbai has always been a trusted name
amongst discerning travellers and local foodies. So
when I was invited to join their Japanese menu
delicacies, I immediately jumped at the chance.
While most people associate Japanese food solely
with Sushi, there is much more than that. A new
Japanese Chef, a native of Japan, developed an
expansive menu of authentic Japanese fare to give
Mumbaikar a taste of what he eats back home. There
are three venues in Leela where Japanese menu is
served. These includes Citrus, Six Degree Bar and
Coffee lounge in lobby level. The prominent Japanese
dishes include Shira Ae, Miso Shiro, Avacado Tacos,
Chilli Crab and Salmon Roll and Dragon Roll. The
menu includes A-la-carte and set menu.
Sameer Sud, General Manager The Leela Mumbai
said “There are no Japanese restaurant or Japanese
cuisine served in vicinity. We have discerning and
foodies from Mumbai who always look and ask for
Japanese food. Now we have Japnese chef who hails
from Japan to make authentic cuisine and most of the
guests loves to relish Japanese dishes in The Leela”.
Surinder Kumar, Corporate Chef Indian cuisine
Jamaican Chic Burger Alfredo
Mewati Sitaram
The Mumbaikar, who
loves and frequents
Chinese restaurants for
authentic Chinese
cuisines, also know
Master Chef David for
his creation of his
authentic and mouth
watering dishes with
long inning in the
It's a time to relish
Chef David's unique
recipes. So revisit the
newly renovated and
highly acclaimed Ming
Yang restaurant at Taj Lands End at “Queen of Suburb
Bandra”. It brings back its popular culinary legacy in a
new format.
Executive Chef Anirudhya Roy with Master Chef
David Yui Kwong crafted new menu exhibits flavours that
leave an ever lasting impression on the taste buds. Some
old classics and some completely new items on the menu
have put together from some intensive research and travels
to China and the South East Asian region.
It is a known fact that Taj group launched first Chinese
restaurant Golden Dragon in its flagship unit at Taj mahal
hotel in Mumbai. Those days' people were really unaware
of Chinese cuisine to be precise.
Parveen Chander Kumar, General Manager, Taj Lands
End said, “We are eager to re-introduce the city's most
sought after Chinese restaurant. The sleek new avatar of
Ming Yang encompasses a true oriental excursion in terms
of service, décor and flavors.”
Anirudhya Roy, Executive Chef, Taj Lands End said,
“The new Ming Yang welcomes all to a flavourful,
aromatic and exhilarating experience. With 40% of diners
today are vegetarian and hence it becomes extremely
important to factor when creating a menu. The menu has
been specially curated to highlight flavours, artisanal
ingredients and techniques which are reflected deliciously
at Ming Yang”.
says “The Leela believes in serving authentic cuisine,
be it an Italian, Chinese, Japanese or Indian. We have
a chef especially flown from Japan who crafted the
Japanese menu. Each Set Lunch and dinner menu is
designed in strict accordance to the methods and
principles of traditional Japanese cuisine. There is a
wider choice of in A-la- Carte menu to choose from
Soup to desserts. Though Japanese ingredients are
very expensive, we never compromise with quality
and quantity. The team of chefs from our kitchen is
also being trained under him to learn making
authentic cuisines.”
Jitendra Kumar
Executive Chef Taj Lands
End turned COO
Jitendra Kumar, is the Chief Operating Officer
(COO) with Devyani International - a
subsidiary of RJ Corp. A great leader who
believes in leading from the front and providing
enough opportunities for juniors, an
adventurous palate and the sheer passion for
cooking made him choose the profession he's
now a veteran in. Chef Kumar has had the
honour of serving many dignitaries like during
his stint at Taj group of hotels. He had the
privilege of accompanying former Prime
Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee on his
foreign trips to various countries like Russia,
Tajakistan, Switzerland, Australia, Japan,
Germany, Sri Lanka and Syria. A specialist in
Continental and Italian cuisine, he has worked
in various prime luxury properties of the Taj
group. It was during his tenure at the Orient
Express at Taj Palace Hotel that the prestigious
restaurant was classified as one of the Best Ten
Restaurants of the World. In candid talk with
Senior Journalist and Hospitality Columnist
Who inspired you to join the chef's
Sometimes good things and opportunities come
to you without you doing much, especially when
you least expect them. It was my brother who
qualified as a Chef with one of the leading hotel
chains and I followed suit.
Who inspired you and what have you learned
from them?
Chef Satish Arora has been my “idol'…he taught
me to keep the fire burning till one breathes his
last. A role model is someone you look up to,
who can have a major impact in your life. He
possesses certain qualities that I admire. He is
loving, caring, selfless, hard-working, he
displays good moral values, and he has taught
me important life lessons. Even today he is very
'hands on' and awfully enthusiastic about his
What do you love about this business?
A large part of doing what you love is about
finding great work that you are passionate about.
Being involved in a super busy and successful
business from day one definitely sets me on the
right path. I love the buzz in the restaurants, plus
learning new things every day is far from boring.
In this course we explore every area of our life,
to understand what is possible for growing
business, what could be possible in the future,
and how to get from here to there.
As a Chef, what were you obsessive
compulsive about?
When cooking, do you
get frustrated trying to
measure out a precise
"dash" or "pinch" of an
ingredient? Are you
not satisfied until
you're sure your celery
has been "minced",
rather than just
"diced"? As a chef I
believe in freshness
Mewati Sitaram
and fresh produce,
neatness and a desire to be the best and unique.
An ingredient you can't live without...
There are many ingredients that can be useful
but onions, garlic and Butter; the basis for all
great dishes. These products brings aroma and
creates different taste in recipe.
What do you think it takes to succeed in this
The sooner you get to realize that it's the
customer who drives your business, the better it
is. If you manage your people well, trust me it's a
battle won. For me 1+1=3 (synergy).
Taj is known for producing the finest chefs of
the world. How did it come handy after
quitting the Taj group?
Whatever you have learnt during your initial
period under stalwarts of the hotel industry,
always comes handy. A three pronged approach.
They are food is love, so cook from your heart,
it's all in the detailing and most importantly:
“you eat with your eyes first.”
What is the one thing you've learnt
throughout your career?
Consistency is the key and striving to improve
every day. Every guest comes for a specific
flavor which he
likes and wants try. If you are not consistent, you
will lose him.
What plans for your current organization?
I have a plan to help build a team with more
compassion. All levels across the organization
can return significant business value.
Could you recall an unforgettable moment...
All through my career, I thought I did “humble
food” but things changed when great Chef Anton
Mosimann visited Taj Lake Palace and defined
my cooking as “intricate, precise, flavorful and
my known.”
Message to aspiring chefs...
Be persistent about achieving your goal, work
for it, good things don't happen by themselves.
Make decisions early on and do as much
research beforehand as possible, have the
confidence of leaving the comfort zone of your
home environment and not be afraid of asking
others for help and of communicating.
Your ultimate goal...
My ultimate goal is to have lived and loved well,
to have created something of value and joy. To
come to terms with the fact that "it's all good all
the time."
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
Shaili Madan, Resident Editor
Protect our green cover. Now!
The world's forests have shrunk by three per cent
since 1990 – an area equivalent to the size of south
Africa- and India is among the countries who are
losing their forest cover faster than others,
researchers have warned. This is certainly not a good
sign for a country with a billion plus population
One of the main reasons for this is the poor
development agendas of the policy makers and the
ruling class. Forests and fields are being converted
into industrial and residential places due to the
growing industry and increasing migration of people.
There is too much encroachment going on illegally by
the real estate sector in the name of development.
Take the case of 4, 6, 8 lane expressways – they are
destroying our precious forest, green land, including
reserved and animal biospheres. Could this possibly
explain the issues we are facing on the monsoon
front – wherein the rains have become more and
more fickle and unpredictable with each passing year
and farmers across the country are facing dire straits
due to that!
Hinduism in ancient times gave enough
importance to forests and environment. This is why
we worship the forces of nature, as a mark of
respect. But worshipping is not enough, we need to
preserve nature as well. Mumbai and Bangalore are
classic examples of depleting green cover. It is
difficult to find trees in the city, which are turning into
concrete jungles. In India, political involvement is
providing shelter and cover to real estate, especially
builders who are carrying out illegal work by cutting
trees and forests for gaining their own profits.
Sustainable development means building
infrastructure without harming much environment as
we have to think about our future generation too.
Like if trees are cut, they must be plated too. It is
upto us now whether we want to live in a concrete
jungle or in a land of greenery. Climate change and
pollution definitely get enhanced with the loss of
green cover. A few blaring examples are: About 43
hectares of forest land was taken for expansion of
NH7 between Mansar and Khawsa in MP. Around
4000 trees have already been cut. 10,000 hectares of
prime forest land has been taken for coal mining in
Mahan in Chhattisgarh. About 300 hectares of forest
land has been taken recently
and given to an NDA favoured
business group for coal
mining. This is close to
Tadoba Andhari National Park
in Maharashtra. So at this
speed, forests in India stand a bleak future in the
coming years.
Afforestation is probably one of the answers.
Though it can cause environmental imbalances, the
steep rising in the temperature could be arrested to
some extent. The deforestation in rain forests is a
matter of great concern. Every state government
should contribute its might to protect the nation from
environmental disaster.
The conservation of forest land and our trees
needs public cooperation. India and its citizens
should take necessary action on an urgent basis. We
can save India if every citizen and the government
co-operate with each other and work together to
stop this. Cutting a tree is not an issue as long as you
grow more trees elsewhere, but the problem is that
we are only cutting trees and not plating them.
K V Raman
The controversial and highprofile Sheena Bora murder case
which has been hogging
headlines for quite some time
now with former INX Media
chief Indrani Mukerjea having
got arrested for allegedly
murdering her 24-year-old
daughter and with shocking revelations emerging with each passing day the
case is further delving into mystery.
Now such sensational crimes have become fodder for thrillers on
celluloid, and the present Sheena Murder case has already caught the fancy
of filmmakers. According to veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt Sheena
murder case had striking similarities with one of his scripts, 'Ab Raat
Guzernewali Hai'.
Ironically few real-life crimes and murders have been made on reel like
Talvar (2015) which has been directed by Meghna Gulzar, daughter of the
renowned lyricist-poet Gulzar. The film is based on the controversial 14year-old Arushi Talwar murder case and domestic help Hemraj Banjade
starring Irffan Khan as the investigative officer, while Konkona Sen Sharma
and Neeraj Kabi play Arushi's parents.
Whilst Meghna Gulzar's 'Talvar' is yet to release, filmmaker Manish
Gupta's 'Rahasya' released earlier this year was also loosely based on the
Arushi-Hemraj double murder case of 2008. The film featured Ashish
Vidyarthi and Tisca Chopra as the murdered-girl's parents, while Kay Kay
Menon played the role of a CBI officer. But sadly, the film didn't do well and
there were criticisms from the Talwars.
In the year 2014 Filmmaker Hansal Mehta made a biopic titled Shahid
based on the life of lawyer and human rights activists Shahid Azmi who was
assassinated by four gunmen in his Kurla office in Mumbai on February 11,
2010 and the film featured South's Rajkumar Rao in the lawyer's role which
won for him the Best Actor National Film Award for his performance in the
Earlier to this was a film made in the title No One Killed Jessica (2011)
which was inspired by the sensational murder of model who was serving as a
celebrity bartender at a socialite party on April 30, 1999. She was shot dead
by Manu Sharma, son of a wealthy and influential politician when she
refused to serve him drinks as it was past midnight. The film directed by Raj
Kumar Gupta starred Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan in pivotal roles. The
film was a critical as well as commercial success. In the same year 2011
there was a film titled Not A Love Story made by Maverick filmmaker Ram
Gopal Varma inspired from the gruesome murder of TV executive Neeraj
Grover in 2008. Neeraj as a part of his job helped find roles in TV serials to
small-time south Indian actress Maria Susairaj. In the process both fell in
love and became intimate. ML Jerome Mathew, then naval officer and
Maria's boyfriend discovered this and killed Neeraj in Maria's rented
apartment in Mumbai in May 2008. Deepak Dobriyal and Mahi Gill
featured in this film which was shot in just 20 days.
To the Editor,
The water cut is becoming a big
issue and this is just the beginning. I
wonder what will happen by
February or March next year. The
BMC and the state government must
take rightful steps to sort this issue.
The authorities also need to keep an
eye on the water tankers, see that
they should not take the advantage of
the situation and cheat people, and
add to their woes. Also as citizens,
we need to be aware on not misusing
limited water that we will be getting
in the months to come.
Kumar Bhardwaj
Dear Editor,
Thanks to Mumbai Messenger for
highlighting the problems faced by
the residents of Andheri east. The
flyover was built with all good
intentions and no doubt that it is
serving its purpose but it is true that
the poor lighting in the skywalk is
little scary. Considering the rise in
crime these days we must keep a
watch. There are a lot of women who
travel in the night and do not feel
safe. Besides of course there is the
problem of floor tiles. The
government must have spent enough
money to build the skywalk. I think
they can spend a little more to
maintain it. I hope after the issue is
highlighted in Mumbai Messenger,
the authorities will take the rest step
in helping local residents of Andheri
From Neha
Dear Editor,
I have this habit of popping
antibiotics all the time and I would
recommend the article to all my
relatives and friends. I had never
thought that it was so harmful. After
reading the article in Mumbai
Messenger I realized that I was
harming myself. Thanks to you all
now I am more aware about the ill
effects of antibiotics, and now I will
see to it that I make everyone around
me aware of the its ill effects too and
also tell them don't abandon them
completely but be careful about its
Pushkar Diwan
Dear Editor,
There has been a rise in Malaria and
viral infections recently in the city
and there are a lot people falling ill.
It is really good to highlight these
issues so that the people are aware of
the situation and be little cautious
and not fall prey to infections. I hope
the BMC is doing their part in
ensuring safety of citizens.
Parul K.
Shop No. 28, Near Bon Bon, 7 Bunglows, Andheri West
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Ask Our Expert
Dr. Preeti Dalal, is a renowned
graduated from Nair Hospital and
Dental College, Mumbai. She has
been in private dental practice for
more than 13 years and has a wealth
of experience in all aspects of
dentistry. As a cosmetic dentist, she
has been featured in FEMINA and
widely read magazines. Dr Preeti's
multi-speciality dental clinic is
located in a prime area of Mumbai.
For any dental queries to be
answered by her, write to us at:
[email protected]
My four-year-old son fell on his face a
couple weeks ago and his gum was
bleeding, it looked like a blood vessel
popped. Now his tooth is turning grey
in that exact area. Please advise. Lokesh Jha
Hi, the tooth turning gray is an
indication that there has been internal
bleeding and damage to the nerve.
That is what causes the staining. This
can go many different ways over time.
I assume this is one of his front teeth
and these teeth usually begin to come
out from 5-6 years of age. Most of the
time the discoloration stops and the
tooth will remain in the mouth with no
issues. However, occasionally these
teeth may develop an abscess at which
time you would need to see your
dentist for possible treatment. The
majority of the time this discoloration
turns out to be a non event and his
permanent tooth will just force it out
on schedule. As long as the baby tooth
was not moved up into the permanent
tooth bud there is nothing that needs to
be done. If the tooth was displaced
then you should see you dentist for an
evaluation otherwise you do not need
to do anything unless he develops any
swelling. These accidents occur often
and the majority of the time nothing is
There are so many toothpastes to
choose from; how do I know which one
to use? - Sameer, 45
First, when purchasing a
toothpaste for you or your child, select
one that contains fluoride. Fluoridecontaining toothpastes have been
shown to prevent cavities. However,
one word of caution: Use only a very
small amount for children under age 6
(the size of their fingernail). This is
because young children swallow
toothpaste, and swallowing too much
fluoride can lead to tooth discoloration
in permanent teeth. Next, when
considering other properties of
toothpaste -- such as whitening
toothpastes, tartar-control, gum care,
desensitizing, etc. -- the best advice for
selecting among these products may
be to simply ask your dentist what the
greatest concerns are for your mouth
at this time. After consulting with your
about your oral health's
greatest needs, look for products
within that category (for example,
within the tartar control brands or
within the desensitizing toothpaste
brands) that have received the IDA
Seal of Acceptance. Finally, some
degree of personal preference comes
into play. Choose the toothpaste that
tastes and feels best. Gel or paste,
wintergreen or spearmint all work
alike. If you find that certain
ingredients are irritating to your teeth,
cheeks or lips, or if your teeth have
become more sensitive, or if your
mouth is irritated after brushing, try
changing toothpastes. If the problem
continues, see your dentist.
Sanjeev Pendharkar
It is widely appreciated that cycling is one of the best
ways for people to achieve good health and fitness.
People who cycle regularly live longer than those who
do not. Cycling gives your heart, blood vessels and
lungs quite a feeling and workout. Though busy
people try to find time to gear it up, if not everyday,
they must cycle atleast on weekends. Health experts
say cycling is one exercise that does not tire people
and makes one feel refreshed and pepped up.
Humans have several hundred muscles, which
have to be used regularly in order to maintain fitness
and health. A week of inactivity reduces the strength
of the muscular system and can cause long-term
harm. During cycling, most of the body's muscles are
activated. The leg muscles are responsible for the
peddling movement; the abdomen and back muscles
stabilize the body on the cycle. The shoulder arm
muscular system supports the body at the handle
Most doctors and health experts nowadays
emphasize on cycling than running and walking.
Danish study revealed that regular cycling protected
people from heart diseases.
Physical activity serves as a regulator to relieve
Cycling: A popular form of exercise
the stress that is common in current lifestyles. It
produces the balance between exertion and
relaxation which is important for the body's inner
equilibrium. Cycling is especially ideal for this
process, countering stress in two ways; by satisfying
the need for activity where people lack movement or
exercise; and by balancing out increased strain,
particularly mental and emotion.
Oxygen is vital for all biological organisms and the
basic prerequisite for the respiratory processes of
humans. Respiration is often impaired by lack of
exercise. Regular physical activity strengthens the
respiratory muscles, which leads to improved
ventilation of the lungs. Cycling is especially good at
protecting and feeding cartilages as the support
given by the bicycle means that the forces that act as
a result of body weight are significantly reduced.
Cycling is ideal for targeting problems of obesity
and body weight. As 70% of the body's weight is
borne by the saddle, thus enabling people who could
not otherwise move easily to exercise to increase
their physical fitness and stimulate fat metabolism.
The list of benefits does not end here. Cycling
helps in shedding those extra pillows in our body is a
false fact but added to this, is the process it aids in
building up your stamina and strength.
Healthy Eating Tips for 'Connect' for Healthcare
Ganesh Festival
With Ganesh Chaturthi, the festive
season will begin in full swing. One
after the other, festivals will come
knocking at the door. And these
festivals bring a whole load of sweets
in multiple varieties. How does one
can resist those mouth-watering
modaks and laddoos? As if sweets
were not enough, there are also those
deep fried snacks that are just difficult
to look away from. These are real
difficult times for the gut and the
Trying to lose weight during this
festive season would be a silly thing to
imagine. The aim should be to go for
healthy eating during festive seasons.
If you cannot lose it, try not to gain
any extra weight during the festive
season. This can be done by
monitoring eating during festivals.
Visiting friends and relatives is a must
during festivals. Not only it
strengthens bonds, but also adds on
to the real pleasures of the festivals.
After all, what is a festival without
having loved ones close by?
When visiting people or even while
playing host, it is most likely for us to
go just a little overboard and indulge.
To keep matters within control, here
are a few tips that can help you. All
that it requires is a little preparation
and a lot of determination.
Eat before visiting: Friends and
family will come over. You too will visit
them. When you go visiting people,
make sure to eat something at home
before you leave. This will keep you
half full and during visits, it will
discourage you from eating too much.
Healthy home platter: Stick to a
healthy platter of food when you are
eating at home. Limit sweets and
snacks during visits. This way, you will
have given yourself a proper diet
before indulging in festive food. The
healthy food intake at home will also
be able to balance out your festive
Feast eyes first: Eating during
festivals should be done with great
care. Let your eyes do the eating first.
Make a good observation of what is
being served and after a good
consideration, make your selection.
While looking at every food item, you
will get a good idea as to what
contains what and where it stands on
the health scale.
Control portions: Refusing to
have sweets and snacks during festive
visits can easily be termed rude.
Besides, why deprive yourself of this
occasional treat? It would be wiser to
control your portions. Keep small
servings on your plate. If napkins are
available, just take a little on a napkin.
A napkin can, anyways, not take
much. Doing so will ensure that you
are having something and at the same
time, controlling your portion size.
Choose wisely: Healthy eating
during festive season is a little difficult
but not impossible. There are number
of items to choose from. By the look of
the delicacies, you can very well make
out which one will give you the
maximum and minimum calories.
Make your choices accordingly and
enjoy the festival.
Eat slowly: The speed at which
you eat can also influence your intake
quantity. If you eat slowly, you will
realise that a smaller amount of food
will satisfy you. This is so because the
slow intake gives the stomach and
brain time to react. Also, it keeps your
plate full for a longer time so that no
one gives you a second serving.
Tips for flawless, glowing skin
In the issue of “British Journal of
Dermatology,” researchers at the
University of Manchester found that
fruits like tomatoes are helpful to
prevent skin damage from the
harmful effects of ultraviolet rays
because they contain lycopene. This
antioxidant lends rich yellows,
oranges and reds to fruits and
vegetables. The participants
consumed 55g of tomato paste daily
for 2 weeks and they were protected
against ultraviolet photo damage.
Watermelon, apricot, guava, papaya
and pink grape fruit also contain
lycopene. You will find interesting
facts about the following fruits to
rejuvenate the skin naturally:
Apple : It is a well-known fact that ‘an
apple a day keeps the doctor away’.
Along with health
benefits of apples, you
can use this fruit to enjoy
glowing skin. Apples have
high antioxidant action,
preventing cell and tissue
damage and work as an
anti-ageing agent. It also
helps in minimizing
wrinkles and fine lines by
keeping the bowels clean.
Apple juice mixed with
some honey may be
applied on the face. Allow
it to dry and finally wash
off with luke warm water.
When it comes to healthcare, despite keeping an eye on the bottom line, the
patient always needs to come first. It is in keeping with this patient-centric
philosophy that the Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (OCD) organized a workshop for
Healthcare Leaders (purchase, materials, biomedical groups) of West India last
week at The Orchid, Vile Parle.
Around 70 senior healthcare professionals from a non-medical background
attended the event. Luminaries of the healthcare world, including, Dr. Parag
Rindani (CEO, Wockhardt Hospital), Mr. Suresh Lulla (Quality Guru- founder
QIMPRO), Varsha Kaushal (Dy. Director Materials, Hinduja Hospital) spoke about
the need of refocusing processes and practices on patients.
Titled “Connect” the program focused on the importance of networking or
'connecting' with fellow professionals to learn from each other's experiences.
Also, to connect with patients and quality products, improved technologies and
follow right the right ethical practices as well as improved teamwork to ultimately
offer the best patient care. The buzzword for the day was 'patient centricity'.
As Dr. Parag Rindani, who gave a talk on patient matters, rightly said,
“Connect is the kind of event that will enable us to add more value in healthcare.
What is most important is for us to reiterate that all healthcare service and
processes should be patient-centric.” Agreeing with him, Sumangala Bhat (Dy.
Director SDM Medical College, Dharwad) said, “Connect is aptly named; it is a
creative attempt by OCD to create knowledge exchange and drive importance of
quality in care and processes in terms of efficiency adaptability and
appropriateness between healthcare professionals. These kinds of events are
needed to promote standardization in healthcare.”
The program provided a platform to share knowledge, exchange information
and learn the best practices. Varsha Kaushal opined, “This is the first time an
event like Connect has been organized in Mumbai. It's an excellent opportunity
for non-clinical professionals like us to learn from experts. Healthcare in India
lags behind and events like these help us re-focus on patients in a different way.”
This face mask will help to keep the
skin hydrated.
Grape : They have phyto chemicals
and poly nutrients which are
antioxidants and anti-inflammatory in
nature and help in regeneration and
peeling of skin.
Papaya : A good source of
antioxidant and enzyme called papain,
papaya is a great fruit for your skin. It
contains rich amount of antioxidants
like keratins, Vitamin C, etc.
Oranges : The orange peel can be
powdered and used as a scrub for
instant glow and skin whitening as it
acts as a natural bleach. It is also used
for removing dirt, dead skin and gives
the skin a firmer feel. The powder
orange peels should be stored in an air
tight container.
Lemons : The high amount of
Vitamin C as well as the natural
bleaching properties present in lemon
is highly beneficial for the skin. You
can surely get glowing and healthy
skin if you regularly consume lemons.
Lemon can also be used as a cleanser
to get rid of blemishes, spots and skin
tone. It is a good habit to start your
day by drinking one glass of warm
water mixed with few drops of lemon
juice. This simple tip will give you
glowing and flawless skin.
Strawberry : It contains a higher
level of Vitamin C and manganese
which helps to clean the skin and
lightens its spots. Strawberries also
prevent the skin from harmful effects
of ultraviolet rays. It gives skin a
glossy shine.
Tomato : It is rich in Vitamin A, C & K
and acts as an anti oxidant in
preventing ageing and is used widely
as whitening and de-tanning agent.
Banana : Bananas contain a good
amount of Vitamin A, B and E that acts
as anti ageing agents. Bananas are
also a rich source of fiber, mineral,
magnesium and potassium. These
nutrients help in proper blood
circulation and help to improve the
immunity level from within. You can
eat this fruit in the form of salad,
shake or desert. They are great
substitute for unhealthy snacking in
between meals.
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
Imran Khan unveils
'Katti Batti' collection
Parx, the premium casual lifestyle brand for GenNext, from the House of Raymond last week announced
the launch of the exclusive 'Parx Katti Batti' collection
that is inspired by the highly anticipated movie Katti Batti
starring Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut releasing on
September 18.
Bollywood Superstar Imran Khan along with Pragati
Srivastava, Design Head, Parx unveiled this limited
edition collection at the Parx store, VN Road, Fort in
Pragati Srivastava, Design Head, Parx said, “We are
excited to be associated with Katti Batti, the next
blockbuster of the year. This limited edition collection
from Parx is inspired by today's youth. Eclectic and bold
this collection exudes vibrancy with élan in turn breaking
the monotony and creating a distinctive mark in this
cluttered space.”
Sporty yet stylish these classic designs are fresh and
versatile capturing international trends and giving a
global appeal is sure to strike a chord with the youth. The
unique collection by Parx personifies with Imran's
character which is youthful and trendy in this
forthcoming movie.
Sachin Murdeshwar
MTDC invites private players for Tourism Statistics
Mewati Sitaram
MUMBAI: It is a beginning of good initiative by
the Maharashtra Tourism
Development Corporation
(MTDC) who is keen on
highlighting their
achievements. The MTDC has
issued tender inviting private
players to offer their services
by conducting survey on
collection of Tourism Statistics
for the state of Maharashtra.
Paraag Jaiin Nainuttia, IAS,
Managing Director, MTDC said,
“Maharashtra attracts
maximum tourist from across
the globe and from India as well. And we see the
trend in tourism sector constantly changing. It is
very important for us to keep a tab on
movements taking place in the industry.
Dwarkadas Chandumal
Jewellers launch 'Dazzling Desire'
Understanding visitor's choice, expenditure
pattern, expenditure will give us an overview
and insight of the trend in tourism which will
help us strategize various campaigns, products
and marketing strategies to
ensure growth in the tourism
sector. We are looking
forward to agencies which
can help us with exhaustive
information on Tourism
Statistic for Maharashtra.”
The final date for the
submission of the tender is
September 16. And the
entries will have to be
submitted before 3 PM. These
tenders will be opened by
September 18 at 3 PM.
Additional information can be also found on the
MTDC website, www.maharashtratourism. and at MTDC's head office in Mumbai.
Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers, a heritage
jewellery brand, launched a collection of cocktail
jewellery 'Dazzling Desire'.
The collection is
inspired by the modern day woman who is true to
her roots, yet shoulders equal responsibility as a
man. These exquisite masterpieces reflect the
inner beauty of the wearer.
The collection was launched over wine and
cheese in presence of some graceful women,
Krishika Lulla, Bhagyashree, Reshma Merchant,
Sheeba, Amy Billimoria, Archana Kochhar, Neeta
Lulla, and Munisha Khatwani amongst others. The
lovely ladies were mesmerized by the
contemporary collection which is a great
combination of classic diamonds set in spectacular
Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers has always
been a step ahead in introducing newer trends in
jewellery. This collection features assorted range of
two finger rings, four finger rings, knuckle bracelet,
chandelier earrings and much more. The collection
features lightweight as well as chunky pieces with
diamonds and other precious stones.
On the occasion of the launch, Deepak Tulsiani,
Co-founder, Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers said,
“Our brand has always offered our patrons
gorgeous designs both wearable and wedding
category. We are delighted that we are receiving
the support from our patrons.”
Rajesh Tulsiani, Co-Founder, Dwarkadas
Chandumal Jewellers added, “It's been a pleasure
to have these lovely ladies grace the event. This
collection is very special to us as it reflects the
desires of every woman.”
OPPO R7 Lite is a dual SIM 4G Smartphone and
runs on ColorOS 2.1. With 5 inch Super AMOLED
display screen and 2.5D Arc-Edge screen, it
offers1280*720 pixels and 294ppi. The device
sports 2320mAh battery and 1.3GHz Octa-Core
processor. The device offers 2GB RAM and
16GB ROM. R7 Lite sports 13 MP rear and 8 MP
front camera and weighs 147gm with battery.
Announcing the launch, Mike Wang, CEO, OPPO
Mobiles India said, “India is one of the most
important part of our expansion plans around
the world, since our entry into the competitive
Indian mobile market in 2014. We have
launched devices in India immediately post
global launches to offer the best products in the
Indian market. With R7 Plus and Lite, we aim to
capture a decent market share and expect more
than 200% growth in sales by end of this year.”
Shop no. 23, Andheri Shiv Shakti CHS, Indira Nagar, Behind Indian Oil Nagar, 4 Bunglows, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 053.
Tel no. : +91 9821068899, 022 65559997 / 32928291 / 26371742 / 26373078. E mail : [email protected]
16 Sept to 22 Sept, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 35
E: [email protected] P: 77188 07071-72
Born: September 17, 1950
Place: Vadnagar
Prime Minister of India
TAURUS (Apr 20 – May
20): You are likely to be
better placed to resolve
issues related to personal life.
Professionals are likely to start
feeling comfortable at your
workplace. You are likely to enjoy
your work and will be committed,
which will please your superiors.
Relations with peers are likely to be
encouraging and cooperative.
Growth prospects look bright.
GEMINI (May 21 – Jun
20): Finance and family
related matters are likely
to be on your radar this week. You
will focus on how to keep your
family happy and provide more
creature comforts to them. This
may prompt you to look for
avenues to earn extra money on
the side. On the romantic front,
you are likely to meet the right
person during a social event.
CANCER (Jun 21 – Jul
22): This week you may
be emotionally upset
about your position in your job.
You may be anxious, also, by the
increasing needs of your family.
Fresher's seeking a suitable
employment opportunity are in for
some disappointment, as you may
not get any response from your
prospective employer. who in a
stable job, too, may feel
uncomfortable. Patience is the key.
LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22):
This week you shall be
pleasure-oriented, so
there may be lots of partying,
socializing and hanging out with
friends. You need Luck to back you
to achieve success, and you have it
in your favour–ask for it and you
will get it. Do not delay in asking
for your dues. Businessmen and
professionals need to be alert
about collecting dues.
VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep
22): This week is
auspicious for finances, so
you may expect some extra money
coming your way. You may spend
money on some charitable causes,
so the likelihood of saving is slim.
Freshers are likely to be happy on
getting their dream job. There is a
possibility of an injury which may
leave you bed-ridden for a couple
of days.
LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22):
You will focus this week
on matters related to your
career. Beware of spending time
with friends who are addicted to
consumption of alcohol, or else
you may end up blowing up a lot of
money. From Thursday, you are
likely to remain focused on your
work. Fresher's seeking suitable
jobs are likely to be disappointed.
Romantic relationships will have
some problems.
SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov
21): This week you will be
on the lookout for a lucky
break to improve your prospects in
general. Peers are likely to be
envious. You may be asked to
shoulder extra responsibility.
Businessmen with offshore
contracts and professionals
handling foreign projects are likely
to be successful. You may be
bothered by health issues cropping
up because of seasonal changes.
– Dec 21): You shall try
your best to make some
extra money because the
irresistible desire to enjoy the
creature comforts of life may seize
you. On Wednesday and Thursday
you are most likely to enjoy
yourself. From around Thursday
evening, you are likely to start
focusing on occupational matters.
Businessmen dealing with
government organisations are
likely to benefit most.
Jan 19): You will enjoy a
hunky dory relationship
with your better-half. You will also
receive enough support and
cooperation from him/her in the
conduct of your professional or
business activities, but you shall
spend quality time with your life
partner. Balancing your personal
and professional duties may be a bit
difficult. You may have a heated
argument with your boss.
AQUARIUS (Jan 20 –
Feb 18) : Health may be
affected on account of
seasonal changes, but it will be
nothing serious. On Wednesday
and Thursday you shall have an
enjoyable time with your lifepartner. You may get some
precious gift from your in-laws.
Some good earning opportunity
may be lost, owing to your casual
approach to the feelers you may
have received on Thursday and
CAPTION THIS PHOTO AND SEND AT [email protected] WITH YOUR NAME. You can be a lucky
winner to win an attractive prize and get your name published with the picture in our next issue.
A co-worker told Santa that his wife
was being unfaithful everyday at
1:30 in the afternoon with Santa's
best friend.
Worried and hurt, Santa ran home at
1:30 to see if this was true.
He came back to the office contented
and relieved.
His co-worker asked him how it went.
“Look," said Santa. "Don't start such
terrible rumors! That guy isn't my
best friend... I don't even know him."
The Mumbai local trains
carry more than 6.1 million
commuters on a daily basis. It has
the highest passenger density of any
urban railway system in the world.
Ganpati Bappa Morya... Come to my home Plzzz... - Amitoj Sharma
This is our lucky winner for the caption contest who has bagged himself two
movie tickets. You can be next! Write us a caption that you can think suits the
given picture best and win exciting prizes.
1 Bonkers (4)
3 Rapturous (8)
9 Soothing (7)
10 Sailing craft (5)
11 Edible mollusc (5)
12 Without delay (2,4)
14 Cooking instructions (6)
16 Selected (6)
19 Riddle (6)
21 Venomous snake (5)
24 Carmen, for example (5)
25 Confessed (5,2)
26 Skittles (8)
27 Looked at (4)
1 US state (8)
2 Untrue (5)
4 French brandy (6)
5 Forbidden (5)
6 Hypnotic states (7)
7 Ready money (4)
8 Collect (4,2)
13 Fearless (8)
15 Employees' restaurant (7)
17 Cuban cigar (6)
18 Dark crimson (6)
20 Clutch (5)
22 Tantrum (5)
23 Midday (4)
Mumbai Messenger does not endorse any third party
products, merchandise, and/or services, not has Mumbai
Messenger taken any steps, to confirm the accuracy or
reliability of, any third party advertisements. Mumbai
Messenger strongly encourages readers to make whatever
investigation they feel necessary or appropriate before
proceeding with any transaction with any these advertisers.
ARIES (March 21 to April
20): It may hurt you, if
your spouse is busy with
other social activities and not
available to give you company.
With the Moon coming in contact
with Mars on Thursday, you may
feel a bit anxious. You may not be
too happy on the work front. The
positive effects of a new Moon
shall be manifested next week.
PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar
20): You are likely to
indulge in activities that
give you pleasure. However, on the
domestic front, things will be far
from hunky dory. If you are a
businessman, you may have a
difficult time convincing your
partners about the future course of
action to follow. They may think
your ideas are not pragmatic, or
that they involve too much risk.
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The Stalwart and Towering personality of the Indian Hospitality Industry
Chairman Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, South Asia
What is the recipe for success?
To my mind, there are just four essential ingredients:
Choose a career you love, give it the best, seize your
opportunities, and be a member of the team. I first attended
Tyndle Bisco School in Srinagar. However, my family moved
to Jammu. I did my high school and pre Medical in Jammu. I
have completed my IHM from Pusa, 1971 batch.
In those days, did anyone from your family work for
the hotel industry?
Everybody has goals, aspirations, and everybody has been
at a point in their life. Actually I have joined pre medical
course as per my family wish but later moved to IHM. No
one from my family had ventured or worked in hospitality,
although tourism has always been the most important
industry in Kashmir. It was my sheer will to do anything out
of the box. In fact, I was the first person from the state of
Jammu and Kashmir to have received formal education in
hospitality trade. I even earned the State Government's only
scholarship for the hotel industry to fund my Hotel
management programme at IHM Pusa. I was also fortunate
to soon get further selected for the “Carl Duisberg
scholarship” for higher education and experience in
hospitality in West Germany.
What is it that you did differently to enable Carlson
to be in the leadership position in India?
Carlson was the first international hotel group to implement
"Think global but act local." My philosophy has been to
generate trust amongst stakeholders. Achieving a win-win
situation has been the mantra. Carlson was the first hotel
company to set up brand support infrastructure, even
before it's first branded hotel was operational.
On the properties in Mumbai and Western region...
There is a tremendous potential and growth in the West
zone as far as business is concerned. The West zone is a
priority for Carlson and we already have 12 operational
hotels in the region, which includes Alibaug, Navi Mumbai,
Pune, Goa, Ahmedabad, Kandla and Nagpur. There are
seven more hotels under development at various locations.
These properties are located at prominent places in West
zone like Essel World Mumbai, Malad Mumbai, Pune
Hinjewadi, Gandhinagar, Mahableshwar and Karjat.
How many Carlson hotels are planned in India, what
are their brand names?
Carlson is currently the largest international Hospitality
chain in India with over 112 hotels operational and under
various stages of development. There is an extensive plan to
add more rooms to our group for research and development
are going on time to time. Our exclusive brands include
Quorvus, Radisson Blu, Radisson, Radisson Red, Park Plaza,
Country Inns and Suites and Park Inn by Radisson.
You are one of the stalwarts of the Indian hospitality
industry, how do you feel about the faith bestowed
on you by Carlson group and the Indian Hotel
I strongly believe that Institutions are much bigger than
individuals. I have been with Carlson for over twenty years.
We started with a zero base in Asia and I feel blessed that I
got the opportunity and support to lead the company's
affairs in South Asia. The company's vision and India team's
combined efforts resulted in the current growth and
ultimately attaining the leadership position.
Where do you see Carlson in India in 5 years?
I believe that the company has the potential to double the
number of hotels by 2020 and continue to maintain its
leadership position.
You have been bestowed with various awards and
recognitions. Which one do you value the most?
Carlson and the Hospitality industry in India has been very
kind to me and recognised my efforts over the years. I value
each one of them but the “lifetime” and other achievement
awards at HICSA (HVS), ITB Berlin, WTM London along with
Carlson's President award are special. I also feel proud to
have been honoured as “Carlson Fellow”. This is the highest
honour bestowed on an individual by Carlson companies. I
am truly humbled.
Back-A-Thon' against poverty
Three hundred citizens, including students of
Deviprasad Goenka Management College Of Media
Studies [DGMC] supported this cause from Tulip Star
hotel towards Santacruz Beach. The Rally began at 4:00
pm where even the common crowd joined in.
“It was good to see so much support for the cause from
the people. I believe that Back–A–Thon really educated
the society for the needs of children living in shelter
homes and I am happy that Mumbai Media Champs
supported this social event,” says Anjani Tank, Vice
Chairperson of MMC.
Mumbai Media Champs is a media fest hosted by the
students of DGMC (Malad) which is been conducted in
Mumbai: When every other person was enjoying their
Sunday at home, the Mumbai Media Champs (MMC)
supported a Back-A-Thon initiated by an NGO “Make A
Difference” on September 13 at Juhu Beach, Mumbai.
People walked backwards to raise awareness for the
children who live in shelter homes and are not privileged
as others.
Neerja Bhatia Appointed
Vice President
India & Indian Sub-continent
Mewati Sitaram
Etihad Airways, the national airline of the
UAE, has appointed Neerja Bhatia to the
position of Vice President India and Indian
Sub-Continent (ISC). Neerja joined Etihad
Airways in 2004 as Sales Manager Western
India, shortly after the airline had launched
its flights to Mumbai, its first Indian
Danny Barranger, Etihad Airways’ Senior
Vice President Sales, said: “Neerja has
played a key role in the expansion of Etihad
Airways in India during the last 11 years and has a wealth of experience and
expertise which will be key to the continued alignment of our activities together
with our strategic partner Jet Airways in this important geographical area.We are
delighted that Neerja will take up her new role, based in Mumbai, to lead Etihad
Airways’ commercial activities across the region as we look to expand our sales
operations in India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Seychelles, and Sri Lanka.”
Etihad Airways currently operates flights from Abu Dhabi to eleven
destinations in India: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Calicut, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi,
Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Thiruvananthapuram.
K.B. Kachru is driving the growth of Carlson Rezidor Hotel
Group hotels in South Asia. He has been instrumental in
building the business in India over the past 15 years. He is
responsible for the overall strategy and growth of the
company within South Asia. He is an active member of
various Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Committees, board
of directors for the Tourism Corporation of J&K, Pondicherry
and Madhya Pradesh. He is on the board of governors of the
IHM New Delhi. He has also been an executive member of
Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), the American Society
of Travel Agents of India, Hotel Association of India (HAI),
Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India
(FHRAI) and India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB). He
is nominated co-chairman of the Travel and Civil Aviation
Committee of the Indian Chamber of Commerce. He
spearheaded the formation of the Institute for International
Management and Technology in collaboration with Oxford
Brookes University, UK. Among the many accolades he has
received, there is the 'Hall of Fame' award for the Best Hotel
Management Person by the Pacific Area Travel Writers
Association at ITB Berlin. From 2004 to 2006, he clinched
the 'Global Hotelier Award' at WTM London and 'Galileo Express Travel & Tourism Award'. He was also awarded by
South Asia Travel & Tourism Expo (SATTE) as the leading
hotelier of the country in year 2010. He was also recognized
by the Carlson Companies and honored with the 'Carlson
Fellowship Award' in 2005. In candid talk with Senior
Journalist and Hospitality Columnist MEWATI SITARAM...
Tell us what you think!
Your opinions and comments are very important to us.
[email protected]
On September 14, the Mumbai Traffic police distributed helmets to the
traffic police and inaugurated a public awareness hoarding function at
Bhaidas Hall, Near Mithibai College, Vile Parle. The chief guest at the event
was superstar Amitabh Bachchan.

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