Nybro glasbruk



Nybro glasbruk
Yes, indeed, the Kingdom
of Crystal is still here!
That’s the answer to the question that has been put to us rather often
since the autumn of 2012, when Orrefors Kosta Boda decided to stop
producing glass in the Orrefors and Åfors localities. The media frequently
have given the impression that Småland’s last blowing room had closed.
Nothing could be further from the truth! The Kingdom of Crystal is
absolutely alive and well. There are multitudes of glassworks where
production is in full swing, new blowing rooms are opening and young
glassblowers and artists are breaking new ground.
The Kingdom of Crystal offers unique experiences: visits to everything
from classic glassworks to smaller studio glassworks, hand-on activities,
guided tours of glassworks, hyttsill (hot-shop herring), shopping at
outlet prices and lots of activities in Småland’s natural surroundings.
And Kosta Boda Art Hotel extends unique lodging opportunities.
The Orrefors brand lives on. As does its line of products. You can still
buy well-known Orrefors glassware such as the Intermezzo, Divine and
Nobel series. The difference is that the handblown glass now is made at
Kosta instead. At Orrefors the Royal Design interior furnishings company
has moved into the old glassworks, and a design outlet is planned for the
summer. In the neighbouring town you will find Målerås Glassworks,
Sweden’s largest privately owned glassworks, and all around the Kingdom
of Crystal there are hot glass furnaces in operation at dozens of places.
We bid you a warm welcome to experience the vibrant, glowing
Kingdom of Crystal!
Co nte nts
Ludvig Löfgren
The rebel who creates audacious
art glass for Målerås Glassworks.
The glass
Find glassworks all around the Kingdom
of Crystal. In several of them you yourself
can become glassblower for a day.
Culture & Design
Attractions such as circus shows and
the only handmade paper mill in the
Nordic region.
Nature & Family
Fish, paddle, cycle, ride a zip line and
meet an elk – the Kingdom of Crystal’s
forests are full of adventure.
A festive hot-shop herring meal in
the spirit of the vagabonds: warm,
congenial and delicious.
Stine Breum Appelqvist
The good life
acting managing director
Stay in a glass artwork, enjoy good food
and shopping in everything from large
outlets to small country shops.
A day trip away
Within easy distance of the Kingdom
of Crystal, many exciting experiences
await you.
Your guide to the glassworks
18 TR A N SJ Ö H YTTA // Imaginative art glass
25 S E A G L AS BRU K // Function and form
19 O R R EF O R S BR U K S O M RÅ D E // Crystal-clear elegance
26 BE RG DAL A G L AS BRU K // Tradition and the future
20 KO STA G L A SBR U K // World-renowned imagination
27 JF S JO H AN S F O RS // A passion for glass and rum
22 M I C K E J O H A N S K ON S T G L A S // The master takes glass into his own hands
28 MÅL E RÅS G L AS BRU K // Hundred percent craftsmanship
23 P U KE BE R G S G LA S B RU K // Focusing on colour
30 BO DA // Living museum and artistic blowing room
24 N Y BR O G L A SBRU K // Hand-painted favourites
31 S KRU F S G L AS BRU K // Swedish Glass – Crystal Clear
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Rebel in an idyll
He creates audacious art glass that will usher the Kingdom of Crystal
into the future. He is a rebel with roots in Småland craftsmanship.
Meet Målerås’ new designer, Ludvig Löfgren.
4 The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
you are out there in the blowing room,
you have to have a plan for the various
stages. Glass is a quick material. You have
to stay with it and be open to what
happens during the process.
”Even if I am going to blow two similar
objects, I can’t do it in exactly the same
way. A competent glassblower knows the
art of compensating for the variability of
the molten glass. It calls for experience,
and therefore it takes a long time to
become good at it.”
There have been gloomy headlines
about crises and closures of glassworks in
recent years. But Ludvig is convinced that
there is a future for glass production in
”In society at large the prevailing trend
is for people to seek out what is genuine,
apart from mass production. We see it with
respect to furniture and food. That is behind
an upswing for craftsmanship in general.”
There is a place in this trend for glass
”As far as I’m concerned, the decisive
factor is that glass is made on the premises
here in Småland. Our strength is the
vicinity. The idea is born, the object takes
shape and then it is made – everything
happens here in Målerås. The creator
is always close to production. That is
a success factor for us.”
Ludvig maintains that this is also
more sustainable from a socio-economic
”Certainly our glass is somewhat
costly. Young people in particular might
think that it’s expensive. But I believe that
if you have to save up a little in order to
buy something, then you won’t become
tired of it. It becomes more valuable in
your eyes.”
Traditionally glass is something that
older people buy.
”What art glass needs to do now is to
get a younger audience to discover glass.
It should be something that you choose
yourself, not just what you get from your
parents as something that ’you should
have when you grow up’. We need to find
new sales outlets and other contexts than
those where you usually see glass.”
Skulls in top hats, cobras, apes and
a tattoo machine of glass. Ludvig goes
straight to the point in his art.
”I want to achieve directness in my
works. Many customers speak up and let us
know where they have placed their things.
Some have even named them – they
become characters in the home. It is cool to
have contact like that, that people create
their own relationship to the article.”
Sometimes he gets ideas and influences
from fashion, rebuilt cars and tattoos.
”Other types of handicraft inspire me.
I don’t look at glass products very much.
On the other hand, I think different glass
techniques are stimulating. Inspiration
is an on-going process. It’s hard to say
exactly how an idea crops up.”
Music plays a big role in Ludvig’s
”I listen to a lot of sludge stone rock,
a musical genre with roots in hard rock of
the 1970s with bands like Black Sabbath.”
Being a designer at a glassworks does
not mean total artistic freedom, however.
”One aspect that I think is interesting
is to butt up against what is commercial.
It doesn’t work to simply make things.
Somebody must like them and want to
buy them, too. I like that challenge.”
Ludvig’s first collection for Målerås
is being launched in 2014.
”There will be a lot of blown glass;
that’s my thing, of course. But I will also
do some casting because that’s a specialty
of Målerås. We’re the only glassworks that
casts its own iron moulds. That gives me
an opportunity to be spontaneous and
to try out ideas.”
Born: 1972
Home: Månsamåla
Family: glass artist Åsa Jungnelius and two sons
Education: A number of different painting
schools, Orrefors and Kosta glass schools,
Pilchuck Glass School, U.S., University College
of Arts, Crafts and Design. Formerly designer
at Kosta Boda, since 2013 associated with
Mats Jonasson Målerås
Tattoo machine in glass for Kosta Boda
We pass through the warm blowing room and foundry, past the plaster workshop with its cloud of dust.
We continue past a room with photo
equipment for product pictures, climb
a staircase and then reach the studio
where Ludvig Löfgren hangs out. Some
sketches on the table, a pair of vases with
the new collection’s bird motif on a shelf.
The lanky man with a long ponytail
under his cap is one of the brightest
shining stars in Swedish glass art. After
a stay at art school to paint, glass became
his medium of expression.
”It’s a special material: at first fluid
and hot, then congealing and become
transparent and hard as a rock. Glass is
always putting up resistance; it lives.”
Ludvig Löfgren grew up in the
glassworks area of Skruv and trained as
a glassblower at an early age. Most artists
who work with glass do not blow glass
”For me, it is an advantage. I can relax
because I know how glass behaves. When
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
Around the Kingdom of Crystal
Blowing room
guided tours
Twelve glassworks await you all around the Kingdom of Crystal.
All with their own individuality and distinctive characteristics. You will find
everything here from small one-man blowing rooms to large enterprises.
You’re welcome to discover the kingdom of glass craftsmanship!
Visitors always are welcome to look
into the blowing room and see our glassblowers at work. If you want to learn more, we
recommend a guided tour. Then you get to know
more about how glass production is carried out
and about the cutting and painting of glass.
Intimate works setting
with red buildings. The
classic Blå Kant (Blue Rim)
series side by side with
groundbreaking glass art.
Brilliantly coloured
glass to give away
as a gift – to yourself
or someone else.
Modern design and
shopping at Sweden’s
oldest glassworks,
founded in 1742!
Blown and cast glass
with high artistic
aspirations. All made
on the premises.
Idyllic blowing room
by the Lyckeby River.
Art glass in small
editions sold only here.
Classic crystal,
master of blasting
and cutting.
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Try your hand
at blowing glass and
bring a masterpiece
home with you!
Guided tours are offered at Kosta Glassworks,
Målerås Glassworks, Bergdala Glassworks
and in Boda
Read more on page 19
Read more on page 26
Glassblower for a day
19 miles
Skrufs glasbruk
Bergdala glasbruk
17 miles
Mickejohans konstglas
Kosta glasbruk
11 miles
Boda glasbruk
Transjö hytta
14.5 miles
Nybro glasbruk
JFS Johansfors
17 miles
Orrefors bruksområde
SEA glasbruk
16.5 miles
Pukebergs glasbruk
Målerås glasbruk
Family-owned glassworks. Little Skruf
makes stylistically
pure wine glasses
and decanters.
Multifaceted glassworks specialising
in cast glass, drinking
glasses and rum
Read more on page 31
Read more on page 27
Artistic studio
glassworks, in the
middle of The Glass
Factory interactive
Read more on page 30
In a blowing room
of his own on his farm,
the master blows
world-class art glass.
Read more on page 22
Brightly coloured
everyday glass
hand-painted on site.
Shop with bargains.
Majestic glassworks
setting with old brick
buildings. Colourful
glass with a twinkle
in the eye.
Read more on page 24
Read more on page 23
In many Kingdom of Crystal blowing rooms you can watch skilled
glassblowers in action. Are you curious about how arduous it actually
is to work with the blowpipe? How much ingenuity is required to
shape the red-hot molten glass into an object? Try it yourself!
As a glassblower for a day, you can
make a traditional handicraft. Accompanied by our glassblowers, you will learn
to shape molten glass at a temperature
of more than 1,000 degrees C. with a
scoop and newspaper. You will blow
into the blowpipe and ”force out” the
master-piece-in-the-making. You may
also handle the shears, the tool that
glassblowers use most. Maybe the result
will be a little slanted and askew, but
you’ve done it all by yourself and can
place the vase or bowl on a shelf at
home with pride.
Most people who try glassblowing want
to do it again. We often hear: ”This was
fun. I want to blow some more.” Blowing
glass is warm and sweaty work. It calls for
concentration and unleashes your creative
zest and creativity. And it doesn’t require
much effort at all to blow; you just
must not inhale.
In the Kingdom of Crystal there
are many ways to try glassblowing.
You can hire a glassblower and make
your designer dreams a reality over the
course of a day or try to blow a crystal
bowl of your own. You can also design
a glass piece, bring along a sketch to
Mickejohans Konstglas and have it
blown by master glassblower Micke
Johansson. In case you want to delve
deeper into glass craftsmanship, there
are courses that last several days.
Glassblowing is a perfect activity
to engage in with family, a gang of
buddies or colleagues!
Give glassblowing activities a try at Målerås Glassworks, Skruf Glassworks, Kosta Glass Centre and Mickejohans Konstglas.
Reservations at glasriket.se or +46 (0)481-452 15
30 multifaceted years
at Gullaskruv
During his years as a glass designer,
Carlos R Pebaqué has worked with many
different techniques. He began with glass
cutting, engraving and blasting. After
attending the National School of Glass in
Orrefors, where he learned hot glass production,
he developed his own technique for art glass:
the Cara technique. Carlos’ glass can be
found throughout the world, and in 2014 he
celebrates his 30th anniversary at Gullaskruv.
Glass Art
vernissage weekend
On the last weekend
in April, the Kingdom of
Crystal stages its grand
vernissage weekend.
Then you can watch
glassblowing in severals
blowing rooms and glassworks. New
exhibitions open, and there are glass
shows, hot-shop herring and do-it-yourself
activities. Museums and galleries also have
activities and exhibitions. April 25-27.
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
K U LT U R & D E S I G N
The Emigrant Trail
Wilhelm Moberg, one of Sweden’s
Circus in the
blowing room
At a Circus Glass Royale performance, circus, music
and glassblowing come together – in the blowing room!
Circus Glass Royale represents groundbreaking shows in the industrial setting of
the glassworks. The ensemble has attracted
international attention and made guest appearances throughout Europe.
In the Kingdom of Crystal they show up in several
places with activities and art events. Some of the activities
are interactive – at times the audience becomes part of
the show!
Circus Glass Royale also presents concerts, exhibitions,
films and talks. The company offers courses for children and
young people covering the circus, art teaching and learning
and music. The programme features jugglers, tightrope
walkers, acrobatics, do-it-yourself glass art and much more!
Circus Glass Royale also conducts workshops on glassblowing,
art glass and circuses for private individuals and companies.
Handmade paper in Lessebo
greatest authors, was born in the village
of Moshultsmåla in 1898. Fifty years later
he published the first part of his epic,
The Emigrants, about the Småland
emigrant couple, Karl Oskar and Kristina,
who set out for the Promised Land in the
west – America. A 110-kilometer hiking
and biking trail takes you through the
district where Karl Oskar and Kristina
grew up. utvandrarleden.se
A pen gliding over a large sheet of paper imparts a luxurious sensation.
Writing on handmade paper is something special. In Lessebo you will
find one of the last works that makes this unique paper.
Stepping through the heavy wooden
doorway to the Lessebo Handmade
Paper Mill (Handpappersbruk) is like
striding 100 years back in time. The
lovely premises with their high ceilings
and stone walls date back to 1898. Belts
and cranks power the old machines.
”Our newest machine is the drier. It’s
from 1920. There are no spare parts to
buy for the machines, so we have to call
a blacksmith if we need a replacement,”
explains Louise Ivarsson, who owns and
operates the works.
People have made paper by hand here
since 1693. Today Lessebo is the last
commercial handmade paper mill in
the Nordic region.
”We are a living cultural heritage.
Making paper by hand requires fingertip
tactility. Our paper makers are experienced
and have worked here for a long time.”
The guided tour begins with the history
surrounding the works and Lessebo. Then
you get to follow the process by which a
sheet of paper comes into being. Cotton
and linen are ground down with water in
a pulping machine known as a hollander
beater. Starch is added and the paper pulp
is ready. The paper maker then forms one
sheet after another. They are compressed
on a woollen blanket, and the water is
forced out. Then the paper is dried and
calendered. Finally, every sheet is checked
manually. A waffle with homemade jam
in the works’ café concludes the tour.
In the paper mill’s shop you can make
purchases at attractive prices. It sells
writing and watercolour paper, envelopes
and small notebooks as well as accessories
such as sealing wax, seal stamps and pens.
The works area, which also contains the
Lessebo Bruk’s mechanical paper manufacturing plant, encompasses many attractive
cultural buildings. One of them houses
the Lessebo Local Folklore Museum.
”We want to have a lot happening in
our premises,” says Louise. ”Among other
things, we have had an art exhibition
in cooperation with the Lessebo Artists
Association and courses in watercolour
The Lessebo Handmade Paper Mill
is open Monday through Friday June
1-August 31.
Design in
the Kingdom
of Crystal
In the Kingdom of Crystal creativity
permeates all areas; artists and designers
create furniture, lamps, art metal work,
leather goods and much more. The Design
in the Kingdom of Crystal event staged
every autumn offers a multitude of activities
with a focus on design.
Summer evenings
in the blowing room
During the summer a host of delightful
activities are served up in blowing rooms
throughout the Kingdom of Crystal.
Welcome to a song recital, story night or
concert! There’s more information at
Close contact with
forest and land
Fishing in the wilderness
In Småland’s wilderness, where
forest meets lake, you’ll find Ödevata
Fishing Camp.
It offers activities year-round for
families with children as well as for
experienced sport fishermen. This is a
great place to hike, run and cycle – and
get out on the lake, of course. You can
rent boats, canoes, kayaks, bicycles and
fishing gear and buy a fishing licence.
Relax in the sauna or wood-fired hot tub.
Various types of accommodations are
available at the camp.
You walk on a path cushioned by soft pine needles, surrounded by the peacefulness and
silence of the spruce forest. The air smells of resin and wood. Farther away you glimpse
the glistening expanse of a lake. There is a clatter! Sure enough, an elk strides off.
Forests cover much of the Kingdom of
Crystal, and there are innumerable lakes.
Wherever you happen to be, tranquillity
and nature experiences are just around
the corner. You can get out into forests
and the countryside in many ways: hiking,
running or cycling on wilderness trails
and jogging tracks. On our lakes and
waterways you can paddle canoes or
kayaks and ride boats. Perhaps pause at
a beach for a swim and BBQ. In summer
and autumn the forest is full of berries
and mushrooms. Winter draws people
to jig-fish and ski or skate.
Hiking trails abound and take you out
into real wilderness if that’s what you want,
but shorter outings also provide close
contact with forest and land. In addition
to forests, on your trip you will encounter
meadowlands, picturesque red-painted
farms, cosy cafés, flea markets and farm
Cycling in the Kingdom of Crystal is
easy. You can rent a bicycle in several
places, grab a bike map and hop on the
saddle. There are no less than 19 bicycle
trails from which to choose. For both
hiking and cycling, you can book packages
with food and lodging along the way.
Another way to see the Kingdom
of Crystal is by riding an inspection
trolley on railway tracks. From Åseda
you can pedal along narrow gauge
tracks to Hultanäs. The round trip
covers 32 km and takes you far into
the Småland forest – to places roads
do not reach. There’s a good chance
that you will see some of the forest’s
wildlife. If you want to travel in
even greater comfort, then take
the old 1950s railbus, which has
a café on-board.
the challenge
- rush along above
Småland’s nature!
Book your nature experiences at glasriket.se or +46 (0)481-452 15
Treetop adventure
From the starting tower at a height of 20 metres, you can see for
kilometres across Kronoparken and the waters of Lake Änghultasjön.
You sit securely attached in a harness and take a deep breath. ”Are you
ready? Here we go!” the guide shouts. You feel butterflies in your
stomach when you are released.
The new zip line course north of Klavreström opens at the beginning of summer.
Via eleven stations made up of towers,
trees and cliff ledges, you swish along
among the treetops. You soar over pools
and ravines. At the highest point you
are 32 metres in the air and reach
a speed of 70 km an hour. When you
pause at the stations, a guide tells you
about nature in Kronoparken and
Småland wildlife. Travel by zip line is
quiet, increasing the odds of seeing elk
and roe deer – if the cries and laughter
from those of you riding are not too loud.
The zip line is suitable for everyone
from ages 7 to 80. There are two courses
with different degrees of difficulty. The
family course is shorter and takes about
an hour, while the entire course is 1,550
metres in length, making the adventure
last twice as long.
On horseback
At Hägnens Gård Icelandic horses are
waiting to take you out into the Småland
countryside. You will ride in small groups
with a guide, and make your way on small
roads, forest paths and meadows. The pace
is adapted to weather conditions and your
riding proficiency. Riding tours are suitable
for both beginners and experienced riders.
Treasure hunting
with geocaching
Geocaching is a modern form of
treasure hunting, a fun way to explore
new places. With the help of gps – in your
smartphone, for example – you look for
hidden items known as caches whose
coordinates are posted on the Internet.
In the Kingdom of Crystal there are more
than 4,000 caches. For example, one is
hidden somewhere at the Handmade
Paper Mill in Lessebo. geocaching.com
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
The Children’s
Kingdom of Crystal
Blowing glass
with children
Allow children to express their creativity
in the blowing room! Our experienced
glassblowers will help children create their
own work of art. Suitable for ages 6 and up.
The elk is Europe’s largest terrestrial
animal. It attains a shoulder height of more
than two metres, and an adult bull elk weighs
about 650 kg. Standing eye to eye with such a
big strapping fellow is a powerful experience.
There are plenty of elk in Småland forests, but
it is a little easier to see them on an elk safari
in some of our elk parks. And in the elk shops
you will find every imaginable elk souvenir:
meat, plush toys, t-shirts and more.
Kingdom of Crystal Elk Park
Grönåsens Elk Park
H O T- S H O P H E R R I N G
Most activities in the Kingdom of Crystal can be done at a child’s level,
including a try at glassblowing. At The Glass Factory in Boda, children
have a section of their own. Here they can dress up as vagabonds and
play at being a glassblower in a mini blowing room. They also can
engrave and paint their own glass.
Småland’s nature invites you to experience a number of adventures. Active
families can go on elk safaris, pony rides
and zip lines. Or maybe you will choose
to pedal through the forests on a bicycle
trolley along old railway tracks. The
funhouse in Emmaboda gives you a
chance to burn up the track in go-karts.
The Kingdom of Crystal is full of
delightful lakes with excellent swimming
areas and jetties. Try catching a fish or
two as well! There are both indoor and
outdoor swimming pools in several places.
Långasjölamm is home to 100 ewes,
which produce about 200 lambs in the
spring. Groups of children can come
here to follow life on a sheep farm.
You can watch a demonstration of herd
dogs and get better acquainted with the
sheep. Other activities include climbing
on straw bales and reading aloud from
a book by sheep farmer Malin. It also
is possible to arrange children’s parties
at the farm, and in October the village
stages a harvest festival.
Book your family package at glasriket.se or +46 (0)481-452 15
Party in the glass factory
Warmth from the furnaces and from the pleasant
company. Sing-along and curd cake. Hot-shop herring
in the glassblowing room is more than a meal – it is
a historical way of making an evening of it!
At the beginning of the 20th century, times were tough for
many Småland residents and some were forced to become
vagabonds. When the glassblowers finished the day’s work in
the blowing room, the furnaces were used to prepare food.
Fellow workers and hunters from surrounding forests gathered
in the warm area around the furnace, and vagabonds also came
there to warm themselves and get a bite to eat. In return, they
provided the entertainment.
The party night evolved from this tradition. Traditional
Småland food – owen baked herring, crisp-fried bacon,
Isterband sausage and baked potatoes – is prepared in the
annealing furnaces in the blowing room. To round it off,
you munch on genuine Småland curd cake. There’s no
chance that you will leave a hot-shop herring evening hungry!
While you eat well, the glassblowers and musicians provide
entertainment. You also will get a chance to try your
hand at glassblowing.
Hot-shop herring 2014
July 2, 9, 16, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30
Aug 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 16, 19, 23, 30
Sept 6 ,13 ,20, 27
July Aug Sept 28
1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26, 29
2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30
6, 13, 20, 27
Aug Sept 23
Aug Sept Oct Nov 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 30, 31
4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 14, 26, 27, 28
3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 31
1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14,15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30
4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27
2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 30, 31
1, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15
Book your hyttsill package with lodging at glasriket.se or +46 (0)481-452 15
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
Essential sugar rush
In the forest outside Örsjö there
is an English tea salon - The Tea Room
Ällebäck. In grandmother sofas you
can enjoy afternoon tea with scones,
canapés and cakes.
At Björkhagas Café in Eriksmåla, the coffee is freshly ground and the
pastries are homemade. To the extent
possible, the food is organic. Glutenfree and LCHF also available.
Stay in a
work of art
The Kingdom of Crystal – for those with a yen for shopping
The joy of shopping
Kosta Boda Art Hotel has the good life in condensed
form – food, relaxation, art and shopping.
The hotel is a living showroom where the focus is on art glass.
Kosta Boda’s famous artists have designed the common areas and hotel
rooms. You can sleep beneath Ulrica Hydman-Vallien’s unmistakable figures
or mingle with Åsa Jungnelius’ large format nail polishes in the bathroom.
Linnéa Restaurant serves the best Småland has to offer: local ingredients
from forest, field and lake assembled into exquisite meals – and of course
served on glass tableware. In the cobalt-blue Glass Bar, a futuristic atmosphere
prevails. Here you can have a drink, eat something light and enjoy dancing
and music.
The spa and relaxation section has both indoor and outdoor pools,
several kinds of sauna and exercise facilities with a gym. In the large
indoor pool you actually swim above a glass exhibition! You can choose
among many lovely spa treatments – and maybe try a glass massage?
In the hotel, which celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2014,
there is art everywhere. Something catches your fancy?
Just say you’ll take it – all the hotel furnishings are for sale!
The Kingdom
of Crystal offers all sorts
of accommodations:
Book your hotel stay at glasriket.se or +46 (0)481-452 15
hotels, bed & breakfasts,
hostels, flats, cottages
or camping.
The cobalt-blue Glass Bar
Culinary art at Linnéa Restaurant
Swim among artwork
If you have a yen for shopping, the Kingdom of Crystal is the place
to be. Here you will find a large selection of furnishings, household
utensils, lighting, art metal work, leather goods and other handicrafts
– and then, of course, glass that is truly unique! Much of it is the work
of gifted designers and can be purchased at attractive prices.
In the glassblowing rooms there are
shops with exhibitions of unique articles
sold nowhere else. You have a great chance
of finding quality products at bargain
prices in the glassworks’ factory outlets.
Kosta Outlet is a 20,000-square-metre
shopping mecca. You will find clothing,
shoes and sporting goods from leading
international brands as well as furnishings
and design from Design House Stockholm
and Ittala, among others. Kosta Boda’s
large glass shop also is located here.
Christmas and autumn markets
Fanciful at Transjö Hytta
assemble street merchants from various
parts of Småland.
There you have a chance to come
across handmade elves, locally produced
sausages and other handicrafts. In Nybro
market trading takes place every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday. In Emmaboda
the square is filled with merchants on
Wednesdays and Saturdays.
All around the Kingdom of Crystal
there are flea markets, antique shops and
farm shops where you will find unusual
paraphernalia. See the entire list at glasriket.se
Luscious sweets from Christa
Christa’s Choklad
Christa’s chocolate workshop
is a feast for both the eyes and the palate.
Book a workshop with friends and learn
to make truffles, fillings and pralines.
If you want to taste Christa’s own
masterpieces, you will find them
at Vissefjärda Café.
Farm shops with charm
Ateljé Vidagård is a farm shop and café
outside Skruv. Kristina and daughter Jennie,
both with glass painting backgrounds, sell
hand-painted children’s furniture of their
own design. In the shop you will also find
other furnishings.
A rustic style prevails in the inspiring
Butik Norregård. In the large red barn in
Långasjö, you can shop for both new and
vintage furnishings as well as accessories.
And on the tea veranda, you can enjoy
a snack.
Rustic shopping at Norregård
Discounts with Glasriket Pass – your privilege card in the Kingdom of Crystal
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
Grains of Gold in
the Kingdom of Crystal
Alsterbro Minihotell
Astrid Lindgren’s World
Kalmar castle
Mardie and other favourite characters
from the stories. The joys of play rule here.
Romp away in Matt’s Fort and Villekulla
Cottage! Scenes from the books are
played out, and there’s a chance you
might wind up in the middle of a hunt
for Pippi by officers Kling & Klang.
dramatic and martial history. The structure,
which dates back to the 12th century, was rebuilt
in the 16th century into a splendid renaissance
castle by the Vasa kings. Today concerts,
exhibitions and other events take place here.
Courageous visitors venture out on ghost
walks or a tour of the dungeons.
On this limestone island you will encounter
unique natural surroundings – beautiful beaches,
bewitching forests and southern Öland’s cultural
landscape, a World Heritage site that includes
the plain of Alvaret. The island is full of cultural
relics such as Viking graves and windmills. Those
seeking entertainment can amuse themselves
with everything from wildlife parks to nightclubs.
In Vimmerby you will meet Emil, Pippi,
The imposing castle by Kalmar Strait has a
Cross the Öland bridge to another world.
A day-trip
Enjoy excellent accommodations
in central Växjö with a wonderful relax­ation area and exciting
experience package. The city’s
broad range of shops and attractions
within walking distance.
Växjö, 0470-70 10 00
Bed and Breakfast, youth hostel,
camping, café and restaurant, indoor
paintball, conferences, pool, animals
and beautiful nature: Bussamåla
has everything for an unforgettable
Vissefjärda, 0471-200 24
Hotel Royal Corner
The hotel is located next to Hindsjön
by Småland’s culture route. Housed
in a former police station. Try staying
in a cell of your own. All rooms have
a shower and WC. Open year-round.
Alsterbro, 0481-533 02
77 miles
Lindgrens Värld
43.5 miles
Kalmar castle
51.5 miles
96.5 miles
Smålandet – Moose safari in Markaryd
Along the three kilometre winding forest road, you can discover the King of the
Forest and American bison close up.
The farm of Smålandet has a heritage from the 1700’s, surrounded in natural beauty.
You may enjoy a delicious freshly baked waffle or try an elk sausage from Café Smålandet.
Meanwhile, the children can visit the goat pen and play with the goats.
• Moose and bison safari
• Café dating back to the eighteenth century
• Souvenir gift shop
• Goat pen
Calmar Stadshotell
Calmar Stadshotell is located in
the heart of Kalmar by Stortorget.
Here modern technology meets
historic charm in venerable buildings.
Charming and relaxing surroundings
meeting high standards.
Kalmar, 0480-49 69 00
Camping & Bad
Picturesque lodging on campsite or in
cottages. Indoor pool with water slide,
climbing wall, whirlpool bath, obstacle
course, mini golf, beach volleyball. Also
camping at Boda, tel: +46 (0)70 279 82 60.
Emmaboda: +46 (0)471 24 90 90.
Emmaboda, 0471 24 90 90
FruGans Bed & Breakfast
Across from Örsjö Church you will
stay in finely furnished rooms with
natural beds and free Wi-Fi close
to us and our pets. Homemade
breakfast bread. Lake, forest, glassworks and elk park nearby.
Örsjö, Nybro, 073-5104664,
Grimsnäs Herrgård
Sweden’s only elk
park where you can
experience elk in their
natural setting from
your own car or the
safari train.
Countryside lodging in beautiful natural
surroundings. B & B, youth hostel
and summer restaurant open in the
evenings. Everything is organic to
the extent possible. Fully licensed.
Grimsnäs Herrgård, Ljuder, Skruv
0478-20400, www.grimsnas.se
Hotel Packhuset
The hotel is in an old harbour warehouse dating back to the 18th century
located right by the quay in the Kalmar
guest harbour. 87 rooms, many with a
sea view and balcony. We always serve
a free evening buffet!
Kalmar, 0480-570 00
Kosta Bad & Camping
Kosta Bad & Camping is located in
the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal.
Cafeteria and tempered swimming
pool with free admission for campsite
guests. A total of 80 camping pitches,
including 50 with electricity and 8
Kosta, 0478-505 17,
Kosta Boda Art Hotel
The hotel that explodes in colour, form,
enjoyment and tastes. Kosta Boda’s renowned glass designers have designed
everything from the bar to the billowing
hammocks made entirely of glass as
well as a wonderful spa area with
several pools, where you can find
everything you could desire for body
and soul.
Kosta, 0478-34830
Quality Hotel Växjö
A pleasant family & conference hotel.
Easily accessible and with good parking
facilities. By the gateway to the Kingdom of Crystal.
Växjö, 0470-70 72 00, www.choice.se
Solvikens Pensionat
Romantic guesthouse south of Växjö.
Here you will enjoy a harmonious
and beautiful setting, eat well-cooked
food and sleep well in distinctively
furnished rooms. Close to attractions.
Ingelstad, 0470-382 80
Villa Nostalgia,
Stay with us in one of our four
charming, newly renovated rooms
– centrally located in Nybro! Access to
communal kitchen as well as bathroom
with shower and WC. Multipurpose
room. Large terrace and free parking.
Nybro, 0730-41 87 17
Astrid Lindgrens Näs
Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home
where all of her authorship had its
origin. Large interactive exhibition of
her life and works. Pleasant gardens,
shop and café.
Vimmerby, 0492-76 94 00,
Astrid Lindgren’s World
Where fairy tales come true! Astrid
Lindgren’s World offers experiences
for both young and old. All who have
grown up with Astrid Lindgren’s stories
will feel right at home in the park’s
Vimmerby, 0492 798 00, www.alv.se
Bsweden Belysningsbolaget designs
and manufactures trendsetting lamps
that become classics. You are welcome
to visit our factory outlet in Herråkra,
where you can find bargains among
merchandise seconds.
Herråkra, Holma gård,
13 km from Lenhovda
0474-230 40, www.bsweden.com
Bergdala Glasbruk
One of Sweden’s oldest glassworks,
founded in 1889, with the Kingdom
of Crystal’s most authentic wooden
blowing room. Located in a picturesque
historical industrial setting. Glassblowing. Shop.
0478-316 50, www.studioglas.se
Bergdala glas,
Exciting shop with a large selection
of studio glassware, ceramics and
art. Original design and hand
0478-310 55, www.studioglas.se
Carlos R. Pebaqué Design AB
Glass artist Carlos R. Pebaqué
combines classic Swedish style with
South American temperament and
has created a new art glass technique:
”CARA” – a way to paint in glass.
0481 32117, www.carlosartglass.com
Kristina’s Duvemåla
Enjoy a cup of coffee with homemade
baked goods in a beautiful natural
setting. Marvel at tales about
Moberg and the people who lived
in the village. Open June – August.
Emmaboda, 0471-24 90 48
Hauges Hantverksglas,
Environment-friendly transformation
of bottles into art glass. Blowing room,
shop, gallery.
Hours: weekdays 2/5-22/12, 10:00-17:00.
Weekends in July 11:00-16:00. At other
times, by arr. GPS N57° 5’ 33”/E 15° 38’ 17”
Kulltorp, 0481-660 299
Iittala Outlet
Here you can shop for Nordic design
products under a single roof. Iittala,
Rörstrand, Höganäs Keramik, Arabia,
Fiskars and Hackman contribute to a
pleasant and functional home.
Kosta, 0487-504 22
Johansfors Gallery
Studio art glass from England,
Scotland and the Nordic region.
Broakulla, Emmaboda, 0471-40119,
Kosta Glascenter
At Kosta Glass Centre you can enlist
the help of a guide to blow your
own bowl or drinking glass with or
without colour. You can also attend
short weekend courses or a five-day
summer course. Welcome!
Kosta, 0706-846191,
[email protected]
Kulturparken Småland
Sveriges glasmuseum
Welcome to Sweden’s Museum
of Glass. Beautifully situated in
the museum park in central Växjö.
A museum focusing on historical
and contemporary Swedish glass.
Växjö, 0470-70 42 00
Sweden’s largest homestead museum
in the old church stables at Madesjö
with 10,000 objects and several unique
environments from the 19th century
onward. Experience much of the old
peasant community.
Nybro, 0481-179 35
Zipline Adventure
A 2-hour adventure at heights of up
to 30 metres in the deep forest. Total
of 11 stations, one 1.5-km-long run. Two
guides included. 1 km from highway
31. Booking at www.littlerocklake.com
Klavreström, www.littlerocklake.com
Rosdala shop
Welcome to the lamp shop in the
Kingdom of Crystal. Cosy shop & café
in works setting. Visit our complete
glassworks museum or book our
popular hyttsill (hot-shop herring).
Norrhult, 070-98 95 444
[email protected]
Smalspåret – inspection
trolleyThe year 2014 offers many
opportunities to take a nostalgic
train trip from Åseda and Virserum,
both on summer Sundays and at
other times! From both Åseda and
Virserum you can ride an inspection
trolley out into the dense forests
past glittering lakes. In Virserum
you can hop on without booking!
Åseda, Virserum, 0495-10808,
The Glass Factory
The Nordic region’s largest collection of
art glass with historical and contempo­
rary Swedish glass! Six glass exhibitions.
Glassblowing in the blowing room!
Shopping! Exhibition, playhouse and
studio activity for children!
Boda glasbruk, 0471-249360
Bergdala glasbruk
One of Sweden’s oldest glassworks,
founded in 1889, with the Kingdom
of Crystal’s most authentic wooden
blowing room. Located in a picturesque
historical industrial setting. Glassblowing. Shop.
0478-316 50, www.studioglas.se
Passion for glassware and rum.
Målerås glasbruk
Magic in crystal. Innovative and
exciting design. Here you will find
art glass, jewellery, bowls, dishes and
much more. Exhibition, restaurant
and hyttsill (hot-shop herring).
Målerås, 0481-314 01
Mickejohans Konstglas
Master glassblower Micke Johansson’s
own new blowing room at home
on the farm in Örsjö.
Örsjö, 0481-124 09
Nybro glasbruk
Hand-painted art glass at its best!
There is something here for every
occasion and purpose, with colour
and design in a timeless, enthralling
design idiom. Welcome!
Nybro, 0481-428 81
Orrefors bruksområde
One of the world’s best-known
glassworks and trademarks. Art
gallery with historical exhibition.
Large glassworks with glass for sale.
Orrefors, 0481-341 89
Pukeberg glasbruk
Pukeberg is one of Sweden’s oldest and
best-preserved glassworks. For more
than 130 years glass has been made
here in different forms, from everyday
glassware, lighting fixtures and glass
for petrol pumps to beautiful art glass.
Nybro, 0481-107 29
SEA glasbruk
For 50 years SEA Glassworks has
created timeless classics, always with
a beautiful combination of form and
function. Here you will find brightly
coloured bowls, elegant lanterns and
beautiful vases.
Kosta, 0478-503 10
Skrufs glasbruk
Household glassware. Swedish
design. All made in Skruf.
Glassblowing on all weekdays.
Skruf, 0478-201 33
Transjö Hytta
You can find unique art glass
in small limited editions here.
An artists’ centre where masters
push the envelope and create
glass with great artistic content.
Kosta, 0478-507 00
The blowing room inside The Glass
Factory glass museum is a smallscale glass enterprise where the
focus is on creativity and flexibility.
Boda, 0471-24 93 60
Kosta glasbruk
JFS Johansfors
Sweden’s oldest glassworks with a long
design tradition. Art glass exhibition,
works shops, glassblowing, guided
tours. Situated next to Kosta Outlet,
with fashion, shoes and sporting
goods for sale.
Kosta, 0478-345 29, www.kostaboda.se
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
Transjö hytta
Orrefors bruksområde
Glassblowing, sales
Open year-round
Open year-round
Tel +46 (0)481-341 89
Tel +46 (0)478-507 00
Sven-Åke and Jan-Erik are internationally
recognised glassblowers. Their works have
been exhibited in galleries and museums
throughout the world. Many artists come
to Transjö and work with them in the
blowing room. Sven-Åke and Jan-Erik
also conduct their own apprenticeship
programme for students from various
On Tour in the Kingdom of Crystal
In the vicinity
•Kosta, glassworks, outlet,
restaurants and more
•Grönåsens Moose Park
•25:ans Loppis, Eriksmåla, flea market
•On Tour in the Kingdom of Crystal,
bicycle trail
•Majas Café
•Björkhagas Café
18 The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
More, Erika Lagerbielke
Pulse, Ingegerd Råman
i, S
F o s s um
, Sv e n - Å k e
l ss
C a rl ss o n
Innovation that endures
Crystal-clear elegance
Imaginative art glass
The road winds through Transjö, an
idyllic village with red farm buildings and
grazing sheep. Down by the river, under
lush trees, nestles Transjö Hytta. Since the
1980s, the red building with the high roof
has served as a private glass laboratory for
Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven-Åke Carlsson.
Here they play and experiment their way
to imaginative art glass.
At a visit to Transjö Hytta, you are first
greeted outdoors by a face drifting freely
above the river. Glass balls in happy colours
lie scattered about down in the water.
Look closer and you will discover a face
on the old stone bridge and two figures
on a rock in the water. A totem pole stands
on the lawn, and objects are hanging from
the oak trees.
Sven-Åke and Jan-Erik create art
that makes you happy. It is playful
and colourful.
“We like to explore shapes and images.
Through the years we’ve had time to
try many different types of expression:
petroglyph motifs, African inspirations and
zany figures, but also vases with clean lines.”
All objects are designed and made by
hand in Transjö. The design idiom is based
on techniques from the Swedish glass
“We are very conscious of quality.
Our glass is made in limited editions
Orrefors is synonymous with glistening
crystal with Scandinavian elegant, clean
lines – bowls and vases as well as glassware
of the highest quality.
Glass is no longer made in Orrefors,
but much of the beautiful glassware
continues to be handblown in nearby Kosta.
The craftsmanship and demand for quality
is sky-high. Every Orrefors glass is a unique
and superior handicraft.
Something new this year is the beer
glass designed by Orrefors’ glassware queen,
Erika Lagerbielke. Her previous successes
include Intermezzo, Merlot and Difference,
all of which have gained great distinctions
for their design.
Ingegerd Råman is one of Swedish
design’s prominent figures. Her many years
of experience with drinks, aromas and glass
have come to fruition in the Pulse series’
timeless everyday articles revolving around
food, drink and the laid table.
In the vicinity
The Crystal Shop
•The Glass Kingdom’s Treasures, museum
•Kristallshoppen (Orrefors & Kosta Boda)
•Per Ekström Museet, art
•Antikt o Design, also includes a flea market
•Johans Glas, older art and everyday glass
•The Glassworks Trail, hiking trail
•Orrefors Camping, swimming area, fishing, canoeing
•Barkeström, nature and works area
The Swedish public became acquainted with
Orrefors glass on a large scale at the Gothenburg
Tercentennial Jubilee Exposition, an art and
industry exhibition in 1923. Its international
breakthrough came at the International Exposition
of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in Paris
two years later. Over the years many completely
new techniques for blowing glass have been
developed by the expert glassblowers in the area.
The Glass Kingdom’s Treasures, museum
In the Crystal Shop in Orrefors you will find
glistening crystal with the Orrefors and
Kosta Boda brand. Everyday glassware and
art glass line the shelves in the beautifully
appointed premises and offer patrons
inspiration and crystal clear shopping
year-round. For hours and more information,
please visit orrefors.se
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
Kosta glasbruk
Glassblowing, sales
Open year-round
those who enjoy shopping. There are shops
here for both glass and other designer
products as well as a large outlet with
leather goods, shoes, sports equipment
and more. Restaurants and snacks will
help you maintain a high energy level.
Brains, Bertil Vallien
Kosta’s works area is a real mecca for
Angels, Kjell Engman
Shop away
Landing, Bertil Vallien
Blue mood at Kosta, Martti Rytkönen, Anna Ehrner,
Åsa Jungnelius, Bertil Vallien, Ulrica Hydman Vallien
Tel Kosta Boda +46 (0)478-345 32,
Outlet Hem +46 (0)478-34608, Art Gallery +46 (0)478-345 29
Kosta – World-renowned
Kosta is one of our best-known
Glass in every direction
Kosta is almost like a single large exhibition.
In the blowing room you see the production,
the Kosta Exhibition Hall displays current
glass art and at Kosta Boda Art Hotel seven
of the glass- works’ designers have put their
stamp on the rooms and the common areas.
In April the Kosta Art Gallery Store will be
opened. The glassworks’ old villa has been
transformed into premises to showcase art
glass by Kosta Boda’s well-known artists.
The art works also can be purchased here.
Inauguration in April.
20 The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
glassworks – and also Sweden’s oldest.
Since its founding in 1742, many beautiful
glass articles – both art glass and
everyday glassware – have been
produced in the blowing room amid the
Småland forest. A guided tour of the
glassworks gives you a piece of Swedish
and Småland cultural history. In the
blowing room you can follow the
production process from melting of the
molten glass to glassblowing, cutting
and painting. You can also try your hand
at blowing glass and take advantage of
the chance to experience a really festive
evening in the form of traditional hyttsill
(hot-shop herring).
Today glass is made at the glassworks
for the Kosta Boda and Orrefors brands.
Kosta Boda stands for colourful and bold
glass that grabs one’s attention. The
glass is created by designers who are
known throughout the world. They have
a passion for pushing the envelope of
what can be done with glass and
developing new design idioms and
techniques – all in close collaboration
with skilled glass artisans.
The Kosta name brings to mind
designers like Bertil Vallien and Ulrica
Hydman-Vallien, who are known for their
daring glass art. Åsa Jungnelius belongs
to the younger generation of artists.
She creates glamorous glass in the form
of lipstick, nail polish and shoes. Kosta
Boda’s art glass, very rare specimens
or in limited editions, is something
truly special for connoisseurs.
Unique glass art
Angels are a recurring theme in the
art of Kjell Engman. One example is the
Angels, a limited edition of graceful
beings in painted clear glass with frosted
wings that are suspended in a stand.
Bertil Vallien, perhaps the most wellknown Swedish glass artist, has created
Landing. The work displays a spaceship
landing on a foreign planet at dawn,
leading one to wonder what daylight will
reveal ... Bertil’s Brains is a trio of sculpted
faces, with Blues representing melancholy,
while Sunny is extroverted and positive.
The third sculpture is the philosophic
and creative Thinker.
More down-to-earth perhaps is the
Cupcake series by Anna Ehrner. The bowls,
which give a nod to today’s culinary trends,
come in ethereal colours like turquoise,
deep purple and cornflower blue.
For those who want to drink their
champagne with extra flair, the Open
Minds series designed by Ulrica HydmanVallien has been expanded with a
champagne glass. The characteristic
visage adorns the stem of the glass.
Bruno Mathsson’s Glass Houses
In the vicinity
•Kosta Outlet
•Kosta Glascenter, hands-on activities
•Kosta Boda Art Hotel
•Bruno Mathsson’s Glass Houses
•Kosta Bad & Camping
•Grönåsens Moose Park
•On Tour in the Kingdom of Crystal, bicycle trail
•Kosta jogging tracks, run or hike
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
Mickejohans konstglas
Pukebergs glasbruk
Glassblowing, sales
Glassblowing, sales
Tel +46 (0)481-124 09
Tel +46 (0)481-169 00
Open year-round
Open year-round
s t ed
r a nd
Gunne B
R a inb
ow pe
ople, M
icke J o h
a nss o n
Pukeberg is known for its hyttsill
(hot-shop herring). Traditional party
nights in the spacious blowing room
offer Småland delicacies, entertainment
by a troubadour and the chance to try
both glassblowing and engraving yourself.
Christmas hyttsill is something extra
special! Be on the lookout for other
entertainment in the blowing room, too.
A great deal happens here year-round.
Shop in the barn
Next door to Micke’s blowing room
stands a barn, which houses the charming
shop. Glass sold here cannot be bought
anywhere else. In addition to Micke’s art,
you can also find glass from artists with
whom he collaborates.
The master takes
glass into his own hands
Lars Larsson Art Metal Work
In the vicinity
•The Tea Room Ällebäck, café
•Örsjö Church
•The Kingdom of Crystal’s Moose Park
•Lars Larsson Art Metal Work
•Mogador Store, flea market
•Fru Gans Bed & Breakfast
22 The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
Micke Johansson is the master
glassblower who built his own blowing
room at home on his farm outside Örsjö.
Just to be able to create in his own way.
Micke bubbles over with the joy and
love of glass craftsmanship. The key is to
have fun, and that is obvious in his art.
Study the object, and as time goes by,
you will find more and more playful
and subtle details.
The inspiration comes from Mother
Earth. Micke creates joyful birds and fish,
but also depicts the negative impacts we
have on our world. Colour and different
structures characterise the works.
“I prefer to vary the style and type of
objects: I make vases, drinking glasses,
bowls and sculptures. Everything is
blown free-hand,” Micke says.
The blowing room has become a
meeting place. Designers come here
with sketches, and together with Micke,
they turn their ideas into reality. Many old
glassblowers look in to chat for a while.
As a visitor, you also are welcome to stop
by the blowing room.
“It is really super when people come
here and follow my work,” Micke says.
Focusing on colour
Pukeberg Glassworks was founded in
1871. The picturesque historical industrial
setting is well preserved and invites a stroll.
The area has been a meeting place for art,
handicrafts, woodwork and design, among
other things, and many artists have their
studios here. At Pukeberg Glassworks the
bottom floor houses an exhibition with
glass from the works’ long history.
Glass from Pukeberg sparkles with colour.
”We experiment a lot with colours and
how they can be used in glass,” Pukeberg’s
Mattias Ripheden comments.
In the blowing room master glassblower
Gunne Brandstedt fashions unique objects
in small series. As soon as they have cooled,
they can be purchased in the shop located
right next to the blowing room. And they
are not sold anywhere else! The shop is
large, and the shelves are guaranteed to
hold the perfect gift. The shop also has
classic clear glass. With a little luck, you
might find that drinking glass that will
complete your set of tableware from
the 1960s.
Proximity to the blowing room means
that you, as a visitor, can get close to the
glassblowing. It also means that new
articles keep appearing on shelves in
the shop. If there’s something special you
want, speak up. Maybe you can get your
favourite vase in just the colour you want!
Nybro town centre
In the vicinity
•Qvarnaslät Local History Association,
museum, café
•Madesjö Church Stables,
local folklore museum
•Sandbergs Konditori (patisserie)
•Nybro town centre, market trading
•Choo Choo Train
•Ria Second Hand
•Kristvallaslingan, bicycle trail
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
Nybro glasbruk
SEA glasbruk
Open year-round
Open year-round
Tel +46 (0)70-719 03 31
Tel +46 (0)481-428 81
Keep, Sagaform
Bargains in the boutique
Aqua, Björn Nilsson
Fiore, Anders Lindblom
In the well-stocked glassworks shop,
you will find the perfect gift for every
occasion - for friends, for family or for
yourself. The chances of finding a bargain
are great: prices run about 40 percent
below retail.
In the vicinity
•Madesjö Church Stables,
local history museum
•Sandbergs Konditori (patisserie)
•Kristvallaslingan bicycle trail
•The Kingdom of Crystal’s Moose Park
•Hägnen’s Iceland Horses
24 The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
The classic herring boat is brought
out for midsummer celebrations in many
Swedish homes. But Nybro Glassworks
keeps on creating new favourites for us!
For example, the somewhat zany skull
motif in the Memento Mori series.
The Twist series, with the clean lines
of its graphic stripes, and the graceful
floral pattern in the Provence collection
brighten up everyday life on bowls,
drinking glasses, dishes and candlesticks.
”We make modern utilitarian articles
The shop is open year-round. You can
buy glass here at bargain prices, but there
are also other products from Sagaform’s
assortment, such as household utensils,
textiles and ceramics. Also clothes from
Craft, Click and Seger.
Function and form
Madesjö Church Stables
Shop for more than glass
Firmly rooted in Swedish design
that are meant to be used,” says Nybro
Glassworks’ Åke Ernstsson.
Painting is the heart of the operation.
”Our handicraft is painted glass. Our deft
glass painters make every little detail in
the patterns. Everything is painted by
hand here at the glassworks in Nybro,”
Åke continues.
Nybro Glassworks is the only
glassworks located in a sizable town.
Just a short walk away is the centre
of Nybro, with shopping and cafés.
traditions, SEA makes everyday articles
– bowls, dishes and drinking glasses – that
are meant to be used. All articles have a
function, and the assortment is easy to
make your own.
”You should dare to use our things,” SEA’s
Johan Linde says. ”If something happens to
break, it shouldn’t be the end of the world.”
Drawing inspiration from water in all of its
forms, structures and nuances of colour,
designer Björn Nilsson has created the Aqua
series. A soothing palette in shades of blue
and green with a design idiom and graphic
decor that bring to mind waves and water
droplets. Cork elements reinforce a sense of
the sea and lake. The series consists of vases,
bowls, candle lanterns, jars and decanters.
Aqua represents utilitarian articles of
handblown glass, and they are intended
for everyday use.
”With Aqua we want to contribute
towards more beautiful everyday life.”
SEA was founded outside Kosta in the
1950s. The name comes from the initials
of the last names of the founders: Inge
Samuelsson, Sven Ernstsson and Tore
Andersson. SEA’s glass pepper mills
became a best-seller and typified the
works’ palmy days.
Grönåsens Moose Park
In the vicinity
•Kosta Outlet
•Kosta Boda Art Hotel,
spa, hotel and restaurant
•Grönåsens Moose Park
•On Tour, bicycle trail
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
Bergdala glasbruk
JFS Johansfors
Open June-August
Sales at Bergdala & Strömbergshyttan
[email protected]
Open year-round
Tel +46 (0)478-316 50 Bergdala
(bergdalastudioglas.se was launched during the spring of 2014)
Tradition and the future
At one of the Kingdom of Crystal’s
Hagaslätt Raceway, Go-karts
In the vicinity
•Bergdala Wärdshus
•Swimming in Lake Hedasjön
•Hagaslätt Raceway, Go-kart
•Röda Huset, café, shop and lodging
•Bicycle trail: On Tour in the Kingdom of Crystal
•Lessebo Handmade Paper Mill
26 The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
oldest glassworks, longstanding tradition
and knowledge unite with new forms and
design. Bergdala conveys a sense of what
it was like at a glassworks in the past.
Authenticity prevails here – the blowing
room was built in 1889 and is made
entirely of wood.
But that doesn’t mean that belief in
the future and fresh ideas are lacking.
Bergdala Glassworks is looking ahead
with a focus on art glass.
”We are now associating with new
designers to achieve diversification,”
Bergdala’s Jinny Wang says. ”We want
to find a different design idiom and to
thereby create new products.”
Designers collaborating with Bergdala
include Lars Sestervik, Björn Ekegren and
Mimmi Trinh Silesius. Bergdala’s own
glassblowers, with their solid experience
and feeling for glass, also are contributing
to the design effort.
”We believe in Swedish glass, and
everything is made here in Småland.
In 2014 a new assortment is being
launched, which is very exciting.”
Bergdala is perhaps best known for
its best-selling Blå Kant (Blue Rim), glass
tableware that can be found in many
Swedish homes. Glass lighting is another
specialty at Bergdala.
”You can produce fantastic visual
sensations with light. At an early stage
we began working with those effects.”
Visits to the blowing room are
welcome. You can take part in guided
tours, and in the shop you will find all
the elegant products made in the works.
Bergdala also has a shop in Strömbergshyttan, where you can buy both glass and
ceramics. And of course, hyttsill (hot-shop
herring) is set up at Bergdala with its own
menu in an authentic setting.
Råmm bottle and glasses, Lennart Chytraéus
Bergdala offers visitors a traditional
glassworks setting. Trees and greenery
frame red buildings and old worker
dwellings. Bergdala Wärdshus, a stone’s
throw from the blowing room, offers a
restaurant, hostel, conference facilities
and organic garden. In October the
Småland autumn market bows in with
street merchants and exhibitions.
Idyllic glassworks setting
se s
l low
, M ik a el A x el br a n t
Art at the glassworks
There’s more than new and old
glass at Johansfors. You can also
view art exhibitions with paintings
and sculpture.
A passion for glass and rum
The latest novelty in the Kingdom of
Crystal is a passionate melding of glass,
craftsmanship, music – and rum!
”JFS stands for Johansfors Future Spirit. It’s
all about the spirit of the future and
preserving and developing glass craftsmanship,” says JFS’ Magnus Elgquist.
JFS makes both everyday glassware and
unique art glass, all handmade by skilled
glassblowers at Johansfors. One of the
designers is Lennart Chytraéus, essentially
a ceramicist who now uses glass as a
material. He works a great deal with glass
pieces cast in the furnace, often with a
weighty and serious mien intermixed with
playful messages.
One of the world’s very best restaurants,
Noma in Copenhagen, uses coffee cups
and pots blown at the JFS Johansfors
glassworks. They were designed by Nina
Nørgaard especially for Noma.
”Food and wine always have interested
me,” Nina says. ”Being allowed to collaborate with talented chefs and sommeliers
gives my work a deeper meaning.”
The other leg supporting JFS operations
is rum production. The combination
of glass and rum provides us with the
exclusive bottle in which JFS First Limited
Edition RÅMM is sold.
”We have a passion for craftsmanship
in all of its manifestations. We’re proud of
our partners who share this enthusiasm,
like our neighbours, Målerås Läder, who
make the excellent box for our rum,”
Magnus adds.
Café Maja
In the vicinity
•Johansfors Crystal Museum
•25:ans Loppis, Eriksmåla, flea market
•Majas Café
•Björkhagas Café
•The Moberg Stone,
Moshult, Wilhelm Moberg’s birthplace
•Boda Smide, iron and glass
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
Målerås glasbruk
Glassblowing, sales
Open year-round
Glasbyn Målerås
– glass and much more
Tel +46 (0)481-314 01
glassblowers and independent glass artists.
The creative pulse beats continuously;
seven days a week, year-round,
glass is being blown and cast at Målerås.
You are always welcome in the blowing
room to follow the work. The glass shop
features excellent exhibitions, and you
can buy unique articles here.
Målerås also gathers together studio
ck ,
A creative hub
L ö f gr
Black Bird, Lina Lundberg
Masq-glas, Mats Jonasson
A privately owned glassworks, glass exhibitions and an
inn with a view of the blowing room. Målerås is a glass
Hundred percent
Glass has been blown in Målerås since
Local folklore museum in a steam locomotive
In the vicinity
•Wärdshuset Hyttan
•Målerås Läder,
shop and production of leather goods
•Målerås Hostel B&B, bicycle rentals
•Bicycle package with route, lodging and food
•Local folklore museum in a steam locomotive
•The Future Trail, hiking or biking
28 The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
1890, and we are located in a genuine
historic industrial setting. Målerås is not
touched up or sugar-coated. Uncompromising glass art is created here. Artists,
glassblowers, painters, engravers and
founders transmute their craftsmanship
into glass artefacts with unique expressions – all of it made by hand!
Nature is a major source of inspiration
for artist Mats Jonasson. That shows in
his art. The works often portray Swedish
or more exotic animals such as lions and
tigers. A Målerås specialty is cast glass,
blocks with animal motifs that are popular
throughout the world. This year a new
series of large glass blocks being launched
depicts Africa’s mightiest wild animals,
“The Big Five”, created by Mats Jonasson.
Glass artist Ludvig Löfgren became
associated with the glassworks in 2013,
and his first collection for Målerås is now
here, with its humorous and bestial
interpretations. Read more about Ludvig
on pages 4-5. Collaboration with freelance
designer Morgan Persson also is fresh.
His Capsule collection was launched last
autumn. Lina Lundberg, another Målerås
designer, creates glass and silver jewellery
that is stylistically pure and feminine.
Robert Ljubez is a talented engraver
who became a designer as well.
village – but there is much more to discover here: leather
crafts, excavations from the old glassworks and a steam
locomotive filled with Målerås’ history. Swimming areas,
bicycle and hiking trails in wild Småland’s natural surroundings – there are many gold nuggets in Glasbyn Målerås,
the glass village!
Hyttsill package
Bicycle package
Hyttsill (hot-shop herring)
with glassblowing, a gift and
entertainment. Overnight
accommodations at Målerås
Hostel with a breakfast buffet.
Bicycle, helmet, pannier
and map. Share in a double
room, breakfast, picnic
package, 2-course dinner.
Price/person from SEK 895
Information +46 (0)481-311 75
Price/person from SEK 640
Information +46 (0)481-314 02
Blow a crystal bowl
of your own
During the span of 2 hours,
you will blow your own bowl
together with a master glassblower. Includes lunch and
the Glasriket Pass privilege
card. April-Sept. Minimum
age of 15. 4-person maximum.
Price/person from SEK 1,725
Information +46 (0)481-314 01
High spirits in
the blowing room
Take part in a real Småland party! Hyttsill
(hot-shop herring) serves up traditional food
such as Isterband sausage and Swedish
curd cake, but also glassworks history and
troubadour entertainment. Try your hand
at glassblowing and shop at a 20 percent
discount. hyttsillmaleras.se
Handmade leather goods
On the shelves of the family-owned Målerås
Läder, you will find bags, wallets, iPad cases,
belts and a lot more. All handmade and of the
highest quality. You’re welcome to look in on
the production! maleraslader.se
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
Skrufs glasbruk
Glassblowing, sales, Museum of Glass
Glassblowing, sales
Tel +46 (0)471-24 93 60
Tel +46 (0)478-201 33
Open year-round
Open year-round
Glass of the future
surrounded by history
The Boda blowing room located inside
The Glass Factory museum is the
museum’s hot, pulsating heart! It
serves as a creative meeting place
to which national and international
craftsmen, artists and designers are
invited to experiment and find new
modes of expression.
Since the autumn of 2013, the
operation has been run by the artist
Åsa Jungnelius in cooperation with
the museum.
”Småland has a long tradition of
making glass,” Åsa says. ”Production
by hand, based on crafts know-how
passed down from generation to
generation, lives on in the region. Boda
is the right place to create a platform
for artistic work, with the point of
departure being glass as a material.”
As a visitor, you are welcome to
watch the artists and glassblowers in
action. If that inspires you, you can try
blowing your own glass in one of the
museum’s workshops.
30 The Kingdom of Crystal 2014
The Glass Factory:
a living museum
The Glass Factory is the museum that
invites intimate contact with glass and the
making of glass.
”Glass and the history of the Kingdom of
Crystal are brought to life through films,
exhibitions, theatre and workshops,”
Museum Director Maja Heuer explains.
”Unique film clips introduce you to artists
and glassworkers past and present. Travel
back to the 1960s, when glass design evolved
in entirely new and unexpected directions
– feel the brisk winds of change! At the
museum’s various theme tours for children
and adults, you can take part in the most
secret tales of the Kingdom of Crystal.”
The Glass Factory has the largest
collection of art glass in the Nordic region.
In the museum works by recognised glass
artists are on display alongside thesis
works from the University College of Arts,
Crafts and Design and the National School
of Glass at Orrefors. Children have a section
of their own where they can engrave and
paint their own glass.
In 2014 Boda celebrates its 150th anniversary, a milestone commemorated by The
Glass Factory through exhibitions of historical
glass by artists such as Monica Backström as
well as a Turkish glass exhibit. The museum
also showcases young, innovative artists
such as Daniel Diamant, Nina Westman,
Matilda Kästel and Maria Johansson.
Bellman, Ingegerd Råman
Nina Westman, Cirkus Glass Royale
The glass show in the blowing room at Boda with artist Peter Hermansson
Look into the blowing room
Glassblowing takes place here every weekday
year-round. Visitors are always welcome to
follow the work! If you want to do something
extra, perhaps for a hen party or stag party,
it works well to hire a glassblower of your
own and make your design dreams come true!
Bargain hunt for clean lines
In the factory shop you can find bargains
among Skruf’s beautiful glassware. Every
month there are special offers on some product.
In summer the glassworks’ café is open.
Swedish Glass
– Crystal Clear
Skruf Glassworks stands for beautiful and
classic decanters, drinking glasses, candlesticks
and bowls. All in handblown, clear glass made
in the blowing room at Skruf. The glassworks
is owned and operated by the Elm family.
The entire family works at the glassworks.
”We are a small, independent glassworks
that focuses on genuine craftsmanship. If
you want to be sure you are buying Swedish
glass, this is where you should come,” says
the glassworks’ managing director, Kent Elm.
One of the country’s best-known
designers, Ingegerd Råman, has created
several stylistically pure glass place settings
for Skruf. When Sweden wants to display
its best side – such as in Parliament and
in Swedish embassies abroad – the table
is set with this kind of tableware.
Matilda Ringnér is another Skruf
designer. She achieved her breakthrough
with the Rainman wine decanter. Other
designers who work with the glassworks are
Sofia Bergman and Carina Seth Andersson.
Carina’s Hope pitcher and glass, which was
made at Skruf, won Elle Interiör magazine’s
2013 prize for the year’s best interior
”Our designers appreciate working
close to the glassblowers, which they
can do here,” Kent Elm says.
Grimsnäs Herrgård
In the vicinity
•Glass museum
•Skruvs Loppis, flea market
•The Emigrant Trail, biking and hiking trail
•On Tour in the Kingdom of Crystal,
bicycle trail
•Grimsnäs Herrgård, hotel, restaurant
•Skruvs Vildmarkscamping,
fishing, swimming area
The Kingdom of Crystal 2014

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