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Crédit du Nord
Today, the Crédit du Nord Group
comprises seven banks
– Courtois, Kolb, Laydernier,
Nuger, Rhône-Alpes, Tarneaud
and Crédit du Nord –, one asset
management company,
Étoile Gestion, and one brokerage
firm, Gilbert Dupont.
The Group’s 8,500 employees
and network of 738 branches
serve almost 1.3 million individual
customers, 170,000 professional
customers and associations and
30,000 business and institutional
million customers
branches, 54 of which were opened in 2006
Standard & Poor’s long-term credit rating
Crédit du Nord Group | 1
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“In 2006, our Group delivered very good commercial and financial performances; development
of our network continued with the opening of 54 new branches and we recruited around 1,000 new
staff. More importantly, the employees of Crédit du Nord Group sought daily to bring to life our
perspective on banking, based on providing a personalised and high-quality service, and building
trusting and long-term relationships with customers. Our commitment is acknowledged and
appreciated, which led to Crédit du Nord Group being ranked as the number one large French bank in
terms of Individual(1), Professional(2) and Business(3) customer satisfaction.This success is the result
of the efforts and professionalism of the men and women in the Group and is testimony
to the loyalty of our customers, giving us the encouragement we need to move forward.”
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
(1) Survey carried out by CSA between February 27 and March 11, 2006 of
approximately 5,000 customers of the 11 leading banks in the market.
(2) Survey carried out by CSA between March 1 and April 5, 2006
of approximately 3,000 customers of 9 French banks.
(3) Survey carried out by CSA between March 28 and April 10, 2006
of approximately 2,500 customers of the leading 10 banks in
the market.
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Management Board
Crédit du Nord Group (at December 31, 2006)
Crédit du Nord Group
Crédit du Nord regions
Chairman and Chief Executive
Group Chief Communications
Director, Normandie Haute Bretagne
Chairman of Banque Courtois
Management Board
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
and Group Chief Client Officer
Deputy Group Chief Client
Director, Nord Métropole Region
Chairman of Banque Kolb
Management Board
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
and Group Chief Financial Officer
Inspector General
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
and Group Chief Information
Systems Officer
Group Chief Human Resources
Head of Risk Management
Director Ile-de-France Region,
Business Client
Deputy Director, Ile-de-France
Director, Provence-Alpes-Côte
d’Azur Region
Director, Ile-de-France Region
Director, Picardy Region
Chairman of Banque Laydernier
Management Board
Chairman of Banque RhôneAlpes Management Board
Chairman of Banque Nuger
Management Board
Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of Banque Taneaud
Director, Provinces du Nord
(1) Member of the Executive Board at 31/12/2006.
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The expertise of a customer-driven bank
focused on close relations with its client
base, on professionalism and on innovation.
The strategy of the Group’s banks centres
on three core aims:
continue to rank as a benchmark bank in terms
• toof customer
develop a high level of individual and collective
• toprofessionalism;
offer our customers the most sophisticated
• toservices
and technologies.
A strategy centered on customer
For more than 150 years now, Crédit du Nord Group
banks have built up their expertise as customerdriven banks focused on close relations with their
client base, on professionalism and on innovation.
For over ten years now, the Group has carried out
exhaustive annual satisfaction surveys among its
individual, professional and business customers.
In 2006, independent market research companies
conducted a further 10 surveys, including customer
satisfaction surveys, market surveys, new customer
surveys and “departing” customer surveys.
100% of our customers
have a dedicated account
manager who can be
contacted directly
by telephone or e-mail.
The results of these surveys give us a broad picture
of what our customers like about the bank, but also
of points to watch and areas to improve.
Increasing their customer satisfaction ratings is our
branches’ main annual performance target.
In addition, market surveys carried out by CSA
among customers of the main French banking
groups rank Crédit du Nord Group as the number
one bank for individual(1), professional(2)
and business(3) customer satisfaction.
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A team of experts in your region
An original model that sets us apart
from the rest
The Group’s banks are all structured as genuine
SMEs. They all benefit from a considerable degree
of autonomy in terms of their decision making
and are all managed by staff that have an intimate
knowledge of the local economic fabric.
For many years now, each bank has been committed
to building strong, individual links with its customers,
so that each becomes a partner in a trusting,
long-term relationship.
This customer-driven vision of the bank implies
a number of concrete commitments.
This is why:
of individual and professional customers
• 100%
have a dedicated customer adviser;
of high net worth customer benefit from
• 100%
a two-man team comprising a wealth
management adviser and customer adviser;
of business customers are followed up by
• 100%
a two-man team including a business customer
adviser and a sales assistant;
of the banks advisers can be contacted
• 100%
directly by telephone or e-mail.
To ensure you receive the best possible advice on complex issues, your designated
contacts are able to call on specialist advisers based in your region. This innovative
structure guarantees reactivity and fast decision-making.
In addition, a first-rate wealth engineering team is permanently on hand to assist
our wealth management advisers in specialist areas, such as estate transfer
and inheritance issues. The team is based in Paris and includes tax, life insurance
and investment specialists, wealth engineers, and legal and property experts +.
What is more, Crédit du Nord banks have opted not
to route customer calls through centralised call
centres, and to propose rather than impose that
customers use the Group’s internet and telephone
banking services.
Finally, all Group banks have a cashier service in their
branches whose opening hours are tailored to match
customer visiting times.
Cutting-edge products and technologies
A powerful, up-to-the-minute IT system shared
by all Group banks means customers can carry out
all transactions from any branch.
Crédit du Nord Group also boasts a multi-market,
multi-banking and multi-channel IT system and has
equipped its employees with workstations that are
consistent with its customer-driven strategy.
Accordingly, advisers can open an account, purchase
products and services, or take out a personal loan
or mortgage on behalf of their customer in real time,
with the latter able to simultaneously follow each
stage of the transaction. At the end of the meeting,
contracts are drawn up and given to the customer
and accounts become operational immediately.
(1) Survey carried out by CSA between February 27 and March 11,
2006 of approximately 5,000 customers of the 11 leading banks
in the market.
(2) Survey carried out by CSA between March 1 and April 5, 2006
of approximately 3,000 customers of 9 French banks.
(3) Survey carried out by CSA between March 28 and April 10, 2006
of approximately 2,500 customers of the leading 10 banks
in the market.
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The branch at the heart of each relationship
Transactions, services, advice: everything linked to you and
your accounts is brought together in a single location, your branch,
close to your home and managed by the same long-term contacts.
The Crédit du Nord Group’s emphasis on close relations
with its customers is an everyday reality.
Priority access to high-quality partners
As part of its commitment to providing its clients
with the best products and services, Crédit du Nord
Group has developed a policy of partnerships, linking
up with companies who are leaders in their field.
Accordingly, over the past few years, the Group
has established partnerships with:
Express (leading global provider
• American
of credit cards for a discerning clientele).
Group customers can now subscribe for
the American Express Personal and Gold cards,
giving them access to American Express’ range of
services and offers wherever they are in the world.
(one of Europe’s leading life insurance
• Aviva
and pensions specialists) offers its expertise
to Group customers through its life insurance
subsidiary, Antarius, which is half-owned by Aviva
and half-owned by Crédit du Nord Group.
Antarius offers life insurance and savings policies,
mutual funds, provident plans and tax-efficient
private pension schemes (PERP).
Group customers are thus able to choose from
an exhaustive range those investments that
are best suited to their needs and budgets.
Since 2002, Crédit du Nord Group has also offered
car and multi-risk home insurance through its
partnership with Eurofil, as well as legal protection
via its partnership with La Paix, both of which are
Aviva subsidiaries.
(France’s leading online provider of
• Boursorama
stock market information).
Crédit du Nord Group’s partnership with Boursorama
provides those customers that use the Group’s
web services with access to comprehensive
economic and financial information on a website
which allows them to switch from content
to dealing page at the click of a button.
(global leader in fund manager selection).
• InRussell
2000, Crédit du Nord Group broke new ground
with its Étoile Multi Gestion offer, a range of
5 funds invested in international markets.
In 2003, the Group launched Étoile Multi Gestion
Europe, a multi-style, multi-manager fund eligible
for the French PEA tax-relief wrapper.
In 2006, the Group broadened its range of
multi-management funds with Étoile Multi Gestion
Croissance which invests in the world’s fastest
growing economic regions.
A model with a proven track record
Since 1996:
individual, professional and business customer
• the
bases have grown respectively by an average 2.3%,
3.3% and 1.9% each year;
banking income has increased by 6.1%
• net
on average each year (excluding the impact
of the application of IAS to provisions for PEL
and CEL accounts);
operating income has advanced by
• gross
an average 16.7% each year;
At December 31, 2006 the cost/income ratio stood
at 64.4% and the ROE at 21.7%.
The quality and sustainability of Crédit du Nord
Group’s results afford it a high degree of recognition
as reflected in the Group’s AA long-term credit
rating from Standard & Poor’s.
On the back of these excellent financial results
and extremely high levels of customer satisfaction,
the Group decided at the end of 2004 to open one
100 new branches between now and 2007.
This ambitious project is well underway, with 33 new
branches already opened in 2005 and 54 in 2006.
As a result, Crédit du Nord Group strengthened
its position in high-potential regions, in particular
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Customer satisfaction revolves
around the expertise of our employees.
To accompany its development and strengthen
its teams in the face of current demographic trends
(over 50% of the Group’s workforce is set to retire
by 2012), Crédit du Nord Group has established an
active recruitment policy: after recruiting 640 new
employees on permanent contracts in 2006,
the Group is planning further recruitment in excess
of 600 in 2007.
This recruitment drive is being undertaken
throughout all the Group's banks
Most of the jobs on offer are branch positions:
• sales advisers,
professional and business customer
• individual,
• branch managers,
• wealth management advisers.
Many other positions are also available amongst
the 140 professions employed by the Group, notably
in marketing, IT, finance and human resources.
Fulfil your potential
in a human-scale
Posts are open to young people who have completed
at least two years’ higher education; to banking
professionals as well as to men and women
with experience in other sectors which they can
contribute to their work in the Group.
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Personalised training
Joining one of our Group banks gives you access to a wide range of specially adapted
and personalised training programmes throughout your professional career.
Customer satisfaction revolves around the expertise of our employees, which is why
we allocate a large budget to training every year.
You can master your profession through long-term training courses which cover all
of the skills required for a particular job, or through shorter, advanced classes.
Crédit du Nord Group banks offer numerous career opportunities for encouraging
the professional development of their employees.
Training courses also allow you to harness and complement the expertise required
for new assignments.
In its recruitment campaign the Group clearly sets
out the requirements and the type of candidates
it is looking for.
The message centres on 4 complementary ideas
that reflect the distinctive approach and values
of the Group banks in terms of human resources:
Work experience contracts:
a first step in the Group
In 2007, we aim to integrate over
200 young people in higher education
for 2 to 5 years on work experience
The aim of these contracts is to help
you obtain your diploma whilst
simultaneously providing training
in your future career.
Whether in a branch or in one
of our corporate departments,
you benefit from high-quality
training and close supervision
throughout your placement.
A training manager or supervisor
is on hand to oversee your first steps
on the professional ladder, ensuring
your work experience gives you
every opportunity to assert your
talent and acquire professional skills.
Each year, work experience
contracts constitute the first stage
in the careers of a number of young
people within the Group and
an ideal opportunity to acquire
fulfilling professional experience.
• personality counts for more than qualifications;
processes and hierarchical
• decision-making
structures are kept to a bare minimum, giving
free rein to autonomy, responsibility and
initiative and creativity are strongly
• potential,
development is possible at many
• professional
different levels and mobility is encouraged.
Recruitment: a special phase
of our relationship
Relationships are a very important part of our
Group’s culture. We place the same importance
on welcoming our new employees as we do
on welcoming our customers: a personal welcome
in a convivial, professional environment,
with rapid decision-making.
You will meet a specialist in human resources and
managers who will give you practical information
on your assignments and answer any questions.
An original induction programme
Upon joining one of the Group banks, new
employees follow a personalised induction
programme enabling them to acquaint
themselves with their position and working
environment and to acquire the expertise
necessary for their profession.
We consider that a proper welcome is essential
We base successful induction around a programme
which helps you rapidly assimilate the Group's
mindset and its values, rolled out in several stages:
• a welcome day,
training and personalised introduction
• aprogramme,
• anteam.induction day for meeting the management
Join us at
section on recruitment
Student or young graduate, banking professional
or professional with experience in another sector
of activity, the home page of our recruitment
section allows you to choose the most suitable
profile, thereby giving you access to the information
corresponding to your expectations.
The website provides a dynamic and complete
overview of the Group’s five main banking
business lines as well as its HR processes
(recruitment, induction, training, mobility, etc.).
Job and placement offers can be consulted by
type or geographic location, and a sophisticated
applications management system enables
candidates to apply for jobs at the click
of a button.
In addition, a magazine section is devoted
to Group news, with a diary giving the dates
and locations of the recruitment forums at which
the Group's banks will be present.
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Crédit du Nord Group | 9
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A relationship based on listening to
and advising customers.
A dedicated customer adviser
with a direct telephone line
and e-mail address
In all Crédit du Nord Group banks, individual
customers have a designated adviser who is
responsible for their account on a day-to-day
basis as well as any issues linked to it.
Each adviser can be contacted directly. Customers
are given their e-mail address and direct telephone
number and calls to branches are not rerouted to call
Moreover, Crédit du Nord Group stopped paying
advisers commissions on sales some ten years ago
now, allowing them to orient customers towards
those products and services that best meet their
needs with complete objectivity.
Personalised advice for tailored
asset management solutions
Key figures
Individual customer segment
at December 31, 2006
1,318,483 individual customers
+2.9% increase in
the customer base
531,456 securities accounts
14.7 million connexions
to our individual
customer websites
Customers of Crédit du Nord Group banks have
access to a wealth management adviser on hand to
help customers manage their assets and offer advice,
services and expertise tailored to their individual
Following an assessment of the customer’s assets,
the wealth management adviser devises – in
conjunction with the customer – a global strategy
and determines the steps that need to be taken to
ensure that the individual targets of the customer
are met.
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Awards in recognition of the quality of our investments
A quest for constant innovation
Ever attentive to the needs of their customers,
in 2006 Crédit du Nord Group banks launched
new products and services in the following areas:
The competitive surveys of France’s major
banking groups carried out in 2006 by CSA rank
Crédit du Nord Group as the number one bank
for individual customer satisfaction(1).
savings: launch of three guaranteed
• financial
funds and expansion of the Multi-Styles,
Multi-Gérants range of funds with the launch
of Étoile Multi Gestion Croissance.
This fund can be subscribed to via both securities
accounts and life insurance accounts and gives
access to the best expert recommendations
worldwide as selected by our partner Russell
Investment Group;
insurance: launch of the
• prudential
Protection Juridique contract;
insurance: Antarius Donation is a
• life
multi-support life insurance contract especially
designed to prepare the future for children
or grandchildren;
Le Revenu magazine’s 2006 Life Insurance Awards
For the third year running, the Group’s Antarius Avenir policy won the bronze
medal in the multi-asset (over 40 funds) category of the Le Revenu magazine’s
28th Life Insurance Awards – an award that comes in recognition of the flexibility
of the policy, and the broad spectrum and quality of the assets on offer.
The Group is also ranked:
number one for the quality of its branches
• and
personnel (welcome, availability on the
phone, accessibility, quality of information, etc.),
number one for its products and services
• including
accounts, savings and investments.
The Group ranked number one in 8 out of the 16 key
areas, 2nd in 3 of the 16 key areas, 3rd in 3 of the
16 key areas and 5th and 7th in 1 of the 16 key areas.
(1) Survey carried out by CSA between February 27 and March 11, 2006
of approximately 5,000 customers of the 11 leading banks
in the market.
loans: the implementation of a new
• personal
simulator for calculating the total amount,
monthly payments and duration of an
Étoile Express loan.
Moreover, our individual customers can now
subscribe to certain products and services on our
Internet site, notably: PEL accounts, CEL accounts,
Livret de Développement Durable, Compte sur Livret,
Livret Jeune, insurance products, etc.
Antarius Donation: accumulate and transmit capital
to your children or grandchildren
In November 2006, Crédit du Nord Group banks launched Antarius Donation,
a multi-support life insurance contract providing the benefits of both
a donation (tax deduction, reduced duty, etc.) and the tax benefits of life
Antarius Donation enables parents or grandparents to transmit capital
which they nevertheless retain control of until the child beneficiary
reaches a certain age. Antarius Donation is the perfect contract for setting
aside capital and transmitting it to a young person of under 25.
Crédit du Nord Group |11
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Private or professional banking:
a single, dedicated contact.
Whether customers are retailers, independent
professionals, tradesmen, entrepreneurs or
associations, Crédit du Nord Group is the ideal
partner to assist their development.
A single, dedicated contact person
Professional customers and associations have access
to a dedicated customer adviser at their branch
who takes the necessary time to grasp the specifics
of their particular business so as to better assist
them building their future.
Transactions, services, saving, advice: all the
requirements of professional customers and
associations – whether of a personal or professional
nature – are dealt with at the same branch and
by the same contact person. A mark of our
commitment is to listen to our customers and
provide high quality services.
Key figures
Professional customer segment
as at December 31, 2006
149,211 professional customers
of which 47% customers with both
private and professional accounts
+6.5% increase in
the customer base
5.9 million connexions
to our professional
customer websites
Their intimate knowledge of the local economic
fabric and the specificities of your business means
that the accounts managers at the Group banks
can provide made-to-measure solutions to
your requirements.
Moreover, all the Group banks have a cashier service
in their branches, notably to facilitate cash deposits.
Local specialists
The Group’s banks offer professional customers
and associations access to local specialists able to
provide rapid and effective solutions in specific areas
such as a electronic payment systems and telephony,
business financing and employee savings schemes...
In addition, all professional customers of
Crédit du Nord Group have access to a wealth
management adviser on hand to listen and advise
them on managing, optimising and transferring
their assets.
Page 13
To enable our professional customers to prepare for retirement, we carry out a comprehensive
assessment of their income and assets as well as any tax and legal constraints and use this
as a basis in recommending pension solutions, whether individual (life insurance, PEA,
PERP or Madelin) or within an employee savings scheme (PEI and PERCO).
Our employee savings scheme, Étoile PEI, is available to all professionals employing at
least one employee, enabling you to create a savings plan or pensions scheme with a
number of benefits:
• easy to set up and flexible to run (9 ways of releasing funds);
• advantageous tax treatment for both the business and employees.
Our Étoile PEI/Étoile PERCO scheme was awarded the “label d'excellence 2007”
by Les Dossiers de l’Épargne for the quality of its services, in particular the design
of its dedicated website and its range of FCPE mutual funds.
A specific offer for Associations
20,435 associations with an annual budget of less
than 450,000 euros are now customers of
the Crédit du Nord Group. These include cultural,
sporting and religious organisations, professional
training bodies, condominium associations and
works councils, etc.
The Group’s banks have developed a series of
customised products such as the Compte sur livret
Associations (a cash investment with no ceiling,
which is tax-free under certain conditions), or
Sécurité Bleue Associations (a unique insurance
policy covering the loss, theft or fraudulent use
of bank cards, with the added advantage of legal
and practical advice by telephone).
Loans adapted to your expectations
A loan is an essential part of the development of any professional
Whether you want to finance cash requirements or investment,
develop your facilities, take over a business, purchase real estate
assets, take out insurance for you and your family, etc. we can
contribute our expertise through an extensive range of financing
In accordance with your expectations, your personal adviser
will work with you to choose the most suitable conditions for
repayment and the most appropriate services for your situation.
The competitive surveys of France’s major banking
groups carried out in 2006 by CSA rank
Crédit du Nord Group as the number one bank
for professional customer satisfaction(1).
The Group is also ranked:
number one for its branches and designated
• customers
advisers (quality of welcome,
availability on the phone, accessibility, quality
of follow-up, etc.);
number one for prices (price/quality,
• transparency
of pricing policy, etc.);
number one for information (clarity,
• correspondence
with customer expectations, etc.)
Crédit du Nord Group signs an agreement
with FNAIM for real estate professionals
Crédit du Nord Group regional banks signed a partnership
with FNAIM, France’s leading professional real estate organisation,
to provide FNAIM members with a high-quality service based on
close relations which is specially adapted to the specificities
and demand of their business.
Crédit du Nord Group banks have developed a complete range of
banking products and services which facilitate the management
of real estate professionals’ financial flows, accounts and
The Group ranked number one in 12 out of the
18 key areas, 2nd in 2 of the 18 key areas, 3rd in 3
of the 18 key areas, and 5th in 1 of the 18 key areas.
(1) Survey carried out by CSA between March 1 and April 5, 2006
of approximately 3,000 customers of 9 French banks.
Crédit du Nord Group |13
Preparing for retirement
Page 14
A dedicated two-man team:
customer adviser and sales assistant
serve each client.
Crédit du Nord Group banks are situated regionally,
close to their customers. Thanks to the advice
and expertise of their specialist business teams,
Crédit du Nord Group banks make for dynamic,
effective partners in the development of their
clients’ domestic and international operations.
Personalised, day-to-day support
from a dedicated two-man team
Each of our clients has a two-man team comprised
of a customer advisor and a sales assistant at their
Customer advisers oversee relations with their
clients and ensure their different needs are taken on
board and met. With a strong background in
banking, our advisers are able to grasp the different
facets of their clients’ activities and recommend
viable, coherent and effective business solutions.
Key figures
Business customer segment
at December 31, 2006
27,572 business customers
+2.7% increase in
the customer base
2.3 million connexions
to the websites devoted to
our business customers
3,209 institutional clients
Sales assistants work alongside our customer
advisers in managing the accounting and finance
services we offer businesses in order to best meet
their needs and ensure the smooth administrative
management of accounts and processing of
These two-man teams guarantee our business
customers fast and effective solutions as well as
high quality services via person-alised, lasting
Specialist support in the management
of flows, financing and services
Alongside this dedicated two-man team, business
and institutional clients of the Crédit du Nord Group
banks also benefit from the support of specialists to
guide them through the complexities of asset
management, employee savings, real estate and
equipment lease financing, foreign trade, equity
capital transactions and electronic payment and
telephony solutions, etc.
Page 15
Overseas support
External trade: recognition of the Group’s expertise
Accompanying our business clients in their operations
overseas is just one of the Crédit du Nord Group’s
recognised areas of expertise. This expertise draws
upon a high-performance organisation which includes
the presence, within each region, of “foreign trade”
specialists on hand to advise customers on the
optimisation and security of their commercial
In a survey carried out by CSA* in 2006 of around 725 businesses
operating at international level, Crédit du Nord Group was ranked
number one.
In particular, our Group ranked number one for:
• its ability to anticipate requirements and offer appropriate
• the quality of the execution of international transactions as
well as price/quality;
• the ease in which answers can be found to questions and
demands at international level;
• the reactivity and efficiency of the operational services;
• the capacity of the Internet site and other e-banking
solutions to meet requirements at international level.
Solicited by one in six SMEs involved in export,
the Group operates in over 120 countries, manages
accounts in 23 currencies and maintains active
relations with a network of more than 1,500 partner
banks. All of our correspondents are chosen
according to an objective selection process that
takes account of their reliability, quality of service
and competitive rates.
The Group’s banks provide their business customers
with an exhaustive offering that is tailored to their
needs and advise them in various areas such as
managing exchange rate risk, client risk and country
risk, optimising supplier payments abroad, financing
export operations or developing their activities
* Survey carried out by CSA between February 20 and March 10 2006, in order to establish
their relationships with the main banks in the market and their requirements and
expectations regarding international trade.
Management of your accounts receivable
For business and institutional customers, the management of
accounts receivable is a key factor of your business. Your adviser
is on hand to establish a detailed diagnosis of your accounts
receivable and provide the suitable solutions to the specificities
of your business.
The competitive surveys of France’s major banking
groups carried out in 2006 by CSA rank Crédit du
Nord Group as the number one bank for business
customer satisfaction(1) .
The Group is also ranked:
one for its image and reputation
• number
and the number of recommendations;
one for the availability and reactivity
• number
of its advisers;
• number one for the processing of transactions;
• number one for its products and services;
• number one for its investment solutions;
one for its employee savings
• number
and pension solutions.
Financing the operating cycle
• to facilitate the mobilisation of your accounts receivable
in and outside France, we find the financing solution which
is best adapted to your means of settlement: discount, Dailly,
cash advance, etc.;
• to finance your receivables in public markets, we have
a specific offer, thanks to our partnership with Banque
du Développement des PME (OSEO FINANCEMENT);
• to finance and secure the growth of your business, we offer
factoring solutions designed to relieve you of the management
of your accounts receivable in or outside France and to let you
take advantage of a recognised means of financing.
Limiting your exposure to client default
• to find out the solvency levels of your clients and suppliers
in and outside France, we provide a commercial information
The Group ranked number one in 10 out of
the 15 key areas, 2nd in 4 of the 15 key areas
and 3rd in 1 out of the 15 key areas.
(1) Survey carried out by CSA between March 28 and April 10, 2006
of approximately 2,500 customers of the leading 10 banks
in the market.
Crédit du Nord Group |15
Page 16
The Crédit du Nord Group has its origins in the grouping
of some 80 regional banks that have been pooling
their strengths and talents for over a century.
Banque Courtois, France’s oldest
surviving bank, is established
in Toulouse.
Banque Tarneaud is established
in Limoges.
Discounting house is set up
in the Lille district.
Discounting house is named
Crédit du Nord.
Crédit du Nord opens in Paris
to coincide with the World
Exposition held in the capital.
Banque Kolb is established
in Mirecourt, in the Vosges.
Banque Laydernier is established
in Annecy.
Banque Nuger is established
in Clermont-Ferrand.
Crédit du Nord moves its head office
to 59, boulevard Haussmann in Paris.
Banque Tarneaud opens its capital
to former investment bank, Banque
de l’Union Parisienne, which becomes
the majority shareholder in 1966.
Merger of Crédit du Nord and
Banque de l’Union Parisienne.
Banque Lenoir et Bernard (Amiens)
is absorbed by Crédit du Nord.
Crédit du Nord takes a stake
in Banque Nuger.
The Group opens a new chapter
in its network development with
the plan to open a hundred new
branches over 3 years.
Paribas becomes the sole
shareholder in Crédit du Nord.
Creation of Banque Rhône-Alpes
following the merger of Banque
Nicolet Lafanechère et de l’Isère
(BNLI) with local branches of
Crédit du Nord in the Rhône-Alpes
and Burgundy regions.
Banque Kolb joins the
Crédit du Nord Group.
Banque Courtois joins
the Crédit du Nord Group.
Banque Laydernier joins
the Crédit du Nord Group.
Crédit du Nord Group joins
the Société Générale Group.
Dexia Group takes a 20% stake in
the Crédit du Nord Group alongside
with Société Générale (80%).
Banque Kolb extends its network
in the East of France following the
integration of the 11 Crédit du Nord
branches in the Champagne-Ardenne
The Group renews its media coverage
with the launch of a new institutional,
commercial and recruitment
advertising campaign.
With 54 branch openings in 2006,
the Group strenghtens its position
in high-potential regions, in particular
To accompany its development
and strengthen its teams in the face
of current demographic trends,
the Group recruits over 1,000 staff
over the year.
Crédit du Nord, a French corporation with a share capital of €740,263,248 – RCS Lille Siren 456 504 851 – Ref.: 6605 – May 2007
Design and realisation:
– Illustrations, Credits: Getty Images, Graphic Obsession, Corbis, Fotosearch, Jean-Marie Cras, Laurent Garlasci, Paprika/Vision Actuelle, Jeffrey Fischer.

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