your seventh sense - L



your seventh sense - L
When Your Life Depends on Knowing What’s Out There
REM-Sense – The “Seventh Sense” for the US Military
L-3 Communication Systems – East (CSE) has more than 30 years of
experience in the development, production, and support of tactical Unattended Ground
Sensor Systems.
The REM-Sense System passively DETECTS, CLASSIFIES, and TRACKS
personnel and vehicle targets and is field-proven in a wide range of tactical
operations worldwide.
The system components are easily transported and
emplaced to provide intelligence and protection against a variety of threats.
The versatile REM-Sense components are interoperable, and compatible with
a number of military and commercial sensor message formats, is software
upgradeable, and can be tailored to support various missions.
Components of the REM-Sense System, supporting Programs of Record
since 1999, are fully interoperable, and collectively form a potential for a vast
network of data collection. Nomenclatured Systems comprised of REM-Sense
components include the AN/PRS-9 Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System (BAIS); the
AN/GSR-8(V) Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System-II (REMBASS-II); and
components of AN/GSQ-257 Unattended Ground Sensor Set, which is part of the US
Marine Corps’ Tactical Remote Sensor System (TRSS).
Nomenclatured equipment is TRL-9 with detailed component and system
performance specifications which has been validated by the government and
operationally deployed.
REM-Sense compatible imaging equipment can provide day and night “eyes-on”
target identification at moderate range.
Flexible REM-Sense ex-filtration communications capability extends the
stand-off distance or adds reach-back; including satellite communications
Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System
Unattended Ground Sensor Set
Remotely Monitored Battlefield
Sensor System-II
Introducing New Product Capabilities for REM-Sense
REM-Sense Covert Imager for Persistent Surveillance
Two-Way Commandable Sensors with Wireless Programming
Mission Benefit
Program Sensor w/o Cables
• Lighter, Simpler, Easier to Use
Change Variables While Deployed
• Optimize for Mission
Turn Sensors On/Off
• Conserve Batteries/Extend Mission
Adjust the Sensitivity
• Reduce or Enhance Detections
Filter Sensor Targets
• Report only Dismounts or Report only Vehicles
Faster Locate and Recovery
• Less Time in Harm’s Way
Sensor As Repeater
• Long Standoff Detection Distances
• Adjust to Prevailing Conditions
REM-Sense System Components
Equipment Photo
Set Contents
L-3 Part Number
Seismic/Acoustic Sensor Set
• Seismic/Acoustic Sensor
• Microphone/Geophone Transducer
• Whip Antenna
Note: Photo shows optional antenna remoting cable, ground plane and pouch
Infrared Intrusion Detector Set
• Infrared Intrusion Detector
• Telescoping Stake (for mounting detector)
• Tree Auger for Mounting Detector
Part of
Magnetic Plug-In Module Set
• Magnetic Plug-In Module
• Multi-Node Cable
Note: Photo shows optional pouch
Hand Held Monitor/Programmer Set
• Hand Held Monitor/Programmer
• Stub Antenna
• Programming Cable
• PC Interface Cable
Note: Photo shows optional earphone
and pouch
Radio Repeater Set
• Radio Repeater
• Antenna & Radial Ground Plane
• Remoting Cable
Note: Photo shows optional pouch
Field Processor Unit
• Versatile Gateway & Network Node
• Wireless Interface to Sensors
• Camera Connection
• Supports Various Exfil Communications including Satcom
L-3 Communication Systems - East
Cleared for public release by DOD/OSR Case No. 07-S-2760 dated September 21, 2007.
Supporting Programs of Record Since 1999
L-3 Communication Systems East
1 Federal Street Camden, NJ 08103
Cleared for public release by DOD/OSR Case No. 07-S-2760 dated September 21, 2007.

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