Bakels News 148



Bakels News 148
No 149 2009
IBA 2009 Düsseldorf + + + Premium & Healthy Ingredients + + + Sustainability
Welcome to IBA 2009
Senior staff from all Bakels companies, covering all 5 continents, together with export sales staff, research staff and
members of Bakels Group management, will take part in IBA
The Bakels stand is located in Hall 16, site E11.
A product demonstration area focusing on premium confectionery lines will be operated by staff of Bakbel Europe, the recently
established Bakels Group centre of excellence for fruit products
and confectionery glazes. Visitors will also be able to sample a
range of healthy breads. These, together with the confectionery
lines, will be available as part of the overall «hospitality»
extended by Bakels to all of their existing and potential customers. Expert staff will be available to discuss current market
trends and technical issues.
We look forward to welcoming our customers, old and new, to
discuss «The world of Baking» during IBA 2009.
Bakery Fair 2009 – Manila
Bakels Philippines launched two pioneering bread improvers
during the Philippines’ Bakery Fair 2009.
Lecitem Pumpable S – another locally pioneering bread
improver – also sparked visitors’ interest with its unique liquid
form. All the ingredients of a general purpose bread improver
are combined with vegetable oil to produce a liquid improver
which allows a full range of top quality bread lines to be
produced without the need to include shortening in recipes.
A technical seminar and product demonstration were conducted on healthy baked products with the assistance from
Bakels Malaysia’s Peter Merkx. Low GI Multiseed Bread
Concentrate together with 8 Grain, Fino Meal, Fino Rye and
Fino Grain were featured. Bakels No-Sugar Added Muffin Mix
was introduced as a reduced-calorie alternative to regular
Dobrim Sweet is the first bread improver to be introduced
locally for the production of bread varieties which can make a
«No Sugar Added» claim. At 1% usage rate, it greatly appealed
to visitors looking for alternatives to saccharine-sweetened
bread varieties, without compromising the sweetness level
associated with such products.
However, as well as being interested in healthy eating, today’s
consumer also seeks pleasure and some indulgence. Premium
products using Actiwhite to produce meringues, Bakels
Whipping Cream on cupcakes and Bakels Dark Choco Fudge
on cakes were among the product concepts demonstrated.
Bakery Fair is the biggest biennial Philippine baking event and
attracts leading players from all baking industry sectors. It was
well attended by local and international visitors.
Bread/Confectioner Expo – Kiev
Bakels Ukraine made their exhibition premier at the bakery
exhibition held in Kiev from 9-12 June 2009. With 150 companies from 32 countries exhibiting, 10.000 visitors were treated to
new and exciting concepts, ingredients and machinery
launched at the 14th edition of this annual event.
Live demonstrations on the use of Pettinice and the production
of different bread types, which were conducted by technical
staff from Nordbakels, attracted many visitors.
This first exhibition proved to be a big success for Bakels
Ukraine with a substantial number of potential customers
requiring follow up after the fair.
Bakels News – No 149 / 2009
Dear Reader
With many economies showing signs of
stabilising it is perhaps not too soon to
start thinking about the future – what
will be the long term effects of the
global financial crisis and what are the
issues which must be addressed in how
we conduct business? Below are our
thoughts and actions on this.
Behind the Scenes
Editorial / Contents
Innovate Nordbakels
Innovate British Bakels
Innovate South Bakels
• Consumers are clearly more interested in «value» and this
is unlikely to change, even when they feel more confident
about their financial circumstances. They will pay for
premium products but only if the quality benefits are real
and obvious. Where a standard product will suffice this is
what they will choose, and where they will seek to balance
any expenditure on luxury items.
Innovate Australian Bakels
Innovate NZ Bakels
Innovate Irish Bakels
Innovate Bakels Chile
• As your ingredients supplier we are committed to developing ingredients and finished product concepts which are
truly premium – now is not the time to cut back on the
amount of chocolate or other ingredients which enhance a
products’ luxury status!
Innovate Bakels Peru
Innovate Bakels Ecuador
Innovate Bakels Brazil
• We are also committed to continuously seeking to improve
the «cost in use» of our ingredients. This can mean a
higher cost per kilo but, through lower usage rates,
reduced total recipe costs. Accurate costing of finished
products is essential today and Bakels representatives can
help you with this if required.
The Bakels World
• Consumers purchasing decisions are being increasingly
influenced by environmental and ethical factors. These
influences will become stronger as consumers become less
concerned about economic issues and we will manage our
operations accordingly.
• Health issues, and in particular obesity, are becoming
more important to consumers and governments who are
increasingly issuing new guidelines or making new legislation in this area.
• All our companies are offering products which are healthy
options such as multiseed or high fibre breads. We are also
taking steps to reduce salt, fat, sugar and, where practical,
You will find in the following pages examples of where
Bakels is working to meet the consumer demands for a
quality, value, health and care for the environment. We
trust this is of interest and value as it is our intension to
«continue to serve».
As always we thank you for your time to read Bakels News.
Armin Ulrich
Published by EMU AG, Switzerland
Printed in Switzerland
The Keyhole Label – the Healthy Alternative
«The Swedish Food Administration’s keyhole symbol is there to help consumers
identify the healthier options when buying food or eating out. Foods labelled with the
keyhole symbol are leaner and contain less sugar and salt and more fibre than food
products of the same type not carrying the symbol. Bread carrying the keyhole symbol
must have higher fibre content than bread not eligible for the symbol, and may only
contain limited amounts of fat and salt.
By choosing foods with the keyhole symbol it is easier for consumers to improve their
diet, which can lead to better health now and in the future.»
Source: (Swedish national food administration)
Nordbakels have several bread mixes labelled with the keyhole symbol. Examples of
keyhole labelled products are: Rye and Sour Bread Base, Jogga Bread, Oat Bread
and Muesli Bread.
Trans and Hydrogenated Fat – a Worldwide Matter
Trans and hydrogenated fat is formed when liquid vegetable oils are «hardened». Like
saturated fat, trans fat can raise levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood and
reduces the levels of the good HDL cholesterol. This in turn may increase the risk of
cardiovascular disease.
In Sweden the debate on trans and
hydrogenated fat is continuously featured
in the media. More and more consumers
are aware of what kind of fat products
contain, and prefer those without trans
and hydrogenated fat. This also applies in
other countries, for example in Denmark
where food legalisation only allows fat in
food to contain maximum 2% trans fat on
total fat.
Bakels News – No 149 / 2009
NH and KRAV Ranges
An increasing number of Nordbakels products are named NH
(non hydrogenated). This means that the product does not
contain hydrogenated or trans fat. Nordbakels will continue to
increase its range of NH and transfat free products, to offer our
customers the choice of bakery goods without trans and hydrogenated fat.
Products and their application which are already available
• For wheat based sweet fermented
bread and cakes Nordbakels offers
Novex or Vetea margarine.
• For flavouring Nordbakels offers the
remonces Bakels Cinnamon remonce,
Cinnamon remonce coarse, Säter
remonce, Vanilla remonce and Lyxremons with the wonderful butter flavour.
• For those of our customers who produce delicious Danish
pastries, Nordbakels can offer the pastry margarine Bakels
Karité Gold NH, which is free from trans and hydrogenated
fat. Cheesecake is very popular in many countries, and therefore Nordbakels offers Bakels Biscuit Crumb without transfat
and hydrogenated fat. Other popular mixes for trans fat free
pastry are Vanilla Muffin KRAV, Gingerbread and Tosca.
Nordbakels also have an NH range of truffles and non temp
products. NH Truffles come in the flavours of caramel, vanilla
(white), dark chocolate, and nut. The NH Non Temp Chocolate
products are; dark, light and white non temp.
Our KRAV certified range of organic products is constantly
under development. All products labelled with KRAV are also
without trans and hydrogenated fat. In Bakels News No. 147
you can read more about these products.
Sponsoring for a Better Society
By advertising in magazines and donating
money Nordbakels supports voluntary work
against drugs and narcotics in Sweden.
Nordbakels also supports disability sport in
In both these areas, in different ways, very
important work is done. It feels important to
somehow be involved in creating a better
British Bakels
Cost Conscious Customers
Whilst price has always been a consideration, consumers are
more than ever seeking ways to strike a balance between value
for money and the occasional indulgent treat.
To assist bakers in adapting their range, both to differentiate
traditional products and capitalise on impulse purchases, British
Bakels have focused on developing innovative and cost
effective products, without compromising on quality.
Millionaires Caramel
This ready to use caramel filling is the
ultimate in indulgence, being true caramel
with a superb flavour and texture.
Originally developed for the production of
caramel, or «Millionaires» shortbread,
consisting of a shortbread base, caramel
centre and topped with chocolate, we
now have many product concepts where
the use of Millionaires Caramel allows
the production of truly premium products.
Ask your Bakels representative, contact Customer Services on
01869 356400 or visit our website – for more
details of the products which can be produced from Millionaires Caramel.
One the subject of indulgence, why not go one step further and
use Bakels Banoffee Toffee Sauce to provide a calorie laden
but truly irresistible Banoffee pie!
Cinnamon Swirls
How do you follow the success of Hot Cross Buns? - Freshly
Baked Cinnamon Buns of course! Bakels have put together the
complete package for the manufacture of this traditional
favourite, including the filling and a mouth watering cream
cheese topping.
Clean Label Bundo Paste Concentrate, to which flour, yeast
and water are added, is used at a level of 25% producing soft
eating buns with excellent volume and fresh keeping.
Cinnamon Filling is simply prepared with cold water. It is easy
to spread onto the prepared dough, is also suitable as a luxury
filling for Danish pastries or for tear and share buns when
blended with chopped nuts and fruit.
Cream Cheese Topping completes the trio. Ready to use – just
warm and apply. This light eating topping, incorporating
powdered crème fresh, has a smooth texture and subtle flavour
which enhances the eating pleasure of the cinnamon bun.
In addition to topping buns, Cream Cheese Topping is also
ideal for topping and filling of carrot or passion cakes.
As serving alternatives, mini buns are great tasty treats for kid´s
school lunches or packed in fours as pick-ups on the way to the
Bakels News – No 149 / 2009
British Bakels
Quality Without Compromise
Deluxe Chocolate Crème Cake and
Premium Muffin are two highly concentrated mixes which, for maximum cost in
use savings, contain only the fully
functional ingredients, allowing the baker
to add their own flour, sugar, egg, oil and
Both mixes have been developed with natural flavours and with
minimum E numbers, to produce top quality cakes and muffins
without compromising on the eating quality of the finished
With the addition of fruits, nuts and chocolate chips, an
extensive variety of premium but cost effective products can be
produced from these mixes.
Low Usage – Low Cost
Premium Roll Concentrate Powder and
Baktem Super Roll Concentrate Paste
have been specifically developed with a
low usage rate of only 5%, for the
economical production of a wide range of
top quality and consistent soft rolls,
hamburger baps and finger rolls.
They both provide premium quality, high
volume, soft and short eating rolls,
including wholemeal, with excellent fresh
keeping qualities and cost in use savings
for the baker.
South Bakels
Royalty Cake Mix
Bakels Royalty Choc Cake Mix is a
general purpose cake mix requiring only
the addition of eggs and water to produce
a rich, soft chocolate cake which has a
wonderful sweet, full chocolate aroma.
Clear Ovalett
Bakels Clear Ovalett is a colour and
preservative free cake and sponge
emulsifier, which is ideal for those customers looking for a «clean» emulsifier. Clear
Ovalett is a stabilised, active gel form of
emulsifier which promotes stable batters
and fine, even textured cell structures.
Bakels News – No 149 / 2009
South Bakels
Super Excel
Bakels Super Excel 4% bread premix will produce a superior
soft bread with excellent shelf life.
This bread premix will reduce a traditional 5% premix use by
20%, thereby reducing the cost per loaf of bread to those
customers who purchase this product.
Country Health Mix
Bakels Country Health Mix is a complete mix, requiring only the addition of
yeast and water to produce bread, rolls
and batons rich in phytoestrogens,
compounds occurring naturally in plants.
Phytoestrogens have been linked to human health benefits as they are structurally and
functionally similar to the human hormone oestrogen. Two of the main sources of
phytoestrogens are linseed and soya and Bakels Country Health Mix is rich in both.
Golf Day
South Bakels held its Golf Day on 11 June at
Glenvista Golf Club in Johannesburg.
This annual event gives an opportunity for
suppliers, customers and South Bakels staff to
mix and get to know one another better.
Everyone had a wonderful day and enjoyed
themselves. A big thank you to Heidi and her
team for organising another incredible Golf
Australian Bakels
Bakels Custard Tart Mix
Custard tarts have long been a «favourite» in the Australian market. Recent
changes to Bakels Custard Tart Mix,
using the latest technology and costeffective functional ingredients have
enhanced the colour, texture, flavour and
shelf-life producing an exceptional
mouth-watering custard tart with a
traditional «domed» finish.
Bakels Kramess Vanilla Slice Mix
Bakels Kramess Vanilla Slice Mix is considered the market
leader in producing high quality vanilla slices. Recent formulation changes have enhanced the superior cook-up custard
which produces a «French-style» vanilla slice at no increase in
cost and no change to make-up procedure.
Multi-Purpose Sponge Mix
Multi-Purpose sponge has also received
the benefits of the latest technology and
cost-effective functional ingredients with
an increase in yield and enhanced
performance which ultimately produces a
high quality sponge and can be used in
rounds, sheets, sponge kisses and
Welcome to Australian Bakels
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ron Busin to the
position of chief financial officer of Australian Bakels.
Ron, who has a degree in commerce and is a CPA member, brings a
wealth of knowledge and experience to the role for Australian Bakels.
He has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing
industry within both the finance and supply chain areas. He has
worked in various industries including food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals & the chemical industry.
We wish Ron every success in his new position.
Bakels News – No 149 / 2009
Australian Bakels
Consumers worldwide are looking for
variety in their diets and bread provides
the ideal vehicle to offer «something
Low GI Multiseed Bread
Independently verified as «Low GI» by a
leading Australian university, this bread
mix is not only healthy for you but tastes
great too. Originally developed and
launched by Bakels in Europe, this
complete premix is now available in
Bakels Omega 3 Shortening
With the global consumer focus on health
& well-being, Bakels have recently
introduced Bakels Omega 3 Shortening.
Bakels Omega Shortening contains the
required level of «fish oil», enabling the
baker to claim «good source of Omega 3».
Bakels Omega 3 Shortening is used at 1%
on flour weight for bread products. It is an
economical way of delivering the essential
nutrient «Omega 3», producing a clean,
palatable taste, good volume and texture.
Omega 3 has many clinically-proven
health benefits and would be a positive
addition to your bread range.
NZ Bakels
Bakels Deposited Bread Range
Based on the traditional techniques employed by bakers of
yesteryear, Bakels Deposited Bread captures the best that
nature provides with a dynamic range of concentrates containing specially selected ingredients. The result is a moist, versatile
loaf to enhance the natural image of your bread range.
This range of concentrates includes nutritiously rich soy &
linseed, delicious harvested sunflower & pumpkin seed and
subtle wholegrain & rye concentrates.
Since the range was launched in early
June the feedback in the market has
been exceptional with a number of
bakeries now displaying the full range as
part of their total fresh bread offering.
Recipe and finishing ideas are available
from your local bakery advisor or by
calling 0800 BAKELS.
Bakels Deposited Bread range is a
traditional bread range to excite, delight
and ignite your sales!
Bakels News – No 149 / 2009
NZ Bakels
Introducing Bakels Gluten Free Health Multiseed Bread Mix
A delicious blend of linseed, sesame,
sunflower and pumpkin seeds ensure a
tender, moist textured bread. Specifically
formulated to ensure that those who
require or choose a gluten free diet can
enjoy freshly baked multiseed breads.
Feedback, in terms of grain and multiseed breads, showed us there was a real
need for further product offers. Bakels
Gluten Free Health Multiseed Bread
Mix was developed in consultation with
members of the New Zealand Coeliac
Multiseed Bread Mix is a welcome
addition to the Bakels range of Gluten
Free Health products, which has enjoyed
tremendous support since its release in
Endorsed by the New Zealand Coeliac
Society, the Bakels Gluten Free Health
range can be used to create an extensive
range of baked goods. It is gluten free
baking without compromising the taste of
traditional wheat based goods.
Bakels Gluten Free Health – free of
gluten, full of taste.
Bakels La Pomme Apple
We are proud to announce the inclusion
of La Pomme Apple to complement our
current range of premium fruit fillings. The
apples in La Pomme Apple are selected
on the basis of their premium quality,
taste and bake stability, colour and shape
retention. Use the whole fruit preparation
as a pie filling and decoration of pastries,
ice-cream, mousse and flans. Recipe
ideas depicted include French apple tart,
apple streusel and classic bran apple
For further recipe ideas or to place your
order contact your local bakery advisor
today on 0800 BAKELS or email [email protected]
Irish Bakels
Super Low Usage Bread Improvers
With the current difficult economic conditions affecting all areas
of our industry Irish Bakels in an effort to take out costs have
launched two new low usage bread improvers based on existing
products. This has been achieved by combining all the functional ingredients together in a more concentrated format thus
reducing the usage levels by half but more significantly without
compromising quality or performance.
Usage Rates
Existing Products Low Usage Versions
Veritex Universal IB
1 to 2% usage
Super Veritex
0.5 to 1% usage
Supertex Universal
1 to 2% usage
Super Supertex
0.5 to 1% usage
Benefits of Super Veritex and Super
• Reduce costs
• Low usage rate
• Carbon footprint – less packaging/
• Minimises stock holding
• Quality not compromised
• Water absorption maintained
Bakels News – No 149 / 2009
Bakels Chile
Bakels Chile have introduced three new
products developed to deliver health,
convenience or cost reduction benefits.
Pan Amasado
This traditional country bread cannot be
described as being «healthy»! Containing
pork fat and pieces of fried pork meat it is
high in calories
and cholesterol.
Bakels Chile have
developed a bread
containing small
amounts of
vegetable shortening and bacon
flavoured soy
protein pieces.
This has produced
a product with all
of the traditional taste, but without the
saturated fat and cholesterol, associated
with traditional Pan Amasado.
Also called «Medias Lunas» this traditional Argentinean croissant, which is very
popular in Chile in cafes, convenience
stores and gas stations, has until now
only been available as a frozen product
imported from
Bakels Chile have
developed a
Facturas Concentrate that allows
the Chilean baker
to produce
Facturas locally
and conveniently.
Value Masterfat
Value Masterfat is an emulsified bread
fat which performs and tastes like
traditional shortening but has a much
lower price, allowing the baker to achieve
a cost saving.
Bakels Peru
Ovalett Superior
We hope that the recently launched Ovalett Superior will enjoy
some success of the kind demonstrated by two of its first
customers who are profiled below. Both customers are based in
Villa El Salvador which has grown from just 80 families in 1971
to now being one of the most important districts of Lima.
Again we hope that Ovalett Superior will follow this example of
Las Delicias
Raúl Peña was 16 when the owner of a
bakery saw him decorating a birthday
cake. She offered him a job as a cake
decorator and ten years later he left to
start his own business.
In 1983 he opened his first bakery shop
selling products under the trademark Las
Delicias. Today his company consists of
15 bakery shops producing 7.000 pro-​
ducts daily.
Quoting Mr Raúl Peña: «Thanks to its
innovation Bakels is a partner in the development of my business, as I understand it
is for the vast majority of Peruvian bakers.
Just as we have had good experience of
Bakels creams and premixes, we are sure
that Ovalett Superior will be successful.»
Hernan Tomayquispe
10 years ago, with the assistance of his
brothers, Hernan bought his first oven
and mixer, left his job as a baker and
started producing his own products
under the trademark «la Favorita de
Tomayquispe». This range, which
consists mainly of the traditional sweet
bread «Chancay» and other local pastry
styles, is distributed in the South of Lima
and North of Ica.
Hernan Tomayquispe, on first using
Ovalett Superior commented «I can
safely say that I observed increased
softness and volume in my sponges».
Bakels News – No 149 / 2009
Bakels Ecuador
Panilisto Pan Integral
Bakels Ecuador, to meet the growing
demands for healthy high fibre products,
has launched a ready to use (RTU)
wholegrain premix, Panilisto Para Pan
Panilisto Pan Integral has been added to
our Panilisto line of products. These
mixes require only the addition of water
and yeast to produce a high quality
consistent product.
Including fat in the RTU premix became the main obstacle
during the R&D process. It is essential that the mix will not go
rancid for at least six months, even in a tropical climate.
Another goal was to offer a final product with the softness and
flavour profile expected by the Ecuadorean market. After
extensive research, testing and collaborative work with our
suppliers we have achieved our goal.
The main benefits of Panilisto Pan
Integral are:
• Easy to use producing high quality
constant results.
• Yeast and water are the only other ingredients needed making planning and
inventory control simple.
• Produces a healthy bread with excellent eating properties, flavour and
Panalisto Pan Integral was launched
with a trade marketing campaign focused
on raising awareness of the health
benefits of eating wholegrain. These
include improved digestive health and
assistance in the management, or
avoidance, of type 2 diabetes.
Bakels Brazil
Launch of New Products
at Fipan
The Brazilian Bakery Fair, Fipan, was held
on 21 to 24 July 2009 in São Paulo. This
was the first occasion Bakels Brazil
exhibited and they used it to launch four
new products.
Minus White Fibers Bread
Minus White Fibers Bread gives the
consumer the best of both worlds – a
healthy fibre containing bread with the
texture and characteristics of traditional
white bread
Pastryfill Fruit Fillings
Prefácil Muffin
Prefácil Cheesecake
Pastryfill Fruit Fillings bring real fruit
flavours and tastes to pastry products.
They are bake and freeze thaw stable.
Pastryfill fillings are available in strawberry, passion fruit, raspberry and mango
Prefácil Muffin Mix allows the baker to
produce classic muffins and also small
cakes and similar products. For a touch
of luxury Pastryfill Fruit Fillings can also
be included with this mix.
Prefácil Cheesecake can be used for
the preparation of baked or chilled
cheesecakes. Easy to use, it produces
sophisticated products with a delicate
taste. These can be topped with Pastryfill Fruit Fillings or Diamond Glaze.
Recheio de Framboesa,
Maracujá, Morango e Manga
Produzidos na Bélgica, com tecnologia testada e aprovada
podem ser misturados a creme confeiteiro, chantilly, entre
outros. Forneável. Nos sabores: Manga, Maracujá, Framboesa
e Morango.
0800 707 2877
São Paulo
Rua Alencar Araripe, 764 - Sacomã
04253-000 • São Paulo • SP
BAKELS - Confeitaria
- Solução para preparo de muffins, mini bolos entre
outros com diferentes tipos de recheios e coberturas.
- Fácil e rápido de preparar.
- Textura macia e úmida.
- Sabor agradável e leve, que permite agregar outros
- Padronização da qualidade do produto final.
nos mais exigentes mercados europeus. Prontos para uso,
Caixa com 10 pacotes com 1kg.
realçam o sabor da fruta nas preparações de confeitaria.
Mistura para a elaboração de muffins, mini bolos e outros.
agradável. Pode ser usado com receita simples ou
combinado aos mais diversos recheios e coberturas.
A Bakels sugere os recheios de frutas Pastryfill e as
26/3/2009, 10:23
0800 707 2877
Dosagem recomendada:
Conforme receita utilizada.
coberturas Dark Truffle e White Truffle.
Dosagem recomendada:
1kg de Prefácil Muffin para rendimento
de 35 unidades de 50g.
Rio de Janeiro
Rua do Trigo, 92 - Penha
21011-690 • Rio de Janeiro • RJ
- Solução para o preparo do Cheesecake artesanal.
- Leveza e cremosidade de uma torta cheesecake.
- Sabor suave característico de queijo.
- Pode ser coberto com geléias, coberturas e outros.
Receita clássica, com massa leve e macia, aroma suave e
São Paulo
Rua Alencar Araripe, 764 - Sacomã
04253-000 • São Paulo • SP
O sabor clássico em versão moderna.
Mistura para o preparo de cheesecake forneado ou a frio,
com o suave sabor de uma das mais apreciadas receitas
da confeitaria mundial. Um produto de preparo simples
com sabor balanceado. Ideal para ser complementado por
uma linha de recheios, coberturas e geleias de brilho com
a qualidade Bakels.
Rio de Janeiro
Rua do Trigo, 92 - Penha
21011-690 • Rio de Janeiro • RJ
0800 707 2877
São Paulo
Rua Alencar Araripe, 764 - Sacomã
04253-000 • São Paulo • SP
Rio de Janeiro
Rua do Trigo, 92 - Penha
21011-690 • Rio de Janeiro • RJ
BAKELS - Confeitaria
BAKELS - Confeitaria
Caixa com 8 pacotes com 1kg.
Um clássico mundial agora no Brasil.
Foto ilustrativa
Foto ilustrativa
Recheios concentrados, com 25% da própria fruta. Mantém e
Dosagem recomendada:
Pronta para o uso.
Foto ilustrativa
- Balde de 5kg.
- Já está pronto para o uso.
- Recheios concentrados, com 25% de fruta.
- Pode ser misturado a creme de confeiteiro,
chantilly, entre outros.
- Forneável.
- Com alto sabor da fruta.
- Apresenta-se nas versões manga, maracujá,
framboesa e morango.
Prefácil Cheesecake
Prefácil Muffin
1/6/2009, 08:51
3/6/2009, 08:18
Bakels News – No 149 / 2009
Running our operations in this sustainable way, which means both using less nonrenewable resources and minimising our impact on the planet, has become increasingly important for all the Bakels manufacturing companies.
© Kurt Müller
We have been investing both time and money in reducing energy and water consumption and the reduction of any waste, but particularly that which cannot be recycled.
Below are some examples for the initiatives which have been taken.
In many of our factories water consumption, and the quality of
effluent we produce, are more important issues than energy
consumption or the reduction of other forms of waste.
Significant sums have been invested in our largest and therefore
most energy consuming factories to make their production
processes more efficient.
• British Bakels, Australian Bakels, NZ Bakels and Bakels China
have all upgraded their effluent treatment plants and now
separate out vegetable oil and solid material for recovery or
• British Bakels have reduced gas consumption by 13%
through improved boiler efficiency.
• South Bakels are trialling the use of microorganisms in water
treatment and the cleaning of drains, fat traps and floors. If
successful the result will be a natural replacement for treatment or cleaning chemicals.
• Australian Bakels have been working to reduce the water
they consume for 5 years. Today, by capturing rain water and
using it for cooling and wash downs, they have reduced total
consumption by 40%.
• British Bakels instigated a water usage reduction programme
in 2008. The result, achieved by amongst other things, greater
use in cleaning of water recovered from other processes, was
a reduction in clean water usage of 11% – 3.000.000 litres in
• New Zealand Bakels have taken part in a pilot project in
conjunction with New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and
Conservation Authority. One initiative, to reduce the energy
used in lighting, has reduced NZ Bakels carbon footprint by
38 tonnes of CO2 per annum.
• Australian Bakels, in a similar exercise, identified that modifying the way they operated their freezers reduced energy
consumption by 12%, equivalent to 250 tonnes of CO2 per
• South Bakels have gone even further – by replacing sections
of roof with translucent material they have removed the need
for artificial lighting in some areas altogether!
All of our factories have started to segregate waste streams so
that material suitable for recycling is recovered. More importantly we are working to ensure that all the packaging we are
putting into the system can itself be recycled.
The Bakels Group is committed to being an environmentally
sensitive manufacturer of quality baking ingredients.
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