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As usual, we would like to share with you a few places that
we have personally tested and that we found of interest
for a relaxing evening after a very busy congress day. In
Milan, you will find the archetype of Northern Italy, which
means that sophistication, tradition and modernism
mingle, with a more or less successful outcome. In Milan,
you will find plenty of small, inexpensive, unpretentious
pizzerias and trattorias for which you cannot expect
much more than you will pay. Compared to the sunny
terraces that you will find in Rome or in Southern Italy,
be prepared for greater elegance (to be reflected in
dress code) where innovation enters into traditional
Italian preparations. We have selected a few places that
we feel worth a visit. We tested them personally and
sometimes on more than one occasion. They are all good,
unpretentious while for some of them upscale, with a
reasonable value for money. They all are rather trendy so
book in advance and let yourself be pampered by people
who really care and, hopefully, will make your evening as
memorable as the WCO Scientific Sessions.
John and Jean-Yves
Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala
a few steps from La Scala and the Duomo, a
modern and very trendy restaurant, located on the first
floor of the designer Trussardi’s flagship store. Italian
gastronomic culture revisited in a modern way by a
Chef which likes raw products. Innovative recipes are
traditional with a contemporary twist. The tasting and
vegetarian tasting menus are great treats but are only
served for the entire table. Book in advance.
Piazza Della Scala, 5
Phone: +39 02 80 688 201
Price range: medium to expensive
Al Pont De Ferr
A very strange example of a rustic, barely sophisticated,
friendly and attractive Michelin-starred restaurant, in the
lovely “Naviglio Grande” area. Probably the best example
of what a modern tavern can represent in Northern Italy.
Original variations around classical dishes, revisited by a
young Chef which refuses a snobby attitude to privilege
the satisfaction of his customers. The surrounding area is
trendy and ideal for a night cap after a delicious meal.
Few taxi drivers know the place so you might have to
keep your eyes wide open not to miss the low profile
entrance, along the canal.
Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 55
Phone: +39 02 8940 6277
Price range: medium
Antica Osteria Cavallini
A  huge minimalist restaurant, recently re-opened,
proudly exhibiting a few pieces of modern art. The food
is classical, Northern Italian. Do not miss the pastas
and risottos. The extensive menu will also make fish and
meat lovers equally happy. The wine list is extensive,
particularly for Northern Italian wine and reasonably
priced, which is not always the case in this high-heel
city. Due to the size of its main room, this restaurant
is particularly appropriate for large tables and groups
but you will also feel comfortable if you visit with a
smaller party. Service is smiling, unpretentious and very
Via Mauro Macchi, 2
Phone: +39 02 669 3174
Price range: reasonable to medium
Vun at the Park Hyatt
We do not often recommend a restaurant located inside a
major chain hotel. However, Vun, with its direct entrance
on the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, at 300 meters from
the Duomo Cathedral well deserves an exception. They
describe themselves as a “sophisticated gastronomic
experience” which fairly reflects the quest for innovation,
within the framework of Italian gastronomic tradition. The
young-Napolitan Chef might surprise you by mastering
the new techniques, used in top restaurants around the
world but being a little daring will help you building nice
memories. Service, wines, surroundings are what you
reasonably expect from one of the best hotels in Milan.
If you cannot finish your bottle, the staff will be glad to
recork it so that you can take it home with you.
Via Tommaso Grossi, 1
Phone: +39 02 8821 1234
Price Range: medium to expensive
Daniel Canzian
Definitely our hidden jewel. An open kitchen commanding
a white and yellow design in the room. A new concept
of cuisine, focusing on what really matters and excluding
from the plate all unnecessary ingredients. All this results
in an aerial cuisine with symbiosis between the product
and the preparation. The Chef does not forget his training
years with Gualterio Marchesi, the most acclaimed Italian
Chef of the last 25 years but revisits classics of Italian
cuisine with simplicity, freshness and enthusiasm. You
can bring your own bottle and pay a reasonable corkage
fee but the wine list is so reasonably priced that it might
not really be useful.
Via San Marco (angolo) Castelfidardo 7
Phone: +39 02 6379 3837
Price range: reasonable
Savini Ristorante
Milano trademark as Cipriani in Venice or Sacher in
Vienna would be. One of the most prestigious and delightful
locations, in the middle of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
II makes you feel like one of the numerous stars who have
visited this place over the last 170 years. To be honest, do
not expect here any real gastronomy but feel the magic,
look at the elegant furniture, sip a Vermouth and look at
the crowd moving from La Scala to the Duomo, stopping by
the marvellous shops that fill the Galleria. Trust the most
classical and less adventurous suggestions of the menu
and be prepared to pay a price for the history. A smart
option is a glass of wine and a light fare, downstairs, on
the heated terrace of the Savini Caffè where you can, at
any time of the day, take advantage of the outstanding
location, without embarking on the full historical journey.
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II | Via Ugo Foscolo, 5
Phone: +39 02 7200 3433
Price range:Savini Restaurant - expensive
Savini Caffè - reasonable

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